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Fundraiser Update: C. 6K Raised, 1st Goal Reached

This year’s fundraiser has raised $5,995. Call it 6K.

In general, I’ll write more the more I raise, it tells me how much I should prioritize writing, since I must eat and so on.

But this year it’s also about putting together a collection of the old, good, fundamental articles (which is why I’ve featured some of them over the last two weeks), with prefaces (why I wrote them) and closing remarks (how they hold up, how they relate to other articles.)

Six thousand puts us at the first threshold.

Goal thresholds are as follows:

  • $6,000—12 articles with commentary, an introduction and concluding remarks.
  • $7,000—2 more articles.
  • $8,000—2 more articles.
  • $9,000—A new article on how to design a stable, fair, kind & prosperous government
  • $10,000 – A new article on how to evaluate personal risk in the events to come.

If you value my writing and can give without hardship, I hope you will. If, on the other hand, rent, food or medical expenses are pressing you, please don’t give.

It’s been lovely writing for you all these years, and there’s still important articles to write, along with the occasional commentary on current affairs.


Note: bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum wallets are listed at the bottom of the donation page.


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