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Hope you’re all having a good Christmas

me, I’m eating duck, so Christmas is good.


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  1. Formerly T-Bear

    … I’m eating duck, so Christmas is good.

    Not for that particular duck, it isn’t.

    Someone would have entertained the thought, sooner or later. If a smile ensues, that’s the gift.

    Now to go celebrate with the Great Christmas Pizza! Viva!

  2. Celsius 233

    As one who doesn’t/hasn’t celebrated for decades; I mark the passing of solstices’ and equinoxes; I wish you and all posters, a challenging and fruitful new year.

  3. Why a duck?


  4. RJ

    Nice! I decorated some Christmas cookies and am having Indian food tonight! Merry Christmas!

  5. markfromireland

    Duck here too. Christmas Eve is the big day in Denmark and I and my two new sons did the traditional Danish thing of an early dinner followed by them dancing round the tree singing before they proceeded to the unwrapping of the loot – most enjoyable.


  6. Sunshine McButtercup

    Earlier I went to a family gathering where booze was on the menu, and celebrated in an elite fashion. Then I went to a casino and had a couple beers. It was full of fat, drunk Americans playing slot machines, on Christmas night. Cheers!

  7. David Kowalski

    Ate at home. The meal has become traditional for us: roast beef. We exchanged presents after breakfast. Some had not come, even things ordered 25 days ago. This year, all presents were ordered on line. None were purchased in a bricks-and-mortar store,

    It was mostly a very good Christmas. Of the four people , all Americans, I was the only one who didn’t partake of wine or any alcohol. It is just not needed for enjoying the holiday.

    One bit of news from this state (New Jersey). In south Jersey, 17 miles from Philadelphia, an “atheist” group (more accurately, non-theist, including atheists, agnostics, and skeptics) responded to a billboard that stated “Keep Christ in Christmas” with another one saying, “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.” Two fools actually tried to burn the billboard featuring Saturnalia.

  8. Christmas Eve enjoying the Santa Fe Canyon Road Farolito Walk (along with tens of thousands of others to be sure). Lots of bonfires in the streets (“luminaria”) and paper lunch bags with candles set in the bottom (“farolitos”) to light the way. Cider, nog, cocoa, tamales where you can find them and biscochitos practically everywhere. Slurping and nibbling and calling out “Merry Christmas, ho ho ho.” Dogs in Santa suits, jingling bell suits, reindeer antlers, paw booties. Children in their strollers, “Hi Santa!” (to me. Well, the resemblance is better after dark.)

    Cold but not too cold and no snow this year. Spontaneous (and sometimes planned) Christmas caroling around the bonfires, the bells of the nearby Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis pealing with joy. Stars sparkling in the heavens overhead. The smell of pinon wood fires. Intoxicating.

    Some of the galleries hold open house. Perhaps the Chalk Farm, which used to be in London, was the most intriguing; Lone Dog Noise Cat, (“Neo-abOriginal art”) which just opened in the summer, the most inviting– and it was hopping.

    Christmas Day with friends, happy exchange of modest gifts, excellent holiday meal (no duck, tho), clear mountain air, the sound of sandhill cranes overhead.

    Yes, Christmas was good.

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