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Clinton Looks Like Toast to Me

These revelations keep coming out, keep looking bad, and keep being handled worse.

I don’t think she can win the nomination. If she does, the Republican nominee had better be very, very weak.

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  1. Peter *

    With HRC leading Sanders with 47% to 29% it may be premature to count her out just yet but in the next three months that may change. I will make a prediction about the email scandal, it will lead to at most a reprimand for a mistake, not any charges.

    Trump’s insurgency is showing him to be a barn burner and the public loves it while the elite Republicans and their sniveling minions will be looking for tall buildings to jump off of when he pushes these lesser beings aside and takes the reigns of party power.

    The Clinton-Trump debates will be priceless entertainment because we will see a somewhat moderate MOTU debate a paid servant of the avaricious and militaristic MOTU.

  2. Dan Lynch

    Studies show that election results depend mostly on the economy. When the economy is good, the ruling party usually retains power. When the economy is bad, the ruling party is apt to be voted out.

    If the economy goes into recession between now and the election, as I suspect it will, that will favor the Republicans. So what matters is who gets the Republican nomination.

    But I agree with Ian that Hillary is stumbling. She never had anything going for her in the first place other than name recognition.

  3. jcapan

    I wouldn’t vote for Hillary if the GOP candidate were Pol Pot, but let’s acknowledge the journos losing their collective shit about this are a bunch of depraved morons. I mean, Bush-Cheney are on the record proudly owning up to being war criminals (I know, a long tradition for WH occupants), which barely caused a blip in our public discourse. Now her emails are making them freak out more than the ravings of Trump/Buzz Windrip?

  4. ktron

    Vas is das MOTU?

    Mark of the Unicorn?

  5. Peter*


    MOTU are the Masters Of The Universe!

  6. Bruce Wilder

    Hilary does not look to me to want it badly enough anymore, but that just the theatre review.

    The first problem with the email scandal is that the Republicans, underneath all the cynical hypocrisy, are right on the substance. She should never have conducted government business on a private email server. Yes, Bush admin operatives did so, too, but they were wrong to do so, too. Someone somewhere has to do better, show some respect for the job . . .

    The second big problem is that this is a reminder that the Clintons lack the politically vital capacity to shut down the scandal machine. There is no point in having 8 years of whitewater redux.

    The third big problem is that John Kerry, to my surprise, is accomplishing things as Secretary of State, highlighting the reality that Hillary’s time in office was one prolonged junket.

    The Republicans have managed a generational change that the Democrats have not. Labour is facing the same problem in the UK, but Labour is at its core — not the PLP establishment, but the electoral and activist and identity support — a similar Party to what it was 50 or 60 years ago. Look at a map of Labour-majority and you have a map of steel and coal circa 1960. The U.S. Dems are little like they were in 1960; if anything, the 21st century blue states map Republican support circa 1960. In the game of identity politics, the Dems have shallow roots, and an aging leadership.

    The damage Obama did to Party organization is showing, as is his failure to nurture the cadre of the Democratic Presidential Party, that group of 4000 or so, who can show up to fill the Cabinet and sub-cabinet and staff jobs, and pull the levers of power and policy, when a Democrat gets in. Whole swaths of the defense and security state haven’t seen a Democrat in a generation. Way to lose control of the deep state!

  7. The Tragically Flip

    Her favourabilities have taken a real hit, I am surprised, I thought decades of being in the right’s 5 most hated list had immunized her to further harm – I figured she has a low ceiling of support, but also thick armour, well immunized by endless scandal mongering.

    But no, her #’s are down a lot, and she loses some head to head match ups, including to Jeb!.

    Favourable numbers aren’t everything, as Stephen Harper attests to, you can be not-well liked but still get elected, but I can’t find a winning President in modern history with #s like hers.

    Thing is too, it’s hard to see what she could do to bring those #s back up very much. She’s not particularly electrifying as a speaker or campaigner, and I think the plan was to be a well-like SoS who coasts to the Presidency on the demographic wave and an improving economy (which in the ways they measure such things conventionally, it is). The latter may remain the case, but absent the former, a Gore outcome beckons.

  8. The Tragically Flip

    “The third big problem is that John Kerry, to my surprise, is accomplishing things as Secretary of State, highlighting the reality that Hillary’s time in office was one prolonged junket.”

    Yeah, she played it ultra safe, while for Kerry this is likely the capstone on his career. Something to be said for appointing people who don’t (or no longer) aspire to higher office.

  9. V. Arnold

    The Tragically Flip
    August 20, 2015
    I think the video of Hilary with BLM shows a profound disconnect with the black constituency.
    Look at her posture; leaning back, away from BLM representatives.
    Hilary is/should be toast! That said; I’m no fan of anybody running at this time.
    It’s a rigged game; so in the end; it doesn’t even matter who gets the “vote”; it’s all bullshit theater.
    Enjoy you’re puppet theater; the favored marionette will prevail…

  10. Peter*


    HRC has a ‘profound disconnect’ with humanity not just Black people.

    I agree that this is theatre but there is some adlibbing and exposure that can educate people and help the growth of shunning the system.

  11. S Brennan

    One comment I found humorous [& tragic] another tragically perceptive.

    To the first, In fact, the destruction Hillary has wreaked upon the earth, the madness of Obama/Hillary’s adoption of, Cheney’s “regime change” policy, in combination with their idea of funding/training/arming terrorists, instead of “boots on the ground” in “wars of aggression” has produced death in numbers large enough to earn Hillary and Obama a place at a Nuremberg trial along side any of Pol Pot’s remaining henchmen.

    To the second; I too feared Hillary was so inoculated, but it appears not and that is to the good. The email inquiry had it’s genesis in the aftermath of the Hillary’s Libyan war…it’s only fitting that she finds herself fatally wounded by her own petard.

    [1] “I wouldn’t vote for Hillary if the GOP candidate were Pol Pot” – jcapan August 19, 2015

    [2] “Her favourabilities have taken a real hit, I am surprised, I thought decades of being in the right’s 5 most hated list had immunized her to further harm – I figured she has a low ceiling of support, but also thick armour, well immunized by endless scandal mongering.” – The Tragically Flip August 20, 2015

  12. sdfg

    Berk Breathed is drawing comics again.

    Bad, bad, BAD omen for the Democrats…

  13. Karl Kolchak

    Way too early to declare Hillary done, but it is a near certainty the the Rethug nominee will be weak.

  14. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    I suppose it’s always possible that this “scandal” will finally be the one which undoes La Clinton.

    However, Wile E. Conservatism has been jerry-rigging contraption after contraption after contraption for at least some 25 years to destroy Bill and Hillary Roadrunner, and I have yet to see one work.

    Why will this e-mail foofaraw succeed where the “murder” of Vince Foster failed, and Whitewater failed, and the Fellatio Prevarication Impeachment and a score of lesser bimbo scandals failed, and Benghaaaaaaaziiii!!!(tm) failed?

    The only reason La Clinton is not La Presidenta now is that a preponderance of the Dinocratic wing of the MOTU did not want her for some reason, and so backed the only one of her opponents in 2008 who could break the otherwise ironclad Clintonian lock on the African-American vote.

  15. Roman Berry

    “These revelations keep coming out”? C’mon, man. The treatment of HRC is beginning to remind me of the “Clinton scandals” of the 90’s. There’s just not much of any there…there. Are you this easily spun?

    As far as whether or not HRC is toast, I reckon if the public at large can be spun as easily as you seem to be (with “revelations” that are nothing more than a discordant variation on a theme) , then yeah. Me? I wouldn’t be looking at toast right now. Wayyyyyyy too early. And let’s face it, if HRC is not the Dem nominee, then you damn well better hope that “the Republican nominee had better be very, very weak.”

  16. Peter*

    These comments about wishing for a weak Republican nominee make me wonder why many people can’t remove their blinders and view our reality as it is. Our multi billion dollar PR extravaganzas we call elections don’t lead to fundamental changes in our system and never will. They do not represent democracy in action only manufactured consent to keep the rubes pacified and maintain the status quo. Winning becomes the only objective and the lies and excrement offered by sociopath politicians becomes the rallying cries of the True Believers.

    There are few tools available in our age to even resist the Beast but a growing segment of our citizens are at least rejecting this undemocratic manipulation and shunning the election system that only encourages and grants consent for the depredations of the Ruling Class.

  17. S Brennan

    Hmmm, perhaps we should listen to our betters when they tell us what they want:

    “If it turns out to be Jeb versus Hillary we would love that and either outcome would be fine,’ one top Republican-leaning Wall Street lawyer said over lunch in midtown Manhattan last week. ‘We could live with either one”

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