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Apparently Biden WANTS To Lose The Election

Contrary to the mantra of the “Resistance.” “Russia, Russia, Russia,” the primary reason for Clinton losing in 2016 was most likely that she didn’t campaign properly in many battleground states. This is something Clinton had control over, and she just refused to do it.

Biden apparently feels or thinks or some perverse combination of the two, similarly. Time:

“I can’t even find a sign,” Sabbe says outside a Kroger’s in Sterling Heights, where surrounding cars fly massive Donald Trump flags that say “No More Bullsh-t” and fellow shoppers wear Trump T-shirts for their weekend grocery runs. “I’m looking for one of those storefronts. I’m looking for a campaign office for Biden. And I’m not finding one.”

The reason Sabbe can’t find a dedicated Biden campaign field office is because there aren’t any around here. Not in Macomb County, the swing region where Sabbe lives. It’s not even clear Biden has opened any new dedicated field offices in the state; because of the pandemic, they’ve moved their field organizing effort online. The Biden campaign in Michigan refused to confirm the location of any physical field offices despite repeated requests; they say they have “supply centers” for handing out signs, but would not confirm those locations.

This is truly insane. Absolute and complete malpractice.

Democrats are completely vicious when taking down someone like Sanders, but they don’t even bother to try when it comes to winning national elections against Republicans. To all appearances they actually don’t care if Biden wins, or Trump loses.

Or they are completely incompetent.

Why not both?

If Biden wins it will be despite his incompetence at organizing a campaign. But if he loses, we will be treated to 4 more years of liberals saying “it wasn’t anything WE did, it was all Russia and racism and sexism.”

(If Putin, who runs a country whose GDP is half of California’s, is responsible for everything the Resistance claims he is the greatest genius to run a country since Genghis Khan. Of course, the actual fact is that Trump has increased sanctions on Russia, not decreased them, and odd act for someone who is supposedly a Kremlin agent.)

I suspect Democrats lose because not just because they are incompetent but because they don’t actually care. Losing is fine, they’ll still be OK. Pelosi will still be rich as Croesus, Biden will be fine, Harris will fine. Winning is nice enough, but they don’t need to win. They don’t even have a power drive, they’re people with sinecures protecting them savagely, but since they don’t need to win to keep their comfortable lives, only keep control of the party, they are only savage to those who threaten their control of the party (the left), not to the right.

Biden may win, but if so, it will be because he backs into victory. To lose against Trump, after Trump has overseen the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and been incompetent enough to lose at least 150 thousand more lives to Covid than necessary, will, however, be its own sort of awe-inspiring achievement, trumping even Hillary’s loss in 2016.

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Open Thread


  1. Willy

    I think of Candice Owens, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Dave Rubin. All ‘left the left’ for highly dubious reasons.

    Joe Rogan has had them on his podcast show. He’ll interview anybody. He knows that he’s just a comedian/MMA fighter/reality show host, and that he’s hardly anything resembling an actual pundit or scientist. Yet he easily dismantled their arguments, exposing all three as grifters.

    Those three have been successful for two reasons.
    1: They’re well-funded by plutocrats.
    2: Their fanbase are/were brainwashed fools.

    Joe Biden finished near the bottom of his college class. But then, so likely did Trump (but he wisely keeps his records hidden.) This is what a plutocrat dominated society looks like. Utter incompetency at those things which matter for the 99%.

  2. NR

    Ian, I am no fan of Biden, but the explanation is right there in the part of the article you quoted.

    “because of the pandemic, they’ve moved their field organizing effort online.”

  3. different clue

    I can not read the mind of the Catfood Democrat elites. I can only guess what they are “really thinkenfeeling” based on what they do and write and say.

    Their one Prime Directive was to prevent Sanders getting the nomination at all costs. Did they really WANT to lose the election? I don’t know. How can I know? I know they were prepared to lose the election as a risk worth running to secure the higher benefit to themselves of keeping Sanders off the ballot.

    I have a feeling the Catfood Democrat elites want to throw the election if they can somehow make it look like a genuine loss. In this hypothesis, they hope that another Trump term will cause so much suffering in the land that all the Deplorables will beg the Democrats to save them in 2024, and the Catfood Democrat ticket will win by a “Nixon in ’72” landslide in 2024. I don’t know that. But I have that feeling. Otherwise, why nominate slow-thinking Joe in particular?
    Joe Biden! Feel the dementum . . .

  4. Joan

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump wins in a landslide. People genuinely like him and are willing to vote for him during a pandemic. Dems will have to look to 2024, but even if someone like Tina Turner were to run, she’d be smeared as much as Bernie, and I’m not sure she has the savvy to win (some of) the rural and white working class vote the way Bernie did in 2016.

  5. Gilford Brimmley

    @Ian Welsh

    It is not insane or malpractice at all, rather it is an intentional strategy. Like Pee Wee says, ha ha I meant to do that!

    The Democrats are mostly just a front for wealthy donors. And sure, they work to promote the progressive brand as a way to lure in rubes and create the illusion of inclusive politics. But at the end of the day they are a party of the status quo.

    And I quote: \”Nothing will fundamentally change.\” That includes ignoring deplorables.

    What is sad is to see all those people in the south vote against themselves during the 2020 primaries.

  6. Ché Pasa

    Rs understand and use hard, mindless power; Ds fritter away their time playing with soft, “smart” power.

    Historically, at least since Reagan, they’ve cycled rule between them, Rs whomping everything in sight and everyone who gets in the way, while Ds clean up the mess afterwards and further the interests of wealth in a slightly gentler and less bloodthirsty way.

    Goals and outcomes are almost the same.

    Whatever the case, Ds are not going to be or become what they’re not; Rs are not going to stop being what they are.

  7. Keith in Modesto

    I don’t disagree that DNC Democrats are more concerned with keeping control of the Dem. Party than they are with actually winning the presidential election. But if they lose to Trump after all this – the pandemic, the economic depression, the horrible poll numbers, all the Never-Trump Republicans switching sides , all the scandals – why should anyone take the Democrats seriously as a national party? They may well be fine with losing, but if they keep losing time after time, they’ll be in danger of becoming irrelevant. Which is a very dangerous position for a political party to be in.

  8. anon

    I’ve stated this in a previous post. I am in a battleground state and what the woman in the article said is correct. Biden has nearly zero on the ground presence. I don’t care if we are in a pandemic. Hire one or a handful of people to open a field office where supporters can do curbside pick up of signs and bumper stickers. It’s absolutely idiotic not to do this in battleground states. I’ve seen streets where every single house has a huge Trump sign or flag. Enthusiasm matters when trying to get people to show up to the polls on election day and right now team Trump has a lot more enthusiasm. Biden is counting on the “anyone but Trump” and black vote to win, but this isn’t the Democratic primaries, and Trump isn’t his “good friend” Bernie Sanders.

  9. different clue

    @Keith in Modesto,

    The Catfood Democrats accept becoming irrelevant as a party eventually, as long as they can make personal money on the way down. And then cash in on their private sector contacts by entering the private sector to collect their reward. They can see how richly Clinton was rewarded for his loyal service to the upper class. They can see how richly rewarded the Obamas are and will be into the future.

    And they and their campaign apparatchiks and consultants keep raising and getting money to keep running the ” Fighting for You” rackets. Maybe the party will disappear in due time, but in the meantime, they make money. And if it disappears, they’ve got theirs in personal money-and-connections terms. So what do they care?

  10. different clue

    A new political party might be a good thing. None of the current Vanity Third Parties will be it.

    I would like to see a Lowest Common Denominator Party with a very short list of some agenda items which every LCD member supports and will legislate towards if in office. Everything not on the LCD Short List would be left up to the whim and whimsy of every separate LCD member and every LCD officeholder. That way, a very few broadly supported Economic Survivalism measures could get the support and advancement of a whole Party, and bitterly divisive Cultural and Social Hobby Horses like abortion and guns can stay off the LCD Party table as being left up to the whimsical taste of every single personal LCD member.

    So if a gun rightser felt Economic Survivalism was so important that he would vote for a gun controller to get some Economic Survivalism, he/she might vote for the LCD office seeker in his/her area even if that office seeker is a gun controller. And another he/she in the next district over might vote for the LCD office seeker in the next district over even if the other he/she in the next district is a gun controller and that other office seeker is a gun rightser.
    But they would both be LCD Party members, both committed to the Lowest Common Denominator Agenda short list.

  11. nihil obstet

    While the analysis of Democratic Party leaders as happy with the way things are explains most of what’s going on, there’s another thing at work. The young DNC staff and workers who came into the party with Obama’s campaign had a narcissistic love of social media and the web. In my area they actively insulted the local organization for wasting time on the classical ground game, including yard signs. They’re now running campaigns.

    Sanders’ great sin was articulating leftist policies, but he drew additional antagonism for effective use of the internet. That’s the hip, educated, with-it characteristic of the Democrats. We’re talking about the party that launched what it insisted was its signature achievement (the ACA) on line, and when that was a debacle, they doubled down on it.

    I think there is a psychological issue, of professional class workers feeling superiority over the deplorables who don’t spend time on their computers.

  12. someofparts

    I heard that the plutocrats are changing the laws to make people liable for the debts of deceased relatives. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

    I felt bad enough watching the reptiles who run this place refuse to help working people while a million people a week lose jobs and healthcare. Now it sounds like they are concerned that they will lose their debt-based revenue streams if they kill off too many working people too soon, so the starving homeless survivors must be saddled with their debts.

    Also, unrelated but worth sharing IMO, don’t miss the latest Snowden interview with Rogan. It’s a good one.

  13. Hugh

    What different clue is describing is how bribery works nowadays. Groups, corps, lobbyists signal their intention with campaign contributions while the pol is in office, and then it is the gravy train after they leave. The thing is pols don’t have to be particularly competent, just loyal, and they get the treatment, not so much for them but as a signal to those who follow them.

    I agree too a new political party is needed. Clear vision, simple straightforward platform. Nail those who renege on them and reward those who fight and win them.

  14. Tinky

    With all due respect, Ian, the “Russia’s GDP is half of California” trope is not something that I would have expected to hear from you.

    There are a number of serious problems with the claim. Jon Hellevig, writing on The Saker’s blog (August 30, 2019), touches on some salient points:

    In this report we exposed the single biggest error of the propaganda driven Russia analysis. This was the ridiculous belief that Russia supposedly was totally dependent on oil and gas just because those commodities made up the bulk of the country’s exports. Confusing exports with the total economy, they had foolishly confused the share of oil and gas in total exports – which was and remains at the level of 60% – with the share of these commodities of the total economy. In 2013 the share of oil and gas of Russia’s GDP was 12% (today 10%). Had the “experts” cared to take a closer look they would have realized that on the other side of the equation Russia’s imports were by far the lowest (as a share of GDP) of all major countries. The difference here is that while Russia does not export a great deal of manufactured goods, it produces by far a bigger share of those for the domestic market than any other country in the whole world. Taking the 60% of exports to stand for the whole economy was how the “Russia produces nothing” meme was created.

    Hellevig’s full article is well worth a read.

    Andrei Martyanov and Patrick Armstrong have also written extensively on the topic, shedding light on why simple GDP calculations in USD fail to provide an accurate view of Russia’s economy.



  15. Hugh

    nihil obstet, is it a generational thing? I am always amazed at how connected to social media a lot of the younger people I know are through their phones. They’re pretty working class but sometimes I get the impression they would just stop and freeze up if they didn’t have their phones, apps, play stations, and to a lesser extent computers.

  16. Willy

    OTOH, our excellent S Brennan has suggested that I go with his Tulsi’s recommendation for president:

  17. Mark Gisleson

    I was living in Kenosha County in 2016 when the Hillbots decided to win by not engaging with Wisconsonians. From the ground (I was working on a congressional campaign) it truly seemed as if they were doing everything in their power to lose the state (which is actually somewhat larger than just Milwaukee — hell, they avoided Madison because they couldn’t deal with progressives).

    Now I live in rural Minnesota where the Democrats are trying just as hard to give away the state. Got a Build it Back Better bullshit mailer from Biden today that will have zero impact on my small town where my next door neighbor has a “Trump: Fuck Your Feelings” flag on permanent display. The DCCC’s choice for Congress sent me a flyer with him wearing Bidenesque sunglasses while in uniform (two years ago that same candidate almost won with a picture of him and his family gathered around the dinner table but now he looks more like The Terminator).

    The neolibs have purged the party of everyone who ever worked on successful campaign (the progressive worker bees who used to do most of the work on the ground). All that are left are the fakes who buy apps and then party two nights before the Iowa Caucuses because last minute scut work is for drones and not the elite crony hires in charge.

    I realize I sound bitter. That took a lot of tone editing because mostly these days I just want to take up arms against the pedophilia-tolerant creeps running the Democratic party.

  18. Hugh

    I love how Russia can’t be compared to other countries, especially if it doesn’t make Russia look good, just because … Or cite some pro-Russian sources or in Hellevig’s case, also a pro-Putin one.

  19. somecomputerguy

    Yes, the party doesn’t care about winning, it cares about getting paid. As far as they are concerned, you need rich people to get paid. That is why they don’t want to talk about things things that make rich people uncomfortable. In addition these people don’t lose their jobs just because they lose elections.

    After eight years of Obama’s leadership, the party was nearly extinct, and Obama is still giving the orders.

    There is no organizational interest, and therefore no strategic thinking going on here. No one is thinking about what is best for the Party. No one is sacrificing anything or exerting any effort on behalf of an organizational interest, they just frame their arguments that way, I guess for the same reason they insist that they care about winning.

    The party is just a way for the people who run it to get paid, and Obama had to intervene to save those people from Sanders, because they were incapable of acting towards a common purpose, even to do that.

    This is a hallmark of American elites; any loyalty to a higher purpose than their paycheck has been completely eliminated, and every one of them is running whatever organization or sector of society they preside over, right into the ground. They think their paycheck is the reason those organizations exist, so they can be well paid, as they deserve to be. The point of elite status isn’t service, it’s privilege.

    How does losing to trump effect the party’s cash flow? Because losing last time has probably been fabulous.

    So the Party becomes irrelevant. And? What is the mechanism by which the gravy train stops?

    For forty years, the dems have been remaking themselves into Republican Party 2.0, because the money is better. Now they are ready to finally make the transition to the voting base they really want; suburban Republicans. Maybe they see trump as an opportunity to finally show their own voters the door, and get better voters, ones who dont demonize people for wanting to make a decent living.

  20. different clue

    @Mark Gisleson,

    I have seen another slogan in this vein . . .

    Trump 2020. Because fuck you twice.


    Is Hellevig’s analysis incorrect? Or based on incorrect numbers? I remember when Obama and the others first began sanctioning Russia hard and then harder. It looked to me like an unintended “natural experiment” in Protectionism. With imports into Russia withheld by importing countries, the RussiaGov was forced to try permitting, encouraging, etc. its own current and potentials producers to produce in Russia the things that no longer came in from abroad.

    I hope it is succeeding and will succeed because if Foreign Imposed de facto Protectionism can work for Russia, then self-chosen de jure Protectionism can work for America. Will Russia become the accidental good example and proof-of-concept which the Corporate Globalonial Plantationists will wish the American people had not seen?

  21. different clue

    About Clinton in the Brexit States . . . I read somewhere that the Clinton group feared that if she showed up in person in a Brexit State, that she would lose support there. Part of why she lost the Brexit States is legacy bitterness over her husband’s NAFTA/WTO/MFN for China. And her support for TPP. Her lawyerly pretense otherwise in the last months of the campaign did not fool anyone out here.

  22. anon

    Michael Moore’s Dire Warning: Biden Strategy Worse than Hillary in Michigan

  23. S Brennan

    Good point DC; sanctions have actually helped [they do hurt short term] both Russia and Iran develop stronger industry. Too bad we can’t have sanctions applied against the USA; yes, they do hurt in the short term but putting people to work producing “things” that people use day to day is an important part of an industrialized nation…a lot of white collar technical jobs depend on domestic production lines.

  24. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    Uh, before our host seeks a second for seppuku:

    Compared to the same month and day in 2016:

    Of course, over six weeks still lie between now and Election Day, but Biden has maintained a fairly consistent lead–and Ohio, NC, and Texas have been swinging back and forth. TEXAS.

  25. anon

    Snyder endorsing Biden is another nail in the coffin for him in Michigan. Good luck getting voters in Flint excited about voting for Biden. This was a good episode about the endorsement on Michael Moore’s podcast:

  26. Hugh

    You can wiki Hellevig who died earlier this year. It’s more like once past the immediate city limits of Moscow, infrastructure starts taking a dive.

    This from January 2019:

    “According to a new report by Russia’s state statistical agency, Rosstat, 35 million Russians live in houses or apartments without indoor toilets, 47 million do not have hot water, 29 million don’t have any running water inside their residences, and 22 million do not have central heating.”

    It’s not that in Russia they measure things differently. It’s that a lot of what we take for granted doesn’t exist there or only in Moscow. Add on to this the Putin dictatorship, the hear no evil see no evil bureaucracy he has spawned, and finally the looting class of oligarchs. And you have a country that starts with a lot less and goes rapidly downhill from there.

  27. Ian Welsh

    Oh, the odds are still in Biden’s favor, and I won’t cry if Biden loses.

    But my God, the incompetence. Hillary thought she was fore-ordained.

    That’s stupid.

  28. Hugh

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died.

  29. nihil obstet

    @hugh, is it a generational thing? Yes, I’d say with a certain type of 30 to 45 year old. The ones who got on board with Sanders learned the old direct organizing approach.

  30. S Brennan

    Brother Ian Speaks truth;


    Ian Welsh permalink*
    September 18, 2020

    Oh, the odds are still in Biden’s favor; But my God, the incompetence.

  31. different clue

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died? Well, I looked at the interwebs and they say she did. So it must be so. It is not good for the rest of us, but she may have just had enough.

    How will Trump and the Republican Senators respond? Will they nominate and confirm a Justice before the election, to make sure of filling that seat? Will they leave the seat empty through election day in order to use ” Supreme Court!” as a campaign issue? I can’t even guess.

    Whatever they do, the Democrats will re-act in a way to give the appearance of responding without actually responding at all. I believe any Senator can still put a Senatorial Hold on a Supreme Court nominee without having to give any reason at all. If the Republican majority think a Democratic Senator would actually place such a hold, they will re-write the Senate Rules in order to erase the rule giving any Senator the privilege of placing a Hold on any nominee.
    If the Rep Sens don’t erase that ” placing of the Hold” rule, it means they are confident that no Democratic Senator would ever use it, though if they thought Sanders might use it they might erase that rule just to make sure.

  32. Thomas B Golladay

    Only when clear election fraud is not contested does this model get it wrong which is twice, 1960 and 2000. Other than that, this model predicts a blowout win for Trump.

    Trump has this in the bag. Republicans are registering more voters, firing up the base, and control the state governments where it counts and the courts.

  33. Zachary Smith

    To all appearances they actually don’t care if Biden wins, or Trump loses.

    Or they are completely incompetent.

    Why not both?

    Many “Joe Sixpack” Democrats I know are frantic, and want Trump gone with a genuine passion. I think the “Pelosi-level” Democrats truly don’t care – the good life goes on whether Trump stays or Biden moves to the White House. So “incompetent indifference” works just fine for them, and all the campaign money rolling in is great for feathering their nests.

    It’s the top .01% – or 20-30 thousand rich bastards – who will decide how this November plays out. It’s my personal opinion they’re done with Trump. He has gotten them many reduced regulations, lower taxes, and a rich Covid payola. The Supreme Court is in great shape from their point of view.
    But Trump’s clumsy and creepy and often moronic behavior has disturbed many rich-people projects, and besides that, Iran remains un-whacked.

    From my point of view Biden is a worthless POS, and always has been. But for that top .01%, he is the pick of the litter. Especially with the backup VP Harris.

    Bloomberg’s throwing money at Florida signals to me the Dump Trump movement is well and good, and the existence of the Lincoln Project indicates top-tier Republicans feel the very same way.

    My projection: Biden moves into the White House, and Trump departs. Trump isn’t very bright, but the man is probably negotiating terms of his departure at this very moment. (He’s much dumber than I think if he isn’t!) Rich bastards win, the rest of us make an even swap of “Bad”/”Bad”. Or Bad to Worse.

  34. Hugh

    Biden is running on not-Trump, and people are sick of Trump.

  35. S Brennan

    Rest in Peace Justice Bader-Ginsburg.

    Does Trump want to win? The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg may create an opportunity to find out.

    1] Will Trump delay a Supreme Nomination until after election? [Trump wants to lose].

    2] Will Trump nominate a fire breathing right-wing nut job? [Trump wants to lose].

    3] Will Trump nominate another Gorsuch who wrote the majority opinion that granted transgender persons full protection under the 1964 Civil Right act? [Trump wants to win and govern].

  36. Zachary Smith

    Will they leave the seat empty through election day in order to use ” Supreme Court!” as a campaign issue? I can’t even guess.

    I can guess, and against all reason will project they don’t make it an issue. Doing so would involve some boat-rocking which would endanger the current Conservative majority on the court.

  37. S Brennan

    Zachary Smith;

    I’ve been reading your comments for a while, you wouldn’t know “Joe Sixpack” if he walked across the room and slapped you in the face, threw you to the ground and started kissing you on the lips.


    “Many “Joe Sixpack” Democrats I know are frantic, and want Trump gone with a genuine passion.” – Zachary Smith

  38. Hugh

    The US hasn’t had a topnotch healthcare system for, minimum, the last 30 years. We definitely could have had one but it wasn’t a priority for our political classes of either party. I bring this up because we have lots of things that are broken, could be fixed, but aren’t with multiplying negative effects.

    We also should have had direct election of Presidents 30 years ago. Instead we continue to be held hostage by an undemocratic electoral college. Most federal judges should have a ten year appointment, and if not too onerous to construct, two 5 year re-appointment terms. Supreme Court justices should have one 10 year term and then out.

    The Senate too is built to be unrepresentative. Why should Wyoming with something over a half million people have as many Senators as California with its nearly 40 million? It’s nuts. Just because it made some kind of sense back in the 1790s doesn’t mean it makes sense now. We wonder why our voices aren’t heard and then refuse to see all the structural ways our voices are shut out, or how some voices are given much more weight than others. No it is not the Genius of the US Constitution. It is that our Constitution is screwed up. Rather than fix it, we wonder why things don’t work and why those who should be held to account for its failures get away with it.

  39. Biden signaled that he wanted to lose the election when he chose a Black lady as VP. It was the one thing he could do to blow it, and he did it.

  40. different clue

    @Zachary Smith,

    Well, this we know: Trump and the Senate will either do something, nothing, or something else about the empty seat. I suppose there are so many possibilities to game out that such gaming-out would become a mere mental sport.

    I just somehow feel certain that Trump himself will want to charge that gap. Will McConnell jerk Trump’s choke-chain and say ” Down, boy! Sit! Stay! ” . . . ? Maybe yes, maybe no. I can’t predict that either way. But as many boats as Trump and McConnell have been willing to sink, I would be surprised if they are suddenly afraid to rock one.

  41. bruce wilder

    That Biden’s campaign does not put up lawn signs and hand out buttons and bumper stickers is less troubling to me than their reluctance to make a promise to solve a manifest problem or deliver a tangible benefit.

    I am inclined to think that Sanders in 2016 did as well as he did because he promised to do things to solve real problems for people.

    Apparently, Biden has found a constituency that would rather government not solve problems or deliver public goods. Whether from a lack of conviction that the government could competently deliver something, anything effectively or just a deep pessimism or an unwillingness to see those (other) people get something, there is a voting bloc that just does not want to.

    The unenthusiasm of the Biden campaign may reflect the organizers and their professional indifference to substantive politics. but, it may also fit a mood of many voters.

  42. different clue

    I am reading that Trump is edging towards a genuine effective ban of Tik Tok from functioning within US borders. Will he really ” go there” ?

    The young people do love their TikTok. If they wake up to find it actually banned . . . to where they actually can’t find it on their digital devices, they may come out in their millions and vote their displeasure.

  43. nihil obstet

    With a solid majority of American voters favoring Medicare for All, Biden announced that he would veto a MfA bill if it got to his desk. He didn’t follow the contemporary practice of lying about what he would do (because since Reagan effectiveness is the goal, not integrity). He didn’t even remain silent on the subject, or bury it under weasel words. It would appear that he doesn’t want to win.

    However, the good committed Democratic Party people I know will explain to me that what polls well doesn’t win in the voting booth. Furthermore, they have heard the name “Joe Biden” all their political lives, associated with good liberal causes. They simply don’t believe that he has spent his career trying to undo the New Deal. I suspect that I’ve developed something of a reputation as a FOX news addict (note: I cut the cable over five years ago) because I keep pointing out what Democratic Party leaders have actually done. It’s the adult version of believing in Santa Claus.

  44. Tinky


    Setting aside your straw men, and that you attacked just one of the three sources that I noted, if you believe that characterizing Russia’s economy as “half the GDP of California” is an illuminating representation of it, I suggest that you broaden your sources of information on the topic.

  45. Hugh

    Tinky, propaganda and fiction do not equate to broadening one’s sources of information.

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