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Emptywheel is fundraising

The blog does good work, and Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) does work that is simply not found anywhere else, in depth analysis no one else does.  If you can afford to give (never give if your own food or rent is iffy), please consider doing so.

(Fundraising post).


Late nineteenth and early 20th century intellectual roots


Shorter Federal Reserve: The Economy Breathes Sort of OK if We Keep it On Life Support


  1. compound f

    I’ve given Arthur Silber money when I didn’t have a pot to piss in. I did not regret it, ‘tho’ risky it was. It was all the more valuable to me, personally, but your general warning remains correct.

  2. compound f

    I guess my point is that suffering breeds empathy, to some dismal point. According to Orlov’s latest (book), when that empathy itself breaks down, even strong filial relationships find outright grim amusement in one another’s hardship. The only laughter left. I will never see that day.

    You also promised a book, dintcha?

  3. Ian Welsh

    Arthur’s a more extreme case, in that without money from donors, he could himself starve or lose his housing. Marcy’s not in that extreme a position, so far as I am aware.

    Book’s about half done, depending, but more or less on hold at the moment. I’ll get back to it.

  4. Compound F

    Yes, understood.

    As for the book, from my perspective, you’re a crucial part of any chain reaction you hope to induce, one of the few people I still attend to for useful commentary (so, time is of the essence in any vaclev havel “living in truth” sense). I wish you truest vessel of expression, and I’ll be barefoot before I refuse any fundraising from this joint.

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