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Because You All Come Here for My Taste in Music (Part 2)

Ah, the 80s.

(Part 1: Fiddle Music!)


Russia Is Preparing for War


Book Review: Zero to One, by Peter Thiel


  1. No, but we forgive you anyway. I had this back on a mix tape when I was very young.

  2. Adams

    Thanks, but that’s what Susie Madrak is for.

  3. Oaktown Girl

    Holy Crimony! I got my email notice that you had a new post up, and was totally stocked to that it was a “fiddle” post! My eyes must have been drawn to the word “fiddle” so quickly, I didn’t even realize that wasn’t the primary post.

    So I watch the fiddle video (music was very enjoyable) and I’m all fired up and getting ready to comment, and I see “Comments Closed” and I’m all WTF?? Then I scroll up and see “Aug. 8, 2013”. Arrrrggggg! Well, Aug. 2013 I was scrambling desperately for work in the weakest economy in the state (having been gentrified out of Oakland in 2008). That’s why I missed the fiddle post; and it’s a shame cuz I’m pretty passionate about the fiddle.

    So…what can I say about this Miami Vice music? Not much because I’m too distracted by the video to focus on the music. One thing I can say is that Mr. Crockett is having a mesmerizingly fabulous hair-and-sunglasses day around the 0:34 -0:35 second mark. Pretty much lost focus on the music after that.

  4. Oaktown Girl

    @Stirling – darn it, you did confuse me! I was all set to impress my math-minded friends with my casual knowledge of Gaston Julia in light of Hurricane Gaston being followed by Julia…then I realized you were talking about 2004. Arrrrrgggg!

    Anyone wanna volunteer to be next to get me all pumped up about something only to let me crash and burn? You know, just in case these things come in 3’s…

    10:11 pm PST

  5. @oaktown_girl

    It is this too.

  6. @oaktown_girl

    It is this year, too.

  7. Oaktown Girl

    @Stirling – really? I didn’t see anything about it on the quickie search I did except for 2004.
    Well, I’m glad I checked in one last time before calling it a night.

    Good night, everybody.
    11:43pm PST

  8. Peter VE

    If you leave this up much longer, I’ll revoke my monthly donation.

  9. Ian Welsh

    Hmmm. Well someone did, not sure if it was Peter VE.

    If it wasn’t, please go ahead Peter. Only once in my life have I let someone determine what I would post, and they were paying me an actual salary. (And in retrospect, I probably should have told them no.)

  10. tsisageya

    Sometimes there’s music even if we don’t even like music anymore.

  11. Tom W Harris

    Ian, I think one reason for the pushback is that your selection is from the 80s, the decade of musical Reaganism. As a whole the music was dumbed down, cynical, bleached white, and ostentatiously commercial. But hey, musical taste is personal. I see no sense in ranting about someone else’s preferences – especially when I’m just a guest on their blog.

  12. tsisageya

    Here’s some popular music from the 80’s—unless you’re a SNOB, that is.

  13. tsisageya

    …not that I’m a general fan. Still, I think that puts to naught Tom’s pretentious blather.

  14. tsisageya

    Did I send this yet? I may have.

    I tend to repeat sometimes, even though I don’t like to.

  15. tsisageya

    I’m sorry. This is the video version that I prefer:

  16. tsisageya

    Herbie Hancock

    I guess I’ll shut up now. I’ll try.

  17. tsisageya

    Now I will shut up.

    I’m sorry for the repetition:

  18. Tom W Harris

    Thanks for verifying my view, teletubby.

  19. tsisageya

    I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, Tom. Nothing personal.

  20. tsisageya

    Okay, this is it. I’ll shut up now.

    I promise.

  21. tsisageya

    I can’t seem to shut up here. That makes me a liar I guess. I did promise after all.:

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