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Fundraiser Finished: Five Articles a Week, Average, Reached

We raised $5,246.64 in one time donations and $539 in recurring donations (recurring includes people who already had a subscription).  That puts us solidly in the five articles a week, average, bracket. I’ll start up that schedule as of April 1st.  If I get seriously ill and can’t do it for a week or some such, I’ll extend the duration.

THANK YOU very much, everyone who donated.  This will make a large difference.

I do keep track of donations after the fundraiser and it does affect how much I write, so if you didn’t give and still want to, rest assured it isn’t wasted.

Again, my thanks.




Circles of Belonging


Always Remember, the NY Times Pushed, Hard, for War in Iraq


  1. Cvp


    ISTM that some combination of the above two is what’s needed to get into space in a big way.

  2. Cvp

    Sigh…should’ve looked closer at that first link…please disregard the ludicrous text in blue at the top; it was, obviously, the Aviation Week article in red that I was trying to call attention to. CS Monitor on the same subject:

  3. Ghostwheel

    Ian, what about the book you were working on that was to be a compilation of your articles?

    Will that be on sale any time soon?

  4. Ian Welsh

    It’s with the editor. There was a comedy of errors (his computer was stolen with 40 hours of work.)

    So, not sure when. It’ll be free, but donation gated (ie. you can donate nothing, but you’ll be asked).

    I’m hoping some time during the summer.

  5. Oaktown Girl

    Hooray for reaching the fundraising goal!

  6. Tom Robinson

    Glad to see the articles, Ian. Happy to kick in, if at the last minute. There isn’t much fully left of center, and really good left, commentary in North America. Yours is some of the very best. Tom

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