There are only two conditions under which labor receives a decent wage:

  1. It is in short supply generally (there is not enough and companies must generally compete for it).
  2. It is in short supply in a specific job category, because other people aren’t allowed to horn in (due to unions, guilds, medical degrees, law associations, taxi medallions, etc.).

I bring you now to the French Taxi riots over Uber:

“They’re beating the cars with metal bats. This is France?? I’m safer in Baghdad.”

70 vehicles were damaged, seven police officers injured and 10 arrests made on Thursday, when 30 legal complaints were filed against UberPop.


France’s interior minister, in a bid to halt a day of sometimes violent protests by taxi drivers angered by Uber’s low-cost UberPop service, said Thursday that the app-based business must be shut down. He said orders would be given to seize vehicles.

This is what works. This is the only thing that has ever worked worth a damn. Unions drove higher wages in the industrial era, and unions were violent. Period. End of goddamn sentence. They went toe-to-toe against strike breakers, they fought  police when necessary, miners even once fought the army on a mountain.

You will only have a good lifestyle when you have the POWER to insist that you get a good slice of the pie.


Thus endeth the sermon on the brutally obvious.

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