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Admin Notice

I’m going to the hospital for major, but unlikely to be serious, surgery. I’ll most likely be in for ten days to two weeks, with two months recovery after that. I go in Tuesday.

The odds of death are about 1 percent. In that unlikely event, all my writing goes into the commons (with attribution), not to any heirs, and people may scrape this site or whatever. Those with preview copies of “Construction of Reality” should share them in case of death. People with author rights can post here if they want until the domain registration expires. (This is only if I die, eh? No posting or commons-ing without permission (posting permission has been given to Mandos) until you hear I have died or I’m brain dead or something.)

More likely, I’ll be fine, just not enjoying myself much. I’ve put some posts in the queue for the two weeks I’m likely to be in the hospital. Moderation of comments may be non-existent, so if you get caught in moderation (an automated process, remember) please bear up. Other people with modding rights might check in, but they might not.

I’ll likely hang out on Twitter a bit while in the hospital if you want updates–hospital is borrring!–@iwelsh. I certainly hope all my readers will be having a better time than I’m likely to be!


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  1. hvd

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and as little pain and discomfort as is possible.

  2. George Burns

    Ian, Good luck. You’re a good human I look forward to starting my day with.

  3. Synoia

    Would you like a laptop?

    I suspect your time in Recovery will not be eating 5 star hospital food, and 7×24 exercise and sleeping.

    Boredom may be you greatest hurdle.

  4. Ian Welsh

    I have a kindle fire and my phone. One advantage of not watching much media is I have plenty to watch now. Given I go in tomorrow morning, there isn’t really much time to get more. Also I am told that stuff sometimes “goes walking.”

  5. Kris

    I hope everything goes well and you recover quickly. We’ll be keeping you in our thoughts.

  6. scott

    Good luck, sending good energy your way!

  7. DupinTM

    Best of luck my friend. I hope they have good books in there, don’t want to have you stuck watching House Hunters for a week.

  8. Good luck, Ian. Long hospital stays can really be grinding.

  9. May all go well for you!

  10. Joan

    Best of luck, Ian. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

  11. Mark

    Good luck and get better soonest. You’d
    better, I’ve been looking forward to your
    book for a while now… ;]

  12. Best of luck to you, Ian. I’m sure you’ll be okay.

  13. E Connaughton

    Best of luck. Hope your operation is successful. Your blogging contribution is much appreciated.

  14. NR

    Good luck, Ian. Hope all goes well.

  15. StewartM

    Best of luck Ian and I hope your stay isn’t too unpleasant. If Canadian hospitals are like US’s in their operating procedures, one of my pet peeves was not the food, but the fact it seems once you do manage to get to sleep the staff comes by and wakes you up to take your blood pressure readings.

  16. Ian Welsh

    Yes, I was commenting to a friend who just got out of hospital after a stay that the hospital is a grand conspiracy against getting a good night’s sleep

  17. Sarah Correia

    Good luck.

  18. Herman

    Good luck. Hope all goes well.

  19. Have a speedy recovery!

  20. Jeff

    Best of luck for a speedy recovery, Ian!

  21. scruff

    Best wishes, Ian.

  22. Micki

    I’ve never posted here, but I do read with gusto — and much gratitude!

    May you have a seamless and uneventful surgery and recovery.

    (I admire your common sense about the “what ifs.”)

    I hope you have completed your Advance Directive.

  23. peon

    Ian if you have a “wish list” of reading material, or other diversions, post it with a way for us to contribute.
    May the force be with you

  24. Joyce L. Arnold

    My comments have been infrequent, but my reading is consistent, with much appreciation and respect. Wishing you well, Ian.

  25. Willy

    Blog owners have been rumored to fake their own deaths in order to take a break from inane commenters. I hope this isn’t like that. Best wishes and hoping for a quick recovery.

  26. Wow… just saw this! Wishing you well and a speedy return, man!

  27. Al

    Best of luck to you, Ian. You are one of the good guys and I wish you a speedy recovery. Peace!

  28. To be specific, Ian gave me permission to post (“dead air” reduction) but not to “commons” his posts 🙂 I already wished Ian well privately but doesn’t hurt to wish him here too. Get well and back in the saddle soon.

  29. Tom

    Good Luck, and speedy recovery.

  30. Ché Pasa

    Joining the chorus of well-wishers for your recovery.

  31. John

    Have a successful op, as easy as possible and a speedy recovery….btw, here is a kind request for you to not check out of the asylum just yet, there’s too much happening requiring your sane, lucid commentary.

  32. bob mcmanus

    Good luck

  33. ponderer

    As much as I like dead tree’s, an ebook reader is far superior in some circumstances. It’s my go-to whenever I’m under the weather. Good luck and speedy recovery. You’ll be in a lot of peoples thoughts.

  34. Joe Reeves

    Wishing you godspeed my good man.

  35. May you heal fast and easy

  36. Spring Texan

    We will miss you. Don’t be surprised if you can’t eat after surgery (doesn’t happen to everybody but it surprised me and lasted a long time – weeks – and scared the dickens out of me, only for my FP to tell me she ALWAYS personally has that happen). Of course that hopefully won’t happen but just in case it should and you are eating just a spoonful, no fun but don’t worry.

    Hope it goes super-well and we are all rooting for you. Sorry it’s necessary, though! Good healing!

    Hope you encounter some humanity in the hospital, it can go eitehr way, but any real connection even brief makes a big difference.

    Very best wishes.

  37. Hugh

    Just wished to add my wishes for a successful operation and a speedy recovery. I appreciate you and your work here.

  38. I don’t think Ian would mind if I told you that he recently contacted me with the single word “Alive”. I have no other details, but that is relieving news on its own.

  39. marku52

    Good news, and best wishes for a speedy recovery……

  40. Ian Welsh

    Alive and surgery went well but immobile for now and in a fair bit of pain under the drugs.

  41. Ian:
    I hope you have a speedy recovery. This place wouldn’t be the same with out you.

  42. Robotpliers

    Phew. Glad to hear it went well. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  43. Eclair

    Sorry to hear about your surgery and impending hospital stay, Ian. I am a longtime ‘lurker’ at your site and for years have treasured your commentary on our political/social/economic travails. Best of luck to you on your recovery. I will count the days until your return.

  44. different clue

    I was in the hospital for surgery and then two weeks recovery about 3 years ago. The part of the aftermath I remember most was fairly far-reaching muscle atrophy and weakness. I had to take care and recover muscle tone and mass and strength slowly. If the slowly-rising load limit is exceeded on the way up, the load limit itself is pulled back down some and strength recovery is set somewhat back. Or at least it was for me.

    Just in case that might be useful.

  45. nihil obstet

    Good to hear things have gone well so far. Here’s hoping you have a swift, easy, complete recovery.

  46. JCL

    Glad to hear it, get well soon.

  47. JohnB

    Get well soon. Hospital is indeed bad for getting a good nights sleep (in a ward, anyway) – hopefully you get some privacy/peace.

  48. “Alive and surgery went well…”

    That’s what counts!

  49. Donna Curtis

    Mandos says you’re “alive”. Great news! I wish you a speedy recovery.

  50. steeleweed

    Wishing you successful surgery and speedy recovery. Put yourself first for a change and take the time you need.

  51. Billikin

    Ian, glad to hear that the surgery went well. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery. But give it 6 weeks, anyway. 😉

    And yes, things can take a walk in the hospital. All of my wife’s credit cards were stolen.

  52. Mark Pontin

    Hope to see you back in the saddle soon.

  53. someofparts

    Hope the surgery goes well and you have a smooth recovery.

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