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Is the individual mandate really the hill progressives want to die on?

2012 April 2
by Ian Welsh


The individual mandate is lousy policy.  It always was.  It is especially lousy policy without a large (100 million +) public option.  The health care plan is, for all intents and purposes, a 90’s Heritage plan.

This?  This is what progressives want to fight for?

BMaz has a good article up on whether the bill is Constitutional.  Me, I don’t know if it’s Constitutional.  But what I do know is that if I were a conservative Justice, I’d want to just strike down the individual mandate and leave the rest in place, because I would laugh myself sick every night watching Obama have to kill the bill himself, getting rid of guaranteed issue, community ratings, and so on.  Because Obama would have to, and would.  He made a deal with the health insurance companies.  In exchange for some concessions, what they received in exchange was every American being forced to buy their shitty product.  And while Obama doesn’t keep promises to left wingers, he does keep promises to people like the CEOs of health insurance companies.

Still, watching “progressives” defending the individual mandate is just another reminder of why I don’t call myself a progressive.

Go and die on a hill, for forcing Americans to buy shitty insurance from evil companies which aren’t properly regulated.

I’ll just sit here on the sidelines laughing myself sick.  With progressives like these, who needs right wingers?

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  1. groo permalink
    April 11, 2012

    The commenting crowd at ‘the Exiled’ is quite a grim one.

    Needless to say that I like (most of) them.

    A lot of humanist anarchists, who know about the futlity of their aspirations.
    As we do.
    But the fight goes on.

    A couple of months ago I ordered two books by Perelman from the US, plus two others.
    It took six weeks of delivery.

    The customs noticed me that the delivery has been inspected.
    Four books sent from an obsure small publisher, publishing -ahem- Marxist publications.

    Tells it all. McCarthy reloaded
    As George Carlin said. “nobody notices, nobody cares.”

    Suppose I am on the no-fly-list now.
    But I do not intend to visit ‘the land of the Free’ anymore in the rest of my lifetime.
    So it does not matter.


  2. April 11, 2012

    Suppose I am on the no-fly-list now.
    But I do not intend to visit ‘the land of the Free’ anymore in the rest of my lifetime.

    And I have consigned myself to no more air travel, period – that was so 20th Century – I must keep my carbon footprint low so that I can continue to scold others. 🙂

  3. geoshmoe3 permalink
    April 11, 2012

    Off course not! The whole deal is to obfuscate, obliterate, make impossible the onliest thing that is correct: Single Payer. But as many have come to see, and to observe, USA America, is not the country that we fought for,,, anymore….

    We in America today, are under attack by a kind of internal… fifth column… a take down of our country by the bastards of … finance…. the captured govenment apperatchikis… these are some of the problems… we will need to find ways to bring back our wonderfull country, that has been hyjacked.

    we might even have to employ things, from the past!! to get it right.

  4. groo permalink
    April 12, 2012


    You seem to be new here, and appear to be extremely frustrated.

    So we regular visitors here are.
    To look through that, took me say 10years .
    I would love to accelerate the learning curve of anybody else 100-fold.
    Eg my Son.
    Not possible.
    I accelerated it by say 10 fold.
    This seems to be the limit.
    ( Catastrophy gives a boost. But who wants that?)

    What I learned, he maybe learns in 1 yr, what I learned in 10.
    Because, what you learn by heart, you must also understand.
    More does not seem to be possible.

  5. April 21, 2012

    Groo, thanks for the heads up, I appreciate your concerne… X’ ten… also, you are so helpfull Groo!… well at least I got one little comback… I think however, that if I were to interpolate… I could derive not too good of a thing.

    And to your use of the term: Frustrated… of course, aren’t most of us a little ferusterated… in these times?.. Fusterated… Oh Yeah! you bet ya!….

    SO you got some answeres for us on the “Fusterated ” do you… !! ?? !!

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