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An Observation On Haiti

The longer “security” is used as a reason not to distribute food, water and medical supplies the more angry and desperate Haitians will become, and thus the worse the security situation will be.  Troops which are not actually providing security for actual distribution of supplies, by taking up airlift capacity which could be used for relief, make the security situation worse rather than better.


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  1. John Patterson

    I agree. I’ll add that the slow response by the US military (1700 soldiers on the ground one week after the quake) and the unexplained decision to put USAID “in charge” of relief efforts, demonstrates that the federal government’s response to major natural disasters is just as incompetent as it was for Katrina.

    The only thing that’s missing so far is a “heckuva job” compliment for Rajiiv Shah.

  2. Formerly T-Bear

    This has all the appearances of a parallel with the economic strangulation of Gaza. Command access (airport), stifle access, suppress aid, security trumps effort, population decimated still further, power dominates without question, renewal of the reign of terror upon the helpless, grab the goodies, lol to the bank, IMF holds the mortgage.

    Haiti, the Western Hemisphere’s prototype for Gaza.

  3. gtash

    Greg Palast reported that both Iceland and China managed to advance assistance to Haiti faster than the US which should have been able ( theoretically anyway) to send in help from as near as Puerto Rico.

  4. A little information on what U. S. military personnel are actually doing in Haiti might change your views. This is one good resource. Here’s a firsthand account.

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