So, Kennedy is standing down, and Trump will get to choose his replacement. A few points.

  1. Of course Democrats should not allow a vote until after the next election, since that’s what the Republicans did with Scalia’s replacement, which should have been Obama’s to make.
  2. This is not about the principle of people getting to vote (they did.) Republicans did not stop Obama replacing Scalia out of principle “the American people should have their say”, they did it because they had the power to do it and were willing to use that power.
  3. Democrats have the power, but will not use it, even though they should because they don’t really mind a conservative justice on the court: they agree with such a person on more important issues than they disagree with them on, and they value civility more than ethics.
  4. And yes, this is the Roe v. Wade loss point. That’s what Senate Dems will not sincerely fight for.

I hope I am wrong on 3 and 4, but Democrats do not have a record of fighting against the right, only against the left.

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