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Congress helps their friend get healthcare while China announces universal healthcare

Good to see Congress is concerned about someone getting the care he needs:

Members of Congress are rallying around one of their own, collecting donations to help former Rep. Lane Evans (D-Ill.) as he battles Parkinson’s Disease.

Isn’t that nice?  Perhaps their efforts might be better invested in passing legislation that takes care of all Americans, not just Americans they know personally.

Meanwhile, across the ocean:

China announced that it intended to spend $123 billion by 2011 to establish universal health care for the country’s 1.3 billion people.

I guess universal health care isn’t just socialistic, it’s communistic, since the Communist Party is willing to give it to their people before the US government will pass it for Americans.

China has a health care problem, so China is going to work towards solving it.  The US has a healthcare problem, so it is going to force Americans to spend thousands of dollars to buy insurance from insurance companies who are proven to do an awful job instead of revampting the system to cut out the insurance industry and other bad actors, thus saving 5% of GDP.

This is why China is a rising country, for all its problems, and the US is a country in decline.  China’s elites actually make serious attempts to fix problems which need to be fixed. America’s elites just try and make sure the gravy train isn’t upset for anyone who’s inside the franchise.


Fear Techniques wouldn’t work nearly as well on “Medicare for all”


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  1. America’s elites just try and make sure the gravy train isn’t upset for anyone who’s inside the franchise.

    PRE-cisely. Canadian might know what I’m talking about when I say “Family Compact”?

  2. Not to worry. The reason that the US doesn’t have decent healthcare is because it spends that money on its outsized military.

    If China gets too big for its britches, the US will have no trouble engineering a war to put them in their place. Or so the oligarchy and its xenophobic tools think.

  3. Formerly T-Bear

    Another thing China does that pays dividends with uppity businessmen that could be educational if applied here. Bet there are all manner of considerations going on before that line in the sand is crossed again.
    Do you control your corporations or do they control you. (originally seen either BBC, The Guardian or Al Jazeera but not bookmarked.)

  4. Jim

    tjfxh nailed it. The scared cow is the military budget. How long did it take them to stop the F22 fighter jet that even the Pentagon did not want. 1.75 billion to build seven more jets that they don’t or can’t use. Where will this 1.75 billion go? Education, NO. Health care, NO. Food for the poor, NO. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bingo.

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