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China Helps Bring An End To Yemen War

So, back on March 16th I wrote an article about the Chinese brokered Iran-Saudi Arabia peace deal. At the end of the article I wrote:

I am most interested to see if this will mean some sort of peace can be worked out in Yemen, or if it means the Iranians will abandon the Houthis, which would be sad.

Turns out peace with Yemen was almost certainly part of the deal:

Saudi Arabia has decided to end the war in Yemen . A Saudi delegation will travel to Sana’a next week to conclude an agreement with Yemen, Reuters reported

I suppose it’s a little early to be sure the war will end, but it seems very likely and this wouldn’t have happened without China. The US helped Saudi Arabia bomb the hell out of Yemen and cause a massive famine: China helped bring peace.

This is part of a massive realignment happening right now.

The number of states that are planning to join BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) increased significantly last year, about 20 countries want to join…

Among them are Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and a number of other African countries.

China will now be the most important member of the most important economic organizations in the world, other than the WTO and perhaps the IMF, though the IMF is going to be increasingly sidelined, because loans from the IMF always come with horrible conditions and more and more there will be other alternatives.

China is the biggest trade partner for almost every nation in Africa and South America already, so this realignment only makes sense. Those expecting the US to remain the center of the economic world when it was no longer the most important economy in the world were always fools.

I suspect a some of this is also due to freeing up Russian gas and oil for sale to non-European buyers. Again, the locus moves away from the West to the non-West.

China may not be the most important country in the world yet, but it’s only a matter of time absent war or some catastrophe stopping them. None of the countries joining ever liked America and China just offers a better deal on almost everything from loans to goods to IP.

The sun is near the horizon for the American Empire as world hegemon and the opposing bloc in the new bipolar world will be economically stronger than America’s bloc.

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Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – April 9, 2023


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  1. Feral Finster

    This blows up the lie, so beloved of neocons and abusive spouses, that only American hegemony can keep the peace, and if the Americans sometimes throw a smaller country up against the wall, well, that’s just the price we have to pay to keep the bully happy.

    China and Russia bring peace.

    The United States brings trouble so it can offer “protection”.

  2. different clue

    The neowils ( neo wilsonians) also love the lie and live by the lie. The original Wilsonian Big Liar was President Wilson himself who connived and conspired to get America into World War One as a ” war to save democracy” while suppressing democracy at home and destroying as much of it as he could.

  3. Ché Pasa

    I’ll believe it when I see it. MBS is a dangerous psychopath and liar who should never be believed or trusted. The war on Yemen is a civil war at bottom which is just as likely to continue after the “peace” as not.

    Nevertheless, it would be a good thing if Saudi support for one side in the war were to end. It would be a good thing if alternative financial and currency regimes were successful. But I won’t hold my breath.

    Remember when Twitter was going to die because Musk was such a poopy-pants? Right. At the rate it’s going, the “left” will keep it alive forever.

  4. anon

    Being a bully and starting wars doesn’t win you any friends, and it’s not a long-term winning strategy unless you make sure you remain the top bully. America has been in noticeable decline to any Americans who don’t have their heads stuck in the sand. There is a quote that you must clean your house first before telling other people they aren’t doing it right.

    Domestically, there are so many things clearly wrong – for-profit health care, for-profit education system, cities filled with homeless and the mentally ill, mass incarcerations but still have high crime compared to other developed countries – random acts of violence, rape, abductions, mass shootings – happening daily. All at the expense of sending billions of dollars to fund the military-industrial complex, and most Americans cannot connect the dots because they vote for the wrong people every time, whether Democrat or Republican.

    The wars America has been a part of in our lifetime are unlike WWII, where there was an apparent evil that was not us. We are the bullies, the evildoers, bringing death and destruction worldwide, and Americans are foolish to believe that we’re bringing others freedom and democracy. Rather than work with China, our leaders are looking for ways to start WWIII, and many racist or nationalistic Americans are all for it, just as they were with invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The world will no longer be European-centric, no matter how much Westerners wish for it or scapegoat people of color in their countries for their worsening quality of life. I am looking forward to China brokering more peace deals and lifting millions more in Africa and South America out of poverty, even if they are the main profiteers. They are doing more good in the world than the US has in the last half-century.

  5. Feral Finster

    @Che Pasa: MBS is a shitheel, but the Saudis have been looking for a face-saving exit from Yemen for some time.

    And considering that nearly all the fighting was done by the Saudis, Emiratis and their mercenaries, Saudi withdrawal means that the war will be over.

  6. different clue


    Something to remember is that racist and/or nationalist Americans were not the only Americans to support war against Iraq and Afghanistan. Many neowilsonian liberals also supported the war against Iraq and Afghanistan and many Feminoid Clintonites in particular supported the war against Afghanistan and in particular its long post-Taliban-overthrow phase because of Womens’ Rights.

    Remember the blood-hungry ” Responsibility To Protect” goldman-sachs feminists in government who pushed hardest for continuing the Afghan Occupation and then the counter-insurgency? I can’t fully remember their names. Something-or-other Slaughter, Susan Rice, Fiona Whats-her-name, etc. And remember Clinton herself?
    SHEEEEE . . . . was THE prime driver pushing Obama to create the anti-Quadaffi war.
    SHEEEEE…… was also the prime driver pushing Obama to recognize the Coup Regime against Zelaya in Honduras after Obama was satisfied to passively go along with the OAS rejection of that coup.

    And when we speak of ” America” overthrowing governments . . . remember when those howling mobs of Clintonites and their hidden conspirator leaders tried to overturn the Trump election when Trump got elected in 2016 , like it or not? Didn’t that look just like a Color Revolution being rolled out?

    So racists and nationalists are not our only problem here.

    There is a saying that is not well enough known:

    ” When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in a Rainbow Flag and wearing a Pink Pussy Hat.”

  7. mago

    I wonder about the power of the vote while believing in the power of a mass consciousness directed towards the good.
    Why not?
    Nihilism runs rampant in the West.
    As John and Oko sang, Give peace a chance.
    Got something better to do?

  8. Soredemos

    Time will tell if it actually happens, but assuming it does, I think we can say the ship has fully sailed on all the ‘China doesn’t care about human rights’ memes and propaganda. Whatever genuine problems China has (and doubtless it has some, beneath all the Western lies) it didn’t enable the literal genocide in Yemen, and in fact sought to end it.

  9. Eric Anderson

    How lucky is China to inherit the sick and rotting husk of a once bounteous planet, that will soon turn to largely exterminating the lice crawling all over her skin to re-establish homeostasis.

  10. Mark Level

    Many great comments above, & yes, dc’s is one of my favorites, “Neowilsonians” a good name for the NeoCons . . . I’ll keep it simple and short for a change– yes, the blood-soaked ‘Murican Imperium is on its last legs . . . I wonder if the Chinese will someday do a “Victims of Capitalism” memorial like fascist legacy child Chrystia Freeland of Canada’s “Victims of Communism” memorial there. Chrystia is of course the granddaughter of a Banderist Nazi newspaper publisher who got to take over the home of a Jewish family and a Jewish newspaper once those Ukraine Banderists liquidated “those people”, also reputedly to be the next head of NATO (very appropriate), maybe once the Ukraine clvsterfuck peters out NATO won’t be able to take on China over the “prize” of Taiwan, and will have to settle for invading Mexico (very big threat to the North Atlantic region I hear, especially those “Zetas”). Chrystia’s monument memorializes all the wonderful Nazi SS & other soldiers who fought and died fighting the Red Menace (as Blumenthal’s Grayzone has documented), so maybe AMLO will be the next Red (brown skinned) threat for “liberation”/ liquidation (depending on which side of the ledger one occupies) . . . If America and the Neowilsonians can no longer take on the big dogs, they’ll have to settle for swallowing smaller ones, all in the name of freedumb, justice and human rights of course, as the Dem “left” like Ro Khanna will brag as proudly as the R knuckle-draggers will.

  11. StewartM

    and many Feminoid Clintonites in particular supported the war against Afghanistan and in particular its long post-Taliban-overthrow phase because of Womens’ Rights.

    Yet these also were likely in favor of supporting the mujahideen against the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, which offered women the best chance for improvement possible and offered a secular government. What, did these only think “oh, but what about women?” “what about other religions”, etc. when it was way too late?

  12. StewartM

    The sun is near the horizon for the American Empire as world hegemon and the opposing bloc in the new bipolar world will be economically stronger than America’s bloc.

    And it didn’t have to be. The Ukraine conflict in particular was a massive mistake, however it will turn out militarily. We had no essential interest in Ukraine, nor in Belarus, nor in any other part of the former USSR–including the Baltic States. They could have been re-absorbed back into a Russian-led state and it not affect us one iota.

    Moreover, there was no reason to prod the Russians by pushing NATO eastwards. We could have helped the Soviet peoples post-USSR, like we did for Western Europe under the Marshall Plan, to make them all more prosperous and make a transition to democracy more stable, but instead we shoved neoliberalism down their throats and empowered the looters. We did this precisely because unlike George Marshal in the late 1940s, we really weren’t interested in exporting democracy, not especially the social democracy someone like Gorbachev had in mind for the former USSR. No, we were far more interested in promoting capitalism rather than democracy and insisted on Milton Friedman capitalism cold-turkey. Putin was at first welcomed by the West as someone who would “manage democracy”, as the NYT once put it, and keep Russia capitalist.

  13. different clue

    @Mark Level,

    Thank you for the kind words. But I am thinking of the neowilsonians as a very separate group of people from the neocons. They were invented decades earlier, as Liberal Interventionists, and Wilson was their primary driver and empower-er. So I have decided to call their successors neowilsonians.

    If we could scrape the neocons out of power, influence and public exposure, the neowils would still be a dangerous problem on their separate own. And would still have to be dealt with.

  14. Mark Level

    Hi, different clue– responding to you, I think the 2 groups are in an interlocking Venn diagram. Many commenters at various worthwhile anti-empire sites have noted that the chief drivers of US failed empire are in two major factions– Your “Neowilsonians” are what are generally called “Atlanticists”, linked to the Atlantic magazine and old line WASP neo-colonialists. (Though Bush NeoCon David Frum for instance was “promoted” after the failed Bush wars to an Atlantic editor.) The NeoCons of course are committed Zionists & famously come from a predominantly Jewish group of formerly Trotskyist social climbers (e.g. Bill Kristol’s dad Irving is a very good example). Jews were treated quite badly by WASPs of course in this country until the 1950s, when they made greater inroads into other areas than business & entertainment, and were no longer excluded (or only admitted in very small #s) to higher education and other centers of cultural capital and power. . . The 2 groups of course overlap sharing a similar goal, a U$– Israeli (“our aircraft carrier in the Middle East” as Biden used to say when still coherent) worldwide Imperium based on Finance and Neoliberal economics (looting from workers, enriching the connected.) Though some found it “controversial” when AdBusters published a list of Jewish Neocons around the time of the Iraq invasion, nobody could dispute the actual facts. Btw, I’m not saying that the majority of secular Jews are war criminals like the elite Wolfowitz caste of the Ruling Class, in fact young American Jews have little or no interest in moving to Israel or taking away the Caananite/ Palestinian lands and re-establishing a Solomonic version of Iranian style theocracy. . . Anyway, these two groups are 100% ideologically aligned and promote one another in government, the NGO’s that front for “regime change,” etc. I liked Neowilsonians as a term, but to me they are all under the same umbrella whatever name, “Atlanticist” or “Neocon” is given to any individual.

  15. different clue

    What some found “controversial” about Baltic immigrant Kalle Lasn’s “list” was his attempt to revive classical Central European anti-semitism by implying that neo-conservativism is a Jewish Conspiracy. That is why he put a “yellow star” beside each Jewish name and that is what was controversial.

    It made me wonder whether some of his ancestors were among the NaziBalts who welcomed the Germanazi invasion for more than just ” anti-Communist” reasons.

    As Colonel Lang once cautioned his readers in a comment at Sic Semper Tyrannis . . . ” the Neo Conservatives are not an ethnic group. They are a tendency.”

    For now the NeoWilcons all pull in the same direction. If they ever re-separate in the future, they will be two separate threats, each requiring separate deletion if we are to be safe.

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