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Happy Food Coma Day

If you have the day off and celebrate, I hope you enjoy! Doesn’t seem like much point in a regular post when the majority of readers will probably be otherwise occupied.


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  1. I’m Proud to be an American
    where the TV say’s I’m free!
    A great country of blue disease
    since health is for dumb commies!
    I’m Proud to be An American
    committing war crimes constantly!
    A great country of loaded guns
    because death is damn beauty!

  2. different clue

    Well . . . I’m here at work starting at 3:30 p.m. I hope somebody brings in snacks.

    Maybe the department will buy us some pizza.

  3. Curt Kastens

    Its rather late here. The 4th of July is almost over. More importantly the audiance here is an international stellar audiance. And as importantly when someone has a holiday, unless they are traveling a long distance, they are even in greater need of entertainment that on a work day. On a work day many people drive 90 minutes to work, spend 9 hours including lunch at a job, then drive 90 minutes home. The day is practically shot by the time they get home.
    So if there is anyone along the west coast where it wouild be about 3 pm right now I will attempt to to throw something out to help take your mind off the MSM news cycle.

    Crypto currenceies. They should be abolished. Not only do they use large amount of energy, they are an attack on National Soveriegnty. They are essentially counterfitting. Counterfitting does make an independence day for the counterfitter.
    But it is a form of agression (fraud) perpitrated against everyone else.
    Governments should be directing large amounts of resources to stamp out these sociopathic forms of payment for goods and services. Could it be true that governments do not spend huge amounts of resources to stamp out crypto currencies because the powers that be make huge benifits from the existence of crypto curruncies?
    Could it be said that the stand that a government takes on crypto currencies is a litmus test as to the legitimacy of that government?
    Is there a connection between crypto currencies and the COVID 19 pandemic? Or did i just make that up to be funny?

  4. mago

    Probably more like beer and weed coma day with the salty greasy grilled animal parts contributing to the combo.
    I’m going to put together some kind of bean, corn, tomato, jalapeño, onion and garlic thing soon and make a quesadilla.
    Bang bang
    Here’s to the glorious 4th

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