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2020 Fundraiser Update

We’ve raised just under $6,000 so far, which means we’ve reached the first goal at $5,000 – five linked articles in a series about political concepts and how to actually use them. Most people learn political and economic concepts, but the knowledge really does them no good, since no on explains when they work and how, or when they don’t work.

Fundraising has been slower this year than normal. Readership is up, so it’s probably what you’d expect: the pandemic has been bad for a lot of people.

That said, donating or subscribing does make a big difference to me. If you find my writing valuable AND you can afford to donate or subscribe (please don’t if it will cause you hardship), I’d greatly appreciate it.



The Path Of The Great Prophets


Schools and Covid

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    It is clear how we want our obsessions. Obsess with me.

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