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Fundraising Update: Book Reviews Unlocked, Just over $1,000 to “The Construction of Reality” Booklet

The current fundraising total is $6,105 in one-time donations, and $595 in recurring donations (including ongoing donations from before this drive.) Counting recurring donations at 3X, that means we are at $7,890.

We have achieved the first goal of 18 book reviews. Twelve will be on books important to my understanding of the world such as Jane Jacobs “Economy of Cities,” and the remainder will be on various issues of interest.

We are $1,110 from the e-booklet The Construction of Reality.

I had originally intended to end the fundraiser about now, a month from when it started, but because a number of people have stated they donated hoping for the book, I’m going to hold it open a little longer to see if we can make it.


The booklet will between 30 to 50,000 words, and will discuss how ideology, technology, geography, and other factors create the world in which we live. All donors will receive a copy, and it will be available for others to purchase.

As with all my fundraisers, please don’t give if you are in financial difficulties. Otherwise, remember: Even if you don’t care for the book, the more I receive, the more I will write in general. So if you like my writing, please give.

I’m very happy with how the fundraiser has gone so far. This is the best result of our three fundraisers.

Thank you.


The Brilliance Of Justin Trudeau


Trump Wins, Sanders Wins Michigan


  1. Shh

    I certainly hope it’ll be longer than 30 words and closer to 50k 😛

  2. Ian Welsh

    Well, I was thinking a few linked haikus would get across the essential points better than a lot of excess verbiage…

  3. Tom

    Trump won my home state of Michigan in the Republican Side. Still waiting on the Democratic Results.

  4. Haikus are underrated. Us verbose people naturally underuse them.

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