I once read that about one-third of North American tribes appear to have had roles for those born one sex who felt they were actually the other gender. Many other cultures have also had such roles.

Gender dysphoria is not new. What is new are technologies allowing us to change the body much more towards the other technology.

It is being made into a much bigger deal than it needs to be.

I’m not gender dysphoric, but if we had the ability to do full bodily changes and change back, I would certainly have lived at least a couple years a woman to expand my understanding and knowledge of human existence.

Who knows? I might have preferred it.

Not a big deal.

As the technology and social acceptance stand now, I wouldn’t do it just out of curiosity. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with gender-changing.

(I also, due to meditative experience, don’t see gender as fundamental. But it is important to being a human.)

Anyway, the trans-wars seem very misguided to me, overall. If someone wants to change their gender, let them and treat their choice with dignity. There may be some corner issues around some sports due to different skeletal structures, but that’s about it. For children, require a psychologist and a doctor to agree or something along those lines. For adults, it is really their own choice and no one else’s business, and children should be listened to, as well.

We’re walking towards a world in which half of non-human species and a billion or more humans die, while arguing about whether people know whether they want to be male or female and whether they should be allowed to make that choice.

Butt out of people’s private business that almost entirely affects only them and those close to them.

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