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Democratic Congress Members Want What Republicans Want

So, here we have it:

On Hugh Hewitt’s show, McConnell says it’s “highly unlikely” he’d allow Biden to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024, if he’s majority leader. He also doesn’t commit to allowing a vote on a nominee if a seat opens up in 2023. “Well, we’d have to wait and see what happens.”

This is the new normal. Republicans get all of their Supreme Court slots and stop any Democratic slots they can. We should note that McConnell was also keeping most appellate seats open, which is why Trump was able to appoint so many.

Republicans will do virtually anything to win. They will change voting laws. They will put one voting machine in a poor or minority district of a million people. They will forbid voting by mail and then try not to count the votes.

Democrats, with rare exceptions, do not fight back. When they get in power, they do the minimum.

I hear the cries, “But Biden has only 50 people in the Senate!”

Yes, just like Obama had only 60 and somehow couldn’t pass anything, “because Republicans.” There’s always a designated villain, a kabuki vote: These days it is Manchin, with Sinema as backup. But if they weren’t taking the heat, others would step up. Senate Dems are okay with not passing anything on 50 votes, even if they could. They don’t want to.

Biden had a good economic plan, but it has been watered down to basic worthlessness, and certainly won’t do much for the environment.

The test for Biden’s sincerity is simple: The President has vast executive power. Is the President using it? Biden has vast power to forbid fracking; he didn’t. He has allowed vast increases in oil pumping. He could cancel or reduce student loans on his say-so. He has not.

Louis DeJoy deliberately sandbagged the Post Office as part of an attempt to steal the election. He is elected by the post-office board, yes, but Biden can fire him for cause. He hasn’t done so, just as in 2009, Obama could have fired every member of the Federal Reserve except the chairman (who has only one vote anyway.)

Republicans do things Democrats want: They cut taxes for rich people like Nancy Pelosi and most Senators and their families, for example. They bomb brown people. The hurt poor people.

The Democrats who are in power like all these things. They tell you they don’t, then when they have power, they reverse hardly any of it, and indeed, add to the pile of evil.

Anyway: The Republicans already have six seats on the Supreme Court. They’re going to keep them, and may wind up with seven. The appellate courts will continue to trend heavily Republican, and with people appointed by Trump and his successor — radical right-wingers.

The reason I bring this up is to emphasize, again, that while it is possible for the US to turn-around from its current path, the signs are not good. The main chance will come when people like Pelosi resign, too feeble and old to cling to power. But given how hard they are clinging to power and that they will choose the worst people to succeed them if possible, that chance seems dim.

Take this into account as you make your plans. This is as true for non-Americans as it is for Americans, as the US is still the hegemonic power.

And if you are left-wing, remember that multiple states are making it legal to run over protesters. The right-wing wants to kill you. To kill you. To kill you.

Understand that in your bones. They want you dead.

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  1. @fuckamerica – I didn’t notice any compassion-preaching in the piece. What I noticed was “be very aware of the dangerous situation you’re in if you’re in America’. Yeah Ian said some positive/hopeful things about Biden awhile back. He’s acknowledged his optimism bias, but still writes with a directness that keeps me reading his work. People the world over are stuck in a similar trap, oppressed by governments and powerful people who pretend they’re acting for the public good. Many people don’t recognize the trap or actively support it, but some fight it. But you can’t fight something you don’t understand, and Ian tries to help clarify the situation for them.

    Correction: billions will die, not just hundreds of millions from climate trouble. And still we’re alive now to communicate with each other, and so we do the best we can. Thanks to Ian for continuing to write.

  2. Feral Finster

    You only now learned this?

    I am not a Trump fan, closet or otherwise, I did not vote for him, not in 2016, not in 2020 (I have the luxury of living in a very safe state) BUT Trump did do the left one favor – he made them criticize evil instead of make excuses for it, because Our Team.

  3. Astrid


    I wouldn’t call what the TDS and Russia Russia Russia afflicted blob was doing criticism, it was unreasoning hysteria. They were also ready to excuse any evil, as long it wasn’t Trump.

  4. Astrid

    Look at the OAS/USA playbook in Latin America, particularly Columbia. That’s what’s coming.

  5. IMNSHO opinion, anybody with half a brain, who examined the video of Jan 6, especially that of the ‘shooting’ of Ashli Babbit, would have known it had “false flag” written all over it.

    Yet, where were the Republicans and Democrats saying so? We did see Senator Hawley actually defend the Capitol police against claims by General Honore, that Capitol Hill police were (likely?) complicit. Hawley, who stood up for election accountability, in favor of Trump. Yet, when it came to challenging the Deep State, he took the coward’s route, even though it would have implicated the Democrats, as well.

    So, just today I find out the numbers, which I’ve wondered about, but never took the time to try and track down: 900 people entered the Capitol (many waved in), out of over 1 million Trump supporters at the Ellipse. Less than .1%, but goofy claims of an “insurrection” were babbled out in a mighty torrent.

    Cui bono? Cannot even a 10 year old make the obvious inferences?

    AFAIK, neither Democrats nor Republicans, at the Federal level, are fighting the medical bureaucracy against their suppression of hydroxychloroqine and ivermectin. I suppose Rand Paul Sen. John Kerry are exceptions, but their “fighting” seems to be limited to exposing perps like Fauci. That’s better than nothing, but clearly the entire medical bureaucracy needs to be overhauled.

    Gateway Pundit is headlining “NOW WE HAVE PROOF: FBI and DHS Attempted to Recruit Green Beret to Infiltrate Oath Keepers Before Jan. 6 Riot — AND HE RECORDED IT”

    On Tuesday Revolver News published an important piece on the “unindicted co-conspirators” in the Jan. 6 attack who were never charged by the DOJ or FBI for their part in the violence on Jan. 6.

    The “unindicted co-conspirators” were frequently the most violent and leaders of the assault on the US Capitol. They are also likely FBI informants.

    I just loked at Josh Hawley’s twitter feed. Don’t see anything about this.

    42 minutes ago, Matt Gaetz tweeteed:
    “BREAKING: Congressman Matt Gaetz calls on FBI Director Christopher Wray to fully disclose the role and involvement of FBI operatives during the January 6th Capitol riot.”

    Good for him.

    He’s also retweeted Marjorie Taylor Greene on this.

    Good for her.

    Sen. Tom Cotton, nada.

    Sen. John Kennedy, nada.

    Is there any point to looking for ANY Democrats demanding the truth about the Jan 6 Deep State angle?

    Like with US funding of Wuhan coronavirus gain-of-function research, it looks like only a small sliver of Republicans will make a stink. Most Republicans, and most or all Democrats, will not rock the boat.

  6. Willy

    When DC public servants see all of their fellow Republican’s spouses driving new cars and certifiable idiots like MTG taking in millions of donation cash, while your own get death threats just for being ‘moderate’ Dems, I’d think that honest public service might seem a bit more like martyrdom.

    I get that Russia Russia Russia hysteria was the attempt to overfocus public attention on bit player machiavelli statecraft, but what the hell is TDS?

  7. Plague Species

    I hear Turkey is a great place to be and to move to if you’re disenchanted with America. Anyone else hear the same? Dmitry Orlov’s an American, right? If so, f*ck him, right? Since he’s an American? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to pack for Turkey — home of the freer and the braver.

  8. Plague Species

    Astrid is already working on McDonald’s reelection. Despite Biden’s remarkable deficiencies, he’s still a far cry better than McDonald Trump and his minions. There is no ideal and never will be.

  9. Ian Welsh

    Deleted the “fuckamerica” comment for ad-homs (not for criticizing what I have said in the past, which was some qualified praise and hope for Biden after his election when he put out some good budget plans.)

  10. I’m seeing stars!!!

  11. different clue

    ” TDS” stands for ” Trump Derangement Syndrome” . There are people who lose their rational mind and even behavioral self control if they hear the word “Trump” or even hear any Trump-adjacent word or concept. On the other hand, Trumpists will dismiss any criticism of Trump, however on-point and reality-based, as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” ( TDS).

    And before that came BDS ( Bush Derangement Syndrome) and CDS ( Clinton Derangement Syndrome), both as real afflictions and as handy go-to false accusations to stifle dissent.

    Strangely, no one ever offered the acronym ODS for (Guess-who Derangement Syndrome).

  12. Tucker Carlson apologized, last night, for being slow off the mark to focus on the FBI collusion aspect of Jan 6. (Of course, there are probably more duplicitous perps than FBI; e.g., useful idiot Antifa. Oh, and the Deep State is deeper than just the FBI. I’ll be there’s some embedded in the Capitol Police; and their ‘2nd paycheck’ isn’t from the FBI)

    They admitted in these documents* that the undercover agent was “Usually present it down like in in the groups meeting.”

    Using simple math, nearly half of the gang of kidnappers were working for the FBI. Remember the guy who suggested using a bomb to blow up a bridge as part of that plot?

    That got a lot of coverage. That guy was an undercover FBI agent. Oh, okay. So if you are wondering why they are always comparing January 6th to 9/11, there is your answer. They are using the same tactics. And a lot of us missed this the first time around. And you are due an apology.

    We didn’t see the obvious. If you empower the government to violate civil liberties in pursuit of a foreign terror organization, it’s just a matter of time before ambitious politicians use those same mechanisms to suppress political dissent. And that is what we are seeing now. We should’ve seen it earlier. They analyzed and freed terror prosecution from 2001-2013. He found that at least 50 defendants were on trial because of behavior that the FBI not only encouraged, but enabled.

    FBI agents were essentially the plotters in these crimes. They made the crimes.

    * regarding the FBI-infested plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer

  13. Willy

    I’m aware of Krauthammer’s coinage of “Derangement Syndrome” in sarcastic jest after Bush was re-elected and a few liberals proclaimed that they’d be moving to Canada. I’d simply call it “emotional overreaction”. Not my opinion mind you, but from his own neocon perspective.

    I’m also aware that many Bush conservatives transmogrified Krauthammer’s BDS into an actual affliction, oblivious to any sarcastic jesting.

    But I think Trump should clearly be different. I don’t think that declaring him a narcissistic con-artist selling snake oil was an over-reaction, even back in 2016. Or that declaring “Russia Russia Russia” could only ever be a different kind of over-reaction on behalf of another con-artist, except for maybe Hillary herself and her people. Hillary actually believed that her neoliberalism was still popular and couldn’t believe that it wasn’t, therefore the irrational excuses.

    But still, since “derangement syndrome” seems to be more of a personally-defined neologism, I ask how individuals themselves define it after they’ve accused others of it.

  14. DMC

    I and compelled to agree with metamars on this point at least, that there is considerably more than meets the eye to the whole January 6th situation. Neil McInnis, the leader of the Proud Boys, announced several weeks after the “insurrection” that he had been an FBI asset for some years now. A few weeks later, the leader of the Oathkeepers announced that he too had been a FBI asset from the beginning. As these two organizations with the principal instigators of the whole January 6th incident, I for one am convinced that both organizations where FBI honey traps from the outset and that consequently the whole January 6th incident served the dual purpose of embarrassing Trump and putting away a lot of right-wing agitators. That’s why it was so easy to round up those people, they had all their personal info up front. If this seems far-fetched at all to you remember it’s the FBI we’re talking about. Remember COINTELPRO, Mk-ULTRA, the Black Panthers,etc. Infiltrating right wing and left wing organizations is what they’re all about.

  15. Plague Species

    Every single one of McDonald’s supporters are afflicted with TDS. You have to be deranged to support that freak in any way, shape or form. He’s not the answer. The solution. He’s not a leader. He was the Terrorist in Chief who murdered not a stingy 3,000 on 9/11 but 600,000 since 2020.

  16. Plague Species

    The only apology I want from Smucker Charleston is his apology for being born.

  17. Plague Species

    42 minutes ago, Matt Gaetz tweeteed:
    “BREAKING: Congressman Matt Gaetz calls on FBI Director Christopher Wray to release to him nude photos of the Director’s wife and daughters for his personal pleasure.”

  18. Plague Species

    …of embarrassing Trump….

    Why bother doing what McDonald did so well himself every single moment of every single day and he’s still doing it? His mere existence is an embarrassment so it seems rather redundant and superfluous, inefficient in fact, to try to embarrass that which already so effectively embarrasses itself.

  19. R

    Sociopaths don’t get embarrassed. They don’t feel shame. And no one can make them. This is one reason they tend to be “charismatic”

    Also, sociopaths believe that if you get tricked or manipulated by them, it’s completely your fault. Even the ones in professional treatment tend to admit this.

    Since empathy can be taught, sociopath-y seems to also be teachable.

  20. I originally learned about this ratchet effect from Michael J. Smith of Stop Me Before I Vote Again. When republicans hold the government, the ratchet engages and the screws that bind the muppets tighten ever futher (austerity, precarity, wage deflation, powerlessness, etc.; i.e. oversuck). When democrats return to power, there’s a tick-tick-tick sound as the ratchet spins in reverse, an illusion of relief, but no pressure is actually released; the screws do not loosen. Finally, when the ratchet has been repositioned, the republicans return to power and the ratchet re-engages, and the tightening advances again. Can you hear that ticking sound now?

  21. different clue

    Here’s a Democratic Senator who certainly wants what Republicans want. This link is to an article about releases of phone-call between Manchin and Big Donors about how to manage this and that issue in the Senate.

    If non-Conservative Democratic citizens in West Virginia get upset enough by this to want pure revenge, they could put up a protest candidate to draw fellow non-Conservatives’ votes away from Manchin in his next election. If they could make Manchin lose, they could at least raise their own morale by discovering that they make the margin of difference which can prevent a “Manchin Democrat” from ever again being elected in West Virginia, ever ever again.

    Worth a try?

  22. @Lukewearechange has a 6 hour old tweet showing Jimmy Dore complaining about the lingering after effects of his vaccination. The backdrop shows a graphic from the TrialSiteNews website or youtube channel, talking about ivermectin.

    However, I don’t see any recent Dore video that has a title suggesting ivermectin related news. The graphic has a date of May 28, 2021, so I searched he youtube channel for some possibilities in this date range. “Fact Checkers Take A Beating On Lab Leak Theory” seems to fit the bill, but searching through it’s transcript shows no hits for ivermectin.

    A comment, however, says, “C’mon Jimmy do a deep dive on Ivermectin, and how they are suppressing a cure and a preventive for Covid that is as cheap and safe as aspirin.”

    So it looks like the ivermectin content was excised from this video. It’s 40 minutes long, but what looks like the corresponding podcast hosted on the Jimmy Dore website “COVID Fact Checkers Wrong Again!” is 1:08 long.


    As if that’s not enough, Kim Iverson has a new youtube video called “YouTube REMOVES Bret Weinstein’s Interview With Dr. Pierre Kory Over “Controversial” Drug” – Dr. Kory being a leading advocate of ivermectin, which Iversen is too scared (with good reason) to mention by name in past videos of hers. She refers to it as “the drug that sounds like my name”.

  23. There’s a 2 week old vimeo video “Dr Pierre Kory (MD) and Dr Bret Weinstein (PhD)”, which is apparently the same video.

  24. Mark Pontin

    [1] *Is* the U.S. still the hegemonic power? Granted, it still has the world’s reserve currency. But I don’t think it is, actually.

    [2] S. Dundee’s explication of the Dem-Rep ratchet effect is the standard one.
    i.e. “… republicans hold the government, the ratchet engages and … tightens … When democrats return to power, there’s … an illusion of relief, but no pressure is actually released … Finally, when the ratchet has been repositioned, the republicans return to power and the ratchet re-engages.”

    But that ‘standard model’ is naive. In the real world, the Dems actively play the critical ‘only Nixon can go to China’ role. If you look back at the last thirty years, it’s the Dems who push through GATT and NAFTA, get GlassSteagall repealed, foreclose on 10 million American homes, give $28 trillion to the bankers, etcetera, et-bloody-cetera.

  25. someofparts

    That includes right-wing Democrats. Yesterday an old liberal friend who only gets his news from liberal corporate television accused Naked Capitalism and this website of being branches of Q-anon.

  26. someofparts

    That last post was a direct response to what Ian posted, before I read the comments.

    There’s a line from an old Roches song that goes “When the sky falls down, we play on the ground.” That sort of sums up my plans for dealing with the problems Ian is describing as we move forward in our current timeline.

  27. Plague Species

    …it’s the Dems who push through GATT and NAFTA, get GlassSteagall repealed,…

    This is a blatant duplicitous misrepresentation. The Dems certainly went along with it, but it was always a Republican-led initiative proposed and pushed by a Republican-controlled Congress. All three sponsors of the bill whose names are on the bill, Graham-Leach-Bliley, were Republicans, so no, it wasn’t the Dems who pushed through the repeal of Glass-Steagall, but they certainly were complicit in passing it and offered no opposition.

    Here’s the vote statistics. Biden and Schumer obviously voted for it as did Reid. Feingold and Wellstone voted against it. Wellstone is dead, perhaps murdered, and Feingold is no more and part of why he is no more you can be sure is because he didn’t play his part. He should consider himself lucky to be alive unlike Wellstone.

  28. Mark Pontin

    The Democrats pushed Glass-Steagall over the finish line in 1999 under a Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who signed it into law.

  29. Mark Pontin

    Glass-Steagall repeal, that is.

  30. Brace for incoming Greenwald-hate!


    Glenn Greenwald
    Jun 16, 2021
    Liberals are apoplectic about these questions regarding advanced FBI infiltration of groups involved in the January 6 Capitol riot because liberals (as polls show) now revere FBI & CIA, and thus view any suggestion that they acted nefariously or deceitfully as weird & offensive.

    BTW, if polls are saying liberals revere the FBI and CIA, then I’d be wary of those polls. I sort of fact-checked a claim by Pew about Americans favoring the TPP, by showing most of those I polled, personally, didn’t even know what the TPP was. You can’t be for something you have no idea, about. Unfortunately, my write-up was posted on, which can’t be accessed. Not sure if it’s findable by waybackmachine, but I tried a simple search.

  31. Ché Pasa

    Many Dems are (“former”) Rs. Especially on the pundit and internet circuits. But it’s sometimes true of electeds as well. I first noticed Dems becoming best pals with and obedient servants of Rs during the Nixon years, but I’m sure it was going on before that. It was such a shock after the progressive domestic policy push by LBJ. Of course, these days Nixon is considered a raving Communist compared to today’s Rs.

    The point was ceding power and authority over policy to the Rs. No matter who is in the White House or which party has a majority in Congress, that doesn’t change. Dems yield to Rs, always. Even when Dems pass legislation by their ownselves — like ACA — they pass Republican originated and crafted legislation.

    Given the level of intransigence by Rs, it’s pretty clear there will be little done on behalf of the People so long as Ds have the gavels and the White House. When that changes, perhaps much sooner than we think, we’ll see things get done, but they probably won’t be to our liking.

  32. Soredemos


    Russigate was an attempt (largely successful, at least looking at what most liberals now believe) at manufacturing ‘machiavelli statecraft’ out of whole cloth as a way to excuse Hillary Clinton losing to a gameshow host.

    The reality is that for most liberals Trump simply offended their sensibilities. It was never much more than that. We had four years of hysterical screeching about him, but what liberals pretended to be outraged about mostly ranged from completely made up (“he’s appeasing Putin!”) to stuff that they instantly stopped caring about the second he was gone (‘kids in cages’ is the one that is probably most blatant).

    Trump was largely just another shitty Republican, albeit an incredibly clumsy one. The degree to which there was continuity with past administrations, including Obama’s, was high, as has been the continuity between Trump and Biden.

    @Plague Species

    You’re peddling straight revisionism. Clinton was an enthusiastic supporter of deregulation. Being a ‘new kind of Democrat’ was what he built his rise through the Party on.

    I refer you to Thomas Frank’s documentation of how enthusiastically the Clintonites of the 90s openly bragged about how they could be more big business friendly at the expense of labor, because they believed the proles would vote for them anyway because they had “nowhere else to go”.

  33. Willy

    Soredemos, you mean that “Russia Russia Russia” was big libtard medias way to make nice with the corporate powers that sponsors them? You’d hope that Hillary would’ve been smart enough to know that the jig was up, having lost to a game show host even worse than Chuck Barris.

    And of course big media wouldn’t make it a point to clearly report why.

    Still, I find it interesting that the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is far more popular than “Clinton Derangement Syndrome”. Weren’t both just grifters who were both damaging to the American dream, albeit each in their own way?

  34. Plague Species

    You’re peddling straight revisionism.

    No I’m not and your example is not proof of that. I agree that Clinton and the DNC changed course entirely during the Clinton administration and that Clinton was happy to sign Graham-Leach-Bliley into law because it fit with the new Wall Street friendly Dem paradigm. None of that changes the fact that it was the Republicans who created the bill. They were out front on it. They sponsored it and they pushed for it. The Dems gleefully acquiesced and held the door open to it, but “push” is a misrepresentation. They accommodated it which is an indictment of the Dems in and of itself.

    I say this because there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans. Yes, both parties are part of the same political coin and both serve the same master, but as Stanley underscored and I agree, the Republicans are the ratchet and the Dems set that ratchet up and support it when in fact if they were truly an oppositional party, they could have annihilated the Republicans ten times over by now.

    I will not subscribe to your notion or Mark Pontin’s because it is meant to throw rubes back into the clutches of McDonald Trump and the Republicans and we just witnessed for the past four years what that really means. It means hell and beyond.

    I’ll take the sh*t sandwich to hell and beyond since they are our only options.

  35. different clue

    A book about President Clinton’s key crucial role in getting NAFTA passed was written by John R McArthur. Here is a NOmazon link to blurb etc. about that book.

    Clinton didn’t just “go along”. Clinton played the Democratic ” only Nixon who could go to China” for NAFTA, against New Deal Era laws and regulations, for WTO membership for America, for MFN for China, etc.

    I have read that Clinton also wanted to work with Gingrich in a bi-partisan conspiracy to destroy Social Security but the Lewinski affair got in Clinton’s way. Lewinski and then the Republican Impeachment effort is what sidelined and distracted Clinton from destroying Social Security so that I would have nothing at retirement. So I thank Lewinski and the House Impeachment Effort for saving my Social Security from the Clintonite scum.

    But the Clintonite scum were able to drive America into the Free Trade tar pit, and set the stage for making America into China’s colony.

  36. different clue

    Naked Capitalism has recently run an anti-Hamilton article by Matt Stoller. Tony Wikrent has long written of his different view on Hamilton’s meaning and contribution.
    Perhaps Tony Wikrent might want to write a reply in the NaCap thread countering Stoller’s arguments?

    Anyway, here is the Stoller link.

    And here is the particular NaCap post it came from.

  37. Soredemos

    @Plague Species

    “I will not subscribe to your notion or Mark Pontin’s because it is meant to throw rubes back into the clutches of McDonald Trump and the Republicans and we just witnessed for the past four years what that really means. It means hell and beyond.”

    1. It’s not ‘meant’ to do anything. I didn’t vote for Trump, either time, and I’m not encouraging anyone to do so.

    2. Whether you subscribe to it or not doesn’t change the reality that it’s a fact.

    3. You can’t beat something with nothing. If the Democrats are going to continue offering up nothing to the majority of people, many people aren’t going to turn up to vote for Democrats. And some number of people are going to actively switch to the Republicans. The counter to a fake populist is an actual populist, and the Democrats have made abundantly clear, twice, what they think of that kind of route.

    4. What a lack of perspective. Four years of Trump was basically four years of nothing, as the idiot couldn’t actually accomplish much even with both Houses and the Presidency. ‘Hell’ was the George W. Bush years. Trump was mostly four years of a monkey smearing shit all over the walls. His most important legacy will be all the judicial appointments which…the Dems kept voting in favor of.

  38. Plague Species

    That’s not nothing and it’s just the tip of iceberg as far as McDonald Trump is concerned. Just because McDonald didn’t start a foreign war, doesn’t mean he did nothing. His war was on the American people, specifically America’s poor and getting poorer. I know, that makes anti-Americans happy happy which reveals the true colors of all the so-called “anti-war activists” who carry water for Russia and China.

    Some say McDonald did nothing when it came to the pandemic and the spread of the virus in America. I say he did do something. He allowed it to spread. He enabled it to spread. He went out of his way to make sure anyone who tried to keep it from spreading was squashed.

    Those who call for collapse of America and clamor for it are imbeciles. A destabilized America is a many times more dangerous America. All those nukes and the launch codes to them won’t collapse and in fact, with a destabilized America they are are much more likely to be used. McDonald Trump’s mission, even if he wasn’t conscious of it and privy to it and to the fact he was a tool and a foil, was to destabilize America into collapse. The foreign adversaries responsible for promulgating this are quite literally playing with a fire. They are not only immune from the fire they are starting, but in fact they may very well be the ultimate target of the fire they’re stoking. A fire that will rid ALL of us of our worries and concerns for good.

  39. Soredemos

    Trump was indeed a terrible leader in regards to covid. But also the points of failure were in many cases at the state and even local level. I largely fail to see how things would have been particularly different had Clinton been in charge, particularly given how the US has insanely decided to turn a pandemic into a culture war.

    Trump also did Operation Warpspeed, which worked. That’s just a simple fact, however much liberals might want to memory hole it (it’s even had its .gov page removed).

    As for ‘war on the American people’, where have you been the last fifty years that you think Trump stands out?

    ‘The foreign adversaries responsible for promulgating this’. Oh, Christ. You’re still into these conspiracy theories? Russiagate crashed and burned; get over it.

    The rest is strawman, though I will note that ‘rogue nukes!’ was also a fear in regards to the Soviet Union that never amounted to anything, other than a million terrible technothrillers.

  40. Plague Species

    Trump was a terrible leader in regards to everything and anything. Operation Warp Speed was about murdering as many Americans as he could manage before he was ushered out of office kicking and screaming that the election was stolen from him

    You’re a fool if you believe Putin doesn’t want to do to America what America did to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. China would like it too so it can step in and buy the rest of America up on the cheap. China could use all that Great Lakes water.

    What’s absurd is to think uncollapsed America will go to war with either Russia or China. That would never happen in an uncollapsed America. It could very well happen in a collapsed America and it would be nuclear because there would be no other way. Just because Russia didn’t go insane and launch its nukes after the Soviet collapse doesn’t mean America wouldn’t. Afterall, you and yours continue to remind us that it was America who developed The Bomb and used it first on not one but two cities. The sentiment of that decision still resides in Trump’s base.

  41. Soredemos

    “Operation Warp Speed was about murdering as many Americans as he could manage before he was ushered out of office kicking and screaming that the election was stolen from him”

    Ah so you’re just crazy. Now I understand.

  42. Plague Species

    So let me get this straight. Haste, in this case haste in the name of profit which it’s often in the name of, does NOT make waste? That’s what you’re saying? It’s certainly the implication of you calling me insane in regard to my commentary about McDonald and Operation Warp Speed.

    Being the mRNA expert that you are and the multi-credentialed virologist you are, rebut Robert Malone in the video below, the inventor of the mRNA technology. Oh, that’s right, according to Mark Pontin who likes to split hairs even if said hairs are from wigs, mRNA is not a technology. It’s simply nature.

    Anyway, the take away from this Bret Weinstein video is that there are problems with the Pfizer vaccine. The inventor himself of mRNA technology obviously doesn’t discount mRNA vaccine technology but he does criticize the Pfizer vaccine and its hasty rollout without proper testing. The health implications of this hasty rollout could be substantial in the next decade as the clip discusses.

    I remember McDonald saying about lockdowns that the cure can’t be worse than the bite. Except when it comes to vaccines. Of course, what the wily McDonald really meant was, the bite can never be allowed to impede growth, hence a hasty untested faulty vaccine is fine because any long term deaths it causes can easily not be attributed to it as the profits continue to flow like milk and honey.

    Operation Warp Profit. Operation Warp Cancer. Cancer, like pandemics, is a profit industry too. The more cancer, the more profit. A vaccine causing an increase in cancer is a good thing, as Martha says. McDonald’s happy happy and so too are his friends, America’s shareholders.

  43. Soredemos

    Now I don’t even know what you’re babbling about. You also seem to think only one vaccine exists.

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