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April 25th US Covid Data

Our benefactor notes that deaths will definitely 60k by the end of April.

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Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – April 26, 2020


April 27th US Covid Data


  1. Joan

    I really hate this idea of herd immunity because there’s the underlying assumption of “I’ll stay inside along with my loved ones, and someone else can get sick and build this herd immunity for me.”

  2. Ah-h-h-h-h, for this particular virus, developing herd immunity should mean “the old and fragile should stay inside (and isolated from their own family members), and everybody else lead your normal lives (mostly; banning large gatherings for a while is probably a good thing)” It didn’t have to be this way – the virus could have been more deadly for children, e.g., than even oldsters.

    But it’s not. Which is why the lack of intelligent, fine grained, quarantining even being discussed (except for a few, such as Dr. David L. Katz) is sort of depressing.

  3. krake

    Most coronaviruses do not confer the lasting and broad immunity for which people are so hope-sick.

  4. anon

    Herd immunity is playing Russian roulette even if you are young and healthy. I am unwilling to take the chance that I’ll probably survive so I can return to the office. I know of middle aged people whose health has been permanently affected by COVID-19. Someone I know developed blood clots in her legs and lungs and will now require months of therapy. This is not the type of health gamble anyone should have to take so we can get the economy back up and running. Also, just because someone gets the virus doesn’t mean they can’t get it again. No thank you to having to go through a life threatening illness multiple times.

  5. @anon What is your proposed solution, and what is your argument(s) that it’s economically viable? It’s nice to think that a Depression might spur the kind of ubiquitous, minimal cost but high quality healthcare that we can certainly better afford now, and probably could afford in a Depression, but I think the people possessed by the demons of unmitigated greed will just redouble their efforts to squeeze as much profit out of human health needs as they can.

    BTW, your friends’ experience is yet another reason why, I believe, even in the absence of sufficient testing, low cost therapeutics, undertaken at an early stage of the disease (or suspected disease), should be undertaken – or at least considered. Some were mentioned almost as an aside by some doctor named Rashid Buttar, who you can find on youtube. (He unfortunately gets so emotional that his ability to get his messages across suffers, though I appreciate his passion. OTOH, he says things that other physicians who agree with him are too afraid to say publicly.)

    So, this doesn’t mean just hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin + zinc. It also mean intraveneous H2O2, or other useful oxygenating therapy. It’s my understanding (perhaps outdated) that Germany is big on bio-oxidative therapies.

    Quotes from “hydrogen peroxide – medical miracle”

    “Probably the condition for which H2O2 will find its greatest use is with flu and other acute respiratory infections. A 67-year-old man came to the Farr Clinic complaining of fever, chills, sore throat, cough and aching in the bones for 12 hours; a typical case of viremia, the flu, or, in popular parlance, the crud. He was placed on an H2O2 drip. His temperature was 102 at the beginning of the treatment. The next day his temperature was down to 101, and another treatment was given. Before the infusion was finished, his temperature had returned to normal and he was completely free of symptoms. The following day he returned to work and remained well. One of my patients, a beautiful model, was scheduled to go to Dallas in two days for an assignment. She came in with red eyes, a runny red nose, and a fever of 101. Things did not seem promising for her trip. Models are no longer models when they have red noses and red eyes. She was started on a peroxide drip and given 10 mg of Coenzyme Q10 by mouth to help the oxygen delivery. The next morning she was 90 percent well, and the following morning, the day for departure to Dallas, she was completely well.”

    Douglass II MD, William Campbell. Hydrogen Peroxide – Medical Miracle (pp. 48-49). BookBaby. Kindle Edition.

    “H2O2 therapy is very effective on flu and pneumonia, especially if used in conjunction with ultraviolet blood irradiation (photoluminescence). For more information on photoluminescence (ultraviolet blood irradiation) see the book, Into The Light – Tomorrow’s Medicine Today.”

    Douglass II MD, William Campbell. Hydrogen Peroxide – Medical Miracle (p. 139). BookBaby. Kindle Edition.

    Rashid Buttar is one of the physicians on a tragically short list of doctors who are listed as trained in administration of H2O2, which you can find in the “medical uses” section of Eyeballing the page, there’s only about 130 of these folks in the whole country. Buttar is the ONLY such person in all of North Carolina. ( I suppose there must be some others not on this list.)

  6. NRG

    So hundreds of people calling in to poison control to ask about ingesting bleach and rubbing alcohol is now a good thing, eh, metamars?

    Put your money where your rhetoric is yet and tried it?

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