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Basic Puppy Meditation

I’ve written about a variety of meditation types over the years. Here’s one of the best.

Imagine that you are hugging a puppy. (Kitten if you prefer.) Imagine your arms holding it against your chest, it’s warmth, it licking your face, and its tail wagging.

Now, just keep imagining holding the puppy, and intend to notice when you are doing something else: when you start thinking or feeling something other than puppy holding.

When you do, pat yourself on the back, pet the puppy, and go back to holding the puppy.

Do this every day, for as long as you want to, or whenever you’re feeling bad and want to feel good.

I assure you, this is a perfectly legitimate meditation that trains three very important meditation abilities.

Plus, puppies!

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Open Thread


  1. Joan

    I love this! Thank you.

  2. Astrid

    Calmer already!

  3. someofparts

    I’m seriously craving a real puppy, as it happens. It’s spring so it almost feels negligent not to be taking some dog to the park.

  4. nihil obstet


  5. Jason

    My cat doesn’t understand. He’s just staring at me.

    Thank you Ian.

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