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What Will A Biden Presidency Be Like?

Trump is done and Biden is on the way in.

Let us first acknowledge that Biden is senile. The man is not what he was 8 years ago. He is well known to both be lazy and unwilling to delegate, and this may become a problem. Hopefully his increasing incapacity will force him to delegate, but the question is “to whom?” If he doesn’t make a decision, then the administration will be riven with knife fights and intrigue. A fair bit of money has to be on Harris, only because she is savagely ambitious and without any noticeable ethical qualms in her pursuit for power, but the vice-Presidency is an essentially powerless office. More likely multiple fiefdoms will emerge, with people fighting for access and control of the President. Alternatively, Biden’s wife may wind up running the show as Reagan’s did during his dementia.

Next let us acknowledge that Biden’s career is that of a very conservative liberal. He was against de-segregation. He has voted for war over and over. He is a fiscal conservative in the worst way (aka. has often talked of cutting Social Security and Medicare.) He was for the crime bills of the 90s and a driving force behind the bankruptcy bill which made it impossible to discharge student loans, thus causing the current student loan crisis. He has said many good things about the environment lately, but he has also said he will not ban fracking. In terms of his actual record, about the only high point is his work against violence on women.

Biden’s, well, a bad man when it comes to how he treats people who aren’t his family or friends. It’s clear that he’s a loving father; a good boss to direct reports and a great friend (just keep your young daughters away from his roving hands and sniffing nose.) But Americans aren’t in a family relationship with Biden, and they shouldn’t think they are. You aren’t Hunter Biden.

On the plus side, one can expect that he will undo many of Trump’s worst acts. I would expect an end to separating children from parents on the border almost immediately: presumably the US will go back to locking them up together. A removal of the worst Iran sanctions is likely, and with a bit of luck a return to the Iran nuclear and peace deal should occur. He is likely to close many of the parks and reserves that Trump opened to roads, drilling and logging.

Biden’s probable cabinet is quite conservative. Per Politico, front-runners are:

  • State: Susan Rice
  • Attorney Gengeral: Doug Jones
  • HHS: Michelle Lujan Grisham
  • Transport: Eric Garcetti
  • Commerce: Meg Whitman
  • Energy: Ernest Moniz
  • Interior: Tom Udall
  • Agriculture: Heidi Heitkamp
  • Veteran’s Administration: Pete Buttigieg

I trust it is obvious that most of these are not progressive in any sense. Moniz, the likely Energy secretary is a creature of the fossil fuel industry. Heitkam (Agriculture) was for the Keystone XL pipeline and Trump’s appointees. Susan Rice was one of the primary war-mongers in the Obama administration.

They aren’t all bad, Udall has a good environmental record, for example, but while interior is important, oddly, Energy is more so (and arguably so is agriculture, since farming causes vast environmental harm as it is currently practiced.)

In foreign affair, Iran will benefit from Biden’s Presidency, and I suspect Cuba will as well, though Biden is notoriously aggressive and threatening to small countries, he will want to rescue Obama’s Cuba deal. One can expect Democrats to be more aggressive to Russia, after spending the last four years blaming it for everything. I remind you that while Russia is no longer a super-power in most senses, they are still a nuclear super-power and that war between the two nations is unthinkable, in the “armageddon” sense. As best I can tell Biden does not have a personal hatred for Putin the way that Hillary appears to have, and in any case, Putin appears to be setting the stage to step down. (A recent law made it impossible to charge former Presidents for crimes committed during their Presidency, for example.)

The dragon in the patch is China. Trump’s anti-China moves had a great deal of bipartisan support. The difference under Biden is likely to be a great emphasis on working with allies against China, rather than a pivot from the anti-China position. The consensus opinion in DC is that China is a rising fascist state who doesn’t obey the rules of the current order and the primary threat to American dominance. Meanwhile, China has come to the conclusion that a split with the US is essentially inevitable. They wish to buy time, but are working furiously on improving their tech and trade area (under the Belt and Road Initiative). In short, Biden will continue the march towards a new Cold War, with the world split into two areas. China and Russia will be at the heart of the second area.

One possible bright spot in Biden’s likely administration is anti-trust. Democrats are unhappy with large chunks of big-tech, starting but not ending with Facebook. Expect an anti-trust suit against Facebook to go ahead under Biden unless, perhaps, Zuckerberg grovels like a worm (which he is unlikely to do.) There is also some possibility of actions against Google, Apple and Amazon.

As with China, there’s a fair bit of bipartisan consensus on this, even if Facebook has favoured Republicans, they are not happy with its ability to choose whose message gets thru, for example.

In terms of the economy, Biden is likely to bow to the deficit myth. Especially if Republicans hold the Senate (most likely), he will struggle to get money for his priorities, but worse, his career has generally shown him to be a fairly standard Democratic centrist who believes that only Republicans have the right to spend large amounts of money and that Democrats should reduce the deficit and instead of spend, rely on tax cuts. At worst Biden may be willing to cut a deal to reduce Social Security and Medicare benefits to “fix” the deficit. (This is nonsense, but it is nonsense Biden has believed his entire career.)

The Senate requires some extra commentary. If Republicans hold it, McConnell has said he will use it aggressively to make sure that Biden’s appointments are not progressive. While this wouldn’t be a problem if progressive meant to McConnell what it does to anyone sane, what it really means is “anyone who isn’t right wing.”

There is no reason for this to hamstring Biden, all he has to do is follow Trump’s precedent and rely on Acting leaders of various agencies. The question, however, is whether Biden will be willing to do this. In fact, this is the great question of a Biden administration with a Republican Senate (or even a bare  majority Democratic one), will he use the Presidency’s power to their full extent, as Republican presidents like Trump and Bush did? If so, there’s a great deal he can accomplish, if not, he will rule is as a moderate Republican even if he doesn’t want to.

This is also true with respect to the Supreme Court: there are ways around the Supremes, but they do require a President to use his power aggressively and in ways that, obviously, aren’t bipartisan. Biden’s willingness to do this is an open question, he certainly has preferred to “govern across the aisle” is the past.

As with Obama, ruling as a moderate Republican may well be what he wants, and a Republican Senate and Supreme Court may give him cover to do so, constantly blaming everything he does and doesn’t do on “we don’t control the Senate or the Court, give us more money for the next election.”

A wildcard in this is Schumer. Schumer’s certainly a centrist who has done nothing for anyone who isn’t a donor in ages, but he’s running scared of AOC. He recently talked up the possibility of using an executive order to forgive 50K in student debt, for example (which would be a wonderful thing for Biden to do.) Schumer knows AOC is a real threat to him, and the only way to innoculate himself is to become progressive enough that she doesn’t have an argument against him.

Pelosi will remain Pelosi. She will want pay-go, and be essentially conservative. But she lost seats in the last election and barely has a majority. How much power she will have remains to be seen. Still, she’ll probably hang on for at least another four years, before her advancing age forces her to retire.

One can assume that a Biden administraiton will generally be more technocratically competent. I expect the Covid response to improve significantly, for example, though stubborn red state governors and legislatures will remain a problem. Trump’s propaganda that masks don’t work; Covid is no big deal and that the closures are the problem, not the disease, will remain a huge issue crippling any American response, as will fears and refusal to take vaccines.

Getting any large aid bill through Congress will be nearly impossible if Democrats don’t retake the Senate, for the simple reason that there’s no reason for Republicans to give Democrats a win like that.

The great fear of a Biden administration, and why I only reluctantly supported Biden, is that he will start a new war. Biden isn’t as bad as Hillary, though, and we can hope that his foreign adventures remain restricted to bullying weak nations and instigating coups (Venezuela is going to have a particularly bad time.)

The other great fear is that Biden’s administration will be weak tea, like Obama’s. It won’t do much good for most people, and in four to eight years, they will turn to a Republican. That Republican will be a more disciplined, more genuinely “populist” version of Trump, and will be able to do what people thought Trump would do, but which he was fundamentally too incompetent to accomplish.

I wish the Biden administration well, but fundamentally, I don’t think it’s going to be enough different from Obama’s to really change the direction America, or the world is headed in. Some people will certainly be helped, and I’m happy for them, but that America continues its “undeveloping nation” slide as the oligarchy continues to become richer and richer and the majority of the population stagnates or becomes worse off is unlikely to change.

And while I expect Biden to be better for the environment than Trump or Obama, he will not be enough better to change the fact that climate change is now running away, and that environmental consequences which will destroy multiple countries are almost inevitable. Indeed, this administration was probably the last chance to do anything that really matters short of geo-engineering, but that window was closed when Sanders lost the primary due to Clyburn and Obama’s intervention.

Slightly better Obama administration, with a worse Republican President than Trump following seems like the best bet for the Biden administration. Hopefully, while the best best, it is not the one that comes to be.

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  1. “Trump is done and Biden is on the way in”

    If Trump is truly “done”, then why did the good Lord call Ruth Bader Ginsburg home?

    Trump apparently is serious about fighting this out. He’s planning new rallies, which can draw 10’s of thousands, unlike some, probably most of the demonstrations that didn’t draw 300 people, this past Saturday. Also, there will be 4 or 5 lawsuits dropping, today.

    OTOH, the Republicans haven’t cared about a bulletproof voting system, any more than the Democrats.

    Of very recent vintage;

    Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. Inventor of Email
    That’s what I said months ago in MA US SENATE Republican Primary.

    You did nothing.
    did nothing. Conservative, Inc. did NOTHING!

    This feels like a rich boy’s opportunistic whining. Did you REALLY want to win ? You should’ve supported me & jumped on it, THEN!
    Quote Tweet

    Eric Trump
    · 23h
    Software from hell! There needs to be a manual recount of every ballot in this country right now!…

    Oh, and let’s not forget the steal of Ohio in 2004 by Bush. From “Jesse Jackson demands Ohio presidential recount, blasts GOP election officials, and says Kerry supports the process”

    Exit polls by Zogby and CNN showed Ohio going for Kerry with 53% and 51% respectively, which would win him presidency in the Electoral College.

    Even we end up with a contingent elector process, dominated by Republicans, I can easily see them stabbing Trump in back.

  2. Plague Species

    I’m heartened to see Biden is already forming his pandemic advisory team of experts and they already have a plan on how to contain the pandemic until, if ever, an effective vaccine is developed. That plan includes a national mask mandate. Enforcement of that national mask mandate will be crucial to the mandate’s success. Make the penalties severe enough to where Trump supporters, who are largely mask adverse, are compelled to comply or they face jail time. It’s a great way to “lock them up” for their ignorant recalcitrance and blatant fascism.

    Biden’s plan also calls for using the DPA to produce sorely-needed PPE to include N-95 masks. Those N-95 masks should be produced for the entire nation ultimately and not just healthcare workers but of course healthcare workers first and then essential workers who are public-facing and then the general public at large.

    Also, Biden’s plan calls for free “massive” testing. This is crucial because currently it’s only the wealthy elite who are getting tested regularly. The plan should include a more robust contact tracing program to accompany the massive free testing.

    I didn’t notice anything in the plan outline about mandates regarding gatherings in public places to include various entertainment events to include sports and concerts and political celebrations and so forth and so on. Currently, 57,000 people are hospitalized due to COVFEFE-45 (if Biden doesn’t deliver it will be COVFEFE-46), so it’s quite literally a state of emergency. Lockdowns really should be in order and yet Biden’s plan doesn’t mention this at all and we know why. He, well his team really, doesn’t want to spook Wall Street and really, if you think about it, this is what it comes down to — it’s a conundrum. Wall Street obviously opposes lockdowns because it feels it will destroy the economy but not imposing lockdowns and allowing the virus to run rampant with inconsistent half measures and quarter measures will also devastate the economy. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Wall Street will have to sacrifice substantially in order to preclude America from collapsing and yet we know sacrifice is impossible for Wall Street. Greed and avarice is all Wall Street knows. It’s incapable of anything else and as a result, Wall Street will be the death of America.

  3. Plague Species

    Of note, neither Putin nor Xi have congratulated Biden on his win. It would be, or would have been, an excellent in-your-face by Xi so it stands to reason then, Xi preferred Trump to Biden. It’s obvious who Putin preferred. Kim Jong-un hasn’t congratulated Biden yet either and neither has Duterte of MBS. How about Bibi? Has he congratulated Biden on his victory?

  4. Chicago Clubs

    The office of the vice president may be essentially powerless, but somehow Dick Cheney managed to exert significant influence all the same.

    I’m not sure what, concretely, you expect to be better about a Biden admin than an Obama one. I expect it will be a bit worse.

  5. Given the problem with the senate, it seems to me cabinet appointments of retard (look it up) senators from states with dem governors who will replace them with dem senators, for example Udall and Heinkamp, to be not a bad strategy. It makes for a great display of the bipartisanship Joe Biden is famous for, gives the retards an opportunity to reach across the isle, and leaves Mitch the Mole, our Manchurian Senate Majority Leader, married to a commie chinee princess, the option of denying one of his own influence in the incoming administration – not to mention looking like even more of a lecherous baby-killer than he already has.

    I don’t go much for all that deep state bullshit, but if there were a deep state this has certainly worked out well for ’em: replaced an uncontrollable liability with one of Wall Street’s darlings, retained control of the Senate and enjoyed a disruption in the dems’ House majority, and all of Wall Street’s plans, so rudely interrupted last time ’round, are again set to fruition. As promised early in his campaign, nothing has fundamentally changed (yes, that’s a blog post, thank you).

    Personally, I think everyone is barkin’ up the wrong tree. We’ve all had one pulled over on us, “America’s” great national past-time: pullin’ one over on somebody; been hoodwinked, had the wool pulled over our eyes, spent a little too much time staring at that white, neurotic no doubt sexually frustrated boney, bottle-blonde bimbo showing off her lack of underwear.

    We have to stop doing what we’re doing. It isn’t working.

  6. Jeremy

    There’s a reason why Gore Vidal called it the ‘Unites States of Amnesia’:

    “Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War”

    Trump has not been defeated by a Bernie Sanders; he has been defeated by a corrupt, senile, war-mongering political hack backed to the hilt by the large majority of the billionaire owned media, financed out of Wall Street and with no intention of pursuing anything other than neo-liberal economic policies. It is also the firm re-establishment of the rule of the security state and the military-industrial complex. And you thought Trump was bad?

    It’s worse than the rejoicing that ensued following O’Bomber’s election. He then went on to be known as the Deporter-in-Chief, dropping more bombs than Bush and prosecuting more whistle-blowers than any previous president. And as for prosecuting the torture and war crimes of his predecessors? “We look forward, not backward.”

    Jimmy Dore at his best –

    It’s all beyond sickening – the US is simply an utter shit-show. A disgrace.

  7. Plague Species

    I’m curious. What is Jimmy Dore besides an opportunistic entertainer? Is he a “Lefty?” A “Rightie?” A “Centrist?” His opprobrium and apoplexy are directed solely at the Dems. He has no criticism for the Repubs nor Trump and his supporters. In fact, he, Dore I mean, was a guest not too long ago on Tucker Carlson’s show. What? Seriously, Jimmy? Tucker Carlson? You know Jimmy, you’re right about the Dems. Your criticism is spot on. But you’re obsessed, like a stalking abusive ex-boyfriend, and therefore unbalanced. Widen your perspective, make your criticism more universal and comprehensive and less myopic, and quit carrying water for Putin and Xi.

    It seems there are plenty on the so-called “left” who criticize the Dems but there is no one, and I mean NO ONE, on the “right” who criticizes the Republicans. In fact, the so-called “left” often joins hands with the so-called “right” in criticizing the Dems and yet the two when holding hands never criticize Trump and the Republicans. Funny, that.

  8. Chicago Clubs

    It’s simply not true that no one on the right criticizes Republicans.

  9. Dan Lynch

    Ian said I remind you that while Russia is no longer a super-power in most senses …

    Russia has more cutting edge weapons (that actually work, unlike for-profit U.S. weapons) and in the event of a European war, far more tanks and conventional weapons. And let’s not forget that Russia and China are allies. America would not have a chance.

    Like a schoolyard bully, America mostly makes threats and pulls mean tricks, but is afraid of a face-to-face confrontation with a major power, so Biden will not deliberately start WWIII with Russia or China. The danger is that the U.S.’s pushing and shoving unintentionally sets off a chain of events that sparks WWIII. China has made it clear that it will not be pushed around. Russia has drawn lines in the sand and will not tolerate any more regime change in its sphere of influence. While Putin has been remarkably calm and patient with the U.S., Putin’s replacement may be under more pressure to prove himself.

  10. “Red Line War Room Ep50 (Patriot Webb discusses election fraud HAMR) by Dr. Paul Cottrell”, on youtube:

    Sydney Powell has spoken about Hammer (HAMR) and Scorecard; According to George Webb and Paul Cottrell, these are absent from the law suites dropping today, via Giuliani, which they view as a big mistake. However, a commenter has claimed that Powell is taking these to Federal court.

    These technologies employ vote flipping. And, supposedly, were used to steal the primaries away from Bernie Sanders. So, in the miraculous event we get the whole vote flipping technology exposed, then done away with (at least for domestic elections), this would open the door for Bernie types in the future.

  11. Jeremy

    Jimmy rips the Right and Left equally.

    So what about him appearing on Tucker?
    Glen Greenwald recently appeared on his show –


  12. anon

    The only thing I’m optimistic about with Biden is that the pandemic response will be better. Trump ruined his own chances by being an idiot when it came to COVID-19. All he had to do was allow Fauci and Birx to lead the taskforce press briefings and urge Americans to wear a mask, and he would be celebrating a second term in office right now.

    As a millennial, I’m crossing my fingers that more will be done with student loans. This year has been a relief for many on the student loan front because federal student loan payments were halted until the end of 2020. Millions of young people would be very thankful if that payment freeze were extended for another 6-12 months along with a plan to forgive some of that debt.

    Everything else I’m not expecting much. The environment won’t be saved until a progressive is running the country. Democrats will slow the destruction but it won’t be enough. I expect things could get worse with foreign policy. Wars in Africa and the Middle East and more trade wars in Asia.

    I like AOC but let’s not put all our eggs into one basket. I like Ro Khanna, too, and I hope that more progressives will be elected who would be great presidential material in the next decade.

    As to the comments about Jimmy Dore, he’s one of the few political pundits left with integrity. I respect his decision not to vote for the lesser of two evils. He focuses on the faults of the Democrats because hardly anyone else will. It’s obvious that he and Glenn Greenwald aren’t Republicans, but liberals like to paint them as traitors simply because they make valid critiques of the left and go on FOX News to reach viewers that, despite identifying as conservatives, likely want less war, Medicare 4 All, and a higher minimum wage. You don’t have to agree with everything Dore or Greenwald say to understand that they fill a void that has been left by the mainstream establishment media.

  13. Jeremy

    The fact that Russia, in effect, keeps the lights on in Europe with its natural gas certainly makes it a super power.

    It also has no sovereign debt, huge gold reserves, vast fertile lands and copious other natural resources. Oh – it has vastly superior military hardware (think hypersonic weaponry).

    Enjoy Dmitri Orlov –

  14. bruce wilder

    What Will A Biden Presidency Be Like?


  15. Plague Species

    Greenwald and Dore are fake “lefties” and water carryers. Any self-respecting “leftist” would smash Tucker Carlson’s face in and that Fox News poll Dore keeps underscoring is nonsense as we know polls are. No way Fox News watchers overwhelmingly want M4A. No way. That poll is bullshit. I don’t care what “liberals” think of Greenwald or Dore. The opinion of “liberals” has no influence on my opinion. Once again, Greenwald’s and Dore’s criticism of the Dems is spot on, but they’re not journalists in the truest sense. They are not objective and balanced and as such come off as fascist apologists. Dore can’t shut up about Russiagate. Enough already, Jimmy, we get it. Putin doesn’t want your help and doesn’t need it. Take your head out of his ass already. Tell me, Jimmy, if Biden is a Chinese Communist as you believe because Tucker believes it, then why hasn’t Xi congratulated him on his victory yet?

  16. “He will stop separating children from their parents.”

    Please. For one thing it has already stopped, per orders from the court. Not only that but it began during the Obama administration and was the result of laws passed by a Democratic Congress a) that undocumented crossers were to be held at the border and b) that children could not be held in adult facilities. The laws made no provisions for family detention centers and so none were built. The Trump administration merely continued what Obama began.

  17. Plague Species

    Jimmy talks about how brave he is to speak the truth and that he’s not a coward like everyone else, all the while providing apologia for Putin the murderer. If Jimmy was so brave in Russia and criticized Putin and the Russian Oligarchs as vehemently and as passionately as he criticizes the Dems at the exclusion of all else, Jimmy would have been murdered long ago. Explain this, the link, Jimmy. Try to rationalize it away and exonerate Putin. No self-respecting “leftie” should ever defend Putin and the Russian Oligarchs. It’s one thing to largely ignore the propaganda of Russiagate, but it’s entirely another thing to make Putin out as a saint by obsessing over your criticism of it.

  18. JoeyJoeJoe

    Your mental illness is showing, plague species.

  19. Ché Pasa

    I’d be careful with charges of Old Joe’s senility. Joe is no doubt old and it shows, but his mental acuity appears to be about what it’s been since his “cerebral event” (not-a-stroke) in the ’80s. He’s had trouble speaking clearly/correctly ever since, sometimes worse than now.

    The problem is not so much that he’s old, it’s that he’s locked in an earlier era/time frame, like the rest of our gerontocracy, and now of all times is not the time for that. The people who rule us are so freaking old, by and large, that they cannot conceive of new-fangled ways to deal with the multitude of crises we and the world face. They do the same things over and over, and when they don’t work, they do them again.

    Lessons learned don’t seem to penetrate the gerontocracy. They are like the Bourbons. Cannot conceive of being wrong. Cannot learn anything new. But they don’t forget anything either.

  20. Thomas Golladay

    They break down the math, the irregularities, and how an audit is the only way forward. Ironically these investigations will likely prove Bernie was deprived of candidacy by vote fraud. In which case he is even more a chump for not fighting it out.

    As it stands, Trump is on track to win via Lawfare, all of it Constitutional and his revenge while self-serving will do some actual good in the long run.

  21. Ten Bears

    If Russia is so GREAT!, Jeremy, you’re welcome to stay there.

  22. js

    Is it true that hardly anyone will focus on the problems of the Democrats, isn’t that the entire of what right wing media does? Aren’t they a huge chunk of media? Saying “but The Atlantic (centrist but never-Trump), hasn’t published much favorable to Trump lately” is like saying “but Rush Limbaugh never said anything good about Obama”. So?

    If I thought it was possible to somehow reach Fox news viewers. But it seems likely whatever Fox news viewers may get from Jimmy Dore or even the infinitely sensible Sanders, they are also quite likely consuming a great deal of other right wing media that turns them against Medicare for All. Remember Trump in 2020 ran on how Biden (yes Biden) was going to take away peoples health care and institute Medicare for All, Trump literally campaigned on this.

    Any big name media figures might be fundamentally grifters, which is the one thing America does is grift, wow does it do grift, it’s competitive advantage! Greenwald took a certain amount of personal,not just career risks though, so he has to get some props for that whatever else one thinks of him. I think progressives who live in red states get more out of the criticism of Dems that soft peddle the right, makes them feel they fit right in. Progressives who live in blue states are probably more at home with centrism that soft peddles Dems. The problem is far less what is being critiqued in those cases than what is soft peddled.

    Sometimes I idly speculate on how to convert some Republicans to socialism, as Republicans as they are now are an outright threat to the rest of us, and some of their basic confusion is that they lack any sort of systems analysis or class analysis to even begin to see the real source of their problems, lack any vision of a society that isn’t this one etc. (there might be some pragmatism there as well, as the status quo isn’t easily changed). But I have no clue how to convert Republicans to socialism, and I don’t like some like do, assume they already are on the left when so much suggests they aren’t.

  23. Thomas Golladay

    The first set just in my home state of Michigan. Others in other states are being filed alongside Amicus Curiae Briefs by State AGs and Certified Fraud Examiners.

  24. Synoia

    Job Biden (R wing of D party) says it all.

    Having the Senate held by republicans guarantees only large Downer “bail outs” aka political dividends.)

  25. Jeremy

    @Ten – spoken like a true, blinkered, American.

    Who said it was “GREAT” ?
    Merely that it is, in fact, a super power,

  26. Plague Species

    Jimmy, focus some of your ire on your new fan base, the proud boys and the alt right in general. They claim Biden is a socialist/communist and yet Wall Street is happy happy about a Biden presidency. The DOW J’s up 5% today to 29,700 and in fact, will break 30,000 before the election is certified let alone the inauguration. Maybe have your fan base explain how Wall Street equals socialism and/or communism? That’s the only way it could be happy happy about a Biden presidency — if it was a socialist/communist like Uncle Joe, right?

    I know not of one Fox News watcher who is for M4A and I know a lot of them. Not one. Give me a break, Jimmy. The polls said Biden would win the national election by 10%. His victory is half that. Polls suck, Jimmy. They’re bullshit. I think you know that, but I also know your new fan base (since 2016) is your current meal ticket, quite literally. If you don’t appease them, you don’t eat. That’s not brave, Jimmy. That’s not not being a coward. That’s being a shill for peanuts.

  27. Ten Bears

    All American: Red, White and Black.

    Not a “super-power”, the ghost of a super-power.

  28. Mallam

    I also quibble with Joe being senile. In my opinion what happened was that Joe was slow to “get back into the game” in the early days of the primary and during debates with the Democrats, and that this has colored your view of Biden. He’s been perfectly fine since capturing the nomination, in my opinion, and I’ll admit I was very concerned during the primary that he had some early onset dementia. He’s just old, maybe lost a step or two. But not senile.

    Otherwise, I think this analysis is quite accurate. Let’s see if they take the Senate and if Joe has what it takes.

  29. Ten Bears

    “Dissing both sides with equal aplomb …” was the first sub-header of my first blog back when blogs were barely bulletin boards, please find another Jeremy/Jimmy/JoeyJoeJoe.

    I’d run with Russian stooge but that one has been retired.

    Thomas, do you want to lose twice?

  30. Zachary Smith

    Headline: “Biden’s likely secretary of defense Michèle Flournoy and Israel – Analysis”

    Possibly the wording there is accidental, but the fact remains Biden likely to continue with his warmongering. And with the Apartheid state being a little less shy about masterminding the process.

    Syria, Iran, and China all appear to be on the woman’s target list.

  31. Joan

    @anon, I agree with you. And I hope you get some relief from your student loan debt. I have friends who are up to their ears. It’s so unfair that students in Japan and several European countries pay less in tuition for their university degrees than an American would pay at a community college for prerequisites.

    Not to mention that there’s no options for kids who don’t want to go to college. If we had a local economy rather than a global supply chain, a young person could get training at a vocational school and enter an apprenticeship to become a skilled craftsman if he didn’t want to attend university.

  32. DMC

    There needs to be a new Godwin rule. First one to blame Russia loses.

  33. Willy

    Eliminate Trump, eliminate all vestiges of Trumpian malignant narcissism, deal with the pandemic, get aid to those most in need. Won’t Biden at least do those things?

    After the fires are mostly put out, the next order of business should be to increasingly pressure DC, all of it, to move away from kleptocracy.

  34. BlizzardOfOzzz

    Eliminate the sheepdog, eliminate all vestiges of sheepdoggish malignant narcissism, deal with the pandemic, get some nice fattening grass to those most in need. Won’t the wolf at least do those things?

  35. Mark Pontin

    What will the Biden/Harris presidency be like? Since people here are digressing into mostly irrelevant riffs and rants about Russia, Putin, Jimmy Dore, etc, I’ll spell out the obvious. To whit: –

    The MSM don’t report things that interfere with the Narrative. One big reality they’re hardly touching is that the mass evictions of Americans due to their inability to pay rents or mortgage notes has already begun despite the foreclosure moratorium theoretically ending in January.

    Seriously larger numbers of homeless people are already out on the streets of Oakland, for instance, than I saw after 2008. There’s a difference, too — these people are younger, often in families, and many of them had jobs till recently based on the bright, shiny SUVs lined up alongside the tents.

    Simultaneously, the MSM is literally trying to sell the Biden administration as the Obama presidency’s third term. Forex, this from Izvestia-on-the-Hudson —
    ‘Third Term of the Obama Presidency’

    Biden has literally promised a return to pre-Trumpian ‘normalcy’ and that ‘nothing will change.’ And there’s a large class of Americans, especially among the PMC, who believe the neoliberal Obama years were just great and who’ll remain in determined denial that the U.S. has reached the point it has primarily because of the Obama administration’s criminal complicity with Big Finance. Sure, things have been getting worse in the U.S. for forty years, but the unacknowledged-by-the-MSM damage and corruption of the Obama years — and the great number of rightfully alienated Americans it created — are what primarily led to Trump.

    Starting in January, the incoming Biden administration will be confronted by the full tsunami of foreclosures and evictions across the U.S. even as COVID19 is heightened, deaths are up, and winter is hitting the newly homeless. Simultaneously, the Republicans under Mitch McConnell will still control the Senate, and will be blocking financial aid to help those millions of Americans (and for essentially the same petty, psychopathic reasons that Pelosi refused to sign on to Trump’s aid proposal, so don’t comfort yourself by making distinctions about Dems versus Republicans; both parties are run by psychopathic fools). Nor are Trump and his legal challenges to the results (clearly questionable in some cases) of the recent election necessarily going away.

    A much larger mass of disaffected, desperate Americans are going to be out on the streets , therefore,than was the case after 2008. And while Americans are generally the most propagandized, uneducated population I know of in any developed country, even they are capable of wising up after seeing this same movie in the Obama years.

    Thus, in spring of 2021 the same kind of protests, riots, and confrontations that we saw both this past summer, and during the Obama administration with Occupy and the Tea Party, will resume, on a larger scale. Republicans, liberals, and the like will start bleating about law and order and complain the Biden administration isn’t doing enough to clamp down on these increasingly insurrectionary mobs. Send in more cops, the National Guard, etc!

    The Biden administration will respond by sending in more cops. Simultaneously, censorship and suppression of dissident voices on the internet will increase. The U.S. will in general become more of a police state.

    The official rationale will be along the lines of “we had to destroy freedom to save it” nonsense and Kamala Harris, top cop, will be the front edge of this, going on TV to explain why it had to be done. When people object to the clampdowns, the people shot by police, and the rest, they’ll be told they’re racists reacting to the fact that our wonderful VP/POTUS is a woman of color.

    In most ways, therefore, the fractures in the U.S. will worsen. Then in 2022 and 2024 Americans will respond by voting the incumbent scum out of office as they’ve done in almost every election in twenty years. In 2022, that may mean more Dems — including AOC and Sanders types making it into the Senate and Congress — or it may not. In 2024, it’ll probably mean that someone like Josh Hawley or Tucker Carlson becomes POTUS, and both those men are far smarter than Trump.

    So, yes, the Biden administration will be like a third Obama term, but only inasmuch as we’ll get: –
    [1] Increased numbers of immiserated, disaffected Americans who only want to burn the whole system down as payoff for how their lives have been destroyed;
    [2] Increasing police-state-type repression by TPTB in reaction;
    [3] The election at the end of it of a Trump-like figure, only more competent.

    There may be a black swan event I can’t predict. But all the above is as plain to read as could be.

  36. Willy

    Bliz, that’s what they’re supposed to be fighting against, after the other important stuff gets done.

    But I have a better analogy,Bliz, for these Trump-cheering progressives. Their team threw a hail mary and the other team ran it back for a touchdown. Damn, bad luck.

    Actually, that analogy isn’t even all that accurate. What’s more accurate, is that it was their guy (the Trump-cheering progressives) who caught the ball in the opposing end zone, who then ran it back for an apparent safety, who then pulled off his jersey revealing that he was actually playing for the other team. The paid off refs declare it a legal touchdown, as do all of the fans from the other team.

    And now the Trump-cheering progressives want that guy back on the team again.

  37. Ten Bears

    Don’t feed it, Willy, our lizard of booze is one of those: maintains the dead kids and teachers and grieving parents, first responders and community members at Sandy Hook Elementary School were “crisis actors”, and that those dead teachers and children are in fact not dead.

    But hey! What the hay! At least that conspiracy actually had some theory!

  38. Willy

    TB, I wanted to take that opportunity post that little analogy.

    He represents those who’d rather speak in tongues, all babbledygook, instead of thinking about what didn’t work. If there was a chance that I could give him some Christian love that’d inspire a more thoughtful approach, I just try again. Sadly, I look to his kind (former kind?) former heroes like Michael Steele or Romney or Ahnold for better persuasion ideas but they pretty much do the same thing as I do. Still, I wonder what Esper is saying about his firing.

  39. Hugh

    Thanks, Ian, for your post.

    I don’t expect Biden to accomplish a lot. The Democrats are weakened in the House and it looks like the Republicans will keep their majority in the Senate. Biden is an Establishment guy, and I don’t see him or the Establishment even aware of the existential nature of the crises we are facing. A return to the Paris Accords won’t solve climate change. Overpopulation is not even going to be discussed. Wealth inequality? For Democrats and Republicans, that’s a feature, not a bug.

    The China containment pivot to Asia is nearly 10 years old and goes back to Obama. I always thought it was funny that so many of the people and groups that pushed the offshoring that built up China and hollowed out US industry now see China as a threat. Go figure.

    I agree about Russia. Biden will support NATO more. Putin is 68 but has been kind of out of it during the covid crisis. I still think the real question is what is Russia going to look like post-Putin.

  40. Purple Library Guy

    This summary seems about right to me. Bottom line, Biden will be a lousy president, but not quite as bad as Trump. But certainly not anything like good enough to change the general direction in which US elites are drifting the country, which is a bad direction. Not even motivated to try, really.

    The only real hope for the US is activism. As in this quote from Howard Zinn:
    “What matters most is not who is sitting in the White House, but “who is sitting in” — and who is marching outside the White House, pushing for change.”

  41. Zachary Smith

    Another pessimistic view of Biden:

    “The Task of ‘Sleepy Joe’ is to Put Liberal America Right Back to Sleep”

    The incumbent, Donald Trump, miscalculated, it seems, if he thought dismissing his opponent as “Sleepy Joe” would be enough to damage Biden’s electoral fortunes. True, Trump was referring to the fact that Biden is a dried-out husk of the machine politician he once was. But after four years of Trump and in the midst of a pandemic, the idea of sleeping through the next presidential term probably sounded pretty appealing to liberals. Most of them have spent their whole political lives asleep.

    Going into a mindless “neutral” mode like most democrats did with Obama isn’t going to cut it. There are too many problems which need to be addressed – and quickly. Climate change is the main one, of course.

    Besides, the prospect of some really competent Republican (with views even worse than Trump) showing up cannot be dismissed.

    In 2016 Hillary was a horror story, and the only alternative was Trump.
    In 2020 Trump had shown himself to be such a monster that people who hadn’t drunk the Kool-Aid rejected him – all the while trying to pretend Biden wasn’t a known evil himself. Many thanks to the DNC for ensuring Biden was the only other choice on the ballot.

    It’s a really bad situation, and I’m reduced to hoping Harris will somehow find it in her own best interests to do the things which must be done. That’s a mighty slender reed, but it’s all I have.

  42. Ten Bears

    Consider this, 80,000,000 of our friends and neighbors voted for:

    1. a candidate that was convicted for bilking people out of their hard-earned money with a fake university that gave them nothing in return. I’ll just let this one stand in for all of Donnie Godfather’s criminal activities, known and as yet unknown. To list it all would take a book.

    2. a candidate who has a history of racist acts and statements of encouragement to white supremacist groups (found guilty of racist rental policies, Central Park 5, “very fine people,” re-tweets of white supremacist propaganda, etc., etc., etc.),

    3. a candidate who is proud to be a practicing misogynist, making no effort to change or evolve in any way,

    4. a candidate who is fighting in the courts to take away healthcare for 30,000,000 Americans even during a pandemic,

    5. a candidate who deliberately made that pandemic even worse and suggested homicidal cures,

    6. a candidate that publicly mocks the disabled to the cheering of his supporters,

    7. a candidate who is a serial child abuser and surrounds himself with the same (Miller, Mnuchin, DeVos, his “I don’t care” wife…)

    8. a candidate who incites violence and turns Americans against Americans with his rhetoric,

    9. a candidate who “misuses” charity donations entrusted to him,

    10. a candidate who nominates homophobic judges,

    11. a candidate who owns casinos so he treats every citizen of the country as a mark,

    12. a candidate who supports dumping carcinogens into our water supplies (his environmental policies will kill more babies in their wombs than all “abortion clinics” combined),

    13. a candidate who sides with Putin and our other adversaries over us for his own personal financial gain,

    14. and, a candidate who has never even made an attempt to address his personal issues and failures of character because he doesn’t see them as such or think they matter.

    15. a candidate who got himself impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress and should have been impeached for much, much more, including being a Manchurian President and traitor to the United States Of America.

    80,000,000. Not an insignificant proportion of the population.

  43. NL

    “Consider this, 80,000,000 of our friends and neighbors voted for:” – and what is the point? Is the next logical step to mark these people for some sort of reprimand, or worse yet extermination? Are they immoral subhuman?

    The problem with bashing Trump as the worse human being is that he is of a regular badness. I have met and worked for and with much worse.

    Sure, he pursues underhand business practices – so, most, if not all, corporate businesses. This is taught in business schools MBA programs. Have you tried reading the first two pages of Greg Mankiw’s economics text book for MBA programs?

    Che Pasa argues on a different thread that people are fascist because they can be led to fascism by dictators. I would agree with Che like 10 years ago. Now I think this is not true. The problem is with the word “lead”, people will NOT be led to fascism, they will be forced, coerced and intimidated, and those who still refuse will be exterminated. This is what happen in Germany and in Soviet Russia.

  44. Ché Pasa

    At this point, I would say there’s no guarantee at all that there will be a Biden presidency.

    The problem is not so much that the Trumps and their fans in and out of government are going balls to the wall to prevent a Biden regime, it is that Biden is doing next to nothing to thwart or counter the hooey out of the White House, DoJ and so forth. They should be on the stump and they’re not, and I suspect they won’t ever be. They’re “letting the system work” through the courts — which, as we know can be fatal to candidates and campaigns (cf: Gore, Al 2000). The system doesn’t work, at least not the way we’re led to believe it ought to.

    The more this situation is drawn out, the worse the outcome. Obviously, much of what we see of it is being played for the media. They love it. They’d be happy to let it go on forever, but it won’t. At some point there will be a conclusion, and that conclusion may not be what we expect at all.

    As for fascism, as I say, it’s always present, whether actively or passively, in our current systems of rule. Unless positive steps are taken to thwart or destroy the rise of fascism, it will continue and grow, and even with active steps, it doesn’t go away. Fascism is popular enough with enough of the population to be a danger no matter what, and in the United States, where there is little effort to reverse the march of fascism, we may have little choice in the matter. If enough people go along with it — and it doesn’t have to be a majority — then our fate is sealed.

    Remember, the United States has a long history of friendship with fascist regimes (Spain, Portugal, many countries in Latin America, Germany and Japan before the War, etc.) and the Trump regime celebrates the revival of fascist “populism” around the world and has sought to emulate it. It’s a slippery slope. Much of Europe had devolved to fascism prior to WWII, and we could be headed that way again.

    Perhaps we’d rather not, but absent strenuous efforts to put down its rise — which I’m not seeing — the Will to Power is liable to prevail.

  45. Plague Species

    You may be right, Ché, and it would explain, in part, why Xi and Putin are holding out. They may know what we don’t, that Trump is planning on attacking Iran and suspending the Constitution after declaring a State of Emergency. Why else fire Esper at this juncture?

    It stands to reason Xi and Putin support Trump. They are enemies of America and of all Americans and they want to see as many Americans die as possible and they want to see America collapse into misery and despair. Death Toll Donnie will see to that. He’s their man and Putin and Xi stand united in what they want for America. Revenge.

    How far America has come. The transformation of the progeny of Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder from decent hardworking moral farmers to fascist pigs supporting a traitorous treasonous cretin who’s existence and behavior is an afront to the principles Laura and Almanzo and their parents held so dear.

    Almanzo knew this most valuable principled lesson at ten. Death Toll Donnie never knew it and never will, and yet the Ingalls and the Wilders are counted as his cult members.

    From Farmer Boy:

    The thickest crowd gathered around the table where the judges were, and watched without saying anything. There wasn’t a sound, when at last the tall, thin judge with the chin whiskers took a snip of red ribbon and a snip of blue ribbon out of his pocket. The red ribbon was second prize, the blue one was first prize. The judge put them on the vegetables that had won them, and the crowd breathed a long breath.

    Then all at once everyone talked. Almanzo saw that people who didn’t get any prize, and the person who got second prize, all congratulated the winner. If his pumpkin didn’t get a prize, he would have to do that. He didn’t want to, but he guessed he must.

  46. NL

    “As for fascism, as I say, it’s always present, whether actively or passively, in our current systems of rule.”

    Let us however be clear where it resides in the ‘current system’ – it is not in the masses. It resides in the oligarchy. The oligarchy may choose to use a hand puppet – a charismatic but unscrupulous nobody – to agitate, confuse and misdirect the masses and ultimately exterminate those who remained resistant to the mind cluster****. The US oligarchy and ruling classes have ” a long history of friendship with fascist regimes”. And fascism will rise not just because (the masses love it), it will be imposed to thwart social and labor reforms to make the society equitable and progressive. Ultimately, as in all of the previous cases, including Germany, this road will lead to oblivion to the very oligarchs who choose it.

    So, if we are peering into the masses for the signs of rising fascism, we are looking in the wrong direction. After all, if Trump lost, it were because white males (prime fascism meat) abandoned him.

  47. Buzzard

    “The problem is not so much that the Trumps and their fans in and out of government are going balls to the wall to prevent a Biden regime, it is that Biden is doing next to nothing to thwart or counter the hooey out of the White House, DoJ and so forth. They should be on the stump and they’re not, and I suspect they won’t ever be. They’re “letting the system work” through the courts — which, as we know can be fatal to candidates and campaigns (cf: Gore, Al 2000). The system doesn’t work, at least not the way we’re led to believe it ought to.”

    The problem here is that the Dems’ chronic (completely self-inflicted) messaging deficit puts them between a rock and a hard place here. If Biden (or his surrogates) calls out Team Trump’s antics, he’s legitimizing them and tumbling into their framing (since Dems are incapable of setting their own frame); if he just “lets the system work”, as you say, it might not. In the absence of a coordinated media infrastructure like the Republicans have developed, Biden’s best course of action is probably to just carry on like he has been doing, and act like he’s the incoming President.

    He does have some advantages Gore didn’t have: a stronger lead in the vote counts, and the primary media narrative that he’s the President-elect. Gore never had the “official” vote lead and was cast as swimming upstream against the result from the get-go, so there was never the public perception that he was the winner. Going against Biden, though, is that our institutions aren’t anywhere near as robust as they were twenty years ago. But the fact that we didn’t get a miracle fake Covid vaccine in early October indicates that at least some of our institutions retain some independence.

    So, I don’t know.

  48. Ché Pasa


    Good points, both of you.

  49. Plague Species

    For those who haven’t seen this, it’s an excellent analysis of Biden’s new pandemic response plan that deviates substantially from his campaign’s plan. Go figure. As I said, the wealthy elite, Wall Street in otherwords, will not allow a proper response to this pandemic. Be it Trump or Biden, Wall Street is demanding millions of dead Americans from this pandemic and perhaps tens of millions dead when it’s all said and done. As part of that, America remains a pariah disease vector state to all other nations. We’re f*cked in so many different ways, there are too many to count. It really feels like there is no way out of this. America is going down and so too is the world as we knew it. So goes America, so goes the world. I guess this is one way to initiate contraction. Certainly not the way I would have chosen but apparently it’s the way the wealthy elite have chosen.

    Lambert and I both recognize the need to provide a serious treatment of the so-called Biden-Harris Covid plan. However, the new, improved transition version of the scheme is so threadbare compared to the extensive, full bore assault campaign version that the shared elements are few and far between.

    First, this new plan isn’t the same as the one on the Biden campaign site. The campaign version had no mention of contact tracing, while this iteration does. But if you simply skim the campaign version versus the president-presumptive one, you’ll see tons of program proposals from the campaign have vanished, like emergency paid leave (with reimbursements to employers), income support for gig workers whose pay has declined, rental assistance, and support for small businesses.

    Some of the comments, many even, are just as excellent and pertinent as the article itself. Here’s one in particular.

    So this is just like Liberal Democrats on climate: Trust the science, but don’t actually take any meaningful steps! So the to-be Biden administration has a strategy that is going to leave people dead because of at best benign neglect, and that’s apparently better than Trump’s strategy, because liberal Democrats trust science or whatever.


    I’m sure none of this comes as a surprise; A big reason NYC didn’t want to close the schools is impoverished children have access to meals, and that was true long before the pandemic, and neither political faction particularly cared. Why would they care now? As I said at the onset, they’re going to leave everyone to die.

    Biden is the serious, normal-restoring face of that death and callous disregard.

    So, Trump was malevolent criminal negligence and Biden will be benevolent criminal negligence. Biden will be polite about it and not demonize you as you die. I guess that’s something, right? It makes the vote worth it, right?

  50. Zachary Smith

    Here is a bit of paranoia for folks to chew on.

    “Are We Watching A Coup Unfold In Real Time?

    A part of the essay covers something I hadn’t considered:

    All presidents exit the office with valuable national secrets in their heads, including the procedures for launching nuclear weapons, intelligence-gathering capabilities– including assets deep inside foreign governments– and the development of new and advanced weapon systems.

    But no new president has ever had to fear that his predecessor might expose the nation’s secrets as President-elect Joe Biden must with Trump, current and former officials said. Not only does Trump have a history of disclosures, he checks the boxes of a classic counterintelligence risk: He is deeply in debt and angry at the U.S. government, particularly what he describes as the ‘deep state’ conspiracy that he believes tried to stop him from winning the White House in 2016 and what he falsely claims is an illegal effort to rob him of reelection.

    Needing money, has a chip on his shoulder, and possessing the ability to ‘manage’ both issues. Not at all a good situation.

  51. Mark Pontin

    Z Smith: ‘ I’m reduced to hoping Harris will somehow find it in her own best interests to do the things which must be done. That’s a mighty slender reed, but it’s all I have.’

    Thank you. Comedy gold — I like a good laugh first thing in my morning.

  52. Howard

    Regarding the idea that Jimmy Dore supports Trump, a 5-second search turned up:
    this (Trump having protestors gassed for his photo op) and this (Trump hating on Puerto Rico) for example.

  53. Hugh

    Republicans, the party of bad losers. Just think of how they would be reacting, what they would be saying , if the positions were reversed.

  54. different clue

    ” Okay, Joe. Hand over that pardon, or the government gets it, see?”

  55. Plague Species

    Biden: All he needs is a hug.

    Trump: I’m going to lock you up, Sleepy Joe. I dare you to try to remove me from the White House. Go on, I dare you. Waddya gonna do? Nothing, that’s what. You can’t do a thing. You have no recourse. You’re afraid to get your hands dirty and that’s why I will remain POTUS. You’re spineless, Sleepy Joe, and I’m proving it as if it wasn’t obvious already.

    The FBI and CIA sure aren’t what they once were. In days of yore, of a POTUS dissed either, his days were numbered. Not so these days. They just allow a dictator to walk all over them. What would Jesus Angleton say? J. Edgar?

  56. different clue

    If Biden Harris end up being declared election winners by all the relevant State Secretaries of State of the various States, then the Joemala Administration will slow down some of the particular fast-forward decay which Trump and the Republicans in agreement with eachother have engineered within and against all the departments, bureaus, agencies, services , etc. The worst forms of air, water and food pollution may be made functionally illegal again in actual practice.

    The Joemala Administration will go back to the slow BiPartisan Depublicrat Conspiracy to destroy the U S Postal Service slowly enough that people won’t notice until it has been successfully liquidated, privatised and asset-stripped. Trump sped up the rate of destruction fast enough that people began to notice and look even deeper to the 2 party conspiracy going on ever since 2008 to exterminate the Post Office.

    I disagree that a Joemala Administration would focus its war-causing on small helpless countries. Joemala would seek massive weapons aid to the Nazi Regime in West Ukraine, raising the conflict level with Russia. The Joemala group would work with the Foreign Policy Establishment and the Pink KKK Democrats to revive the Global Axis of Jihad and re-arm the Cannibal Liver-Eating Jihadis in Syria. Harris would favor that more than Biden because she is the Hillary-annointed Pink KKK Democrat in the Joemala Administration, if there is one. Simple Joe Malarkey himself would be more focused on restoring Bandera Nazi strength in West Ukraine in hopes of reviving large scale war between West Ukraine and East Ukraine.
    The danger of thermonuclear war with Russia will go back up.

    There will not be any New Green Deal at the national level. There may be some Little Green Mini-Deals in some heavily Democratic majority states. There may be quite a few Tiny Green Micro-Deals in some deeply Greenish cities and towns and counties. Those places will have to make themselves into flagship example-setters and live-action demonstration-models of how much deep conservation might be possible and how much okay lifestyle retention might go along with that. If other locality-loads of Americans like what they see, they might try to do the same thing in their own small areas.

    America has been doing a slow-roll down a spiral staircase. If the Joemala team gets awarded the election, America will come to some sort of twitching convulsing resting place on a landing between flights of stairs. It would buy us some time to get ready for the impact of rolling down some more stairs in 4 years or maybe 8 years. Some of us could make ourselves and certain communities more roll-impact resistant.

    AOC and the Sanderistas would have 4 years to begin primarying every Pink KKK Clintobamacrat in every primary. But that would only work if every single person who voted for a primary challenger to the Pink KKK Clintobamacrat mainstreamer were to vote against that Pink KKK Clintobamacrat mainstreamer in its general election. One by one, the Pink KKK ClintoBamacrats would have to be exterminated from office and then from politics and finally, hopefully, from public life. Only then could a Real Democrat Party come into existence to fill some empty vacuum. Perhaps some day the Real Democrats could march to victory on a road of Pink KKK Catfood Democrat bones.

    I ran across another term of execration and abuse for the Catfood Democrats who own that party. It combines the blessed names of Manchin and Lieberman. And that hybrid name is Liebermanchin. ( And I have tried crafting my own hybrid name out of Clyburn and Pelosi. That hybrid name is Clyburnosi. Not as good as Liebermanchin, I know.) So we could also perhaps speak of Liebermanchin Democrats. And a Senate coalition of Republicans and Liebermanchin Democrats will make very sure that no national-level New Green Deal is allowed to emerge during a Joemala Administration.

  57. different clue

    Also, Joemala will try very hard to re-engage America with the TTP and the TTIP. A Joemala Administration will be a Free Trade Treason Administration.

    Also, Joemala, particularly the Kamala part of the Joemalabeast, will work its hardest to guarantee immunity and impunity for every crime the Finance-Industrial Complex Lords have lately committed or plan to commit. That was the particular reason for making Kamala the VP candidate .. . her granting of stealth passive-default immunity and impunity for Financialist BizLord Steve Mnuchin. Making her VP was the Dem Groups signal to Wall Street that every future financial criminal would get the Kamala Harris free-pass treatment from a Joemalabeast Administration.

  58. different clue

    I have just run across a current article aggregated over at Naked Capitalism. It gives us a warning about what a Joemalabeast Administration will be like. Since it is from Financial Times, those who are paywalled out of it won’t be able to read it. But some people will be able to read it.
    And I will offer a copy-paste of the little teaser that NaCap printed in its “links” section. and then the link itself. ( Two articles and two links, actually).

    “Moscow braced for anti-Russian rhetoric and more confrontation FT. “‘We expect a massive toughening of the stance towards Russia,’ a high-ranking western diplomat in Washington told the Financial Times. ‘There is a hatred for Russia amongst [Biden’s team] that is really amazing. It’s not just rational; it’s also very emotional.’” High on their own supply…”

    “Russia Has No Illusions About a Biden Presidency Carnegie Moscow Center”

    I wanted to vote against Biden for this very reason. That Biden comes from the same “Nazi-esque” wing of the Democratic Party that Hillary herself comes from, and draws from the same pool of fanatically racist anti-Russianitic racist anti-Russianites that the vicious racist beast Hillary drew from. And the only reason I ended up voting for Biden is because Trump had become such an immediate threat to America’s merest lowest-level biological survival in the short term ( months and years).

    But Biden will bring back the danger of thermonuclear war with Russia that Hillary posed and which led me to vote for Trump to begin with.

    With the very greatest of reticence, I feel I have to suggest that Ian Welsh shares a perceptual weakness with the Intellectual Left in general . . . . the prejudicial view of America as a cowardly bully superpower who preys only upon the weak. This has led Welsh and the Left in general to overlook the danger of a desperate desire for war with Russia itself which the fanatically anti-russianitic “nazi-esque” racists who make up the Pink KKK Shitobamacrat Party poses against America and Russia both.

    Watch for the pro-Banderazi Biden to try starting a war with Russia over the neo-Nazi West Ukrainian rump state’s desire to conquer East Ukraine and perpetrate genocide there.

  59. different clue

    How many here remember the neo-conservative desire articulated by Reuel Gerecht?
    ” Boys go to Baghdad, real men go to Tehran”.

    I think the Bidenoids will add an extension to it, reading ” and really real manly man’s-man men go to Moscow.”

    That Neo-Conservacrat version of the saying will read in full: ” Boys go to Baghdad, real men go to Tehran, really real manly man’s-man men go to Moscow.”

    And that will become known as the ” Biden Doctrine”.

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