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Off to Vegas

and Netroots Nation 10, tomorrow.  Decided to go early and return a bit late so I could spend some time in Vegas, see some shows and help Vegas’s economy by losing some money at the tables.

If you’re going to be at NN, or you live in Vegas, and you’d like to meet, feel free to drop me a line at iwelsh-at-ianwelsh-dot-net.

There will be some updating while I’m there.


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  1. I have nothing but contempt for 99.9% of the people attending Netroots Nation.

    I don’t understand what you think any of those people have to say that’s worthwhile.

    Carolyn Kay

  2. Brian

    It’ll be interesting to see what’s said at NN this year. Last time Bill Clinton was up on stage lecturing people about the need to eat whatever crap came out of the health care process to keep Obama’s “momentum” or something like that, and assuring people that once it was passed it would become popular. There’s definitely a segment of the party that no longer listens to arguments like that, and was right.

    But then there’s the other group of people like Markos who on one hand rail against the Senate health care bill as trash that won’t work, but then bury their integrity, thank the Democrats for it and ask for another when the chips are down and it’s time to vote on it.

  3. Ian Welsh

    Have you ever been to NN?

    More fun than you’d think. Granted, I’m on the angry left of most attendees, but you’d be surprised.

  4. We’ll look forward to your reporting. I imagine that, like everywhere else, management is a bit out of touch with the troops…

  5. I’m with Carolyn Kay on this.

    Oh yeah, let’s stop the war in Aghanistan with another online petition! Let’s elect better Democrats! Let’s bleed off any energy worth spending. A TOTAL CROCK, just like voting.


  6. Not that Netroots Nation in Vegas wouldn’t be fun, of course. Getting loaded, getting laid, getting noticed. But why don’t you just come down here to Taos and climb a few mountains instead? We can still get loaded, just not laid. (I’m married, and Taos is full of ladies who shop at the other mall.) But the clean, cool air at 7,000 will wipe your brain and take it where it ought to be.

    I really hate the netroots. Look what the fuck happened just two years ago. NEVER AGAIN.

  7. bayville

    Progressive chotchies invade Vegas.

    Question: Will the Progressive testimonials endorsing the greatness of Harry Reid this week exceed the revisionism of the weeklong Steinbrenner eulogies?

  8. Ian Welsh

    Don’t be silly, the vast majority of progressive bloggers have never much liked Harry Reid.

  9. Have fun in Vegas. Don’t put too much down on the tables. Remember, it’s a tax on the mathematically inept.

  10. For once, I agree with Mandos. Have fun.

  11. Ian Welsh

    I’m aware of the odds. I will play only 3 games: pass line craps, blackjack and poker. No poker this time unfortunately, I’m too out of practice. (Poker being one of the only games where you can make money in the long run. But I also don’t play enough table games for the long run to kick in all that hard.)

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