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Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – September 19, 2021


  1. Plague Species

    The Gabby Petito sensation is interesting from perspectives not covered or considered by the exploitative media. Gabby and her fiancé are Social Media hounds who were chronicling their cross country trip like the good exhibitionists they and so many of their generation are. They appear so perfect in every way per Social Media, yet, as we are coming to find out and a number of us already knew, Social Media is an illusion and yet so many increasingly live their lives immersed in Social Media therefore so many live a life of illusion.

    Gabby’s and Brian’s life didn’t match the Social Media image they presented. They were at each others throats and Gabby was physically abusive to Brian, hitting him and scratching him. They were a mess. But you wouldn’t know it from their Social Media images.

    Also, the media’s fixation with this case and so many cases like it is ironic considering Brian’s last name — Laundrie. It’s pronounced like laundry as in Dirty Laundry.

    Dirty Laundrie

    Thank you Gabby and Brian for taking our dirty minds off COVFEFE-45 and vaccine mandates. We should be thankful as Americans that unlike in China, our noble media is free to bring us such newsworthy stories so we can stay informed.

  2. Hugh

    Something I did not see covered much last week was that the Taliban had a meeting to form a permanent government. During it, Khalil Haqqani, the Minister for Refugees, started punching Abdul Ghani Baradar, the first acting deputy prime minister, and it devolved from there into a shootout. Apparently the Pakistanis are backing the Haqqanis who want a pro-Pakistan essentially all Pashtun government while Baradur wanted one that looked a little more inclusive on paper and so garner both international recognition and aid. Afghanistan is facing a famine, short of cash, and having trouble paying the import duties on food passing through their good buddies the Pakistanis. I guess the lack of attention is a good thing for the Taliban because this incident really makes them look not ready for primetime. And the Pakistani meddling doesn’t look good either. I mean if they want to drive this train wreck, they can pay for it.

  3. Plague Species

    Hugh, it’s rumored the Taliban Federal Reserve of Afghanistan is considering Quantitative Easing. Have you heard this too?

    Screw moving to the Harrisburg, Afghanistan is the place you ought to be. Like China and Russia, the Taliban know how to keep their billionaires in check.

  4. Ché Pasa

    The Missing White Women Stories are Summer Time Fare, like the Shark Attacks and so forth. It’s after Labor Day, though. We shouldn’t be getting Missing White Women Stories now and not again until next summer.

    Something is up, I tell you, or the media wouldn’t be in such a lather over Gabby.

    For one thing, there is now a jelling media consensus that the Biden Regime is Incompetent. This after the multiple Afghanistan withdrawal disasters, but it was building well before with the perpetual difficulty of getting the Infrastructure Bills passed, and the apparent disinterest in various other issues by the Administration.

    If it solidifies, consider the next steps: this would be six regimes in a row that are widely considered Incompetent. Clearly something isn’t working, right? What could it be, what could it be? Yes, we aren’t electing the right people, but golly, no matter who we elect, the upshot is they’re Incompetent and lead us into one disaster after another.

    I’d say we’re being prepped to accept, nay, welcome, the next fascist dictator with open arms. Someone with charm, charisma, and will to power.

  5. Hugh

    In more important news, Prince Philip’s will is apparently embarrassing enough to be kept secret for 90 years.

    The big January 6th protest was held today. Turn-out was low because so many protestors thought it was supposed to be on January 6th.

    The French government is so angry about the cancellation of the Australian sub contract they have decided to cancel the side order of croissants that went with it.

  6. Willy

    I hadn’t heard about Gabby. Sometimes it good to be oblivious. I envision a reality TV series: “Life (stuck) In A Van With Somebody You Love (hate)”. The promo ads would be a montage of sweet kisses and foiled murder attempts.

    And maybe in a better world they’d do a series called “The Arg”, where “What happens in Kabul gets buried in Kabul”.

    Speaking of charm, charisma, and will to power, the problem with fascist governments is controlling the inevitable Caligula. The whole point of helping machinate such a thing is usually personal gain. How would say, Exxon CEO Darren Woods, so happy to have climate scientists off his back for a change, deal with his favorite horse being taken away to be made consul?

  7. Plague Species

    Apparently one major thing Gabby and Brian were arguing about, to the point she felt compelled to gouge his eyes out, was the fact that the van was a mess, a pig pen, and it was because Brian didn’t care about his surroundings — that HE was a mess. Dirty Laundrie yet again.

    It’s clear the two were not compatible and their last trip together proved that. But shouldn’t it have been obvious already? A person who prefers tidy and orderly cannot live for a lifetime with a person who prefers to live a life of chaos in squalor.

    A word from the wise, if you’re young and yet unmarried, do not live with your in-laws to be. You will feel beholden and pressured to marry a person you may otherwise have second thoughts about marrying. This happened to Gabby apparently and it happened to my sister. My folks got divorced when she was 18 and she was dating this spoiled over-indulged guy at the time and his family effectively adopted her when my mother split town and moved to Texas and my father hit the rocks and couldn’t even take care of himself let alone anyone else. Everyone who was 18 years or older was on their own when the split occurred.

    My sister had no choice but to marry this guy and as it turns out, it was a trap — a big mistake. He turned out to be psychologically manipulative and abusive and their two kids turned out to be complete f*ckups. It is surmised the grandfather may have sexually abused them and in fact may have sexually abused my sister’s husband when he was young as well as his brother who is a full-blown drug addict and has been since he was 17 or 18. Booth my wife’s children are drug addicts. Recovered, but once a drug addict always a drug addict.

    Gabby was living with her in-laws to be. Not good. This says something about her family of origin. It says they were also f*cked up that she felt compelled to live with her in-laws to be versus her own split family. It’s clear Gabby’s mother’s and father’s divorce took its toll on her. She is/was a basket case who appears to have had a nervous breakdown. Divorce is extremely difficult for children and yet it is all too commonplace in America because people get married for all the wrong reasons rather than figuring out ahead of time whether they’re really compatible or not. Marketing is in large part to blame for this by equating ephemeral obsessive infatuation with love and marriage. Diamonds are forever, infatuation is not.

  8. Willy

    I remember the pitiful psychological forensics from our top pop psychologists after Columbine. I’m expecting more of the same after this Gabby and Brian stuff plays out. Over 20 years later and I’ll be expecting more of the same. Nothing is wrong with our society and its culture. Nothing to see there. But hooboy, do we have quite the freak show going on over here.

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