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Gay Pride



Keeping the odd hours I do, I just walked through the area where Toronto’s Gay Pride celebrations will take place.  At about 4 am the crowd was divided into celebrators still up from last night, with a few bars still open, and workers setting up the tents, portable toilets and stages for the weekends celebrations.  Lesbians, gays and straights mingled on the streets, which had been blocked off already by bored police officers, and judging from the couples holding hands or kissing, there were a lot of straights celebrating with their gay friends and neighbours.  Still, the sweetest couple I saw, caressing each other and kissing slowly and playfully, were gay, which is as it should be.

And there were a couple of drag queens too, which is also as it should be, because at Stonewall it was the queens who first started ripping up paving stones; the queens who first said “enough!”




A Republic if you can keep it

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  1. wert

    your getting all soft on us ian

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