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Clown College as the Ukrainian military effort “sputters”

The Ukrainian military clearly doesn’t care enough to actually fight:

The day began inauspiciously for Ukrainian forces as they sought to establish an operating base in the city of Kramatorsk, moving in units from a nearby military air base. According to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry and a witness who spoke by phone, a column of six armored vehicles was stopped by a mob of civilians and then commandeered by heavily armed men wearing military-style uniforms.

Not willing to kill civilians: that actually speaks well of the Ukrainian military.

The East is Putin’s if he wants it.  Also, take note of the sheer competence of Russian actions, both direct and through proxy forces, in both Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.  The Russians have a plan, and are executing it more than competently right down the line.  I would say that NATO and everyone else should take note.

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  1. Seems that the Ukrainian people and military are not inclined to follow EU-puppet directives.

    And so on…

  2. shargash

    Here is a video of the 6 APCs: I’m not sure that “then commandeered by heavily armed men wearing military-style uniforms” is an accurate assessment what happened. Also, “mob” isn’t how I would describe the civilians. But then I guess Kiev is going to try to put as good a face on the situation as it can.

  3. S Brennan

    I would urge all US posters to hear to push this message out to their friends, [assuming they have any], Facebook , twitter…whatever. The media propaganda has left many deeply misinformed. Add links as they show up.

    Thanks for the WSJ link Ian.

    Here’s my posting today:

    So far, JOHN BRENNAN, Obama’s CIA appointee, [and nationally acclaimed idiot] is keeping his record of abject failure unblemished. JOHN BRENNAN’s little week-end visit to extoll Ukrainian coup leaders to subdue protesters with military firepower is meeting with resistance from airborne troops assigned the task of mowing down civilians. Apparently, those who trained for war, unlike today’s DC elite, were also schooled in what constitutes a war crime…according to this report, they turned their light battle tanks over to those who are protesting the US led Coup. Another fine example of JOHN BRENNAN’s work, who, by the standards of today…is presidential material. Heck-of-job Johny, mission accomplished.

    WARNING: This report has not been cleared by the US propaganda ministry and may contain details that do not fit the carefully constructed narrative emanating from the Potomac. This may prove disturbing to younger or more sensitive viewers.

    To which I have added 3 links

  4. S Brennan

    This Comment is from MOON OF ALABAMA and is important & consistent with my observation.

    MOON OF ALABAMA – Posted by: VietnamVet | Apr 16, 2014 7:45:01 PM | 72

    “In all my years, and I remember from Korea War on, I have never have seen the propaganda so obvious and so completely divorced from reality. Comments here and in response to The New York Times editorials on their web site are clear that I am not the only one.

    The manipulations of Victorian Nuland and Pierre Omidyar are senseless. The destabilization of nuclear armed Russia and China is playing dice with Armageddon.

    In my last years of work, the guy in the cubical next to mine belonged to the Ukraine Orthodox Church. He was loud, friendly, and very quick to anger. I hope all Ukrainians wear the Ribbon of Saint George celebrating their victory in World War II and united tell the Western Barbarians to go home.”

    Posted by: VietnamVet | Apr 16, 2014 7:45:01 PM | 72

  5. S Brennan:
    I read somewhere that Ukrainian troops are paid only a tenth of what Russian troops are. Is that accurate at all?

  6. S Brennan

    Don’t know, but apparently, whatever they are paid, it’s hard to get them to murder fellow citizens at the behest of foreign powers…perhaps they need to think more “globally” and get past their “xenophobia”.

  7. S Brennan

    This Comment is from MOON OF ALABAMA:

    “But there is something utterly Orwellian in the current coverage of the Ukraine crisis, including accusing others of “propaganda” when their accounts – though surely not perfect – are much more honest and more accurate than what the U.S. press corps has been producing…”

    Posted by: bevin | Apr 16, 2014 10:54:58 PM |

  8. US media coverage is becoming increasingly buffoonish. Holly Williams asked one of the “masked men” who he was (he said he was “a person”) and why he was wearing a mask (which he said was “a stupid question”). I was surprised they aired that part. I think Ms. Williams was under the impression that the exchange reflected poorly on him rather than on her, not realizing that he was correct. Scott Pelley said something in passing about events “since Putin snatched Crimea.”

    They aired an interview with Obama, who accused Putin of “active support of armed militias in a sovreign nation in violation of international law.” A map of Syria on the wall in the background would have made that scene perfect, since we not only do that in Syria, we actually brag about doing it.

  9. Celsius 233

    Oh, mother of the gods; what the U.S. government and its sycophant press is doing to the “news” regarding Ukraine (choke, cough, sputter, gag) is so patently obvious, I’m utterly aghast that any of it makes the print.
    This is truly a sick parody of 1984, V for Vendetta, 7 Days in May, Dr. Strangelove, and Fahrenheit 451.
    And nary a complaint or insurrection; hahahahahahahahahaha…
    Just kidding…

  10. Peter VE

    Hmm….. an armed rabble evicting the representatives of the national government from property of that national government. I’m confused: is the “Praetorian Guard” in Nevada officially part of the Russian military or not?

  11. S Brennan

    Here’s a typical example of a sycophant, one Oren Dorell, fluffing his master’s dipstick:

    You have to get all the way through the story to find that the leaflet is distributed by masked men at a synagogue. The leaflet had an organizer of demonstrators name on it [who denied authorship] and disavowed it’s message…yet USA Today runs the story as if it’s legit.

    This is the dung filled sea of propaganda US citizens swim through every day…can you really blame them for not paying attention to the floating turds our “press” provides?

  12. thepanzer

    I just clicked past CNN and had to pause for awhile, Geoffrey Pyatt (the US ambassador to Ukraine and erstwhile Victoria Nuland compatriot) is pushing the pamphlet being spread by “pro-Russian forces” very hard and from other news blurbs it looks like John Kerry is at least temporarily pushing this new “pro-Russians as anti-Semites” as well.

  13. RJMeyers

    Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to about this says something along the lines of “Putin decided to steal himself a port,” “he waited until the Olympics were over,” or “Russia shouldn’t be destabilizing other countries.”

    Anecdotes from white collar office workers in and around the DC beltway. No one deviates from this line. Russia is doubleplus-ungood.

  14. S Brennan

    Maybe Obama’s minions, Pyatt, Nuland and Kerry could set up a death camp and paint USSR over the entrance and then invite the press to see truly Russians are? Heck, they have experienced NAZI’s in their US led coup cabal…it should be a snap.

    I am sure it will go over better than their sarin gas attack did in Syria. Trying to start another bombing campaign with a leaflet might be harder for our Potomac pols, but at least it’s less of a war crime….which makes it the “lesser of two evils” and that’s what keeps Obama supporters cheering for their man.

  15. It’s a short post, so I’m sure that Ian won’t mind my noting that the comments in the thread – not exclusively limited to S Brennan’s but mostly S Brennan’s – are most satisfying.

  16. The contrived Ukraine crisis has been most instructive and has validated completely a thesis I’ve been developing via observations and research for several years now. Both the hard “Left” and the hard “Right” in their hatred of all things American (what America is today) have embraced other brands of Authoritarianism around the globe (to include the CPC, Putin’s Russia and the Council of Guardians in Iran) utilizing the principle “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    I consider the partiality in leveling criticism treasonous and traitorous. Carrying water for Putin and hiding behind his prodigious apron strings is cowardice. If you can’t stand up to ‘Empire” without hiding behind another form of Tyrannical Authoritarianism, you are a traitor to any effort to free us all.

    Now we know who the traitors are, once and for all. I, for one, will not lend a hand when you’re gathered up. You’ve dug your grave and turned your back on freedom.

    I’m not talking about Ian here. I see him as an equal opportunity critic who hasn’t necessarily embraced tyranny in his case against tyranny, but the majority of those who comment here are absolute treasonous traitors and by virtue of this latest crisis are naked in their Authoritarianism for all to see.

    My next blog post will be Dmitry Orzo–Go Home, And Take The Rest of The Traitors With You

    Anyway, if this crisis were real, the West could easily bring Putin to heel, but it would cost them. Follow the Money.

    Call The Bluff

  17. S Brennan

    Cold Hole,

    Is a troll over at MOON OF ALABAMA, everything that needs to be said about this creature, has been said over there.

  18. S Brennan

    Some good stuff over at the Vinyard:

    Vlad addresses US attempts to punish Russia’s moves that countered Obama’s coup of a democratically elected government…a government that had elections schedule within the year.

    Q: “If the West refuses to purchase gas from Russia, how will that affect people’s well-being, especially that of pensioners?” – Lyudmila Budarina, Tambov Region.

    A: VLADIMIR PUTIN: I have to say that oil and gas revenues make up a large part of the Russian budget revenue. This is a serious component for us in addressing economic development, budget funding for our development programmes and, of course, and meeting of our social commitments to our citizens.

    I’ll tell you what. I am not sure that I’ll get the figures right, but, if my memory serves me correctly, the bulk of oil and gas revenue comes not from gas but from oil. In terms of the dollar equivalent, our oil revenues last year amounted to $191-194 billion and gas revenues to about $28 billion. See the difference? 191 from oil and 28 from gas.

    Oil is sold on world markets. Is there any way to do us harm? One may try. But what would be the result for those who would attempt to do it? First of all, how would this be done? Of all the countries in the world, only Saudi Arabia has the real potential to increase production and thus bring down world prices. Saudi Arabia’s budget assumes a price of $85-$90 per thousand cubic metres.

    Q: KIRILL KLEYMENOV: President Obama has already visited them.

    A: VLADIMIR PUTIN: I’m sorry, I meant oil, not gas. The budget assumes a price of $85-$90 per barrel, and our budget, I think, $90. So, if one goes below $85, Saudi Arabia will be on the losing end and have problems. For us a drop from $90 to $85 is not critical. That is first.

    Second, we are on very good terms with Saudi Arabia. We may, for example, differ in terms of our views on Syria, but we practically have identical positions on the development of the situation in Egypt. There are many other things where we see eye-to-eye.

    I have great respect for the custodian of the two Muslim shrines, the King of Saudi Arabia. He is a very clever and balanced man. I don’t think that our Saudi friends would make any abrupt changes to harm themselves and the Russian economy.

    Furthermore, they are members of OPEC, where we have many supporters. It is not that they have sympathy for us, but that they have their own economic interests and sharply reducing production – which can only be done in a manner agreed upon within OPEC – is a fairly complicated business.

    Finally, in the United States, which is developing shale gas and shale oil production, production costs are very high. These are expensive projects. If world prices tumble, these projects may turn out to be unprofitable, loss-making and the nascent industry may simply die.
    And one last point. Oil is priced and traded in the world in dollars. If prices fall, demand for dollars will plummet and the dollar will start losing its significance as a world currency. There are very many factors involved. The wish to bite us is there, but the opportunities are limited. That said, some damage can be caused.

    Now about gas. We sell gas by pipeline (most of our sales are by pipeline) mainly to the European countries that depend on Russian supplies to cover about 30-35, 34 percent of their needs. Can they stop buying Russian gas altogether? I don’t think that this is possible.

    Some of our neighbours, very good neighbours with which we have very sound relations, such as, for example, Finland…Finland gets 90 percent of its gas from Russia. Some countries that used to be called People’s Democracies in Eastern Europe depend on Russian gas if not for 90 percent, then for 60, 50 or 70 percent of their needs.

    Can supplies be stopped altogether? I think that this is totally unrealistic. But one can do this at one’s own cost, by hurting oneself. However, I cannot imagine such a situation. Therefore, of course, everyone is keen on diversifying their sources of supplies. Europe is talking about greater independence from Russia as a supplier, and similarly we are beginning to talk and act to become less dependent on our consumers.

    However, so far, there is a measure of balance between consumers and suppliers. The only problem is transit countries. And the most dangerous part, of course, is transit via Ukraine with which we have tremendous difficulties in agreeing on energy problems. But I hope that we will be able to bring things back to normal, considering the contracts that have been signed and are functioning.”

  19. S Brennan

    And the proof is in the pudding:…/2014/04/20140411_costs.png

  20. truthbetold

    Notice how Holdfieldmoroccobamanewquist? capitalizes Authoritarianism?

    And then resorts to ultraright authoritarianism’s language. If you don’t see it his way-
    you’re a traitor.
    Combined with his Russophobia, he’s not far removed from Joe McCarthy.

  21. Monster from the Id

    I gotta give Holefield credit for one thing.

    “The Prodigious Apron Strings” would be a great name for a rock band.

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