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Coronavirus Bungling Is What We Voted For

Okay, let’s lay it on the line.

Donald Trump is a blithering idiot, and he’s incompetent at the actual mechanics of running a government. This isn’t to deny his other competencies in bullying and running a campaign, but he’s obviously mentally deficient.

He is bungling the Coronavirus response. That’s going to lead to a lot of dead people, including a lot of old people who, forgive me, voted for him.

Meanwhile, there is a Democratic primary going on in which the candidate who is obviously suffering from dementia and doesn’t want universal health care is winning.

So apparently, Democrats also want to be governed by an incompetent, they just weren’t offered one before.

If you elect incompetents, they will do incompetent things–like bungle epidemic responses.

Then we have Britain, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson is bungling the response, including, hilariously, not shutting down Parliament. Apparently, British elites are now so inbred and incompetent that they can no longer even manage the basics, like, “killing the commoners while staying alive ourselves.”

Britain has possibly the lowest number of beds per capita in Europe. When it gets hit hard, people are going to die in droves. Likely millions.

Brits had two chances to vote for Corbyn. If they’d elected him in 2017, he’d have re-staffed the NHS and opened many more beds. Nor is it possible to imagine that he would have bungled the response to the epidemic in this manner.

The British media, according to an academic study, lied about Corbyn over 75 percent of the time. They suggested Labour was anti-semitic, when the evidence showed to be trivial amounts, no greater than under Blair. They actively campaigned against him.

Every “journalist” and producer who did so has blood on their hands, and it’s going to be a lot of blood.

But voters have responsibilities, too. I have sympathy for those who are going to suffer and die, and I’m in the moderate risk group (over 50, bad lungs). But we have been voting for incompetents who have gutted any collective action ability for decades.

I live in Ontario, ruled by Doug Ford. Dougie is arguably more incompetent and slightly more evil than Trump. He is bungling the response. Trudeau, our Prime Minister, who is very pretty and has nice abs, is bungling the response. There were competent alternatives to these people, but those competent alternatives were left-wing (NDP) and wanted to help the poors, and the electorate didn’t want that. (“Oh no! A poor might be helped!”)

Well, now the poors weren’t helped and the old people who voted to not help the poors (because, yes, that’s how these elections all went) are going to die.

I do have sympathy, because I don’t like people suffering, but when people deliberately take action to ensure other people don’t get help, when they deliberately elect incompetents (even ones who are obviously suffering from mental problems like Trump, Bush, and Biden), and then find out that they too will suffer? Well, one’s sympathy has to be somewhat leavened.

Oh, and it’s still a, umm, thing of terrible beauty to see that Britain’s leadership class has so degraded that they are keeping Parliament open so that they can die along with their subjects. Not because they’re noble, but because they are stupid.

You couldn’t make this stuff up. No one would believe this in fiction; that people could be so stupid, short-sighted, mean, and venal–especially against their own self interests.

But here we are.

Meanwhile, I like my readers, so kindly take care of yourself. If you’re in a place early on the curve, and especially if old, take the precautions. Remember, systems will be overwhelmed in many places, and there will not be enough beds or ventilators. This is not a drill. Do what you can to save your life.

Edit: And…the panic buying has hit Toronto, where I live. Went to the local supermarket, and locusts had descended.

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Taking the Coronvirus Seriously


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  1. different clue

    @ Ian Welsh,

    Do you remember what the alternative was?

    The alternative was an administration of antirussianitic culture-racist antirussianites and jihad supporters ( Syria) who were eager to take reckless risks of thermonuclear exchange between the only two peer nuclear powers on earth.

    Since Clinton posed the greater danger of thermonuclear exchange with Russia, I voted for Trump because Trump was the lesser evil on that particular issue. If the Democrats find a way to install Clinton onto the ticket yet again, I will vote for Trump yet again because coronavirus will kill way fewer than a thermonuclear exchange with Russia would kill.

    Sometimes Hobson’s Pastry Tray is all life presents us with.


    different clue, stop. Just stop.

    Meanwhile, the Richie Riches are evacuating and self-quarantining in their bunker hideaways in far off places like New Zealand and Patagonia and they’re taking their personal physicians, and I assume the personal physicians’ families, with them to ride out the pandemic storm.

    I’m all for forming a band of brothers called The Hunters where we identify these bunker hideaways and weld the bastards in their underground tombs so they can never surface again. Anyone game? We can write books about our mission when it’s all said and done and Hollywood can make movies about it and Amazon Prime and Netflix can have original series based on the story if we survive the pandemic storm.

  3. KT Chong

    There has been lots of talks of COVID 19 was engineered by America as a bio-weapon to wreck havoc on China’s economy and growth. If it was, then it will most certainly backfire in America. China has an authoritarian system, in which the government can lock down entire cities and people would comply to effectively control the spread the coronavirus. Now that COVID 19 has spread into the America, the impact of the epidemic will most certainly be more devastating to US economy and population than it has for China. The US government cannot lock down cities, and Americans are not compliant people who would just obey their government’s instructions. The US also does not have an universal or even affordable healthcare system, so a lot of people would be priced out of being diagnosis (which cost over $3000 even for many people who have insurance but high deductibles) and treatments. Basically, the US does not have as many effective options or tools available (as China do) to control the spread of the coronavirus. Which means, if COVID 19 was indeed a bio-weapon aimed at China, it will most certainly backfire on the US many times over.

    Here is a way to definitively know if COVID-19 is an engineered bio-weapon: if a year or two from now, the US is struck by a viral epidemic or a series of viral epidemics, and the viruses specifically target White and/or Anglo people, that means China knows COVID-19 and all the recent epidemics were the works of the US government, and China is taking revenge and retaliation against Americans. That is how we will find out for sure that COVID-19 was engineered by America.

  4. me

    The gaia hypothesis requires a \”planetary immune response\” revision. Where covid-19 has had economic and social impact pollution is way down.

    Maybe voting for fear and incompetence globally has an upside for fragile, plantation-guttered ecosystems.

    Probably not, though. The Chattering Ape is clever about its capacity for delusion and destruction. Especially clever about the delusions that manage to kill off inconvenient poors, olds and browns who don\’t know how to network chatter about structured efficiencies and social triage.

  5. KT Chong

    And, of course, given the lack of accessible and affordable healthcare in America, the US will most certainly lose to China in an all-out bio/viral-warfare.

  6. NR

    The fact that people have to invent wild fantasies of global thermonuclear war happening under Clinton in order to justify voting for Trump is extremely telling.

  7. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    @NR: Also wild fantasies of engineered viruses.

    More and more, the Hard Left and the Hard Right look like fraternal twins to me.

  8. edmondo

    The fact that people have to invent wild fantasies of global thermonuclear war happening under Clinton …

    I guess we’re “inventing” Joe’s senility too? Because I will vote for the senile Republican who can only be president for 4 more years before I vote for the senile Republican who can be president for 8 years. If Biden is the best that the Dems can do. they deserve to lose and I’ll do my part to help them.

  9. Willy

    If coronavirus was engineered then why is the kill rate only 2-3 percent, targeting mostly very elderly or respiratory infirmed? For most people the symptoms are like just another cold.

    My Dr. Evil supervirus will target only young virile males with large penises. Some day I shall be having so many of the women to myself! Bwahahahahaha!

  10. Willy

    I’ve been saying it and I’ve been saying it. Trunps kind of people are only good at pretending to be ubermensch. Behind the curtain they’re not even close to being cowardly professors. But it’s the enablers who have the real issues. Why can’t they see who’s full of shit anymore? China’s pandemic response, hell even Iran’s, has been superior to the ‘now full of shit’ USAs.

  11. different clue

    @K T Chong,

    The America-diddit “theory” is a Chinese Communist regime Blood Libel meant to distract its Chinese subjects from the ChinaGov’s own initial persecution of alert doctors for trying to bring attention to a new disease in its earliest stages. ( If the ChinaGov really believed that, would they now be suppressing the bathing-in-fresh-mixed-blood filthy germy petri-dish live-animals-butchered-while-you-watch meat markets?

    If the Great Han Nazi-Lebensraum ( see Tibet, Sinjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc.) Red Fascist Regime wishes to make and send a ” whites only” disease here, that only proves that they know how to do that. It would do nothing to lend any truth to their Blood Libel. And such a racial-specific disease would call attention to its being engineered for racial specificity. ( And of course since most American Blacks are 30% or so White ancestry, they might be vulnerable as well. Which would not concern the Nazi Communists one little bit).

    The proper response to such a germ-warfare attack would be to find and exterminate every leader and cadre of the Chinese Communist Party . . . from top to bottom . . . . so that no Communist is left alive in that country. Since it would be the Communists specifically, not the Chinese in general, who would launch such a disease, just as it is the Communists who invented this Blood Libel to begin with.

  12. R.B.

    I love the smell of the collapse of capitalism under the weight of its own contradictions in the morning. Smells like freedom.

  13. different clue

    I don’t care what the pro-jihadi antirussianite racist Clintobama Bidenite garbage filth scum-people think about my opinion, just as long as they understand that if they put their cannibal-liver-eating-jihadi-loving Wall Street Fascist warpig on their ticket again, that I will be voting for Trump again.

    As long as they know THAT, they can think whatever they like about ME.

  14. Jace


    I can’t find any data that shows that viruses can be tailored to a phenotype expression like melanin concentration or epicanthic folds.

  15. Ché Pasa

    “We” — as in the US electorate — did not vote Trump and his bungling and corruption into office. More Americans voted for Hillary in 2016. More Americans voted for someone other than Trump or Hillary or did not vote at all in the 2016 presidential election than voted for Trump.

    The US electoral system is so designed that those who do not receive a majority or plurality of popular votes can nevertheless be elected president, and that’s what happened in 2016. Unless the US electoral system is changed, it’ll happen again, too.

    The problem is intrinsic. The voters make their choices, but usually what they can choose from is chosen for them. Ironically, it was worse in the past. This is part of why I say our elections have never been free and fair and they aren’t now.

    The problem isn’t fixed, in fact it gets worse election by election, because it benefits certain powerful interests, and over time the outcome of elections skews ever more rightward no matter who the voters choose (again, they did not choose Trump.)

  16. Benjamin

    @different clue

    Because the choices were so bad half the country that could vote didn’t bother to show up for anyone.

    I think probably any other Democrat, no matter how bland, could have beaten Trump (he really was a ludicrous candidate), but the DNC contrived to hitch their wagon to possibly the only politician awful and inept enough to lose.

    @Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    Of course, to you the ‘hard left’ is anyone to the left of Truman (including Truman himself).

    The actual hard left would have already labeled you a reactionary element and sent you to a work camp.

  17. someofparts

    This afternoon I got a glimpse into how Delta Airlines is managing its way through the economic hardships ahead for airlines. They are being incredibly fair and flexible with their employees.

    It was very encouraging to hear about it. I hope other companies handle the impact of these dislocations on their employees as well as Delta is doing.

  18. anon

    My state does not have many confirmed cases so far, but the actual number is definitely much higher than what is being reported. I expect the number of cases to explode in the next week or two. This is just the beginning for North America’s battle with the coronavirus, and it will be much uglier in America than what we are seeing in Asia and Europe.

    Things move in a much more orderly pace in East Asia. Citizens obey orders from their leadership, even in so-called democratic countries like Japan and South Korea. It’s a very different culture compared to America. That type of order will not exist here. There will understandably be more anger in America since millions more will suffer and die due to lack of health care. If you do manage to get adequate care and survive, you may want to die once you see your hospital bill.

    I do not like to see people die, but a pandemic may be the only way to open people’s eyes to the urgency to implement universal health care. People become a lot more sympathetic to gun laws, health care, and LGBTQ rights once it affects themselves or their family, and these issues become personal. If small countries with universal health care and free coronavirus testing are running out of hospital beds and seeing thousands of people die, many more are guaranteed to die in America.

  19. Hugh

    Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has tested positive for the coronavirus. Trudeau has gone into a voluntary two week quarantine, but has not yet taken a test because he currently is not exhibiting any symptoms.

  20. Benjamin

    It’s stupidity, plain and simple.

    But it’s not some sort of all-encompassing stupidity. Most people aren’t stupid as a kind of permanent state of being. It’s an activity. They choose to be politically ignorant. If the average person knew even 1/10th about politics what they know about things that don’t matter (sports, crappy TV shows, various hobbies) we would be in much better shape.

    We live in societies that actively encourage political illiteracy. But we don’t live in totalitarian societies where the only way to access unsanctioned information is to risk acquiring samizdat publications. The internet exists (and besides and before it, libraries). At some point people could simply resolve to stop being political dumbasses.

  21. Ché Pasa

    The other problem with the US presidency is that once installed it is all but impossible for the people — or anyone — to get rid of a malfunctioning incumbent. Impeachment doesn’t work, and elections every four years is too long to wait when there is an unintended monster in office.

    When commenters say we’re screwed no matter what, that’s pretty much right.

  22. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    “The actual hard left would have already labeled you a reactionary element and sent you to a work camp.”

    Of course, “hard left” is a relative term. I am using the standards of contemporary USAmerican politics.

    But yes, you may be right about your quote.

    So, it’s a good thing for me that the “actual hard left” has even less chance of coming to power in the USA within my lifetime (I will complete my 57th solar orbit in May) than I have of someday actually winning those Publisher’s Clearing House contests I keep entering online. (WTF, as long as entry is free, why not?) 😆

  23. anon y'mouse

    take care of yourself, Ian.

  24. Bobbyk

    Besides this site, there is only one other I know of that supports Senator Sanders. The so-called progressive sites are all in on Biden, they’re as stupid as the republicans.

  25. Zachary Smith

    People speak of an Either / Or situation if the choice comes down to Trump or Biden. They need to keep in mind there is as yet no obligation to embrace Horrible Candidate R vs Horrible Candidate D. Or as in 2016, Moronic Monster R vs War Criminal D.

    One of two Unqualified Candidates may be certain to “win”, but I don’t have to have my fingerprints on him or her.

    I’m a slow learner – I ought to have noticed how much of a joke the 2016 Dem Primary campaign turned out to be. (and how could a person forget the naked force used by the Supreme Court in 2000? I did!) It has taken the 2020 manipulations by the Corporate Media, the Billionaires, and the DNC to finally make me realize modern “democracy” in the US is an ugly joke. This is no longer a “conspiracy theory”, but a stark fact.

    I won’t be surprised to see some more examples of the shameless control of our so-called “free elections” this year. That’s because I don’t figure even the Power Elites will be willing to place their lives and fortunes in the hands of Joe Biden. Not unless they have access to some kind of technology like the old brain control implants studied and trialed by José Delgado many decades ago.

  26. NR

    @different clue:

    “pro-jihadi antirussianite racist Clintobama Bidenite garbage filth scum-people”

    Maybe some time away from the internet would be good for you.

  27. Benjamin

    @Zachary Smith

    (and how could a person forget the naked force used by the Supreme Court in 2000? I did!)

    To this day, Liberals, if they can manage to think back as far as 2000, do so only to continue blaming Nader. Aside from the fact that objectively he had nothing to do with Gore losing, Liberals are completely forgetting how the Democrats simply allowed the SC to overrule democracy and appoint a president. A fucking wholesale disruption of the constitutional order, and all they could do is punch down to a guy with no power. Loathsome.

    What they should have done was gotten people into the streets in protest. If ever there was a time for collective action and civil disobedience, that was it.

    @Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    Like I said, to you the ‘hard left’ would be the party of FDR.

  28. Ian Welsh

    What I remember is that Bernie ran in 2016 too, and was obviously superior to Clinton. There were other options, Democrats didn’t want them.

  29. screwtheboomers

    I remember Joe Biden saying he has no empathy for millennials. Well, I have no empathy for boomers. Enjoy the mess you\’ve made.

  30. someofparts

    in his first inaugural address, Ronald Reagan said this: “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

    Spend four decades building the case that the federal government is a hindrance to personal freedom and economic prosperity and, sooner or later, people will think anybody can run it and will elect themselves an entertaining moron to do so.

  31. different clue


    Thank you for your interest in my comment. I am always happy to hear from you. Please let me know if you have any other concerns.

  32. different clue


    Progressive sites for Biden . . . . stupid? or evil?

    @Zachary Smith,

    You are coRRECT, sir. There is voting for something else. There is not voting on the presidential line at all.

    If only bunches of independent-minded supporters of Sanders and also Gabbard will just strike out on their own and get Sanders’s name and also Gabbard’s name put on the presidential line section of all 50 state ballots. Then some unhappy campers will have two MORE ways to vote for something completely different.

  33. different clue


    okay, Junior.

    Also, Biden was born in 1942. So . . . not a boomer.

  34. different clue,

    Stop? Just stop? Really? Have I exceeded your tolerance load-limit?

    I sit here smiling and remembering the good old days of my youth . . . that time when I could eat a lot of food. I was thrown out of two different all-you-can-eat restaurants when I was at the height of my powers.

    Stop? Just stop? Ah no . . . . I am the Energizer Bunny. I just keep going and going . . and going . . . and going . . . .

    At my own pace, of course. And in my own unique way.

  35. Charlie

    “Apparently British elites are now so inbred and incompetent that they can no longer even manage the basics like “killing the commoners while staying alive ourselves.””

    I’m seeing a lot of panic in these comments. Hillary would have been just as incompetent a leader as Trump. She has the persuasive technique and political skills of a turnip to go with a huge helping of narcissism and roughly 3/4 of the population knew it. But this gets to my larger point that addresses Ian’s quote above.

    Not only are the British elites who are so inbred and incompetent, but elites (and the populace) nearly everywhere except for very few places where the elites and commoners actually intermingle.

    My friends, this is what assortative mating gets you. Inbreds and incompetents. While we only look at inbreeding through phenotypes, genotypes such as “intelligence” when paired can result in some really inbred and incompetent people. Not that the kids are not “intelligent” in the book sense, but in that they have no clue how to function when reality is in front of their nose. And here we are.

  36. Charlie

    Referencing The Hunters: We can begin here:

  37. different clue

    @K T Chong,

    I was recently looking at reddit and stumbled upon this posted video. It purports to be a video posted by a woman from the Wuhan area saying what she thinks. I can find no sound setting. Maybe I just missed it. So I do not know if what are purported to be subtitle translations of what she is saying really are. Maybe you have more internet skills than I have and you can find the sound and hear what she is really saying.

    I re-offer this here because IF it is what it purports to be, THEN it would reflect some of the popular sentiment simmering and festering in China. And the ChinaGov Regime Lords would certainly want to try diverting it and grounding it out with their diversionary Blood Libel involving fake theories of ” engineered virus warfare.”

    here is the link.

  38. Hugh

    The truth is that the response to the coronavirus could not have been worse if it had been run by a game show host.

    It is inexplicable to me how the Democrats can nominate a string of really brilliant candidates and great campaigners (Gore, Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Biden) who nevertheless lose. I suspect sabotage, maybe a Russian-Chinese-Martian engineered dumbitis virus targeting US voters –or the DNC.

  39. Mark Pontin

    Gare du Midi

    A nondescript express in from the South,
    Crowds round the ticket barrier, a face
    To welcome which the mayor has not contrived
    Bugles or braid: something about the mouth
    Distracts the stray look with alarm and pity.
    Snow is falling, Clutching a little case,
    He walks out briskly to infect a city
    Whose terrible future may have just arrived.

    -W.H. Auden

  40. Jeff in Texas

    I voted for Bernie. Biden has dementia and was a terrible candidate even back when he had his faculties. But you have to be willfully blind to not see that even a Biden administration would be infinitely more competent than our current leadership. Trump has surrounded himself with racist morons, and they’re getting people killed as we speak. There are systemic issues playing into our inability to adequately respond to this crisis that have been decades in the making, but even so, the Trump team is criminally negligent at best and thousands will die who did not have to. WE CANNOT EVEN TEST FOR THE FUCKING VIRUS. Because Trump wants his numbers low. It is criminal, and deadly.

  41. bruce wilder

    Biden is a “really brilliant candidate and great campaigner”?

    I would “have to be willfully blind to not see that even a Biden administration would be infinitely more competent than our current leadership”??

    Fever is a symptom.


    Charlie, thanks for that. I’m heartened to know I’m not alone in my sentiment & strategy. So, who’s game? Let’s get this on. It will be an Erik Prince type outfit, but for good versus evil. The time has come.


    Hey hackers, for the love of god I implore you to publicly expose the Stephen Miller/Israel Mossad connection. There’s a slew of communication that needs to be exposed to the light of day. Americans are going to needlessly die in droves because of Israel’s criminal influence in American politics and governance. Do you hear that China? Israel is behind and directly involved in blaming you for the virus. Stephen Miller is Mossad and he’s directing Trump to call this the Wuhan Virus and the Chinese Virus. It’s time for you to face facts and consider Israel your mortal enemy just as it’s time for Americans to do the same.


    This WAS SUPPOSED TO BE a discussion about COVFEFE-19 and instead it’s devolved into polarized politics as usual, that’s what I mean by stop, different clue.

    I don’t want to hear or see Hillary’s name again. I’m sick of it. This is now. That was then. The dynamic has changed and is changing and you and your ilk want to keep regressing to a time that is obviously no longer relevant except as passing reference.

    God has spoken to Mike Pompeo and instructed him to nuke China for creating and spreading COVFEFE-19. Pompeo with the aid of Israel is laying the groundwork from a propaganda standpoint for an attack on China using the rationale that China has purposely started a biological war.

    There must be a military coup to prevent this or else there could be a world war. These people are this nuts. Pompeo believes in the rapture and armageddon. He’s insane. He’s Trump’s Curtis LeMay.

    Pompeo has pull within the military and will resist being ousted. Some of the military will resist and a civil war could ensue. We’re damned if we stay the course and allow these lunatics to stay in power and we’re damned if we take appropriate actions to mitigate this unfolding calamity. It’s the not the virus itself, it’s the effects the virus has on our fragile egg of a system.

  45. Ché Pasa

    The Outbreak is changing the governing paradigm before our eyes, and yet there are lingering animosities due to past political, economic and social failings and their accumulated detritus.

    1) Note the significant increase in government authoritarianism. We’re seeing the Orders come down from State governments all over the country prohibiting mass gatherings among many, many prohibitions and commands. This was all pre-gamed so most isn’t new, it just hasn’t been implemented as thoroughly and directly.

    2) The presidency is jokifying itself into irrelevance, as the pronouncements from the White House are disbelieved, disputed, contradicted, and dismissed routinely. Trump is incapable of leadership, and consensus is growing that “even Pence” would be better under the circumstances.

    3) Trump may well not finish his term due to his incompetence/incoherence — or because he’s a victim of the virus. Another coup attempt is likely underway. Expect another Alexander Haig to declare himself “in charge” by the end of the month.

    4) Experts are predicting 1,000,000 dead or more in the USA by the time this Outbreak is controlled, 90% of which could have been prevented with appropriate and early detection, treatment and containment. It’s too late now, and the responsibility for failure lies in the laps of the federal authorities: White House, CDC, Congress, and their controlling interests — which have nothing to do with the People and their interests.

    5) The political game has changed, perhaps (let’s hope) forever. We may not have an election in November (“postponed,” they’ll tell us). Nevertheless, many of the longed-for progressive elements (like universal health care) are likely to be implemented due to the obvious costs and consequences of not having them. Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry might have to suck it up and take their lumps this time.

    6) When elections resume, they’re likely to be conducted on a very different basis, unrecognizable to some older observers.

    We’re not going to be the same coming out of this.

  46. anon

    Despite all the doom and gloom there are definite upsides to this pandemic. As you said, this is what a majority of older Boomers voted for, and they may actually begin to experience personal consequences for their choices. Bernie and his Medicare for All plan doesn’t look so bad anymore, does he?

    Also, it looks like world leaders are red meat for this virus because they travel more than anyone else and meet with heads of state from all over the world. I won’t pretend to shed a tear for most of these leaders if they happen to succumb to the coronavirus. Maybe it will give their citizens and opening to vote a better person in office who can deal with this health crisis.

    Finally, a downturn in the real estate market could be a great opportunity for Millennials and Gen Zers to buy affordable real estate for the first time in their adult lives. I have been looking for a new house since last year, but am now planning to wait this coronavirus out and hope that housing prices drop by the end of 2020. My recommendation to anyone who can afford it is to save and wait for the market to bottom out. I’m hoping to eventually buy my dream home for a good bargain at a low interest rate.

  47. rangoon78

    “Any thinning out of those of prime working age is a much bigger supply shock than the same thing among elderly retirees.” Oh shit. Did he just say what the elite were thinking?

  48. VesicleTrafficker

    Unless you are a doctor or scientist, and I\’m pretty sure you\’re neither, you should refrain from throwing around terms like \”dementia\” haphazardly.

    If you want to say that you think he\’s suffering from age-related mental decline based on the impressions you gained through watching his appearances on TV, that would be reasonable.

  49. Willy

    I say he’s suffering from Corporate Corruption Bullshitters Disease, based on my extensive professional experience in the corporate world.

    But while Biden sure does appear to be slowing down mentally, I have no doubts that doctors and scientists will be showing up in the media to discuss their opinions, just like some did to discuss Trumps own issues.

  50. Jace

    Just came from Market Basket (if you are a Yankee, you know what is what). No bread, water, soup, tp, soap, milk, canned veggies on the shelves. Lunacy. People with shopping carts full of soap and water and beer.

    People have lost what’s left of their consumerist addled brains.

  51. different clue

    Hillary. Hillary. Hillary. Hillary. Did I say “Hillary”? Also, Hillary Clinton.

    If Trump and Hillary would both catch corona and die, that would be a good thing for us all.

  52. bruce wilder

    Trump, a notorious germaphobe, will wash his hands and keep his distance.

    Someone is probably spiking Biden’s Metamucil right this moment.

  53. Hugh

    I can already see on Hillary’s gravestone “This was Bernie’s fault.”

    As stock markets yo-yo up and down in their daily game of “Let’s soak the dumb money,” the big story remains the Fed’s huge and largely unmentioned multi-trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street and the banks.

    Trump has both narcissistic personality disorder and mid-level dementia. Biden mostly has mid-level dementia. Neither of these are one-offs. They give us examples all the time. The idea that you must be the President’s or Biden’s MD to diagnose any of this is silly. You would need to be their MD to treat them, but not to know what they are/have.

  54. @bruce wilder

    “Trump, a notorious germaphobe, will wash his hands and keep his distance.”

    I saw most of his declaration of National Emergency. He shook the hands of at least 3 persons in a row, then stopped.

    Didn’t exactly inspire confidence in how seriously he takes this. Or, how NOT out to lunch he is.

    Having said that, IMNSHO, the lack of emphasis on people getting their immune systems up to par, especially with dirt cheap vitamin D3 dosing, is just as incompetent as the roll out of testing kits.

    I’ve read or heard that Trump’s own D3 level is only 20 ng/ml. Given his age, he’s almost asking to die on a respirator. Although he’s a notorious consumer of junk food, this particular aspect of his health could be corrected with supplementation. Where the hell is his own doctor, on this?

  55. I’m kinda’ wondering now, with ranking members – presidents, prime ministers, cabinet members and attendants – of foreign governments in recent contact with drumpf uck both formally in DC (and elsewhere) and informally at Mara Largo (and elsewhere): Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Italy … testing out positive for novel coronavirus19 how many people, not just world leaders how many people have the Trumps infected? Vector one, patient zero.

    Speaking of viri! Check out this thirty thousand (30,000) year old virus brought back to life by French scientists [more than you want to read].

  56. Notorious P.A.T.

    “help the poors”

    You mean, “help the poor.”

  57. Willy

    Cant wait to see Trump and Biden debate. Or should I say, “debate”. I’d rather see a cockfight between dead chickens. When I was a kid, studying about how Lincoln, FDR and Kennedy did their part for the American people, I never imagined that the USA could ever sink so low. It could well be the equivalent of two demented idiots slapping at each other and hitting air because they’re both facing in the wrong direction. This wont be some screwy bit from the Benny Hill show but actual reality, the very best candidates each party has to offer for the most powerful position in the world. All because Hillary and Liz said that nobody likes Bernie because he hurts their feelings.

    Sweet creeping Jesus.

    Stocks mostly gained back what they lost yesterday, so there’s that. I’m guessing that investors realized that practically everybody who is actually working, investing, involved… in our economy will survive with symptoms no worse than the flu and often more like the common cold. Sadly, the aged and respiratory infirmed might need to stay isolated but maybe they’ll have others to do their getting out for them, while they stay at home watching Fox News. And I won’t blame them for watching it anymore. You’ll see ten times more Tulsi Gabbard or commentary about the working class than you’ll ever see at MSNBC anymore. Even the network of Fair And Balanced Bullshit is becoming more fair and balanced than the corporate asskissing network.

    Damn I’m in a bad mood today.

  58. bruce wilder

    @ Notorious P.A.T.

    Ian’s use of the colloquial term, “poors”, is clearly deliberate and goes directly to the argument that some large number of voters regards the poor as constituting a separate and alien class, which can be excluded from social care and responsibility without harm to the society as a whole.

  59. Mark Pontin

    Willy wrote: ‘When I was a kid, studying about how Lincoln, FDR and Kennedy did their part for the American people, I never imagined that the USA could ever sink so low.’

    It’s a kleptocracy now. This is what we get. Intelligent persons with any moral compass will neither want to waste their lives with the DC/K Street scum nor be allowed anywhere near positions of power by our owners.

    Be thankful that at least that incompetent sociopath Clinton hasn’t managed — so far — to reinsert herself into things.

    Bruce W. wrote: ‘“poors” …goes directly to the argument that some large number of voters regards the poor as constituting a separate and alien class.’

    Yep. The “olds” is another.

  60. someofparts

    Hugh- “I can already see on Hillary’s gravestone “This was Bernie’s fault.”


  61. anon

    Willy- I’m betting on another stock crash and recession in the next 12 months. This is not going away in just a few weeks or months. The economy will see the effects of the coronavirus for years. Yes, for most people the virus will appear like a flu, but around 20% of carriers will need hospitalization. China, South Korea, and Italy didn’t lock down cities for a bad cold or flu. This thing kills a large enough number of people that it will over stress our hospitals and health care workers. Based on the government’s slow response to control the virus from the outset, there will need to be a rolling number of shutdowns until a vaccine is developed. Hot weather will not kill this thing, but if it slows it down, we have fall and winter to look forward to again in six months. I’m not sure if people becomes immune once they get the coronavirus, or if they will need to go through the same precautions all over again the following year. We don’t know enough about this virus to definitively say that this will be all over by the end of 2020, or if it doesn’t kill hundreds of thousands of people by the end of the year.

  62. Anon

    A lot of scared little boys in this comments section, both Left and Right. And some of you sound like characters out of Kafka. But don’t flatter yourself by thinking I mean one of Kafka’s avatars. Instead, you sound like the characters tormenting his avatars. If only you were as smart as you think you are and were able to see this.

  63. Willy

    I take it anon isn’t Anon?

    Half of the problem with pandemics is the panic that turns it into a panicdemic. That means a lot worse. And such these things are manna for those who can afford to take advantage of such things.

    I suspect that if there is a presdential candidate debate, by that time the panicdemic will be the entire focus. How conveniently diversionary.

  64. different clue


    Where is Trump’s doctor on Trump’s own Vitamin D levels? Probably right in lockstep with the whole Official Medical Establishment . . . . who all in unison poo, poo and poo the idea of vitamineral nutrient supplementation. Their official Medical Party Line is that ” you get all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet”.

    People who know . . . will try to up-armor their own immune systems with all relevant supplementation. And also eating low-chemical-residue high-nutrivalue shinola food rather than establishment mainstream high-chemical-residue low-nutrivalue shitfood.

  65. different clue

    @ Ten Bears,

    It warms the cockles of my heart to see the high elites making eachOTHER sick with the corona virus. There are quite a few of these Very Important Persons whose swift death from corona would leave the rest of us much better off.

  66. There’s a very good article on the behind the scenes chaos in regards to the White House coronavirus ‘response’. It’s pretty unnerving.

    However, there was one potentially very bright spot, viz.,

    “Friday morning, Adm. Brett Giroir, a doctor and assistant health secretary, was announced as a testing czar, serving as a point person on virus testing, and coordinating between the CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and private companies and labs.”

    Giroir might be Trump’s General Honore. You all remember Honore, don’t you?

    New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was quoted on a radio interview September 1, 2005, saying: “Now, I will tell you this—and I give the president some credit on this—he sent one John Wayne dude down here that can get some stuff done, and his name is Gen. Honoré. And he came off the doggone chopper, and he started cussing and people started moving. And he’s getting some stuff done.”

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