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The Jan 6th Case Against Trump Is The Right One


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – August 13, 2023


  1. Chuck Mire

    Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, Guest Will Hurd (8/11/2023)

    Moderate Republican presidential candidate Will Hurd challenges prevailing GOP sentiment by taking on Donald Trump. Hurd, a former Texas congressman and undercover CIA agent, discusses immigration, national security, and artificial intelligence.

    (For the vast majority of Republicans who don’t belong to the “Trump Cult”, here is a moderate Presidential Candidate who has all the credentials to be President – more so than ALL of the other Republican Candidates that are either “Trump Clones” or “Trump-Lite”.)

  2. NR

    Just one more of so many ways that MAGA is ruining America. Not only do they want to ban books, but they’ve taken to harassing and threatening librarians as well.

  3. anon y'mouse

    this video, if the implications of what he is saying, prove true, raise all sorts of questions about certain websites that continued to encourage their readers and followers to engage with this suspect person, and advocate for him online under the guise of “free speech”.

  4. capelin

    Annual Persiad meteor showers tonight and tomorrow+, if you have access to dark sky.

    The atmosphere saving our asses again, and putting on a show for free.

    Maybe one will make it through.

  5. Mark Level

    Great, cogent points, Ian, thank you. I will disagree with you on one item. IF (a pretty big if, too, all the facts considered) a conviction somehow denies Trump the ReThug nom, yes, what you say about De Sadist is true, but– It will be better to have him in office (assuming the corrupt and Feinstein-trending demented Biden is allowed to run) than Trump. The Trump cult is durable, his “little piggies” (as the Chapo guys & Adam Curtis would say) will love him for the insult comedy despite any failures in legislation or governing, forever. De Sadist is petty, hate-filled, cruel, & evidently a purely black & white thinker whose extremism, nastiness to staff & voters NOT far right, will make the cruel frat boy druggie Geo. Bush the Lesser look like a kind humanitarian, ramping up the partisan Culture War polarism to massive size . . . He might drop to 35% support by only the hard Right politically, majorities of the country will hate him, & in very little time the R’s will lose national viability. . . If the Dimmies are stupid enough to keep Shamblin’ Joe in there, they may likely lose. And there seems to be NO leadership or recognition of reality, that like Hillary in 2016, a majority of voters cannot hold their nose and vote for a senile, cruel & irrelevant PoTUS (of course Hillary was “smart” to a point, but hated for multiple valid reasons by normal people.) Since the Dimmies only believe in the same “values” as the Rs (comfort the comfortable, afflict the afflicted, stir up constant failing new wars, help the donors loot & loot alongside them), are not remotely “Left” (they haven’t been since NAFTA Bill’s ascendancy, even Carter was a cruel NeoLib where it counted), they can present nothing positive that would help the majority of non-“connected” people. Both Oligarchic & War parties need to die. The world is changing. ‘Muricans may be too overwhelmed & dumb to kick the bastards out for another 1 or 2 election cycles. If the Uniparty isn’t killed off forever, nothing but decline & mass impoverishment & death will follow for the world’s “Greatest” & “Most Exceptional” country. Even the Social Media and MSM cannot make the Sow’s Ear that is now our leadership class look like a Silk Purse, while life gets openly worse & more miserable. Glad I’m in my 60s & having maybe 20-some years left I don’t have to see what a “shithole” (to quote the sometimes truthful, accidentally, Trump) this country will be by the 2040s.

  6. Jorge

    It would be reasonable to consider Lira “suspect” had he not previously displayed signs of being insane.

  7. anon y'mouse

    an interesting reading i came across in my interwebs travels that discusses a lot of what we find going on in our political economy. is it “the” answer? probably not but (s)he does tie lots of threads together.

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