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What Every Liberal Needs To Learn From A Conservative Parent

constitution-censoredSara Robinson, discussing the different parenting styles of liberal and conservatives notes that Conservative parenting can wind up teaching that:

they do have boundaries — but only to the extent that they’re personally willing to fight and able to defend them.

Let me put this another way, one you may be familiar with.

“you have only the rights you are willing to fight for”.

This is the lesson that liberals who didn’t have a parent with a conservative parenting style often don’t understand.  There are no such things, as a practical matter*, as innate rights.  They do not exist in the real world. You have only the rights that other people earned for you, usually by fighting, suffering and dying.  And as a group, you keep only the rights you are willing to fight, suffer and perhaps even die for.

Any “right” you are not willing to fight for is not a right, it is a privilege given to you by the powers that be, which can be revoked by them at any time it is convenient to them with no consequence to them.

* Yes, in theory there are innate rights. In practice, there aren’t.


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  1. sene cal

    This is sound advice, depending on who you’re talking to. Liberals certainly take a lot for granted and deserve to be — and probably will be, soon — shocked by events into realizing their privileges can be taken away from them. On the other hand, conservatives hold this observation to mean that whatever you can take, you can keep, without consideration for the needs of others. the idea of innate rights is an attempt to make the entire community accept the notion of responsibility to each other.

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