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The EU As The Epitome Of the Iron Cage of Bureaucracy


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – June 5, 2022


  1. KT Chong

    Some thoughts, just connecting the dots…

    1. So Ukraine is the second-most corrupted country in Europe, (Russia being the first;) Ukraine is also a hub for illegal arm trafficking. That means lots of the weapons the US and NATO has been giving to Ukraine to fight Russia, via corruption and trafficking, will end up being funneled to is criminal and militant right-wing organizations.

    2 For decades, the US and Europe has been supplying arms to extremist, insurgent and militant groups in Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South America. Such efforts have always destabilized the entire regions — because those “freedom fighters” and insurgents backed by the US and Europe have connections to the local and regional criminal organizations. Arms supplied to the “freedom fighters” by the US (and, to some extend, Europe) always end up in the hands of criminals. Those “freedom fighters” often moonlight as criminals or hired guns and enforcers for criminal organizations. Therefore, interventions by the US and Europe in any country in a region always end up creating chaos and crimes in the entire region.

    3. Yet the US and Europe have never directly suffered the direct consequences of their actions in those third-world regions; (well, maybe except for the migrants crises created by the US and NATO invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria; and the illegal caravans created by decades if not a century of US interventions and drug wars in Central and South America including the Banana Republics.) So I thought, well, at least Europe had been smart enough to keep the troubles out of its own backyard… until now.

    4. Supporting Ukraine is foolish on Europe’s part. It is basically stirring up troubles in its own backyard. (See point 1.) I expect to see a rise in violent crimes in Europe soon. Maybe even rise in well-armed right-wing militant groups, (who must have some connections to the neo-Nazi in Ukraine… who are being armed and supplied by the US and NATO.) Criminals and neo-Nazis are gonna have military-grade weapons. They will outgun European police who (unlike US cops) are not militarized. (European cops will have to militarize in response.)

    5. Not only the so-called post-Cold War “peace dividends” have ended, Europe is gonna suffer a rise in violent crimes and right-wing militancy. I am feeling kinda giddy about it… because all those white people (in Europe) are gonna finally get a taste of their own medicine. I can only hope the extent of the damages on Europe will be as much as the extent of the damages that the US and Europe have done to other regions.

  2. KT Chong

    More connect the dots…

    1. The end of European colonization was facilitated and made possible by globalization. In the past, the British, French, German and other European powers kept colonies overseas because they competed for resources. They needed access to the resources, so they exploited the colonies.

    2. Globalization (secured by US naval power) allows global free trade, so colonial powers no longer have to hold on to their own colonies, which “allowed” them to leave their former colonies. The end of colonization has afforded white people the luxury and hypocrisy of being able to reflect back on the pains and suffering they had inflicted on the native people of their former colonies, and act all enlightened and holier-than-thou and start spilling BS about human rights and diversity and whatever.

    3. Now that globalization is coming to an end or decreasing, Europe will again need to scramble to secure access to energy and resources, or they will start to de-industrialize. They will be forced to return to their former colonies

    4. Thank goodness China and most of East Asia is now strong enough to keep out Europeans. China will use its military strength to keep white people out of its backyard including East and Southeast Asia. Sure, in some way East and Southeast Asia will be exploited by Chinese for resources and trade… but better than by white people, which are actually worse as shown by history. (The methods of overseas exploitation are different between China and the West: China traditionally have tributary states, while white people straight out conquer and colonize third-world countries.)

    5. Africa is gonna be so fucked. The white devils are coming back. China ain’t gonna fight Europe over Africa, (it’s just gonna content with securing its own backyard.) For all the talks of “Chinese debt trap”, Europe is gonna be the one to bring pains and suffering back to Africa again. You can believe whatever you want to believe, but it’s all about survival of the fittest in the end. White people can pretend to be enlightened and holier-than-thou and care about human rights only because the circumstances have allowed them to do so. When globalization falls apart, when the shit hits the fan, European states are gonna need those energy and resources, and they are gonna get and secure it from countries and people who are unable to defend themselves from the white devils.

  3. KT Chong

    Correction: Ukraine is the second most corrupt country in Europe. (Not corrupted.)

    Another thought on why Zelenskyy is dragging out the war instead of negotiating for a peace ASAP, (other than using the war to enrich himself with US and NATO money and weapons…)

    The neo-Nazi in Ukraine had been a threat to Zelenskyy. During his election, he ran on reconciliation and peace with Russia. After his election, he found it impossible to have peace with Russia because the neo-Nazi (like Azov) pretty much threatened to kill him and his family if he tried to implement the Minsk agreements or have peace with Russia.

    This war is giving him the excellent opportunity to kill off the neo-Nazi in Ukraine. That is why he more or less abandoned the Azov in Mariupol. That suited him just fine. He has no intention negotiate a peace with Russia until Russians have killed and weaken enough neo-Nazi for him. Maybe. Just a thought.

  4. KT Chong

    Well, that’s what I’d do if I was in Zelenskyy’s place… keep egging on the Azov to fight Russians (and then jut let them die.) A good way to get rid of the Nazi problem that I couldn’t solve on my own and that have been threatening my family and power.

  5. Willy

    I’ll do some dotty dot connecing:

    1. No, but the weapons might’ve. I am of course assuming either a peace treaty stalemate where Russia gets roughly a third of Ukraine territory but Ukraine keeps the weapons just in case the Russians want even more, or, Russia just keeps grinding it out slowly but inexorably until Putin dies meaning Ukraine has to hang on to the weapons.

    2. True. The question is: Why exactly are the PTB involved doing these things?

    3. Actions in third-world regions have multiple benefits for the PTB, as long as they can stay out of the crosshairs. Cheap labor immigrants, force-selling weapons to US taxpayers to then force-donate overseas, lucrative infrastructure rebuild contracts, power vacuums to try and fill in creative (and hopefully lucrative) ways, interesting new political diversions to focus working taxpayer attentions on, while the PTB robs them blind behind their backs…

    4. We’ve had debates over the percentage of neo-Nazis in Ukraine. The percentage seems to range from 2% to 100%, depending on personal ideology and preferred news sources. Perhaps sanity. Personally, that’s too much of a margin of error for me to handle. More credible sources are requested.

    5. As a US citizen, I’ll take one 334,638,037th of the responsibility for this mess. I’ve tried convincing the others, but it’s been a helluva daunting task so far.

  6. KT Chong

    So how will Europe retake and recolonize Africa?

    Me think it’s not gonna like how white people did it in the past, with European powers carved up Africa. Europe is gonna do it as a group…. i.e., NATO. NATO is gonna find some pretenses to go into Africa, like some humanitarian crisis or terrorism or whatever. They are gonna send in troops, and they are gonna stay.

    Keeping colonies is actually an expensive business (for any European country to do it on its own,) but you gotta do it when you need resources. So using NATO to recolonize is actually brilliant. Europe create/get some cover of solving some humanitarian crises or fighting terrorism or whatever excuses they will come up with. European will split the cost of invasion, occupation and recolonization. Everyone will get to share the booty.

    It’s likely another reason for why Finland and Sweden want to join NATO. It’s not (just) to defend themselves from NATO. They know globalization is coming to end. They know they will need to scramble for energy and resources. As part of NATO, they will put in some money and manpower. In return, they will get to share the booty when NATO start going around and invading and occupying weak, resource-rich countries. They either get in the (coming) action, or they will be left out in the cold to die.

    i.e., Finland and Sweden join NATO because they know they will need NATO to secure access to energy and resources in the post-globalization world.

  7. KT Chong

    Sorry, correction: “it’s not (just) to defend themselves from RUSSIA.. ” (Not “NATO”, a typo.)

  8. KT Chong

    Actually, globalization was also created by Bretton Wood (in addition to US naval facilitations of global trade,) and Bretton Wood has been unraveling and dying a slow death.

  9. KT Chong

    “4. Supporting Ukraine is foolish on Europe’s part…”

    Actually, not just support Ukraine, but keep expanding NATO and provoking Russia, because it could have only led to what is going on right now. And EU/NATO countries are making things worse by supplying arms to Ukraine, which is gonna come back to bite them down the road.

    Or maybe NATO needs to expand because European leaders have always known globalization would not last. They have known they would need the combined might of NATO to reconquer and recolonize, and they have been preparing for the inevitable de-globalization for two decades. Hm. So maybe they are smarter than we give them credit.

    Chicken or egg? Who knows.

  10. different clue

    @KT Chong,

    What countries are you talking about when you are talking about “Europe”? When we say “Europe” did damage to other regions, which European countries are we talking about?

  11. KT Chong

    What is “PTB”?


    Just how much weapons have the US and NATO sent to Ukraine? Have anyone kept track? Pretty sure the US and NATO will continue to send more weapons after the Ukraine war ended… and Ukraine will continue the second most corrupt country in Europe (after Russia) and a hub for arm trafficking. There will be plenty of arms to go around for Ukraine and trafficking to other parts of Europe. The US will continue to train insurgent fighters to harass and terrorize Russians in the captured territories and wage low-intensity guerilla warfare. Those US/CIA-trained insurgent fighters will end up in some regional cartels and criminal organizations later. A US-backed insurgency is always a boom to criminal elements… this time the mess will be right in Europe. It will prolly take a decade or two to destabilize Europe, but it’s coming, and I’m so excited and looking forward to it.

  12. KT Chong

    Europe, the entire region. The spillover will affect the whole region.

  13. KT Chong

    EU nations in particular. Maybe not the UK, because it’s out of EU. However, Ukrainian “refugees” and insurgents and neo-Nazis and arms and trafficking and crimes and violence will flow freely between EU nations without border control. Talking about this impending chaos and karma and chicken-coming-home-to-roost that’s gonna mess up Europe is getting me so super excited. 😆

  14. different clue

    @KT Chong,

    My question was more specific. When you say “Europe” imposed damage on Africa, Asia and etc., which countries are you talking about? That is a different question than “where will the general spillover slop over onto in general?”

    The question is specifically . . . . which particular European countries today should recieve karma for their past damage to Africa and Asia and etc.?

  15. Mary Bennett

    Anyone who thinks the Ukranian president, a former, and by most accounts, not bad, actor, is his own man does him far too much honor. I forgot the name of whichever dual citizen gangster, oh, excuuse me, oligarch, businessman, it is who recruited and controls Zelensky, but suffice it to say, the guy does what he is told.

    K T Chong is right about the Azovs and others like them being expendable. Which they ought to have known they would be, if they had the brains God gave geese. If they did indeed have the terminal stupidity to threaten a president who had been handpicked by the reigning oligarchy, they signed their own death warrant

    Finland and Sweden, IMHO, are looking for allies to help them preserve their rights to the warming Arctic Ocean.

  16. Willy

    PTB = Elites who wield power and influence. The Kochs. Haliburton. Corporations. Nefarious funders of think tanks. Astroturfers. Mass media advertisers. Subliminal seductors. Influencer rebels with a financial cause. The 1%. The made men. Oligarchs, Plutocrats, and Kleptocrats, oh my. Elon Musk losing his mind for all to see while being quite proud about it. The ones who killed the Grachhi brothers and Jesus, then resurrected Jesus but not the Gracchi brothers, just for the political expediency. The ones who think that coaxing gently religious herding folk away from pacifistic pastures, and then getting them to stampede as a well-armed mindless-mob towards steep cliffs, is amusing, when cow tipping used to be the more traditional and harmless way to have that sort of fun.

    Sorry, got carried away. Yeah, if some of these tech weapons get loose it’ll be a shitshow. I’m thinking that the way to keep these tech weapons occupied is for Russia’s war on Ukraine to be maintained. I’m not sure if the PTB have devised an exit strategy yet, or if they even care.

  17. different clue

    I notice my question about which specific countries in ” Europe” did which specific damage in which specific parts of ” non-Europe” . . . remains carefully unanswered and avoided by KT Chong.

  18. KT Chong

    I’m just gonna keep it simple and be all-inclusive and hold NATO responsible for the situations in Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. That pretty much covers (almost) all European countries and more, (plus America and Canada.)

  19. Z

    There’s probably moles galore throughout this Ukraine-Russia conflict. A significant portion of Ukraine would probably rather have Putin rule them than the Ukrainian oligarchs. War Pimp Zelenskyy and his playboys haven’t done much to change their minds.

    You got to figure that some of these Russia sympathizers are in the know when weapon shipments from the West come in. According to some reports Russia has had a fair amount of success bombing Ukraine training posts and NATO weapons storage and shipments. That’s not verified but it’s not likely the Ukrainians would verify it, if they were.

    There’s also probably some high level moles in Putin’s government. I found it interesting that Anatoly Chubais snuck out of Russia back in March. He was Putin’s then Climate Envoy and one of Yeltsin’s main economic advisors who brought in Voracious Larry Summers and the Harvard Boyz to structure the looting of the country’s post-Soviet resources. He sold out to the West once, no reason to think he wouldn’t do it again.

    The way the CIA was bragging last month about helping to take down the Russian flagship in the Black Sea and knocking off Russian generals one of my wild thoughts was that they might be trying to provoke Putin into planning on dropping a tactical nuclear bomb and maybe they had people in place who could stop it. If Putin was overruled by some contingent of Russian power on something like that, the stand-off could lead to a regime change in Russia.


  20. Z

    That’d be a helluva risky game though …


  21. different clue

    @KT Chong,

    As I re-read your comments, I see you switching back and forth between present day NATO EUFUKUS and Old Colonial Europe. Are you tracing historical development from one to the other, or just confusing the two?

    ” White people” this and “White devil” that . . . 3 of my grandparents came from Poland and one of them came from Galiciakraine. Can you show me on a map the Polish colonies in Africa? Or the Galiciakrainian colonies in Asia?

    . . . but why would you even bother to care? We all look alike to you. Great Han racism does as Great Han racism is, I suppose.

    I think as America recedes from power, China will ” just content with securing its own back yard” , as you note. China will make itself as hated in the Asia of tomorrow as Japan made itself hated in the Asia of the 1930s and 1940s. I may not live long enough to see it but I suspect you will.

    Hopefully, if we Americans can launch an uprising which mass-slaughters every single Free Trade supporter within our borders, we can turn ourselves into the United States of Autarkamerica, the New Hermit Republic, and no one will have to worry about our ugly selves anymore. And anyone who wants a life rich in consumer goods can move to the twin hegemons, Russia or China.

  22. a day in the park

    China. Monomaniacal. Money fixated. Black and white. Never saw a river they didn’t want to dam or anything that crawls swims flies or burrows in the earth they didn’t want to eat.
    Tai chi in the parks. Taoism. Contradictions galore.
    You wouldn’t want to live under their dominance.
    Would you?
    There may be no choice for some.

  23. bruce wilder

    The most corrupt country in Europe is the U.K., outpost of the most corrupt country in the world: USA, USA, we’re #1!!

  24. Z

    Gonna be an interesting summer …

    I doubt this war goes another 100 days. The NATO alliance is fraying, prices are racing, we’re likely to be facing worldwide food shortages soon, and the morale of the Ukrainian forces is due to fall to pieces. Fair or not, hunched down in a trench biting into a cold potato listening anxiously for the hum of killer drones the Ukrainian soldiers have to be wondering at times: what the hell are War Pimp Zelenskyy and his playboys doing with those billions back in Kyiv that the U.S. sent? I imagine their misery whispers partying.

    Add to that the fact that the temps are cracking triple digits in Texas in early June and we’re probably in for one hell of a summer. Or, maybe more accurately, a killer summer.


  25. different clue

    Something to watch for in Texas if temps get high enough to force Texas Electric ( or whatever its called) into rolling blackouts. If that happens, here’s what to watch for: will the blackouts include everybody in turn, or will the blackouts carefully miss every Millionaires Row and Fat Diamond City in Texas.

    I almost bet that non-rich Texans will be watching for that too. If some of them get disgruntled enough, they could inadvertently advance the cause of gun control by shooting transformers or insulators or whatever it is one shoots to plunge an area into blackout status. If a disgruntled “formerly cool” Texan decides to “reach out and touch” the rich Texans’ power supply, the Republicans will suddenly find gun control to be a good thing.

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