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Biden Picks Kamala Harris as VP

The two most important consequences of this decision derive from the fact that Biden is old and almost certainly senile.

This means that Harris stands a good chance of becoming President if Biden dies or his incapacity cannot be concealed, even with the best drug cocktails.

If that doesn’t happen, Kamala is odds on to be the next Presidential candidate of the Democratic party.

Kamala is ruthless and ambitious, a hard person willing to do whatever it takes to win. That might be acceptable, but her ruthlessness has been used mostly in favor of doing evil. (Here’s a rather long list.)

Particularly comic-book-villain-evil was fighting to keep someone she knew to be innocent in prison. You have to be particularly twisted to do that.

Of course, Wall Street is thrilled, they know they can’t lose. Trump/Pence win, great! Biden/Harris win, great! If either President dies, the person who replaces them will take great care of rich people whose money comes from parasitical rentierism and direct financial subsidies from the Federal Reserve.

Biden/Harris will be worse in foreign affairs than Trump has been (despite the screams). Domestically, they’ll be somewhat better, but will keep the shovels feeding trillions to the rich going. American decline will continue. In four to twelve years, odds are Donald Trump’s true successor, the competent authoritarian “populist” will win, and that’ll be all she wrote.

The US has been offered many off-ramps (the most recent being Sanders, twice) and refused them all. Decline will continue until it is irreversible (it may already be), or until Americans accept that right-wingers aren’t going to produce good results, whatever their party, gender, skin color, or sexual orientation.

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  1. Joan

    True. And the Dems are basically center-right or thereabouts.

  2. From Willie Brown’s bed to the White House, a journey which pretty clearly illustrates what this nation has degenerated into.

  3. Ché Pasa

    Oh noes! We’re all gonna diiiieeeeee!!!1

    Pretty obviously, whoever winds up on the throne next January is going to be in a hot mess world of hurt. (Thanks DonDon!) and no way forward will be good for more than a few. Kamala is a known enough quantity to enough people who matter to assuage some doubts. So is Pence. Neither ticket header inspires much in the way of confidence, but then neither does their second.

    So what does that leave us? Not much. But then, it wouldn’t be much regardless.

    At least she’s not Susan Rice. So there’s that…

  4. S Brennan

    As I said yesterday when I heard the news…

    If I cared for Joe Biden…I’d advise him to steer clear of grassy knolls.

    Kamala is Hillary’s pick, look for the “Clinton Foundation” to start getting “donations” again. Obama/Hillary’s regime change wars are back on the menu.


    I don’t know how Ian can say that Sanders was an off ramp when he voted for every one of Obama/Hillary’s regime-change misadventuress wars…and…in spite of Bernie’s protestations to the contrary, Sanders authorized Bush [the 2nd]’s Iraq invasion in an alternate piece of legislation*.

    People needed to get over Sanders, he was/is a false prophet. That should have been clear back in 2016 when Bernie betrayed his nickle & dime donors for thirty pieces of silver and a pat on the back. Yet after Sanders proved himself to be a phony he still was able was able to con the same group again, which had the effect of destroying any hopes for reformation of the DNC/USG. And assuming Kamala wins, such reformation will have to wait until 2032 or perhaps 2036. After the reign of Kamala is over we almost certainly have a pause when no Democrat will be taken seriously..

    There is a tiny chance of Trump winning in 2020 which would definitely throw a rod in the DNC/Hillary political engine and perhaps… Perhaps if “liberals” are paying enough attention [which I haven’t seen them do throughout my life] somebody of substance could emerge strong enough to wade through the DNC’s primary minefield. That could have happened this year, but Bernie, by running, made damn sure that a DNC putsch never had a chance.

    Twenty years from now, what I am saying about Sanders will seem obvious. Most who argue with me now will deny they ever saw Bernie as anything other than the DNCs cutout. In the meantime, I just have to wait until a Toto appears to pull back the curtain** and leftys slowly come to terms with being conned by a showman with a shtick.



  5. Bruce

    If we lived in a static world, this would be correct, but is it? The fact is capitalism will not serve the ruling class like it has. The constant diversion of trillions to substitute for profits has an effect that is under appreciated. It weakens the economy and hastens capitalism’s demise. It is like bailing water out of leaky boat. Moishe Postone:

  6. KT Chong

    Very unfortunate, was hoping to never hear from or see Kamala again after Tulsi destroyed Kamala in the debate. Kamala got like less than 2% of the overall votes in the primaries and did not even win her home state, and now she is the VP choice because the corporatist neoliberal establishment is pulling all the strings behind the string. Oh well… seems like I’ll be either sitting November out or vote for, urgh, Trump. At least with Trump, I know the Republican neocon establishment tried to pull strings in the shadow to stop him and failed.

  7. scarnoc

    Obviously what people want right now is a cop for vp.

  8. S Brennan

    Based on previous behavior, expect President-in-all-but-name (IABN) Kamala Harris to use the US Justice Dept to go after Tulsi Gabbard on something…anything…anything at all. I can see it now:

    “just get me something on that girl…you know she made me look like a bitch…Bernie Sanders was very respectful, very, very respectful, very nice to me, didn’t say shit about my record, very differential. Everybody else was being nice too, they knew if you messed with me Hillary would have my back..but not that little bitch Tulsi Gabbard, oh no, she had to act like a real candidate. She thinks she’s so hot. Can you imagine the nerve of her to challenge the will of Hillary..get me something on her…entrap her, do whatever it takes to put her in prison…do a Flynn on her God dammit” – President-IABN Harris Wednesday, January 20, 2021

  9. anon

    For the majority neoliberal and/or clueless Democratic base, Kamala Harris is a good VP pick. She checks off all the boxes of being smart, attractive, a woman, and a minority. She’s basically a female Obama. A multiracial light-skinned black person who will be loved by wealthy white liberals and who was merely self-serving and ambitious on her way to the top of the Democratic Party at the expense of the poor African Americans she sent to prison.

    I found Biden’s choice to be predictable and I’m not excited by her. I feel a sense of dread in the same way I did when Obama became president. Their identity politics will further assist the Democratic Wall Street class with pulling the wool over the eyes of the typical Democratic voter and person of color who worships at the altar of Obama while he allowed his wealthy white friends to evict thousands of Americans and foreclose on their homes.

    On a recent episode of Michael Moore’s podcast, Sean King brought up the fact that despite their initial beginnings as fighters for African Americans, John Lewis and Jim Clyburn became bought and paid for Democratic Party operatives. Moore pointed out that Clyburn is the largest recipient of contributions from big pharma in Congress. These politicians shilled for Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders in black communities that would have been better off under a Sanders presidency. Obama and Harris are and will be no different. Very sad that so many people are conned by these ruthless and greedy opportunists. These are not true public servants.

  10. S Brennan

    I don’t know Anon, you must not know much about Kamala’s past to compare her to Obama. Whatever bad things I have to say about Obama’s ruthless foreign and domestic policies and his abuse of power, he portrayed himself as an unimpeachable family man.

    Kamala on the other hand….she had a very, very, very public affair with a married man. And when I say public, I mean PUBLIC as in EMBARRASSINGLY PUBLIC, as in going to many, many public political events which Brown later admitted was meant to humiliate his wife.

    Cheating is one thing but, publicly rubbing a man’s wife’s face in it is something else. That type of gross indifference to a married woman’s feelings may play well with the “liberals” dunno, I really don’t know if “liberals” have any moral bearings but, I kinda doubt it will play well with black women and Hispanics.

  11. Hugh

    As someone pointed out a while ago, Sanders wasn’t the progressive candidate, and so progressives should start thinking about which compromise candidate they should back after him; he was progressives’ compromise candidate.

    Even so, Sanders was the Democratic frontrunner and was well positioned to become the Democratic nominee –until Obama mounted his coup against him. Once accomplished, the guy who was running fourth or fifth among Democrats, Joe Biden, was anointed the Democratic nominee. You may have noticed that since then positions and policy disappeared from the campaign. Why have them in the face of inevitability? Indeed Biden’s only missteps so far are when he varies for a moment from being the ham sandwich he actually is.

    Biden is also Establishment to the core. So yes, Wall Street will have no problems with him. And yes, he was always going to choose another Establishment-type like Kamala Harris. As has been noted, Harris checks off all the boxes, at least the empty identitarian ones that the Democrat Establishment loves. Her stand on the issues? If you don’t care about those with Geriatric Joe, why should you care about them with her?

    And that’s what we have been reduced to: it’s Trump or not Trump. Or as I like to look at it, Trump or ham sandwich. Policy? We don’t need none of your dirty gumfrick policies. We’re Americans.

  12. Astrid

    I would give 10 years of my life for President Ham Sandwich. What we have to pick from is worse than what you’d get if you stick the ham sandwich in a plastic bag and leave it outside for a month in the summer.

    Sometimes I just have to step back, recognize that 95% of the bad has already been baked in for decades at this point. We’re just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic over relative trivialities, albeit trivialities that can mean life or death to many millions in the immediate future. Best (or maybe worst) case scenario is that there’s an other side and we’re providing pop quiz material for the 27th century school children.

  13. lefthook

    Neoliberals are like Trumpers, their candidates can do whatever personal or in office and they lap it up like Kool-Aid. They suffer from severe cognitive dissonance, a hallmark feature of authoritarians. To them and to 80% of the population who don\’t follow politics closely at all, she\’s the female Obama. Get real Brennan.

  14. ktake


    Democrats decided to clearly signal their enmity to even basic meliorism.

    We are in the territory of known knowns, now.

    Bird men will, of course, be happy. They get to pretend they are personally sticking it to purity trolls and the real enemies of the poor, socialists.

    Upper middle class corporate wypipo ladies can write virtue columns for a year following Trumpence\’s inevitable attempt to cast the election into Congress – because sexracismracesexism – comfortably ensconced at addresses in no proximity to mostly poor, mostly brown people.

    And the world will continue to burn while the commentariat lectures the precariat for being too concerned with their own basic survival to save democracy from…

    …well, you get it, right?

  15. NL

    Interesting, based on what I am reading here it all makes sense now, the thesis of an upcoming ‘blood bath’ among the oligarchy is supported. She will go after the Trumpists and other non-allied clans! Epstein trials and prosecutions will take place after the election. Massive bankruptcies are coming as oligarchs in several economic sectors are set to be wiped out. She may get to decide who gets the spoils. If Bezos is part of the same clan, expect roll back of the anti-China policies and a shift to vilifying Russia.

    Ian Welsh: “In four to twelve years odds are Donald Trump’s true successor, the competent authoritarian “populist” will win, and that’ll be all she wrote.

    “authoritarian populist” – I like that, sounds better than a tyrant. May I use the term with your permission in future discourses?

    But, the moment is gone, the opposite of authoritative populist is an authoritative oligarchic clan (need a better term). Expect a coup of one clan against all the other clans.

  16. different clue

    America was never “offered” any off-ramps which America “refused to take”. The CorporoFascist elites blocked every off ramp which America tried creating in the same way that Governor Christie of New Jersey blocked the George Washington Bridge ( as some Northeast Americans will remember).

    The Deep NaziState assassinated “off ramp” after “off ramp” all through the 60s. Who is so stupid as to really believe that Lee Harvey Oswald really assassinated JFK? Who is so stupid as to really believe that James Earl Ray really shot Dr. King? Who is so stupid as to really believe that Sirhan Sirhan shot Bobbie Kennedy? Well . . . Noam Chomsky for one, I suppose.

    Who is so stupid as to willfully refuse to understand how the DNC manipulated the removal of Sanders from the primary process?

    America is a Stealth Occupied Country. The Deep Nazi Overclass occupies America. Ian Welsh’s fellow Canadian journalist/novelist Jeff Wells has long discussed this over at Rigorous Intuition 2.0. Anyone can go read it. Only those who are too scared to think about these things won’t go read it and think. Also David Emory ( with his Spitfire List) discussed these things in a series of broadcasts played on Free Speech Radio back in the past. Most public radio stations are NPR affiliated. But a few are Free Speech Radio Network affiliated, and some of those few would play David Emory broadcasts and I heard a random few of those. David Emory advanced the theory that America’s own Overclass Nazi Elite was always in close contact with Germany’s Overclass Nazi Elite and when the Overclass Nazi Elite realized that their visible street-nazi front-men were going to lose the war, they went ahead and let Germany lose the war.
    They spent those last couple of years moving many billions of dollars worth of wealth in various forms out of Nazi Europe into Americanada, South America, Australia, etc. They prepare the paper clips and ratlines for saving many tens of thousands of useful nazis for re-deployment outside of Europe as potential warriors for a Fascist Revival.

    They now occupy the deep power centers of American society. The Fascist International has carefully worked to make America ungovernable and self-destructioning. David Emory’s theory is that they are doing this to get even with the FDR-side of America for its part in winning World War Two against the Fascintern ( Fascist International). He refers to their current membership inside America as the ” Underground Fourth Reich in America”.

    Here are a couple of Dave Emory links.

    There is a culturacist conceit of looking down their noses at “America” among the intellectual sniffy-snobs of the Euroform Left. There will never be anything we Americans will be able to do about their culturacist superiority complex about us Americans . . . . except to look on and laugh when China finally takes their countries all the way over.

    That said, Ian Welsh is exactly correct about the Enemy Nature of America’s rulers. Those few non-ruler Americans who understand that will have to figure out what they can do about it if indeed they can do anything about it at all. Ian Welsh’s faith in electoral politics is probably outdated and overtaken by events at this point. Local and regional elections can still matter, but Presidential elections are now pre-engineered far upstream from the actual election . . . as the Obama/DNC conspiracy to derail the Sanders nomination drive shows. Citizens can certainly vote on the pre-offered choices . . . . as I probably will . . . . or can vote for various preening Third , Fourth and Fifth Party wannabes just to see if something happens.

    But those Americans who wish to do something effective as Ian Welsh would like to have us do . . . will have to find pain points and pressure points more outside than inside the Electoral System. Taking part in the Electoral System is somewhat like walking around inside a Nuclear Containment Dome. People who do that should understand the hazards.

    I would hope that fellow commenters begin leaving more comments about personal survivalism and also co-mutual co-shared co-survivalism in whole communities of whatever size. I would hope some commenters then move on to thinking about Economic Combat and Economic Warfighting within the borders of the United States.

    We need a Final Solution to the Overclass Question in America today. Till we can achieve that Final Solution against the people who cause the Overclass Question to begin with, we will never be permitted or allowed or able to find any other solutions to any other problems of any kind whatsoever.

  17. NL

    “The Deep Nazi Overclass occupies America.”

    No. Just a bunch of people who have come to own through deliberate action or luck most of the assets and realize that ownership is a social construct that needs to be continuously maintained through ideological and political means.

  18. different clue

    I found a tweet with a funny photograph/caption over at Naked Capitalism. Here is the link to the Water Cooler which contains this tweetygraph a little way down the screen.

    I could offer the tweet itself, but if you hit the tweet’s own link, the funny photo-captiongraph almost instantly morphs into a very short lecture presentation. Oh . . . here it is anyway.

  19. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    “In four to twelve years odds are Donald Trump’s true successor, the competent authoritarian “populist” will win, and that’ll be all she wrote.”

    Mr. Welsh might be correct, but the Rethugs don’t act like they feel much confidence of getting power back if they lose it–perhaps because the last time that a Rethug Prez candidate won a clear, indisputable victory happened in 1988. They can no longer win anywhere except the reddest states and districts without cheating, and they know it.

    The pale reactionaries are dinosaurs, and demographic change is the asteroid.

    The best part of this is–their Owner caste did it to themselves.

    The current period of Republican dominion–and the morphing of the once-honorable Republican Party into the Treason Party–began in 1968, when Nixon and company started peeling off the white working and middle classes from the Democratic Party to the GOP, mostly through skillful exploitation of various kinds of bigotry (the “Culture War”).

    However, the capitalists of our land, in their blind, stupid greed for the cheapest, most disposable labor force possible, began to ship as many jobs as they could ship overseas, to countries where they could enjoy what amounts to slave labor. For those jobs they could not ship overseas, they threw open the borders, and hired foreigners who were sufficiently desperate to accept work in wretched conditions for coolie wages.

    All of this cut the economic lifeline of those white working and middle classes who formed the electoral backbone of the GOP. Despair drove them into bad personal habits and low reproductive rates, while the desperate foreigners reproduced, and their children grew up to be citizens.

    I read somewhere a few days ago that White Folks Without College composed 85% of the electorate in 1968.

    Today, they compose 42%.

    The fat cats of the GOP have dramatically weakened the ultimate source of their political power, hence their desperate gerrymandering, voter suppression, and other cheating.

    Sooner or later, demographic change will catch up to the Treason Party (fka GOP).

    Maybe even this year.

  20. different clue


    Merely a bunch of rich people who have learned how to keep society tilted their way? I am not sure it is so simple.

    Here is a Rigorous Intuition link where Canadian journalist/novelist illustrated a small corner of the problem and its legacy . . .

  21. different clue

    ( . . . pardon my accidental omission of the Canadian journalist/novelist’s name. It is, of course, Jeff Wells).

  22. Mark Pontin

    Ian wrote ‘Decline will continue till it is irreversible (it may already be)’

    It *may* already be?

    Nah. You can put a fork in it. It’s done.

  23. NL

    “Merely a bunch of rich people who have learned how to keep society tilted their way?”

    Maybe slightly more, a bunch of rich people whose way of life is to tilt society their way. Like Bruce said, it is a tool for some, for others it is a way of life.

    I do not see how the linked reveals anything new. They did not create Hitler and Nazism. They were using Hitler and Germany for their purposes. Imagine, Hitler did not go East? If ‘a bunch of rich people’ here needed to do away not just with Hitler but with ‘a bunch of rich people’ there, they absolutely would do it. From the link: “that most important was the establishment of a bulwark in the East against Bolshevism.” Yes ‘rich people want to remain rich and destroy an ideology and a way of life that threatens them. What new?

    Note for the Russians, you are hated because you embraced communism once and who knows may do it again.

  24. Mark Pontin

    The Rigorous Intuition stuff gets a little too overblown and speculative on a nugget of true fact, from a cursory glance at it.

    Regarding rich American industrialists’ investment in Nazi Germany, it’s true that, yes, the likes of IBM, Ford, and Fred Koch invested in Germany between the wars. But during the latter part of the 1920s, almost everyone who was anyone in America did, I believe.

    That’s because a speculative bubble was happening in America, with Germany being maybe THE most prominent, popular hot spot to invest in internationally. Central bankers all over the world were tearing their hair out about the currency imbalances and threat to gold reserves that American investors in Germany was causing.

    Then 1929 came, the bubble burst, and Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rose to power. When they did, Hitler made it clear to foreign investors — principally, Americans — that the new Nazi government would be very business-friendly and enact privatization policies where it could, and they should keep their money in the country.

    Liaquat Ahamed’s LORDS OF FINANCE is good on this period. Bruce Wilder may know a lot more this era of financial history than I do, if he wants to say something.

    Yes, Allan Dulles was an A-grade psychopathic Establishment son-of-a-bitch, but everyone knows that. I don’t find it unreasonable that he may have been behind the JFK assasination.

    Again, Operation Paperclip is interesting and certainly the U.S. brought over Wernher von Braun and his V-weapon rocket experts. But the Rigorous Intuition commentary starts to sound like a Marvel Comics science-fiction backstory with Nazi scientists behind everything and the Red Skull about to unmask.

    I guess my beef with that site is that they come off like people who’ve been ignorant of any history (just like almost every American) and now they’ve sudden read a book or two and some articles on the Internet, and found out — surprise, surprise! — that the specifics of the real history of how the world came to be as it is are way different and more complex than the grade-school idiot propaganda version they got, if they got anything.

    But they’ve still only glommed on to a piece or two here or there, and they’ve still only got a comic-book version of it.

  25. Mark Pontin

    Or if that’s tl;dr, what NL said.

    What’s new?

  26. Stirling S Newberry

    The problem is “Its all been downhill since Aeshylus” i.e. one can find disintegration in every stage of a great society. That a certain point, it is even true. But when? There is the rub – while one may get a hold on the problems there is little progress towards an actual physics or methodology from reading your spew. You have given the world a big round 0. This is why the universities churn out hundreds of thousands of certificate and degree candidates – because every so often they strike gold. It is also why evil is so prevalent: evil just need to knock a bit and the makers of ruin will be rich.

  27. I’m baffled as to why Trump would want to make payroll tax cuts permanent. He’s behind in the polls, but is there any significant political constituency, aside from parts of the donor class, that would embrace what I believe is widely viewed as a threat to Social Security? Trump SAYS that SS will be paid out of the general fund (which it already is, according to apologist type comments I’ve read), but that doesn’t mean that there’s no concept of dedicated budget category for SS. Even somebody who wants to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, if they’re near retirement age, won’t feel like jeopardizing their SS, if that’s all they have to live on for the rest of their lives.

    Unless I’m missing something, this is yet more evidence that Trump is a terrible politician, not just a largely incompetent leader.

  28. S Brennan

    Metamars; For the most part the weekends Presidential orders were very good politics…that gave Pelosi a well desrved kick in the teeth. While I don’t think the payroll tax cut was a good idea, I can explain it’s logic if you truly ignorant of it’s societal impact and not just using it’s presence to decry all of the orders.

    By cutting payroll taxes briefly, Trump gives everybody working a raise, for good earners that’s around ~ $250-350 a week, as much as the fed UI. This gives a significant incentive to those that earn to keep working or for skilled people to take jobs as they appear.

    By threatening cut payroll taxes long term, it means Pelosi & Shumer’s DNC clowns have to negotiate with Trump and stop giving unsupportable ultimatums whose motivation is clearly geared to causing the proles to suffer thus, “energizing” the voters.

    I’ve commented this “energizing” the voters before as it relates to most of the D’s moves for the last four months, particularly as it relates to Covid-19.

  29. Hugh

    Yes, Trump had a cunning plan, except he isn’t cunning and he doesn’t do “plans.”

  30. Z

    I’m baffled as to why Trump would want to make payroll tax cuts permanent. He’s behind in the polls, but is there any significant political constituency, aside from parts of the donor class, that would embrace what I believe is widely viewed as a threat to Social Security?

    Maybe our Tinpot Scarface has come to terms with the idea that he’s not going to win and maybe he’s made a deal with the Jewish Zionist Mafia that has a controlling interest in the U.S., and the world I’d add, that they’ll make sure through their bribery/blackmail political puppeteering that he doesn’t get prosecuted for anything once he leaves office as long as he basically does what they want:
    1. Run roughshod over the protesters so that the protests will be weakened by the time Israel makes another theft of Palestinian land so that the protests aren’t further inflamed by Israel’s land grab which could lead to more people putting together that the same forces that are being protested against in the U.S. and keep us under the jackboot of our neo-feudal capitalistic system are also responsible for stealing land from the Palestinians.
    2. Keep the current U.S. economic system in place, para-militarily administered if need be, that continues to greatly benefit capital over labor
    3. Allow Israel to take advantage of his lame duck status to carry out and coordinate with the U.S. aggressive actions towards their enemies during his remaining time in office so that when their new puppets Sloppy Joe and his black-face sidekick with the Jewish hubby come into power they have a clean slate and precedence to take advantage of

    And since the Trump’s ego demands that he believes that he’s getting something extra out of the deal, maybe Israel allowed him to arrest the person who has the most potential to sink him: Ghislaine Maxwell. And maybe that is why shortly before Ms. Maxwell was arrested Trump abruptly fired New York’s top federal prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman, who would have jurisdiction over the matter and who was very knowledgeable about the Epstein case and had him replaced with a new prosecutor who will need some time to familiarize themselves with the case before they can move on it. And maybe, just maybe, Ms. Maxwell will have COVID fed into her in some way, through her prison cell air ducts, food, and/or bedding so that she dies in jail before she would ever have the opportunity to incriminate Trump.

    Maybe …


  31. NL

    This ‘negotiation’ between D and R and Trump and Pelosi is a show. FED tells them what to do. Further money infusions are not readily possible for the masses and actually for the oligarchs. Read El-Erian — money are leaving US.

    Or you can believe whatever you want to mitigate the terror of real existence.

  32. Z

    Who are these Clintonites who control the DNC and the democratic party?

    Or do you really think doddering Bill and Hillary themselves, or Obama!, are calling the shots and have control of the all the apparatus needed to rig the DNC per their desire?

    The Clintons are representatives, well compensated stage hounds, for the Jewish Zionist Mafia who controls the funding for both political parties. The Clintons do not run the DNC or the democratic party for f*ck’s sake. Sure, when Hillary runs against Bernie all the forces align in her favor, but when she runs against a one-term black-faced Modafinil-loving sellout senator from Illinois that Robber Rubin sees as being better suited to serve the J.Z.M.’s interests, she loses to him. Then Robber handpicks The Head PR Man for the Point Zero One Percent’s cabinet and gets Citigroup and Wall Street bailed out of trouble that was due to policies that Robber put in place when he was in the Clinton Administration.

    But yeah, it’s all about the Clintons. They came into DC with their hillbilly mob from Arkansas and somehow took over the world and set things up so that Bill walked into hundreds of millions of dollars once he left office. That’s almost as dumb as thinking Obama plotted out Bernie’s defeat in 2020 instead of just making a few phone calls that Rahm or Robber set up for him to close the deal that the J.Z.M. arranged once Bernie spoke out against AIPAC during the democratic debates and got most of the rest of the democrats on stage to do the same.

    By the way, Young Republican Pete Buttigieg recently signed a deal with two Jewish run Hollywood talent agencies. Funny how that works …


  33. NL

    As any Wall Street CEO, Trump is grasping at straws trying to meet expectations for the next quarter and damaging the company in the medium and long term. He goes for SS because that’s the last place where the money still are: FED will not print for the people, >50% of workers do not pay any regular taxes, what’s left is SS.

    SS tax was a slight of hand anyway.

  34. Z

    I wonder if they put Kamalala on the Modafinil? She was too wound up and silly on the Adderall. Didn’t see her in public for a while before the VP announcement and Sloppy Joe sure took his time picking a VP. The transition from being on Adderall for years to taking Modafinil would take some time to smooth out, I’d imagine.

    They’d try to sell it as her stepping up to the moment and maturing when all it would be is a different drug they’re feeding her. Again, if she needs recommendations for dosage she can just ask Obama or YR Pete.


  35. Z

    The Jewish Zionist Mafia has a controlling interest in the U.S. Does that mean that they hold all the power in our system? Hell no, the world isn’t that simple. A controlling interest means that though they don’t get everything done on their wish list, they can prevent anything that they vehemently oppose from happening.

    Obviously just like not all Italians were part of the Mafioso and shouldn’t be held accountable for its actions, not all Jewish people are members of the J.Z.M. The vast majority of them aren’t and many of them are the biggest fighters against the J.Z.M. and they often pay the highest price for opposing them (see Finkelstein, Norman).


  36. Hugh

    As currently, Trump’s “cut” in the payroll tax isn’t a cut. It is a deferment in payment. That is you would still owe it. You just wouldn’t have to pay it back for a few months. Republicans but even Obama et al (his Catfood Commission) have made various efforts to cut popular social programs like Social Security. Basically, spending money on the lower 80% of he population is seen as a waste of our ruling class’s time and resources.

  37. Z

    A lot of this infighting among forces on the Left is due to the J.Z.M. getting financial control of these organizations via funding them and then puppeteering them around by their purse strings IMO so that never coalesce and unite with the interests of the working class and therefore don’t endanger the power of the J.Z.M.

    The J.Z.M.’s power comes from the rigged markets IMO. They pool their resources and march the markets around per their benefit. They therefore always oppose the power of labor. Look at the percentage of the big hedge fund owners who are Jewish. It’s a hell of a lot more than their percentage of the population in the U.S., which is ~2%. They don’t have enough members in their organization to run brick-and-mortar businesses to earn that wealth, so they rig the markets to multiply their wealth IMO and make sure they’re always in control of the Fed’s money spigot and/or directing where it goes.

    George Soros is a essentially a hologram. He supposedly cares so much about leftist causes, but hardly ever speaks out in favor of them and somehow the Left never seems to gain any economic power through the organizations he funds. He’s probably just doing the bidding of the J.Z.M. and taking control of leftist organizations by financing them and then sabotaging them.


  38. @S. Brennan and Z

    I should have been more explicit. I was referring to Trump’s statement about making “permanent cuts” to the tax IF REELECTED. Getting reelected would be very hard if seniors ditched him, en masse.

    As it turns out, Kudlow has already walked this back, and, ah-h-h, ‘explained’ that what Trump really meant was that the deferred payroll tax would be forgiven, and perhaps extended into the new year.

    I was thinking of writing a (SUGGESTION BOX TRUMP) post on my not-very-famous sub-reddit, advising Trump to walk this back, immediately. Now, my 6 subscribers will have to wait for my next pearl of wisdom to drop.

  39. Z

    Never underestimate the value of the plethora of Israeli private intelligence agencies to the J.Z.M.. They can do things that the Mossad would be afraid of being caught doing.

    You want to force a politician to do something? Blackmail him, but don’t expect that they’re going to rally other troops around the cause.

    You want to induce a politician to do something? Bribe him, but you’ll have to negotiate with him every time you want something done.

    You want to have a politician devoted to your cause? Blackmail him AND bribe him, the carrot and the stick trick. Let him know early on that you got something on him and then never mention it again to him as you find ways, usually through investment “tips” (almost all of Congress gets richer on investments somehow because they are stock gurus supposedly), to enrich them. It affords them the opportunity to be rich and maintain their self-respect if they go all in on your cause because the choice is thus: be humiliated or be a multi-millionaire.

    The unspoken threat that that blackmail item may see the light of day the moment they’re not needed also keeps them attempting to stay in power.


  40. Z

    Look at the shenanigans deployed against Morse who is running against Richie Neal. All the heads of those leftist orgs turned on Morse in a heartbeat. Why? Richie Neal is a J.Z.M. asset. He was even quoted during the initial phases of the COVID financial market crisis that the first thing he would do is ask Robber Rubin for advice on what to do to resolve the market crisis, which essentially means “what do you want me to do, Robber?” when Rubin is one of the two people who are most responsible for the volatility in our ultra-leveraged financial markets which makes them so unstable. Think the J.Z.M. wants to lose a tried and true asset like that? A guy who the hedge fund owners love because he is an obstacle to making surprise hospital billing illegal?

    No, so they pressure some of those leftist organizations like the Sunrise Movement to go against their principles and go after Morse instead.


  41. S Brennan

    Metamars; you may want to reread my remark. Now to something you know about that may actually be useful; what is your take on Quercetin; useful? dosage? brand? Essentially, since the CDC/FDA has scared the poop out of the medical community in regards to Hydroxychloroquine, is Quercetin a useful as substitute zinc ionophore?

  42. Z

    First, fund an organization well that champions a leftist cause so that the leadership can afford to give themselves nice salaries, a staff, and some power. Then hire an private Israeli intelligence company just to do a little undercover background investigation of the leadership. Nothing wrong with making sure that the leadership of the leftist cause you care so dearly about is on the up and up.

    Oh shoot, happen to find out that one of the leaders is having an extramarital affair. Well, he’s doing a good job so far so you keep him in his nice paying position knowing you got leverage on him when you need it, and let them know somehow that it’s no big deal, but yeah that could cause them some problems later on if the wrong person found out. Call in a favor and now that person is completely dedicated to whatever you want them to do. You got them on your puppet strings and you’ve captured a movement.

    Then of course pass the info up to the Mossad to add to their dossier in case the person ever becomes valuable to them.


  43. Dan

    Good to hear from you Z. The power of the organized Jewish community should be talked about openly, for the sake of Gentile and Jew alike. Who and where are the Sayanim? Everywhere, it seems.

    “Are assets culpable? Do they have the requisite intent to indict them for treason? Does John McCain possess an evil mind? Did he betray this nation of his own free will or is he typical of those assets with personalities so weak and malleable that they can easily be manipulated?

    As federal grand juries are impaneled to identify and indict participants in this trans-generational operation, how many sayanim should the Federal Bureau of Investigation expect to uncover in the U.S.? No one knows because this subtle form of treason is not yet well understood.

    Victor Ostrovksy, a former Mossad katsa (case officer) wrote in 1990 that the Mossad had 7,000 sayanim in London alone. In London’s 1990 population of 6.8 million, Israel’s all-volunteer corps represented one-tenth of one percent of the residents of that capital city.

    If Washington, DC is ten times more critical to Israel’s geopolitical goals (an understatement), does that mean the FBI should expect to find ten times more sayanim per capita in Washington?

    What about sayanim in Manhattan, Miami, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Boston, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Toledo?

    No one knows. And Tel Aviv is unlikely to volunteer the information. This we know for certain: America has been played for the fool. And so has our military.

    This duplicity dates back well before British Foreign Secretary Alfred Balfour wrote to an earlier Lord Rothschild in 1917 citing UK approval for a “Jewish homeland.” In practical effect, that “homeland” now ensures non-extradition for senior operatives in transnational organized crime.

    To date, America has blinded itself even to the possibility of such a trans-generational operation inside our borders and imbedded inside our government. Instead the toxic charge of “anti-Semitism” is routinely hurled at those chronicling the “how” component of this systemic treason.

    Making this treason transparent is essential to restore U.S. national security. That transparency may initially appear unfair to the many moderate and secular Jews who join others appalled at this systemic corruption of the U.S. political system.

    Yet they are also concerned that somehow they may be portrayed as guilty by association due to a shared faith tradition. That would be not only unjust to them but also ineffective in identifying and indicting those complicit.

    This much is certain: a Democrat as president offers no real alternative to a Republican on those issues affecting U.S. policy in the Middle East.”

    I would add here that whether Ostrovksy is a “former” Mossad agent or not is obviously an open question. You know the line: there’s no such thing as a former agent.

  44. @S Brennan,

    I believe quercetin is a zinc ionophore, and useful in preventing a covid infection. I’ve recently started taking it on an empty stomach, with zinc, basically for this reason. I’ve been meaning to look up the dosage as prophylactic, recommended by Zelenko, which he stated in his interview with Dr. Drew (on youtube), but haven’t gotten around to it. Zelenko gives the analogy of zinc being the bullet, and HCQ/quercetin the gun. I only take 25 mg, down from 50 mg, because zinc on an empty stomach makes me nauseous for a few minutes. I can do 50 mg, but 25 mg is much easier.

    Some caveats:
    Zelenko may be wrong about HCQ being an ionophore, as I’ve seen the claim that chloroquine is, but HCQ is not. However, just because a theory is wrong, doesn’t necessarily mean that the conclusion is wrong. Perhaps HCQ upregulates a gene, which somehow results in more zinc in the cell; but this effect is not seen in vitro.
    AFAICT, we really don’t know many details about how HCQ is prescribed as prophylactic, with or without zinc, worldwide. The sermo website gives some suggestive data about use of zinc and HCQ individually, but not together.
    I haven’t kept up with this stuff for the last few weeks, but probably Chris Martenson’s talks and articles continue to follow the story. I echo his complaint about the absence of large scale data gathering (for ”forensic’ statistical analysis). This is distinct from the scarcity of intelligently designed, large scale clinical trials that rise to the “gold standard” level supposedly craved by the likes of little Nazi Fauci. (Ironically, Dr. Drew, who supports HCQ against covid, is a Fauci supporter.)
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Medical Mafia moved against quercetin. I’m on the Mercola mailing list, and he recently posted video about some new persecution of him based on easily provable lies. The Medical Mafia has been ruthless for many decades, long before Trump and covid. At least Mercola is not actively practicing medicine (that I know of). Dr. Oz was an early advocate of HCQ, but, last I checked, went silent shortly after his medical license was threatened. We have more supplementation freedom than Europeans do, because Gary Null and other activists fought for it, back in the 70’s, or even 60’s. But, things can always get worse, and the Medical Mafia would certainly take away even more of our freedoms, if they can.

    I recently talked to a couple of ex-military, one of whom was in medical school, about Trump using his military authority to dispense HCQ from military bases, thus circumventing suppression by hospitals, FDA, medical boards, state regulatory agencies, and even hospitals (who can easily deny hospital privileges to doctors). Alas, Trump has no such authority.

    Which is why, on my vanity sub-reddit, I urged Trump to call on American citizens to undertake public protests (with masks + social distancing) of all of these institutions. This is a teachable moment, but Trump has not, and likely will not, do even OBVIOUS things to teach the public. Like briefings by scientists and doctors, from all over the world, on the HCQ/zinc protocol. Laura Ingraham can have updates along these lines on her show, but Trump can’t be bothered?

    Frankly, I also don’t understand why Ingraham doesn’t goad Trump into being more of a teacher. There may be an understanding, on her part, that she is already on the edge, and offending the Medical Mafia even more could have show-ending consequences for her.

    Just like we have to live with the fact that even ‘journalists’ who Trump will talk to (like Sean Hannity and Pirro) won’t ask these sorts of questions, we don’t get to corner these ‘journalists’ and ask THEM why they set such a low bar for Trump.

    It helps to have a spiritual, timeless perspective on things…. Good for sanity, blood pressure….. I also believe in group karma, so there’s that.

    If I ever get the chance to make a significantly bigger impact, I will take it. I think I will need to make a lot of money, first, which I haven’t been good at, at all.

  45. Thomas B Golladay

    @S Brennan


    Note no studies will be done to reveal its full benefits as opposed to patentable drugs.

    Just take a supplement or foods rich in it and with zinc.

    Then again you should be eating a healthy diet anyway as it is your first line of defense.

  46. Temporarily Sane


    What exactly do you hope to achieve by spamming the comments section with your paranoid delusion about a “Jewish Zionist Mafia” secretly running America?

    It’s not like you are going to gain any new recruits this way. Nobody is going to read your posts and go “OMG the Jews are controlling the world! Thank you Zee for enlightening me!”

    Here’s the thing…if there really is a cabal of super sneaky Jews (or Illuminati or lizard people) that have the superhuman intelligence required to covertly trick and manipulate thousands of unwitting dupes and stooges around the world into executing their agenda for them and keeping it all hidden so that ordinary mortals never suspect a thing, well there really is nothing you can do about it. That kind of intelligence and ability to bend reality to their will is supernatural by human standards. You can never win against a sentient force with that kind of processing power behind it. That gives you the perfect excuse to sit back and do nothing because what can you do?

    People who fantasize about a conniving group of hidden conspiracists driving some or all aspects of geopolitical reality crave a simple and all-encompassing explanation for why things are the way they are. Maybe it’s because ambiguity and complexity terrify you so much that you block out plausible and logically consistent explanations and go with the fantasy.

    Or maybe it’s just a matter of lazy thinking. Maybe you’ve never really delved into history books and tried to understand how religious and political ideologies, human psychology, ambitious individuals and groups combined with random luck (and vice versa) drive (geo)politics forward.

    Or maybe it’s something else altogether.

    Sure, Jews, particularly Zionist Jews, have a lot of influence in western society. It is taboo to mention this influence. In many countries publicly questioning certain aspects of history that involved Jews can even land you in jail. Zionists have powerful lobby groups that advocate governments on their behalf. It is taboo to publicly criticize Israel, the Zionist state, for its extreme brutality and apartheid system. Etc.

    That still doesn’t mean Zionist Jews are omnipotent super villains who control every aspect of the United States government. Their overt influence is mostly limited to policies that involve Israel and the Middle East.

    But making up retarded names like the Saker likes to do (e.g. Uncle Shmuel) or you do with your “Jewish Zionist Mafia”, overstating Jewish influence and ranting about “the Jews” every chance you get won’t change anything. It just makes you look like a crackpot antisemite, no ADL required.

    If you are genuinely concerned about the outsized influence Zionists have over western governments and their policies and the raw deal Palestinians get because of this, a bit of tact and subtlety goes a long way. OTOH, if you think screaming about da Joos and how they control everything is really important, you should probably work out whatever psychological conflicts are driving such irrational and dysfunctional behavior.

  47. Z


    They might as well take the U.S. flag and turn it upside down and fly it at half mast and then run the Star of David to the top of the flagpole in front of the White House and Capitol Hill if they were going to be honest about who rules the U.S.. It’s that way with both parties. It sure ain’t going to change with Biden-Harris.

    A lot of people know what is going on but won’t openly talk about it because they are afraid of being tagged with the dreaded anti-semitic label. I’d imagine that the Jewish Zionist dominance of the U.S. economy is particularly well understood in the black community. You can often hear that between the lines of what they say and it pops straight out of the mouths of some of their more honest celebrities.

    And though it is not directly called out by name you can feel the anger that flares up in such matters as the NY Times basically commissioning a piece by Tom Cotton calling for the U.S. military to mow down protestors if need be. The main folks involved in that were James Bennet, Adam Rubenstein, and Bari Weiss with Bret Stephens playing some minor part. Not to mention that the NYT is also owned by a Jewish family.

    Bennet used to run The Atlantic and in the April 2012 issue ran Bernanke on the cover with the words ‘The Hero’ underneath his photo. In the same issue they also did a piece on Rahm Emanuel, which I’d imagine was a puff piece, and declared Phillip Roth the world’s greatest living novelist. Yeah, he qualified himself for a future position at the NYT with that.

    Rubenstein tried to pressure someone at the NYT to run a “photograph of federal troops enforcing desegregation orders in Mississippi in 1962 to illustrate Cotton’s comparison between anti-segregation federal troops and what he wanted the military to do now” even though the person he asked to do it called it a false equivalence. He cut his teeth working for Bill Krystol.

    Weiss is rumored to be behind asking Cotton to do the piece also and at the very least tried to downplay the controversy about it and characterize the divide between the NYT staff about the article as being between generational lines which several people at the meeting vehemently denied.

    The NYT also constantly tries to divide up leftist working class movements based on race and gender and the writers that do it most often, from what I’ve seen, are Jewish. It’s hard not to get the idea that that’s what the owners of the NYT indirectly encourage their writers to do.

    Sure, as far as they care use the U.S. military to rough up those uppity U.S. protestors. What the f*ck do they care about this country? Their loyalties are with Israel. The U.S. and its hundreds of millions of citizens are just disposables to serve their cause as far as they’re concerned.


  48. Z

    Temporarily Sane,

    What exactly do you hope to achieve by [informing people] about a “Jewish Zionist Mafia” secretly running America?

    Educate people!


  49. Z

    Temporarily Sane,

    You post your unhinged rant filled with things that I never even wrote and then cap it off with “you should probably work out whatever psychological conflicts are driving such irrational and dysfunctional behavior.”

    Ha ha ha!

    Sure, man.

    Have a great day …


  50. Z

    Predominantly Insane,

    [Zionist Jews] overt influence is mostly limited to policies that involve Israel and the Middle East.

    Sure bro, whatever you say …


  51. Z


    You wouldn’t happen to be from Pennsylvania, would you?


  52. krake

    Thank you, Sane.

  53. Z


    Just like you to show your solidarity with anyone who defends all-blessed Israel, the U.S.’s “client state” as you refer to it.


  54. Ché Pasa

    Glad to see that Kamala has been well and truly disposed of in these comments as if she never was, and the really important things have taken her place.

    Speculation is rising, though, that Kamala has been groomed to take Old Joe’s place when his re-animation circuits go on the fritz. Before the election. Well, that’s as may be.

    What with all the ranting and raving Trump has been doing about mail-in voting, the likelihood that there will even be an election come November diminishes by the day. Apparently our rulers are fine with it. Certainly the Dems have been lax in countering the bat-shit ravings out of the White House. A lawsuit here and there and a few sternly worded letters aren’t going to cut through the bullshit. They may as well do nothing… say, you don’t suppose that’s the Plan do you?

    At any rate, as someone who lived in CA when KH was AG, and someone whose better half was part of the court system for many years, bless her, I can say that there was and is a good deal of objective ambivalence about KH’s tenure as AG. The main thing was that massive reform was called for and necessary, and she couldn’t do it. Some small things, yes, and promises, promises of more in due time, but also many defenses of the status quo, and in some cases even harshing up what was already excessive. Law and punishment had really gone off the rails, and from everything I’ve seen since leaving California, it hasn’t been righted.

    But the people who matter are happy to have her on the governing team. Less horrible that some, you see. And she’s not Susan Rice!

  55. Dan

    Z, no, not from PA. Though I did lose my virginity in the Poconos, of all places. But that was a long time ago.

    Did someone mention a cabal of super sneaky Jews controlling the world? I mean, other than Temporarily Sane?

  56. Kamala Harris has accused Trump of promoting a “miracle cure”, which he heard about on Fox. Well, the Laura Ingraham program addressed this, and one of the guests mentioned, which is aggregating HCQ research.

    While some of the studies are negative, just eyeballing the previous 6 weeks, it’s clear the majority are positive.

    So, people who arrogantly claim to have “science” on their side, but a) don’t cite it b) don’t tell you on which side most of the science comes down on c) are either ignorant, or in denial, about the corruption within which an idealized, and thus unreal, ‘science’ exists, shouldn’t be trusted.

    I’m actually glad that Harris is not dropping this. She may force Trump to up his game. Trump’s defense of HCQ reminds me of his ‘critique’ of the climate science – CO2 catastrophism conflation. He couldn’t even be bothered memorizing a handful of talking points. The temperature goes up, and the temperature goes down; what further elaboration is necessary?

  57. Hugh

    In addition to trying to sabotage the post office in order to suppress mail-in voting, Team Trump is also laying out a post-election, post-lost to contest the election by legally challenging mail-in voting wherever it can. At least, Trump is consistent. Bad winner, worse loser.

  58. Hugh

    I should add, as in you could see this coming for miles because it is old and typically Trump, they are ginning up a Kamala Harris birther conspiracy theory. It is wrong. It is racist. And it is totally Trumpian.

  59. Willy

    Maybe the coming authoritarian populist will be big into reversing climate change and hating on the Jews? Then we’ll build a big beautiful wall of wind turbines and make the Jews pay for it.

  60. bruce wilder

    Trump and his allies are not the only ones ginning up a narrative of a stolen election. The folks who brought you Russiagate are working hard on narratives of their own.

    If you find yourself taking sides between these two gangs of thieves, you really need to step back, maybe kick back a couple of double-shots of Jack, and realize neither side really want your vote, really want you to vote, nor are they interested in counting votes.

    Kamala Harris won the Hamptons primary and she thinks that entitled her to the Presidency and she may well turn out to be right. But, denying that and cooperating in this farce, by cheering her on, is undignified. It is ugly, but force yourself to see it for what it is. It won’t do any good, but at least it won’t do any harm.

  61. My moderate length reply to S Brennan never appeared. I don’t have a copy. I don’t think I had any explicit links. This happens fairly regularly….. I’ll make some points, as best I recall, in separate posts.

    Zelenko was interviewed by Dr. Drew, recently, and this was available on youtube. Z states both a prophylactic dose and a treatment dose, IIRC.

  62. Fauci, the little Nazi, says “no scientific evidence” of HCQ efficacy, but he is lying by omission. He means a specific type of evidence, of a sort which he, himself, helped suppress (specifically, he put the kibosh on a remdesivir vs. HCQ clinical trial). Evidence of his BIG LIE continues to accumulate – see

  63. krake


    Israel is a pariah garrison state, useful to the US, and largely bad for Jews. It exists. Some of us who could emigrate there won’t, because we aren’t drawn to suicidal colonial projects. Still, it exists.

    “Jewish Zionist Mafia” is straight up “Protocols…” rubbish; it’s transparent antisemitism; and plays right into the worldview of the new right, race-warriors and other fascists.

    You damn well know what you’re doing.

    It’s rather obvious you aren’t just critical of Israeli policy, settlement, or the underlying Germanic nationalism of its foundation. You’re not arguing that Israel’s dependence on US war-making is misguided, or that this compromises the very notion of a Jewish state.

    It’s pretty damned clear you’re a conspiracy mongering antisemite. So, you know: just another fascist-in-waiting.

  64. I have recently started taking zinc + quercitin on an empty stomach. Even in low doses, zinc on an empty stomach can – and in my case, does – cause transient nausea. I have cut down from 50 mg zinc to 25 mg zinc. That seems to be enough, IIRC from Zelenko interview by Dr. Drew.

    I don’t recall if Zelenko, himself, urged people to take these on an empty stomach. I think I recall reading a comment I read on a web page, saying that this is to make sure the quercetin isn’t wasted, interacting with other minerals. So, might be internet nonsense….

  65. KT Chong

    I remember millennials and progressives gave a nickname to Kamala during the primary:


    Tulsi owning Kamala during the debate and eliminating Kamala from the primary was the only one small victory for progressives from the primary, yet the DNC’s establishment corporatists and neoliberals would not even allow to have that that little consolation. The DNC basically gave a big “fuck you” middle finger to the progressives — in its recent string of big “fuck you” to progressives — by bring Kamala back from the dead.

    So, progressives should give a big “fuck you” middle finger back to the DNC. Just hope Trump will win and his re-election will destruct the DNC.

  66. Stirling S Newberry

    This is college radio…

  67. Ché Pasa

    Yes. It appears that both major parties are colluding in suppressing the vote and neither is particularly averse to canceling the election in November. Not to belabor the point, but this is a long time pattern: the Rs actively restrict and suppress voting in election after election. The Ds (mostly) passively enable or allow the Rs voter suppression and have plenty of their own tricks to discourage voting. Neither party particularly wants y’all to get off your duffs and vote.

    To the extent there is corrective action, it’s always after the fact, strictly limited, and rarely fully implemented. It’s got to be a “fight”.

    The fight over mail-in voting is absurd. Yet it is being enthusiastically engaged in by both sides, though the D side is not really countering Trump’s hysterics and his R enablers the way they could. They’re doing their usual passive routine that will neither properly identify nor correct the problem. It looks a lot like collaboration. Gee. Now why would they want to do that? Hmmm?

    A) to suppress the vote;

    B) to be able to say, “We told you! Now it’s too late to do anything” if the election is postponed/canceled

    C) to have a legalistic fallback when/if results are contested in court

    Too clever by half.

  68. anon

    If Tulsi can eviscerate Kamala’s primary chances by pointing out several mere facts, the Republicans can defeat Biden/Harris if they ever get their sh*t together. Trump only needs to once again pivot to the left of the Democratic nominee and VP pick on domestic issues. If Trump was smart enough he would legalize marijuana and forgive student loan debt. He has already suspended student loan payments until 2021. If he took that one step further in some way, he would win over a significant number of Millennial independents.

  69. GlassHammer

    “or till Americans accept that right wingers aren’t going to produce good results,” -Ian

    As an American I can tell you that most Americans are either “right wing” or “apolitical”.
    Our “left wing” is “conservative-light”, not hardline “progressive/liberal”.

    So we absolutely need a right wing that produces good results because that is what we have to work with, different flavors of conservative.

  70. Z


    Oh, “it’s rather obvious” and “it’s pretty damned clear” and “it’s transparent” that you can always count on you for a heap of intellectual dishonesty regarding the Jewish Zionist Mafia and Israel and “you damn well know what you’re doing” because you do it all the time because for people like you it is themselves and their tribe above all else and it’s people like you who are partially responsible for anti-semitism by never holding members of their beloved tribe accountable and never distinguishing them from other Jews and it’s not hard to go from there and understand that people like you can give a f*ck about all the damage that a certain subset of your tribe inflicts upon the rest of the world as they put themselves and Israel above the rest of humanity.

    And it’s not people like me, who voted for and heavily backed Bernie Sanders and who takes the time to distinguish between the Jewish Zionist Mafia and the rest of the Jewish people, who are the Jewish people’s biggest problem. Again, it’s people like you.


  71. S Brennan


    1] I already take zinc at 22mg/day and would/have upped that to 50mg/day for any symptoms of illness, returning to 22mg/day when it has proven to be a false alarm.

    2] I was looking specific recommended dosages of quercitin, daily and at symptom onset as well as information you had of it’s efficacy.

    3] I do not take a vitamin D3 supplement at this time due to daily exposure to sunlight. However, I will start taking D3 on 21 Aug due to my latitude and the suns strength.

    4] I don’t think Trump should argue with Kamala on hydroxychloroquine, she’s always been a disgusting sow and…you know the old saw about wrestling with pigs.

    5] Trumps first action should be to fire Pompeo;
    a) He’s not following Trumps orders/policy over a wide range issues
    b) He is actively working to defeat Trump, as are a number of others in the executive branches.

  72. I don’t think he should argue about hydroxychloroquine unless he’s going to do a minimal amount of homework. Otherwise, he comes off as much worse than an amateur – more of a know nothing. Same with climate change. If he can’t say anything more intelligent than “the temperature goes up, and it goes down”, and that’s his idea of an argument, better to keep his mouth shut.

    One would hope that, staring down the pit of electoral demise, with vindictive Democrats apparently quite willing to prosecute him out of malice when he leaves office, he might up his game.

    I really think any one of the late night Fox talking heads could potentially goad Trump enough to raise his game (OK, Sean Hannity is a shameless rear end kisser, who wouldn’t dream of publicly even implying that a 10 year old could do a better job arguing for hydroxychloroquine, than Trump). Short of that, I’m not holding my breath.

    It was Tucker Carlson who got Trump to take coronavirus seriously, after Trump shut down some air travel from China, then went to sleep on the issue, other than to issue rosy prognostications. So, it’s more than a logical possibility.

  73. js

    Noone cares about Trump’s pivots to the left at this point, even if he were to do so. Well noone would much believe them nor should they of course.

    But even if they did some good (by accident I suppose since he really doesn’t care), it would have to be weighed against how Trump’s handling of the virus has damaged just about everyone’s life, and not just those that got sick. The weddings that were canceled, the funerals, the not being able to see dying loved ones, the social lives disrupted, the seeing extended family disrupted, the unemployment, the older people afraid to go to the doctor and so the health neglect, older people are sometimes afraid to leave their homes and spending months in them etc..

    Almost no little reform could outweigh this, what we’re just supposed to toke it away? Now Medicare For All is actually the type of reform big enough to weight against all this. And not gonna happen.

  74. @js
    “it would have to be weighed against how Trump’s handling of the virus has damaged just about everyone’s life, and not just those that got sick.”

    Meh. Trump’s PR ‘skills’ are horrible. He’s a crappy politician, not least because he’s a crappy communicator. Apparently, he never heard the maxim to “under promise and over deliver”. While the virus is finally sort of “going away”, it didn’t do so without first killing a lot of Americans.

    I also blame Trump for allowing states to bid against each other for PPE and ventilators. (Bizarrely, even at this late date, he is still bragging about the enhanced domestic production of ventilators.)

    He (or his staff) also got rid of the White House’s National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense. Not sure how effective they would have been, compared to Trump, but at least they would have kept their eye on the ball, not gone to sleep after shutting down some of the air traffic from China.

    Having said all that, I’m pretty sure that Trump has neither the authority to impose a lockdown, nor lift one. Any more than he has the authority to force the issue of making hydroxychloroquine available. He can’t legally even compel the military to dispense it on military bases, absent FDA approval. And, obviously, he’s not among the jackasses suppressing it, though he’s basically failed to fight for it, to a degree that I would respect.

    And the evidence for lockdowns and mask making much difference is sketchy. Social distancing seems to be more compelling, evidence wise. However, even there, the overall experience of various countries shouldn’t give anybody a warm feeling that we IF ONLY the states had all imposed social distancing, say from March, we’d be all hunky dory. Sweden has had a very non-draconian social distancing policy, and their median age of covid death equalled their typical median age of death.

    It’s too soon to tell what will happen to countries with very little covid infections (in the northern hemisphere), when flu season arrives, again. I don’t trust simply inferring herd immunity from covid death counts, as there’s a seasonality effect, almost certainly related to vitamin D production. Then, again, I don’t think scientists have a good grasp of herd immunity, even less so of it’s mechanism(s).

    I suggest everybody listen to the following, on youtube, especially the first one:

    The Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
    Herd Immunity Deniers Can’t Bear Sweden’s Truth
    Oxford epidemiologists: suppression strategy is not viable

  75. Lex

    So weird to see the comment section for that be of the most insightful and important writers on the internet descend into blatant anti-Semitism and conspiracy hawking. And, no, I don’t think that criticism of Israel is the same as being anti-Semitic. Israel is not Judaism; it’s a reactionary apartheid state and our alliance with it has no benefit to the US. But that’s not what people in this thread are saying. They’re on about cabals of Jews running the world. These nominal “leftists” (some of whom used to say sane and logical things on this site) are now ripe for conversion to the far right and fascism.

  76. Z


    When you look at (and this is just a small part of it):
    1. the largest hedge fund owners
    2. the people who headed the Federal Reserve for the 31 straight years when the working class most got screwed in favor of Wall Street
    3. the folks who have gotten busted in the biggest Wall Street crimes and ask yourself why they thought they could get away with it
    4. the folks who have worked in the government to make it work for Wall Street over the working class in the positions of Secretary of Treasury 19 out of the 25 years and Head of the National Economic Council over half the time
    5. the fact that Robert Rubin basically handpicked Obama’s cabinet that bailed out Wall Street and screwed the working class
    6. the Epstein situation where a pedophile who was connected to top U.S. politicians and was running a blackmail operation masquerading as a hedge fund then went over to Israel when he was originally indicted because he was afraid of going to jail in the U.S. and then returned and got a sweetheart deal and was allowed to continue operating
    7. the funding infrastructure of the U.S. electoral system and who the largest funders are
    8. dual citizens like Stanley Fisher who go from a senior position in Citigroup to being the head of the central bank of Israel to being being second in charge of the Federal Reserve and now onto a senior position at Blackrock which is headed by Larry Fink and was chosen to direct the Federal Reserve’s trillions into the financial markets
    9. the fact that it was basically Mnuchin and Schumer that negotiated that first CARES Act that greatly benefited Wall Street over Main Street and ultimately left the U.S. working class hanging
    10. the fact that the Committee to Save the World consisted of Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers
    11. the people who were largely behind the absolute financial rape of Russia when the U.S.S.R. broke down and what country much of that money end up going (Israel)
    12. the fact that every enemy of Israel becomes the U.S.’s enemy in time
    13. the influence of AIPAC over the U.S. government, which they brag about
    14.the fact that England’s working class leader Corbyn got sunk by ridiculous anti-semitism rumors that Israel lobbying groups bragged about starting

    And then consider what country and subset of a group of people that as a whole compromises about 2% of the U.S. population that all that somehow in someway benefited and the billions of people that got f*cked because of it and think that somehow I’m the problem then I PITY AN ANTI-CONSPIRACY NUT LIKE YOU.

    Two percent! Think about that. That’s one card in a deck of 52. And people like you will sit at a poker table with 52 participants where everyone is dealt one card per deck and there are 5 decks total for a 5 card hand and time after time after time one person gets dealt three, four, or five Aces of Diamonds and people like you are so brainwashed that you are unable to rationally evaluate the situation to ask yourself who is shuffling and dealing the cards.

    Wake up!

    Do you think I like coming to these conclusions? I have absolutely nothing against the Jewish people as a whole. This is a small subset of Jewish people we are talking about. I backed Bernie Sanders heavily and some of the people who are fighting hardest against this cabal that I call the Jewish Zionist Mafia are Jewish and are often paying the heaviest price for it.

    It is what it is. And I wish it wasn’t. Believe me.


  77. Z

    Is it really that hard to fathom that a group of people with a common religious belief would be united behind what they see as their holy land Israel and:
    1. understand that a huge key to Israel’s future is the U.S. government’s backing and the way to ensure their backing is through building political funding structure
    2. realize that the financial markets give them the greatest opportunity to multiply their wealth
    3. come to the conclusion that the best way to get politicians devoted to their cause is through the blackmail-bribe mechanism and use intelligence operations and their collective power on Wall Street and the markets that they collude in to build their personal wealth and power and set up this carrot and stick trick
    4. once they get into positions of power use their influence to ensure that other like-minded people from their tribe are empowered as well to continue to build their collective power and wealth
    5. not openly publicize what they’re doing because they do not want the general population to know because the people would oppose their collusion since the general population pays the price for it and especially after all that has gone on historically?

    Now look at all the positions of power Jewish people are in in the U.S., ask yourself if these areas that they have particular power in benefit the country as a whole or mostly themselves and their cause. Now remember we are talking about a subset of what comprises about 2% of the U.S. population. Ask yourself how that happens.

    This is not conspiracy theory, this is an exercise in rational thought.


  78. Trinity

    Late to the party, but this:

    one can find disintegration in every stage of a great society

    suggests that maybe, just maybe, such a society isn’t quite so “great”?

    That maybe a truly great society is one that doesn’t disintegrate continually, on an ongoing basis, causing continual misery and suffering for it’s people?

    Which leads to the generational differences discussed in previous posts, where the young ones forget the previous hard times and rebuild the exact same stupid shit? So their children and grandchildren suffer? Lather, rinse, repeat?

    I realize you guys love to argue the minutiae, and that’s okay, but we need to get the big picture right.

  79. different clue

    I left a comment about Kamala Harris on another thread, and then realized it would be best on this Kamala-Harris-specific thread.

    So I will copy-paste it over to here, so that it will be here which is the best thread for it to be.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    different clue PERMALINK
    August 20, 2020
    I was listening to NPR today . . . as I do EVERY day . . . and I heard a bit about Kamala Harris’s True Black background. I heard it from one of her Sorority Sisters, whom Morning Edition interviewed, about Kamala Harris’s student career at Howard University. That’s HOWard UniVERsity, folks, for the True Black Experience! Oh yah, you darn betcha! Don’cha know . . .

    And this Sorority Sister Blacksplained to us all about how any criticism of Kamala Harris would by definition be racist bigotry, couched in all the old familiar racist tropes. And it would be against all of Sorority Sister Harris’s Black Sorority Sisters all over the country, who will make sure to take it racially-personally because it is certainly meant that way, don’cha know. And they will all Have Her Back. Oh yah! You betcha!

    Thanks for explaining to me in advance what a White Privilege Racist I really am for condemning the Eric Holder-style immunity and impunity that Attorney General Harris gave to Steve Mnuchin for all his financial fraud crimes against the homeowners and homeowers of California. Thanks to Attorney General Harris’s get-out-of-jail-free card which she went out of her way to freely give to Steve Mnuchin, Steve Mnuchin was free to circulate among the General Citizen Population long enough for Trump to make him our Secretary of Treasury, where he was tasked with designing the Trump Tax Cut. Which is really the Mnuchin Tax Cut. Which would never have happened if Harris hadn’t extended herself on Mnuchin’s special behalf to keep Mnuchin free. So we could really call the tax cut the Harris-Trumpnuchin Tax Cut.

    Maybe one of the (Biden)Harris team’s little hasbarists will come on here to point out what a racist pig White Privilege Suprematist I really am to look back at that instead of looking forward to the coming (Biden)Harris Redemption of the Soul of America!

    Is Ian Welsh a White Privilege Suprematist for having pointed out some of these things to begin with? Well, he is Canadian, so maybe he gets a Special Foreigner Pass for having pointed these things out.

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