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May 7th US Covid Data

Our benefactor writes:

States must reconcile their data on Thursdays and Fridays, when we typically get our highest numbers. NY is now down to 12 percent of the total new cases. They started out at over 50 percent. The rest of the country can stop blaming NY.

At the current doubling rate, we will be at 140,000 deaths by the end of May. Positively genocidal.

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May 6th US Covid Data


How Neoliberalism Destroyed Capitalism


  1. Zachary Smith

    At a meat-packing plant:

    On March 25 one of his daughters gave him a face mask to wear at the plant, where he operated boxing and loading equipment near the entrance and was often the first person to greet arriving co-workers. “He was always so respectful,” a shiftmate says. Two days later, Benjamin told his kids a supervisor had ordered him to remove the mask because it was creating unnecessary fears among plant employees.

    He died.

    What the senior POS from Kentucky demands:

    Mitch McConnell is talking about trying to have total immunity for big corporations for really anything that’s remotely connected to the coronavirus crisis. He’s reconvening the Senate today, he says, for the purpose of granting immunity to big corporations, and he says won’t let the next to stimulus-slash-relief bill go through unless it includes provisions to protect big corporations from lawsuits.

    This is rather like what I’m seeing in the Fine Print of my banks and savings/loans – No matter what happens, it’s not our fault.

    Does anybody think the Democrats will put up more than token resistance before they cave?

  2. Zachary Smith

    Other Stuff.

    Justice Department drops criminal case against former Trump aide Michael Flynn

    Flynn was a Trump appointee, so I must assume the guy was/is of low moral character and a general no-account. That said, I’ve seen lots of information indicating he was set up by the FBI to facilitate the Obama/Clinton Russiagate fraud. It’s my strong suspicion the Justice Department didn’t want a trial for precisely that reason, and making Trump happy was incidental.

    What I want to be my focus here is how Flynn arrogantly/stupidly talked to the FBI without taking the proper precautions. If representatives of that organization ever show up at my door, I’ll NOT invite them in. If they’re asking for more than directions to the next town because they’re lost, I’ll tell them we can meet at the County Courthouse day after tomorrow. That will give me time to 1) buy a tape recorder and 2) hire a lawyer who will sit in on our conversation. With his OWN tape recorder.

  3. Zachary Smith

    Uh Oh.

    Virginia pediatricians say reported decline in vaccination rates amid COVID-19 pandemic is troubling

    As a result, many infants could be left vulnerable to diseases including whooping cough, bacterial meningitis and measles. Older children aren’t receiving routine boosters against tetanus and other bacterial illnesses, or scheduled immunizations against human papillomavirus, which can cause cervical, oral, and penile cancers.

    “We’re worried that this could present problems on the other side of the pandemic,” said Dr. Paige Perriello, a pediatrician based in Charlottesville. “These are serious infections, and there’s concern that this is going to cause problems in the months to come.”

    We sure don’t need any extra complications like this! I’m glad the doctor talked me into a tetanus booster last year.

  4. Hugh

    Re Flynn, Trump’s Justice Department has had years to think and re-think its position on the merits of the Flynn case. Indeed Flynn had already pled guilty. So for Barr to waltz in in the middle of a pandemic and drop the case on specious grounds for political reasons simply reflects the politicization of the US legal system. I think we are in the middle of a slow and sometimes not so slow fascist coup. We should see these kinds of events, not as one offs, but a more general push or Putsch even.

    Unless the coronavirus is seasonal, the current not even half-a#%ed re-open should create a new surge late May to mid-June.

  5. Zachary Smith

    Hugh, this 2017 article from Forbes suggests threatening family members is a standard Federal procedure to force a guilty plea.

    Just because Trump and his people are dog-breaths doesn’t mean Obama and the Clinton Clan aren’t dirtballs too. The latter group invented Russiagate out of thin air, and an early victim of their steamroller was Flynn. I’m pretty sure that whatever Flynn is guilty of, it isn’t Russiagate. I’m equally sure he isn’t a sorcerer or warlock.


    Lots of comparisons are being made between the 1918 Pandemic and the present one. I don’t believe the people back then were a bit different from today, but the nation was. There were no organized and well-funded hell-raisers urging citizens to volunteer to get sick and die. The morons living then didn’t have the internet to contact each other and “resistance” was either word-of-mouth or something a contrary cuss thought up by himself. The first link is a mask-refuser who attacked a policeman, and went to the hospital with a couple of bullets in his arm and leg. The second one tells how the preachers back then weren’t the publicity-seeking twits we hear so much about these days.

  6. @hugh

    “Re Flynn, Trump’s Justice Department has had years to think and re-think its position on the merits of the Flynn case. Indeed Flynn had already pled guilty. So for Barr to waltz in in the middle of a pandemic and drop the case on specious grounds for political reasons simply reflects the politicization of the US legal system. ”

    Oh, wow. Where even to begin with this? I’m not even going to bother. I will, however, note that Trump called out the bad actors involved with the Russiagate hoax, today, with the “T” word – TREASON.

    I’m not a lawyer, and don’t want to waste my time figuring out if Trump should have said “sedition”, instead of “treason”, or even some other more legally appropriate word, but I’ll gladly settle for “treason”, for the time being. I hope the talking heads at Fox follow suit, because, as far as I’m aware, they’ve all been too scared to use the “T” word.

    If Trump had two suitably connected, working neurons available, he’d issue pardons to all of the people the Mueller farce threw in jail. And that especially includes Michael Cohen, who has said all sorts of mean things about Trump. Boo, hoo! The principle of protecting not just the Presidency, but Presidential aspirants, from illegal spying, frame-ups, and legal intimidation is more important that whatever crimes were perpetrated by the rest of the Russiagate targets.

  7. Hugh

    If that was Flynn’s motive, then why did he blow up his plea agreement by seeking to withdraw his guilty plea? Once he violated that agreement his son became fair game again. And if there is a new Administration in January, both he and his son can be recharged in 2021 because the statute of limitations won’t run out until the end of that year. As also often happens in these types of cases, Flynn was not charged but did admit guilt to other crimes, such as being an unregistered paid agent of the Turkish government.

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