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Why Every Society Failed The Covid Test

I’m going to keep this one brief.

At the start, Covid could have been stopped with travel bans, track and trace, mandatory isolation and lockdowns.

The problem with how everyone did lockdowns is that they did them too late. Instead of starting lockdowns when hardly anyone had Covid BUT R was over 0 (one case of Covid was spreading to more than one person) they would wait until the numbers were high. As a result lockdowns were long, but never actually crushed Covid and over time support for lockdowns was lost.

But the real problem is that controlling Covid spread required travel bans. Western Australia, which controlled Covid almost completely for over a year, did so by shutting down all non-essential travel. If this had been done worldwide, Covid could have been ended early.

I remember that the first lockdown where I live in Canada happened two weeks after I expected it. I kept looking at the numbers and wondering why weren’t in lockdown already. The only people wearing masks were asian-Canadians. All through the pandemic lockdowns happened three to four weeks after they should have, based on the numbers.

Vaccines were oversold (I’m not getting into the rest of the vaccine debate), economic support of businesses and often individuals in countries was insufficient and organizations like WHO and the CDC bungled their advice over and over again, starting with first claiming people shouldn’t wear masks and then later saying that Covid wasn’t airborne, but was spread by droplets.

The large country which handled Covid best may have been China, with their zero Covid policy. (Which I praised at the time), but they did the right thing stupid: zero-Covid could never continue indefinitely and even when it was done much of it was not done intelligently, like not moving to n95 masks. Most importantly, though, there had to be a transition plan.

China is the premier world industrial power. Covid is airborne. The trifecta of proper ventilation, cleaning air with HEPA filters, and UV light, along with air quality monitors, can be used, should be used and should have been used to make buildings safe again. (In China’s case they also needed to improve their plumbing. Most Chinese buildings don’t have the U curve (P-Trap) which traps smells and gasses.)

So the correct plan is to put air quality monitors everywhere, and to refit all buildings with proper ventilation: air filtration and UV light. Entirely do-able, if a big project. When you put all this in, and your building is inspected, your workers can come back to work even during outbreaks.

China could have done this easiest of all the world’s countries and didn’t.

Now, this is a collective action problem. It requires a correct diagnosis of a problem, a correct prescription of the cure, then taking unified social action. In other words, Covid is:

  1. Airborne
  2. Therefore we need to clean the air
  3. So let’s mass produce the necessary filters, ventilation, sensors and UV and then install them.

Every society failed this.

Now if we can’t do that, what are the odds of us tackling climate change or environmental collapse? Those problems require us to reduce our consumption significantly (possible to do without large hits to standards of living, but that’s another article), which will require us to revamp our economies away from capitalist consumption and figure out how to keep everything running without an economy of planned obsolesence and everyone running on hampster wheels working, buying, selling and dying.

The transition is a hard problem to manage, while Covid was a simple problem with very few moving parts. We couldn’t even manage Covid.

Covid was a test. We failed. We can pass any time we want, its still a solvable problem. Until we do pass the test, there is zero reason to believe we can pass any harder tests.

Some countries did better than others, but none passed the test. When you’re running from a fire it doesn’t matter if you run faster than everyone else if you don’t out-run the fire.


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  1. bruce wilder

    It may only be a footnote now, but an important one: the CDC through apparent incompetence in devising a test, devising testing protocol to be followed by doctors, and scaling test processing to obtain rapid results, delayed significantly the social policy response.

  2. Ian Welsh

    Yeah, the number of screw-ups was amazing. Completely discredited the CDC and WHO.

  3. Curt Kastens

    In April or May of 2020 I sent an email to the Wiesbaden Army Garrison Commander Community Suggestion Site. I suggested that the commissary and PX shopping be changed to require people to call in their orders where it would be packed by employees in the store and picked up by the customer at an appointed time in the parking lot.
    I did not even recievd a response. Of course the idea was not implemented. The next time that I was in the United States, in 2021 I saw that local grocery stores had implemented my idea on a voluntary basis. So it was a very doable idea.
    This told me that the US military did not really take the COVID pandemic seriously.
    At the time I really thought that it was a case of Chinese Bio warfare. But then I noticed so many things are not adding up. We had what were called lock downs in Germany. But Grocery Stores were excluded. Shit if everyone is still going to same grocery store that they have always gone to the lock down is actually a joke.
    These things that do not add up are called Red Flags. When it comes to the Corona Virus Narrative there are more red flags than flew in Moscow in 1978.
    It ooes not do any good to say go back and read all of these aritcles that I or anyone else has written about COVID-CORONA. That is like a Baptist try to convince an atheist that he should accpet Jesus Christ as his savior by going back and rereading the Bible,
    Those hyping the danger of COVID-CORONA throw all kinds of statistics at us that we are not capable or verifying for ourselves. Be we are capable of doing sample probes of our own environment. I have done that with Grocery Stores cashiers in my area. I have not come across a case yet of a grocery store cashier that I know who has been unable to return to work due to Covid. If Covid were a real big problem I would think that people who worked in grocery stores would have been so massively affected that the food retail system should have broken down. It did not even suffer a hiccup.
    For this and many other reasons I strongly suspect that when it comes to COVID-CORONA the masses are being conned.

  4. Curt Kastens

    To be abel to accurately estimate what is true one has to condsider not only what is being reported but what is not being reported.

  5. EGrise

    Those problems require us to reduce our consumption significantly (possible to do without large hits to standards of living, but that’s another article)

    Would love to read that article!

  6. Antibody tests of blood donors show that Covid was widespread and worldwide by the end of 2019. Mortality rates did not start to reach excess levels till around mid 2020. In some countries mortality rates did not reach excessive levels till the end of 2020 and even till 2021. Mortality rates did not decrease in or after 2021 but increased.
    This data rejects the hypothesis that increased mortality was primarily caused by novel Covid infections. One hypothesis that fits with the data is that the responses to Covid were the primary cause of increased mortality.
    Many Covid deaths were due to secondary pneumonia which typically doesn’t cause death with the use of antibiotics. However, hospital protocols excluded using antibiotics in those with Covid. Ventilators and use of Benzos and use of other sedatives have also been shown to be responsible for increasing deaths in those with Covid. Hospital protocols included wide use of those three interventions.
    Worldwide when a country approved Covid vaccines what followed was an increase in mortality. Among countries worldwide more Covid vaccines is associated with increased future mortality and even the Clinical trials had higher mortality rates in the vaccine group.
    It’s no surprise why all this data was censored and swept under the rug. It makes a certain industry and a lot of people look bad.
    Fear is the mind killer in the sense that the decisions of a fear fill mind increase the chance of death.

  7. VietnamVet

    The underlying belief that is the basis of the current global economic political system goes back to Margaret Thatcher and her “There is no alternative”. Currently there is an arrogant jet-set hierarchy at the tip of the pyramid that seizes all of the global wealth because it has the money and power to do it. Then, there is the roughly 5% who are facilitators/overseers in business and government that control the upward flow of money to get a cut. At the bottom are roughly 90% who are exploited along with the earth’s resources. Pandemics are profit generators for the pharmaceutical industry and stockholders. Spending public money to protect the lives of the “under people” with working public health systems and safe workplaces and schools is simply nonsensical today.

    World War 3 – “The War against the Axis of Resistance” is the same. It is the result of the endless wars using public money to fund war profiteers. As the European and Middle East regional wars continue to escalate, the alternatives; UN Armistices, building DMZs on the Line of Contact, and Peace are never mentioned, discussed or adopted. This would require the re-establishment of good government, secure borders, and the rule of law for all resulting in the end to the current amoral corrupt one. Only a second Reformation will avoid the “end of days” crash of the Western Empire.

  8. Jorge

    Yes, everyone did it badly. But, given that Covid-19 can spread asymptomatically, I really don’t believe that any or all of these procedures could have stopped it dead. China implemented really strong lockdowns and I think they did as well as could be expected.

    International health authorities were able to shut down SARS-1 because there was no asymptomatic transmission, and because they had the bureaucratic power and competence to act fast without asking permission.

    Given that there have not been any serious pandemics since the bad flu in the late 60s, it’s impressive they were able to do it.

  9. Curt Kastens

    I just remembered that about 20 years ago I rad a number of articles here in Germany that claimed that when humans live in to clean of an environment their immune systems get comprimised. Of course I do not have the eductational background to confirm that the claimis true. I also do not know how widespread the belief is among people who do have an educational background relevent to this question. But the claim that living in to clean an environmkent can cause damage to ones health due to a weakened immune system seems plausible to me. Does it seem plausible to any other readers?
    When one considers this claim I come to the conclusion that using airfliters and ultra violet light in public buildings let alone all buidings is actually not a very good idea at all.
    Here is what the balance sheet for such a proposal actually looks like. Becuaswe we are being systematically lied to on a massive scale we do not really know how bad the Corona Virus is. Becuase we are being systematically lied to we do not know how effective or bad immunizations are.
    Mathematically that would be represented as: Unknown X Unknown divided by Unknown.
    The same formula also applies to masking. Masking in the short term can not hurt and will probably help to some extent maybe even a large extent.. But in the long term maybe maybe masking can hurt.
    In addition to that because we are being systematically lied to making claims about having been right in past about Covid would, except for Covid being an airborne pathogen be a self referential claim. Yes sceintist might be able to do a fully controlled experiment inside of a labratory to prove something about Covid but if the Scientists have been weaoonized by other people we can not say whether or not they are reporting in good faith.
    Because the environment has been so fogged up by lies most policy reccomendations concerning public health and covid will be little more than guess work.

  10. capelin

    Vaccines weren’t “oversold”, they were a dangerous untested shite product that was forced and conned into people’s veins on penalty of financial and social ruin on a coordinated worldwide basis, by known bad actors.

    “Every covid-era public health intervention made people poorer, weaker, sicker and dumber. Think that was down to bad luck, when we know the character and ambitions of those who benefitted?”

  11. Tallifer

    I feel sorry for South Korea, because she did everything right in the beginning with masking, restricting crowds and testing, but unfortunately she was unable to get the vaccines developed by the West quickly enough to avoid 30, 000 deaths. Nonetheless, far fewer South Koreans died proportionately than Americans (or even the supposedly more enlightened Canadians and Europeans).

  12. JEREMY

    “At the start, Covid could have been stopped with travel bans, track and trace, mandatory isolation and lockdowns.”

    This has to be one of the most absurd statements I have read.

    Peer reviewed study showing the mask and lockdowns did not effect the natural trajectory of SARS-CoV-2.

    Yup, lockdowns were a fucking disaster – and all for nothing. Ask Sweden

    “During lockdown calls to a domestic abuse helpline rose 700%; mental ill health in young people went from one in nine to one in six and nearly a quarter among the oldest children; severe absence from school jumped 134%; 1.2 million more people went on working-age benefits, 86% more people sought help for addictions; prisoners were locked up for 22.5 hours a day.”

    Lockdowns and masks.
    Total fuckin’ disaster.

    So much for all this “science” we were supposed to following

  13. eg

    Curt, with your logic we would never have had the Victorian public health revolution which gave us public works to handle water sanitation.

    No thanks, but you go right ahead and swim in raw sewage …

  14. Curt Kastens

    Even if Covid Corona is as bad as what Ian makes it out to be when it comes to the danger that it poses to humanity Covid is a Tarantula. The conflict between the US and its allies and China and Russia and their aliles is a Wolverine. And Climate Change is a herd of Grizzly Bears.
    The time for pleasent dreams has long since past. Now there is only time for nightmares.
    I sure hope that I can play a role in scareing a neo nazi with stars on his/her shoulder to death.

  15. different clue

    Covid denialists gonna covid denialize. . . . .

  16. Curt Kastens

    That is like saying that we would have never have had newspapers or Time Magazine because the MSM is now totally oorrupt.

  17. Curt Kastens

    Jorge’s comment can not be over emphasised enough. It was claimed that many people had the virus and never got symptoms and may people to many days to develope the sympstoms. If that is true it was going to be impossibel to stop the rapid spread to the desease.
    There is another thing that I have not been emphasising enough. In 2021 India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh all reported an overall drop in mortality for the year of 2020. This is HUGE. For anyone who claims to be a scientist this alone should throw everythign that has ever been said about Covid 19- Corona- (Sars-2?) in to doubt.
    We are expected to believe that there was a h uge increase in mortality in parts of the world yet these relatively underdeveloped coutries were left untouched. Hey, is there anyone left on earth that is trained in science.?? Not only was there no increaase in mortality in this part of the world the mortality levels decreased in all three countries in a pattern that had been consistent over many years.
    A devious virus is is let loose on the world no later than October of 2019 it is supposed to have caused havoc around the world. But 25% of the world population is miraculously left untouched for the entire year?? I know what the quick but WRONG answer will be, well these coutries would have had even greater reductions in mortality had it not been for covid. Well that means that narraative would have to explain what positive factors that did not exist before2020 exisited in 2020 to off set the effects of covid.
    Now lets say that these coutries showed huge increases in mortality in 2021 or after, which as far as 2021 goes they did not because I already checked. That would not prove jack shit. The figures for 2021 are a smoking gun that in much of the world mortality figures were blatant lies. Stories of overflowing hospitals were blatant fabrications. Oh but I got off track a bit. Even if figures show something terrible happened in these coutries later than 2020 that would only show that the conspiracy that manufactured this crisis for much of the world spread and corrupted the health services in these countries as well. The reason that these countries were not included in the first placee is because the costs of of pulling off the scam in these countries would have been to high due to their large populations.
    Now I ask you the reader what do you believe is less likely that the public health officials are incapable of accurately tracking deaths in their countries or that the governments of the west, and China, and Russia, and Iran too could mount a massive campaign to with in their own civil services to distort health reality.
    In 2021 or 2022 it might have been hard to wrap your head around the correct answer because the 2nd choice implies the largest conspiracy that has ever existed in world history. But by 2023 it should be obvious as hell that the government civil services have been comprimised if Covid is being allowed to run rampant and governments are claiming that there is no longer a great danger when there actually is that would require a huge level of government malfeasence across the world.
    Well if health institutions are grossly corrupt in 2023 why should we believe that they were not grossly corrupt in 2020?
    Yes it is possible that it is simply a case that governments no longer wanted to deal with an inconvient problem and they were able to force the their civil servents in to compliance. But admitting that makes it possible to concieve of the idea that government manufactured a problem in 2020 and now that their motives for manufacuring this problem have been met they no longer have a use for it. I myself think that is actually the more likely scenario.

  18. Carborundum

    All of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh reported an increase in gross mortality for 2020 and another in 2021.

    This thread is a microcosm of why societies failed. A few high consequence errors due to lacklustre science (e.g., the dominant model of what it means for a virus to be airborne), a small but vocal minority of people passionately opining about things far, far outside their sphere of competence, and a political echelon that evaluates its options based on the volume and demographics of those opining loudest.

  19. Curt Kaste

    Bullshit, I may be a ghoul but I know how to read. I checked those figures early in 2021 and early in 2022. I found english language links that suported what I said about the death rates. I can not immediately find them now. But I did quickyl find this German language link that supports what I said for 2020. Doing this search I also found links that contridict my claim. But I did not find those links that contridicited my claim when I searched in previous years. So I made the claim in good faith. I will spend some time looking for the english language links. And if I find them what then? What then we are going to have some authorities claiming one thing and other authorities claming another. That should give us real confidence in the systems that we have to ensure accurate reports right?
    Here is the German language link:

    In fact I think that I have written about this in the past here and I may very well have included links then. But if not I am sure that I did include links somewhere.

  20. Curt Kastens

    Ok now I found these links. They show that the death rate did rise in India during the period of 2020 to 2023 but it rose at half the level that the US rate did. Yet if Corona was all that it was made out to be India should have been devestated by the virus. How do you you explain that the Indians have managed to do so much better when their society is so much poorer than the United States?? This even after a huge percentage of Americans had been vaccinated. Doesn’t that tell you anything??

  21. Curt Kastens

    Ok how about this, the death rate for Argentian during the Corona Virus Pandemic.
    How does anyone explain this?
    i rest my case.

  22. Carborundum

    The two most immediate things your comparison of US and Indian data tells me is that knowledge of how gross mortality is computed and understanding of how the measure is affected by differences in the demographic pyramid are not as widespread as I would have thought.

    I’m working from memory without looking the formal definition up, so bear with me, but gross mortality is the annual number of deaths divided by the total population at mid-year. IIRC, July 1 is the usual cutoff (I think this is more than just a StatCan Canada Day quirk).

    If you have a population that has more younger people in it, gross mortality will – all things being equal (e.g., rates of infant mortality) – be lower compared to a population that has more older people in it. A quick Google tells me the median age in the United States is 38.9 compared to a median age of 28.2 in India. So yes, even in the absence of a new total mortality factor we would expect India’s gross mortality to be lower and, given the relative shape of the demographic pyramids, we would expect it to grow more slowly.

    This is amply demonstrated by your source, which cautions: “All death rate data after 2019 are United Nations projections and therefore DO NOT include any impacts from COVID-19.” A quick check of the UN data they base their visualizations on does, in fact, reveal that the displayed data do not include the pandemic spikes, which were basically identical in the two countries.

    I think I will continue to stand pat on my beliefs as to why societies failed in their pandemic responses. To quote the old Palmolive commercial: “You’re soaking in it” as am I and everyone else, lamentably.

  23. Curt Kastens

    I disagree with your assessment becasue even though India might be younger on average because it has between 3 and 4 times the population of the United States it would have way more old people. The Corona virus was supposedly way more deadly for old people. And not only that because way more Indians live in crammed slums therefore the desease should have spread to the old more easily. Therefore death rates should have been much higher in India.
    More importantly you apparently did not read the link about Argentina. Argentina does not have as large a population as India. But some of the same principles apply.
    What is most important is not what the actual death rates are but that the data about death rates can not be trusted. That is amply demonstrated in the link about Argentina. If the death rates can not be trusted then scientific assessments can not be made. Then informed decisions can not be made. Only faith based decisions can be made. Not only can we not trust the data about death rates we can not trust the data about adverse reactions to the immunizations either. We are lost in the darkness because our national institutions have failed not because I, or others sceptical of the Corona Boogyman do not understand how science works. Though yes I will agree that millions of Americans are cluless about how science works.
    Finally let me emphasis that I am sceptical about the Corona Boogeyman story. I do not reject it completely. In perhaps more relatable terms I am an agnositic not an atheist. The reported data from Argentina does not prove that Corona is not a problem. It onlyl proves that either Corona is a miracle desease because of the massively dispropotionate effect that it did not have on Argentina. Or that the Argentinian data is complete bullshit. Or that the data from many other countries is complete bullshit. Unless Covid 19 is a miracle deaseas some one is lying to me. That is all that I can say for sure. I do not have the resources to investigate who is lying. It is certianly not sceintific to assume that the Argentinians are lying or incompetent and that everyone else is telling the truth.

  24. Carborundum

    Your Argentina “data” *also* does not include any observational data after 2019. Every source that you cite is a _prediction_ of how gross mortality would have changed if COVID *had not occurred*.

    You can wall of text things as much as you like, but there’s no “there” there. You’re energetically interpreting lines on graphs that just don’t represent you think they do.

  25. Curt Kastens

    Yes it is embarrasing that I missed that note at the top of page. I went straight to the figures without reading the entire page.

  26. Curt Kastens

    i do not know how many links can be included in comment. So I will spread these links out over several spots.. To me when one looks at the meta international data a consistent story is lacking.
    My attention was first brought to this by looking at the stats on WorldMeter when the Pandemic was the story of the day. What I saw that to me was most important was that there were huge differences in the survival rates, of people classified as having covid, between some western European countries and other western European countries. I could not and still do not accept that as being a likelyl natural outcome. The populations of all the western European countries are old. All western European countries are very modern. They all have socialized medicine. Yet for example results of Italy in compairson to Germany were dismall. I myself do not find such a distinction plausible. Are we to assume that Italian doctors are incompetent in campairson with German doctors?
    Then in the United States it is reported that the poor suffered at rates much higher than the not poor. That is to be expected.
    But the data shows that 3rd world countries have performed better than the United States. I do not think that the average age difference can be the explination for this because third world countries are still chalk full of old people living in slums who were unprotected. They should have suffered much worse than they did.
    Therefore I submit that the data on the how lethal covid is can not be trusted.
    After writing that last sentence I was tempted to offer an olive branch and say maybe it is not neccessary to know precisely how lethal covid is. But then I quickly realized that a person would have to use this impercise figure and compare it with another impercise figure which would be the short and long term risks of immunizations, the short and long term risks of constant mask wearing, and the short and the costs and short and long term risks of fitting filters in to buildings and the lost opportunity costs of fitting fliters in to buildings. So we are still back at square one. Faith based unscientific guestimates.
    So here are the first two links:,1%2C000%20male%20adults%20in%20Bangladesh.

  27. Curt Kastens

    I realize that silincing people does not mean that you convinced them. In fact it could mean just the opposite. Therefore I am going to somewhat change the subject. Even if I am wrong about the data showing a suspicious story I think thank that it would be difficult to deny that that we were told that children under 5 are in no danger from the Coronavirus. At least that is what we here in Germany were told. When we were having our lock downs, which excluded grocery stores, children were in the stores unmasked. But this information sent up a huge red flag for me. Wow what a miracle desease. It wreaks havoc those that are so old that they statistically have a high chance of dying anyways while it spares the young. My readings of history over the years told me that in past pandmenics, 1919 flu excepted, the old and the young were disporportionately effected. Now we have a desease that has created a hallaballo at the perfect time and they young are an exception from be affected by it. But wait then it does not end with that. 5 or 6 months latter I was hearing about a NYT article about all of these babies in New York struggling to survive corona virus. At that point it did not matter if the desease effected the young or the not because the public was given both stories and both can not be true.
    Then there was the massive amount of differing symptoms that were reported from one case to the other. In the past when people had the mumps or small pox, scarlet fever almost everyone had the same symptoms, outlers were rare not the norm. The story about huge numbers of people getting infected and never showing symptoms is a part of this wierd, perhaps unprecedented phenomenon.
    During 2020 I was a regular commentator on the website of Australian economist John Quiggens. I had been for about 2 years. I was raising my suspicions about what we were being told about what was happening, which by the way included the story
    we were being told that the virus had an infection radius of 1 and half or 2 meters.
    I was being frequently attaacked as being a fringe lunatic but was slowly scoring points with a hostile audiance. OK I admit to say that is not sceintific it is my impression of the responses to my comments that the threat from corona virus is more psycological than real. And that we can not trust what we aare being told because we, (humanity) are clearly being subject to some kind of propoganda campaign that was clearly reminiscent of the lead up to the 2003 Iraq war, though with key differences.
    But we do not know who is behind and more importantly we do not know where their capabllities to manipulate perceptions end. That lack of understanding who one can trust is crucial.
    I agree that huge numbers of the masses are scienticially illeterate. But that is not the key to understanding the contraversary that the pandemic event has unleashed. The crucial factor in explaining the contravery is the complete breakdown in trust of those authorities who are where declaaring themselves who were put forth by the world’s leadership as experts in this field.
    But this is not the end of what for me was crucially relevent information. Sometime in the autumn of 2020 I recieved an email from Proffersor Quiggens. The email informed me that I was being banned from his blog. But here is the kicker for me. He told me that he was banning me from his blog because he knew that I was another frequent commentator on his blog who was the site climate denialist. He was completely wrong about that. So I had to ask myself. Why did he accuse me of such a thing. Did he actually believe it? If so that is a pretty good indication that something must have led him to this erroneous conclusion. Did someone say something to him? Or were my comments to him being distorted so that it appeared that I was writting form a different IP address. But what if he did not really believe it. Would that be an indication that I was not supposed to know the real reason that he was banning me because he or someone else did not want me to know? Or was he trying to give me a clue that he was not allowed to tell me the real reason that I was being banned but that he knew what he was saying was bullshit. Now I understand that this story is not scientically admissable evidence because first of all no one can independtly verify my story. Someone may call Proffessor Higgins but he is most likely to say something along the linies of I was disrupting his blog with both covid and global warming denialism. And I have no way to defend myself from the charge that I was not using another name to post comments on his site. But I know that the story as I have told it is true. Therefore for me that much is scíence. But what is not a science is my interpretation of what this story means, The meaning in my life that I give to this story is not a science it is an art. And since it happened to me no one can second guess me because no one is aware of the circumstances as I am. I did decide that it was neccessary to bring this story up for full disclouser. Some would say that having gone through this expirience gives me a predisposition to faulty thinking on this subject. But I do not think that such a thing can be said sceintifically. Because I could say that this incident gives me a predisposition to correctg thinking on the subject. Drawing conclusions from the event is an art not a science.

  28. Curt Kastens

    God am I fucking pissed. The answer was right in front of me the entire time. Covid is the biggest non story scam in world history. I was spending some times checking death rates of countries in 2020. And all of sudden it hit me. When you reduce the death rates to the level of 1000 people a relateable level in most countries only one or two people extra per thousand died in 2020 in most countries and that is even if the figures are correct.
    Both sides of my family come from small town America each with populations of about 1000 people. Most people know 100 to 200 people fairly well. If all aquaintences are included you might reach a 1000. Now lets say thst the word Pandemic had never been used once in 2020. But in both cementaries of the small towns in America that I have connections to one or two extra people had been buried. If thke word Pandemic had not been thrown about no one would have noticed a god damned thing.
    Yet we were treated to stories over and over again about overflowing emergency rooms and undertakers that were so overworked that the military had to step in in some places to help the undertakers deai with the bodies. Yet my own checks of undertakers and emergency showed no such thing. But of course I could only do very local checks.
    Not only that it came out in Germany in that in 2020 emergency room visits in Germany actually went DOWN in 2020. But an explination was quickly offered because of work at nome there was less traffic and less work related accidents.
    But then why were there all these reports of hospitals on the verge of breaking down because emergency room doctors were overworked??
    No! When your break this so called Pandemic down the results were a non event. What is huge is the coordinated effort to make humanity think that something really terrible was going on. But now I no longer count myself as a Pandemic Sceptic but as a firm Pandemic denier. Some group of people spent a huge amount of effort to create a human stampede. I do not know who and I do not know why. But that it was a well coordinated intenational psy op I have no doubt of.

    Oh my god the world is comming to an end because on the average an undertaker will have to process 2 more bodies per year!!! Ahhhh we are all going to die even before environmental collapse unless we have fake lock downs and unneccessary immunizations!! And this also causes me to doubt the overall figures even more. Hoe easy it would be for every pathologists to add a a few fake names to the death registery each year. Maybe a few more for the few that might not take part. Who the fuck is going to check the registery?

    Pathetic pathetic pathetic humanity does not suffer from a virus pandemic it suffers from a complete breakdown of insiitutional integrity.

  29. Carborundum

    The next time you wonder why things are so fucked up and why it seems like many at the top act like they are beyond accountability, think about that impulse to dismiss an extra million dead fellow citizens as a non-story.

  30. Curt Kastens

    I understand why it would be hard to understand the level od deciet that is going on in this case because it is so massive. But the trends of this corruption have been ongoing got years this fake panic spreading pandemic just brought to new uprecedented levels that is why it is such a big and important story. If you bring down to the individual level, even if the figures are true there was just a very small risk that any individual would die and we shut the economy down for weeks in a fake lockdown. I say fake because grocery stores were obviuosly not included and yet the retail food delivery system did not break down. So the real story is did even one extra person die. Even one. We were told so many lies I say that we can not even trust the official death totals for 2020.
    If you want to know how it is that the politicians can suddlenly declare the pandemic over it is becacuse if one million or two million extra people die in one year in the United States no one is going to give a fuck, me included. And you know what if they are told that 2 for 3 or 4 million extra people died and that really did not happen then no is surely going to give a fuck.
    The Pnandemic Psy Op has surved it purpose and the politicains have no need of it anymore and they know that there will be no repurcusions for ignoring the story now.
    But the story can not peter out to quickly otherwise it will be to obvious that it was jsut a psyop.
    A desease even if the figures are real which they probably are not was not deadly enough to take massive emergency measures that were taken. The situation reminds me vey much of the civil wars in Syria and Libya several years ago. There were lots of people in the United States and Europe saying, Oh my god so many poeple are in Libya and Syria are dying we have to take action get involved and put an end to these wars by removing Quaddafi and Assad from power. But the question that could be put to these interventionists is how few people have to die in someone elses civil war before you decide that you should let the combatants there fight it out amoung themselves.
    The situation in this case is Ok a million dying form a new desease is to many for you to accept without taking emergency measures that have high costs of their own. But what if it was only half a million. what it would be only 250,000? I am not the slighest bit phased by 10 million let alone 1 million. This is planet earth people die here get over it. I can say that because I am not running to win some sort of popularity contest.
    Anyways I have a lot of confidence that the death rate stats are flat out lies.
    And also that there would have been more deaths if did not take the measures that we took also can not be scientifically proven because tne only way to sceintifically prove that would be to go back and do it all over again and see if the result is different.
    The Pandemic psyop was a continuation of trends that have been underway for decades.

  31. Curt Kastens

    The US, Canadian, and German Governments among others massively increased their deficits to pay millions of people to sit on their asses at home to save a few million people in industrialized countries. How many Haitians and Gambians would that money have saved it if it had been spent on them.
    This psy op succeeded becuase of the way that the debates were framed and monopolized. Classic Psyop tactics.

  32. Curt Kastens

    The lack of a stoic balance causes grossly misguided good intentions. W easterners are not only cursed with a tecno optimism world view. They also have the idea that death is some kind of personal failure.

    Most people look upon life as some kind of gift. I look upon life as a punishment to be endured. But while I am alive I intend to place a much jhigher priority trying to stop people from dieing due to wars of imperialist aggression. Preventing deaths from natural causes is trivial compared to preventing wars of aggression. And preventing deaths that are only paper deaths is a gross misallocation of scarce resources.

  33. Carborundum

    Deaths from “natural” causes that could be mitigated by policy change (i.e., not total natural causes deaths) dwarf deaths from conflict. It’s not even close, like over an order of magnitude difference.

  34. Curt Kastens

    Yes but big fat deal. There are millions of deaths in the United States each year. And a hell of lot more in the entire world. This whole exersice is about framing. The number of deaths in the US per 1000 people was very low. You add 20% to a low number and you still have a low number not enough to justify shutting the economy down. If you add 40% to a small number you still have a small number. That still does not justify disrupting the entire economy. You add 80% to a small number and you still have a small number. You add 120% to a small number and well maybe the number is not so small anymore. Then maybe we can start talking about disrupting the entire economy.
    But I do understand the point that when a new deasease finally does break out sceintists will not know for sure how deadly it might be and once they know for sure it will be to late to do much about it.
    Which brings up another red flag for me. That is how well calibrated the alledged lethality of the desease was. It was if you believed the story to lethal to ignore but not lethal enough to cause mass panic and the breakdown of society. It was like a desease that was designed by a committee.
    Besides that way more people die from prevental natural causes than from wars and murder is not really relevant because natural life itself is 100 lethal. And those who get all hyped about about good nutrition and exercise to encourage people to live a long live are flat out unnatural, or maybe the word synthetic would be more appropriate.
    Anyways as I have often written in the past the resources of society and governments are not unlimited. That is one reason why I oppose the US getting involved in foriegn civil wars. With this though in mind, If we took all the money that we spent for pandemic reasons we might have been able to save many more lives than we alledgedly did during the pandemic. But it would be impossible to prove that scientifically unless we could rewind the clock and do it all over again a different way. And that is if the pandemic death figues are even accurate which I highly doubt is the case.

  35. Curt Kastens

    When I said the number of deaths in the US was low I meant in 2019 before the pandemic. But I did not mean as far back as 1970 for example.

  36. Curt Kastens

    The priority of governments has to be to address injustices. For the United States and the entire collective west that means dealing with their historical legacy of slavery and imperialism.
    Life comes with risk. That risk can be increased or decreased depending on what actions one takes. But everyone has their own standard of what is an acceptable risk to them and what level of risk that they think that other people should be wililng to accept. It is easy to understand that there will never be agreement on what that level should be.
    Therefore even if and especially if the story of the pandemic was true leaders have to expect that there is going to be a huge amount of disagreement over what steps should or should not be taken under the circumstances.
    I would chose a life lasting 60 years loaded with cream puffs over a life of 90 years loaded with Tofu every thyme.

  37. Curt Kastens

    My comments belittleing exersice to live a long life are not upsurd. I exersice regularily. But not to live longer. I do so so that I can increase my intake of Apfel Strüdel, cinnomon rolls, Toblerone, and cookies of various shapes and sizes.
    Riding Bike is not done for fitness. It is done to move through the German countryside at just the right speed to expertly discover the hard to find artistic details that were expertly placed by craftsmen over the centuries to create a charmnig atmosphere for the residents to enjoy while going about their daily lives.

    Long live the Kondetorei!!

    It is only when you examine the full picture that another picture begins to emerge from behind the counter!! The ice scream selection!

  38. Curt Kastens

    There is still a lot of really important things that need to be brought up reguarding how the COVID-19 Pandemic was covered.
    I fam saying that as far as tradgedies go it was a joke tradgedy. Yes you read correctly i sued the word joke in connectionf with the corona virus pandemic. I used tht word not only for shock effect but becuase it is true. Becuase it is all a matter of what you want to compare it against.
    If one wants to compare the COVID_19 Pandemic against the Las Vegas Country Music Concert Shooting of a while back one could make the case that the pandemic was a real tradgedy because it is possible that more poeple under 30 died from the pandemic than the shooting.
    But when we look at the Pandemic on both an individual level, family level, and society level. We can easily imagine that if you compare what alledgedly happened with what could have happened much much worse things can happen to people, to families, and to societies. Huge numbers of people have forgotten that because due to industrialization and anti biotics these really terrible terrible things have not happened for almost 2 centuries, at least in the collective west.
    But some people understand that humanity is now standing on the precipous of extinction. When this event starts to take hold due to the collapse of industrial agriculture which will almost surely take place at some point in the next 25 years, and going out 25 years is an optimistic projection, whole families are going to be murdered and eaten by maurading bands of cannibles. Therefore I am certainly not going to get teary eyed over a few 10 of millions of mostly old people dying of COVID-19.
    This is an issue that humans will disagree about that can not be settled by science because one has to compare the effects of COVID_19 doing nothing. with COVID-19 doing something which would include all of the side effects of doing that something, which would include all of the opportunity costs of doing something. This compairson depends upon subjective value judgements that is an area that science can not address. Ok to be clear science can inform us to help us make our value judgments but in the end these judgements come down to human tastes. For example which city has a better local government San Diego or Victoria?
    I myself am do not mind living in a world in which the leadership fails as much as it succeeds. But I do not want a world to exist in which the political leadership is not acting in good faith. It is the job of people to try to change it. But if that becomes impossible a world such as that should be destroyed with all possible speed with everyone it in before this virus infects the future. When that would become impossible is of course an estimate that everyone has to make for him or herself.
    Now we have reached a point that it is out of human hands anyways.

    But we still might have time for revenge.

  39. Curt Kastens

    There is still more to be said before I go out and clean all the poisonous mold off the back seat of our car which has not been driven enough to give a proper air circulation in it, hence the mold.
    No one can say that any test was passed or failed in reference to the pandemic because there is no independent objective criteria to determine what passing or failing would even be. Not only that there is not even any independent objective standard to determine what is and what is not a pandemic.
    The issues raised by this covid psy op can no more be settled than the issue of whether Catalonia should be an independent country or not. Ok it is true that governments can make decisions about what to do. That is at least a temporary settlement. But in a republic it should always be permissable to challenge those decisions to be able to try and reverse them. Except when people are engaged in a conspiracy to defraud society. Then the government has a duty not only to censor those deemed to be engaging in a conspiracy to defraud society it should arrest those involved in the conspriacy. But if the government is falsely accusing dissedents of engaging in a conspiracy because the government is protecting special interest groups that have become entrenched in government institutions the dissedents have a right to defend themselves by any means available from the unwarranted attack against them. It does not matter if the government has the support of a majority of the population beccause in this case that support would be based upon lies.
    Humanity, even in the best of times, is endangered by malevolence and by stupidity. Both malevolence and stupidity can break out anywhere anytime even in the most unexpected places even among your friends and allies. That is why open debatte has to be encouraged. But because of human stupidity the enlightened viewpoint does not aways prevail in a free and fair debatte. Then it is sometimes neccessary to make difficult decisions. If the wrong side starts to win the debatte, the right side (correct side), based upon the subjective standards of the observer, is justified in breaking the rules when the wrong decision would result in a catasrophe based upon the subjective standards of the observer. The stronger side would be justified in censoring the debatte and coercing the stupid or evil side. But it would not be required of them. The leaders of the stronger side are of course allowed to do a cost benifit risk analysis and decide whether or not it is worth it to coerce the other side. And the other side not being convinced of their error would be justified in using any means neccessary to defend their viewpoint from being coerced. But they would not be required to do so either. The leaders of the weaker side could also do a cost benifit risk analysis to decide what strategies to use to prevail in the conflict.
    If all of that sounds absurd to you the reader. It is because it clearly is. But that does not mean that it does not describe the world that we live in, incredibly absurd filled with catch 22s.

  40. Allison

    I commented on this over a week ago. It is absolutely unfathomable to me that someone who writes about power as often and as clear-cut as Ian does would promote lockdowns. Just the name is horrifying: LOCK DOWN. I posed this question, which Ian never answered:

    “How do feel about an organization such as the WHO – or any national government, for that matter – having the power to declare wholesale lockdowns of society? Are you in favor of this?”

    Actually, I am not surprised Ian didn’t answer it, as it was a stupid question in the first place. It was stupid because obviously Ian wholeheartedly supports locking down human beings – without any caveats whatsoever.

    Ian, you sometimes give “the other side” of things and will give some or even much credence to ideas and actions that don’t coincide with your thoughts on the matter. Yet in this instance, you haven’t even said something akin to:

    “Look, we need to eliminate this plague and many experts are saying that if we keep people isolated from each other and “track and trace” that we can do just that. However, as one with much expertise on power and how it is wielded, I realize that all manner of foul play is likely to be involved here. I mean, I have been writing about how governments and their respective agencies are no longer in any way accountable to the public; rather, they are beholden to powerful vested interests. As such, I would be remiss in simply endorsing government or government-agency related lockdowns of human beings.”

    This is why I wrote this, which I imagine you interpreted as a mean comment, though it wasn’t intended to be:

    “It’s an enormous issue, Ian. You can’t just pick and choose what you personally do and do not want to “litigate” after making bold pronouncements in the first place. I mean, you can…but it’s rather childlike and not particularly honest, and it’s seemingly not in keeping with the overall tenor of your blog.

    That comment was actually specific to vaccines. I am surprised you’re not upset at the Orwellian changing of the meaning of the word “vaccine” to something the aforementioned vested interests can profit even more from, perpetually.

    You stated that “the questions” surrounding these issues are “all wrong” to which I replied:

    “The questions are almost all wrong? I believe valid questions are being asked.”

    You then responded with a non-specific rejoinder that simply says “I’M RIGHT ABOUT COVID AND LONG COVID BECAUSE I’M ME. Here it is:

    “I’m not going to be wrong about the consequences of Covid and Long Covid, it’s exactly the type of problem I get right routinely, but you’re free to not believe that and I don’t care enough if you believe me to jump thru hoops.”

    Previously to that, you said this:

    “Let me ask you questions which would require hours for you to answer in detail, but require only minutes for me to ask.”

    What on earth are you even talking about? Why would it take you hours to answer the most basic questions surrounding the most basic civil liberties? And you know damn well that many of the commenters rightfully concerned with the “vaccines” and the call for lockdowns and tracking and tracing everyone and everything spend hours doing our own research.

    Ian, this is a huge blind spot you have. And I hope that’s all it is.

  41. Ian Welsh

    Lockdowns have been part of handling pandemics and plagues for millenia. They were done badly (they should have started sooner on the curve) and without the necessary support, but are not evil or illogical in themselves if you don’t want a disease to spread.

    This isn’t even remotely in question.

    Indeed, done correctly at the start and with support a few lockdowns could have ended the pandemic for good.

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