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Interview available for listening

My interview on Virtually Speaking is now up. If you missed it and would like to listen, it can be found here.

We talked about kindness in public policy and about the economics and politics of global warming.


Interview tonight at 9pm EST


The Reagan Play


  1. Sherry

    475 listens since Thursday. On the VS scale of things, 475 is more than promising. After listening again this morning, I’ve sent you a proposal. Hoping you’ll think it’s a fine idea.

  2. BDBlue

    Sherry does that include iTunes downloads? I would assume so, but was curious. Because that’s how I always listen to VS.

  3. Sherry

    Yes, BDBlue, BTR tells me they include iTunes downloads in the count. Thank you for listening.

  4. Solid interview. I think a lot of the meanness of the US penal system (vice, say, Finland) is driven by racism. It really is that simple. There’s a great blogpost by Corey Robin about the origins of racism in the US as tied to the democratic ideal as put forth by Jefferson. He writes

    If the intransigence of biology was the back-story of race, it followed that there was only one race, properly understood, in America: the black race. According to Nott, white people reason, imagine, and create—activities of transcendence that do not jibe with the liabilities of race. The white man “takes up the march of civilization and presses onward.” He frees himself of his inheritance, his circumstance, history itself. For that reason, “the Caucasian races have been the only truly progressive races of history,” which means nothing so much as that whites were not a race at all.Link

  5. LorenzoStDuBois

    Real great interview. Ackroyd always seems a bit overeager to jump in and exhibit his knowledge on certain topics even if it means interrupting his guest; lacks the humility of a good interviewer. Wish you got on more shows.

    Also, I believe people do care about their descendants, not enough, but a bit more than you seem to think. I think you have to account for the fact that people genuinely don’t understand the stakes.

  6. ProNewerDeal

    I was surprised at this moment of the interview

    Jay: “So what should people (USians) do? Move to Canada?”
    Ian (my paraphrasing my memory): “No. Canada has its own problems”.

    Ian, I was surprised by your answer.

    If a USian was to emigrate, Canada seems to be one of the best candidate nations possible in general, & even moreso among English-speakin nations:

    1 Canada’s social democracy/New Deal-ish policies with Medicare for All & a ~$10/hr min wage, & lack of a military industrial complex whose funding threatens its social insurance, is vastly superior to the US. If the idea expressed by Martin Ford/ of risk of structural additional job loss in the next decades to automation (& to a lesser extent offshore outsourcing) occurs, obviously social insurance will be more necessary than it already is in 2012.

    2 independent of public policy, Canada’s physical position on the globe (Climate Change) & natural resources (Peak Oil), vast land area & low population density, make it among the best for facing our century’s challenges of Climate Change & Peak Oil.

    Ian, am I missing something obvious here?

  7. ProNewerDeal

    btw it is incredible & sad on how most USians are so propagandized (“USA is #1 at everything!”) &/or intellectually incurious (no clue about life other nations, even neighbor Canada), that the small portions eligible for public health insurance under Medicare or Veterans Affairs love/are very thankful for this coverage, they are either clueless about or antagonist towards a Medicare For All plan, that neighbor Canada has enjoyed for 40+ years.

    Only in the US I would guesstimate. I doubt such an phenomenon would occur elsewhere in the OECD between say Ireland & England, Japan & South Korea, Australia & New Zealand, etc.

  8. Celsius 233

    Ian; post something for the god’s sake! The suspense is killing me… 😉

  9. Ian; post something for the god’s sake! The suspense is killing me…

    LOL. I swing by every day myself…

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