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As a Subject of Her Majesty, the Queen, Long May She Reign

On the occasion of July 4th, let me just say:

Happy Treason Day



France Arrests Uber Executives


Greek Referendum Day


  1. Phhhhhhhpt! And I mean it in the nicest possible way.

  2. Tom

    If King George had just said, “Alright, you win, I’ll let each colony send two representatives,” leaving unsaid they would be outvoted, he would have had the moral high ground and the Patriots would have fizzled.

  3. Subject “of,” or subjected “to,” Ms. Windsor?

  4. Winston Smith

    The revolutionary war was fought so the founding “fathers” could keep their slaves. Ban old glory now! The flag of genocide.

  5. Ian Welsh

    It’s a joke, for the slow of wit. I could care less either way.

  6. charlie

    Well, y’all did limit the right of return to English born grandparents, not great-grandparents. Otherwise, I would ask to come back. 😛

  7. markfromireland

    Note to the prophetically impaired. Ian is brushing up on his public sense of humour in preparation for the day of the glorious counter-revolution when he’ll be taking up the post of Spokespope for the Maritime provinces.


  8. nihil obstet

    Better be careful. Obama has denied that the U.S. plans to invade Canada, and you know his relationship with truth! He could be coming for you.

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