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Open Thread

Round two of shuddery-cold fever has me in its grip, so please use this threat to talk among yourselves, should you so wish.


Obama Starts Cashing In Directly for Bailing Out Wall Street


Rentiers vs. Capitalists, Yahoo CEO Edition


  1. Tom

    Get well.

  2. different clue

    I was getting quite a few colds each year, some of them medium severe or worse, until I began taking vitamin D per Doctor’s advice. After a year and some months on Vitamin D, I have had fewer colds and the ones I have had have been mild to very mild. Coincidence? Maybe.

  3. S Brennan

    From my FBook today:

    It is my sad duty to tell Goose’s many fans that he passed away this day. Always an ambassador, Goose’s joyful tail-wagging endeared him to many a stranger and the world is the poorer this day.

    Goose was 13 years 4 months and my closest partner for over12 years. He died from un-diagnosed metastasized cancer. Apparently, when I was helping him up the stairs today, one of his tumors burst leading to internal hemorrhaging.

    Goose loved life. I made a point to start every day as if it was his last..with a back rub, belly & ear scratching…as I did today. Goose was an independent spirit whom I will miss with all my heart, as I do my beloved Bandit, who died almost 20 years ago this day. Over the next few weeks I will probably over-post pictures of my buddy…but I think folks are used to that.

  4. A lot of the tecchie Bernie supporters, who were quite impressive during the 2016 campaign (see have persevered, via the Progressive Coders Network. The New York City area members hold a bi-weekly hack night at a company called Thoughtworks. I attended, tonight, for the first time.

    Progressive Hack Night had only about a dozen attendees, but still exceeded my expectations

    Mostly because of the speaker, Benjamin Yee. He is an advocate of not just open government, but also open politics. He pointed out, e.g., that most of the district leaders of the 5 NYC boroughs aren’t publicly listed, and there was almost no information that could be googled on the position until about 2 years ago.

    A lot of the “Deep Structure” of the Democratic Party (Yee is both a Democrat, who worked on Obama’s campaign, as well as reformer/activist) is not recorded, anywhere. This is mostly intentional, as it helps retain power in their hands.

    I agree with him that the duopoly is going to remain in place for a long while (hence the need to take it over, from within). There are VERY FEW people in the country trying to do what Yee is doing, which is educate on this deep structure widely (and at low cost). Most of the people who know about the deep political structure of either Dems or Repubs look to cash in on that experience. (BTW, there was a poster on the old political blog named Rayne, who made this same point.)




    twitter: @yben ;

    his project or company is called Shiftspark

    I encouraged Yee to join patreon. Would suggest that not just progressives, but fans of open government and open politics look into supporting his efforts.

  5. I have been intending to attend at least one of the Progressive Coding Network meetings, but was spurred into action because I wanted to make contacts that might benefit Robert David Steele’s political reform movement, which he is co-creating with Cynthia McKinney (if I understood correctly). Details are still kind of scant – the big announcement is set for May 1.

    On May 17-19, Robert David Steele will be in Manhattan. He is seeking other speaking opportunities in NYC, besides the one he already has lined up (

  6. MojaveWolf

    @sbrennan — I am so sorry for your loss. Much love to you & Goose. Our dogs are the most important people to us (my spouse and I) other than each other, and I know how hard it is to lose them. Condolences and best wishes.

  7. The Stephen Miller Band

    Merkel’s expression, and the rest of the panelist’s expressions at that German Town Hall with Ivanka Trump yesterday or the day before, was priceless. Merkel may be a politician but in comparison to Putin & Trump, she appears at least halfway normal, whatever normal is these days, to their batshit insane, so, when she is in Putin’s and/or Trump’s presence, she has this look on her face that says, “this motherf***er is a lunatic — please, let this be over soon because I’m not sure how much more I can withstand.”

    Merkel and her fellow panelists had that same expression yesterday, or was it the day before?, when Ivanka repeated the batshit insane trope that her father is great for women’s health. The audience booed but Ivanka was unflagging in defense of her indefensible father.

    This brings me to another point. I think it’s appropriate that Trump’s Enemy Number One right now is Kim Jong-un and North Korea because actually, if you think about it, North Korea best explains and exemplifies Trump and his supporters.Trump is the Great Leader. His supporters are unwavering in their support of this Megalomaniac despite an overwhelming amount of evidence that he is a lying, psychotic con man who never saw a mirror he didn’t like.

    Seriously, Trump & his supporters are North Korea and if this onslaught they’re engaged in continues unabated, and I don’t really see any True Resistance on the horizon, then America soon enough will be North Korea too and never know it. It’s a Cult. It’s a Religion. It’s UNNERVING.

    So the Face-Off and Stand-Down with North Korea is rather appropriate & fitting, I believe. It’s a form of Shadow Boxing because Trump & his supporters, by taking on North Korea and its Great Leader, are fighting their own reflection, but instead of gloves, it’s nukes.

  8. The Stephen Miller Band

    Here’s a link to the video. Watch Merkel. I love it. It’s my expression, on the inside, too. It’s a perfect German, or universal really, WTF!!

    Note how Ivanka tries to chastise the criticism as Fake News conjured by a biased media. The media is certainly biased, it is certainly propaganda, and Fox News is included in that list as is The National Review & Breitbart and all the other conservative propaganda rags & outlets, but we don’t need the biased media, the propagandists, to tell us Trump IS NOT great for women and women’s health and that he doesn’t care the family and/or families.

    BULLSHIT!! Ivanka, please just SHUT UP and stop it!!!!! Or maybe she can’t. Maybe she’s like the North Koreans who have had to pretend their entire lives to the point they believe it. I think that’s it, and THAT is frightening. Cultists are running the country and nothing will be done about it.

    Ivanka Says Her Father Believes Women Can Do The Job As Well As Any Man

    Also note in the video above, Ivanka says, “when my father was in the private sector….” Ummm…..Ivanka, your father has broken new ground. You speak in the past tense inappropriately and erroneously. Your father is both in the private sector still, obviously with his Real Time Emoluments, and he’s in the public sector. Under Trump we have reached the Political Singularity where Public and Private have finally merged and become one. There is no longer any distinction. That’s the nature of precedent.

  9. Ian Welsh

    Merkel is scum and Putin and Trump have very little in common. Putin is immensely knowledgable.

  10. nihil obstet

    Best wishes, Ian. Take care of yourself.

    We can’t get a decent government until we return to essentially confiscatory taxes on wealth.

  11. S Brennan

    Thank you MojaveWolf

  12. realitychecker

    @ Ian

    Quick recovery wishes here, amigo.

    @ SBrennan

    Sorry for your loss-dogs are the best thing on the planet.

  13. Out here in Timber Country those of us who actually live here, who come from this place and know something about it are getting quite a chuckle over Putin’s Poodle, Our Tea Pot Dictator, harrassing the Canadians over lumber imports. Yes, yes, yes, we were promised twenty-five years ago the logging and lumber jobs would come back… Oh, wait.

    Twenty-five years ago there were two hundred and fifty large log, raw log, mills in Oregon. Today there are twenty. Twenty-five years ago there were a thousand plus small dimension, moulding and specialties, mills in Oregon. Today there may be a hundred. Of the five thousand or so logging contractors and quarter million and more Loggers providing the mills with raw materials perhaps fifty, maybe a hundred employing perhaps five or six hundred people remain.

    There is no infrastructure. Punishing the Canadians isn’t going to reopen those mills. They’re gone. Not there. Here at my home to seven generations on The High Desert the mill complex down the street, a hundred years ago the world’s largest single producer of white pine products, is a shopping complex. They sell silk panties where forty years ago I spent a winter pulling boards off the green chain.

    Leaving aside that we spent four generations logging it all off and what’s left is damned hard to get at (think helicopters), with no mills to supply there are no Logging jobs.

    That’s just Oregon. The rest of the Pacific Northwest: Washington, Northern Idaho and Calfornia and Western Montana, are no better. There’s no infrastructure. The mills are gone. They’re not there.

    Punishing the Canadians isn’t going to bring them back. Greg Walden and the Drumpf uck Administration know that.

  14. Morongobill

    Yeah, it’s really deplorable that Frau Angular had to listen to Ivanka.

  15. DMC

    I think the timber tarriff may be a bargaining chip with the Canadians. The idea isn’t to bring timber jobs back but to leverege the Canadians into dropping their tarrifs on American produced dairy products. I grew up in a little town on the coast that used to bill itself as “the largest timber shipping port in the world”. The big Weyrhauser plant that took up over a mile of waterfront is now a casino owned by the united tribes of the Coos, Coquille and Grande Ronde and the major local industry appears to be methamphetimine. So yeah, I feel bro’.

  16. GH

    Link to the White House Tax plan that is making the rounds on twitter:

  17. BlizzardOfOz

    Ten Bears – yeah, it’s impossible to run a logging business without mills. What does DRUMPF think people are going to do? Build new mills? Crazy talk.

  18. S Brennan

    Thank you RC

  19. realitychecker

    @ SBrennan

    We are brothers in that pain that I know all too well. I lost my last furry brother a year ago. I adopted another dog when I stopped weeping, and although there is no “replacing” an individual personality, at least I can tell myself every day that I continue to have a great dog in my life.

    Peace and strength to you.

  20. Do you have any idea, Bliz, how much it would cost to build a sawmill?

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