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Fundraising Update: Three-quarters of the way to 2 Significant Articles a week

Since Monday we’ve raised $1,397 in one-time donations, and $305 in recurring donations.  Multiplying the recurring by 3, we’re at 2,312, about three-quarters of the way to the first goal of $3,000 and 2 articles a week.  And we’re about a third of the way to the second tier, of 5 articles a week.

I am vastly appreciative of everyone who has donated.  We did well last year, but I’m always unsure about such things.


If you haven’t read them, I have also put up a new article on the influence of geography on society, as well as an article on why the world is trending towards negative real interest rates on bonds.


How We Can Change Our Destiny As A Society


Problems with Non-Fiction Today


  1. Ghostwheel

    Ian, about how much traffic does the site get?

  2. Ian Welsh

    If you include Feed Traffic and Email Subscribers, maybe about 4,000 a day, on average. Though it varies quite a bit.

  3. Oaktown Girl

    Hi Ian. I subscribed today. Even though I am not able to give much, I want you to know how much I appreciate what you do here. When things go really bad in the world and it seems like there’s no escape from the mindless flag-waving fear-mongering propaganda, yours is one of the very few places I know I can go and find an oasis of sanity.

    Beyond that, you shine a spotlight on the critical issues underlying our society which, being met with very little resistance, are propelling us towards dystopia. Recently you addressed in depth something that’s been a fear of mine for quite some time: if we continue down our current path, protest and resistance will be literally impossible.

    Thank you for being here and doing what you do. May the fundraiser be a roaring success!

  4. Ian Welsh

    Thank you Oaktown Girl. I appreciate both the donation, and the kind words.

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