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Author: exiledsurfer

post test two

still testing. duplicated issue of post not appearing though published in back end.

testing plugins



Ok folks, we don’t what is causing new posts not to show for some time, but we’re closer to it. It’ll get fixed, but probably not till the weekend.

Stuff does show up on the RSS feed, so click the RSS feed button on the right to see the recent posts (you don’t have to subscribe, it just shows an up to date list). Clearing your browser cache will help slightly (stuff an hour or two old seems to show, but not the most recent.)

My apologies for this, but I’ve got someone with technical chops going to it, and one way or the other we’ll get it fixed.

Post Test

There are reports of new posts not appearing to some users.

If you are one of these users, please leave a comment with:

  1. which browser on which device running which OS you experience this with.



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