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Fundraising Update

A little over 1 week in, and we’ve raised approximately $2,400. The first tier is at $5.000:

A longer article on the collapse of the USSR, putting everything I’m aware of together. In particular I want to discuss the steps Gorbachev took which seem like either gross stupidity or intentional destruction. The fall of the Soviet Union was studied in great detail by the Chinese Communist Party, and has informed their actions since.

Donations this year have been the slowest I remember, probably both because of Covid and doing the fundraiser around Thanksgiving. Of course, if you’re barely scraping by this year, you shouldn’t give, but if you can afford like my writing and can afford to, I’d appreciate it greatly.



A Few Words On Thanksgiving


Open Thread


  1. RC

    Long time lurking, first time donating.

    Thank you Ian!
    Happy Holidays.

  2. Ian Welsh

    Thank you RC.

  3. Thanks for all your efforts, Ian. I’ve donated under my IRL identity. Really appreciate your work and the political principles pamphlet is very promising!

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