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The Weird Pro-Biden Messaging

Democrats, Democrats never change.

It’s all, “well yes, Biden is bad, especially that *cough* Gaza thing, but, ummm, Trump will be worse. So hold that nose, crawl up to the cesspit and vote Biden.”

I mean, I’ve always been anti-lesser evil, but is there any line?

We’re talking a full blown genocide, with deliberate starvation of the population. Only one working hospital remains in Gaza and it is under attack as I write this. If you want to, and you have a strong stomach, you can find such fun videos as a father who is a doctor amputating his own daughter’s leg, on his kitchen table, without anaesthetic. (There is no anaesthetic left in Gaza, all surgery is without anaesthic. Welcome to Hell.) Babies died abandoned in incubators and Palestinians running to get food from aid trucks are gunned down by quad-copter drones.

Israel couldn’t do this without the US, which has been in constant bomb and missile airlift mode since it started. Further, the only person who could stop the genocide with a single phone call is Joe Biden.

But sure, vote for him because Trump would be worse. Vote for a genocider.

There will be some commenters, I bet, who say, “but Trump would be worse: he’d support the genocide and do other bad things.”

Possibly true.

“Vote Beelzebub, he is 3% less bad than Satan.”

Let’s explain basic politics in a democracy (the same rules apply in non-democracies, with slight adjustments.)

You have power if you can deliver voters, volunteers or money in sufficient quantities to make a difference, and no one can get those voters, volunteers or dollars without going thru you.

That is it, that is all. If you want to have influence on policy, you must have enough voters/money/volunteers who will only make that difference if they get what they want and who will absolutely work against you if they don’t. Doesn’t matter if it’s single payer or “don’t genocide”. If enough people won’t say “you don’t get what you want from me if I don’t get what I want from you” then you have no power. None.

The right has power because they will absolutely vote against and work against people who cross them and are loyal to those who do what they want. Say what you want about Trump and the right: he gave them the abortion ban they’ve been wanting for generations. He did that. They got what they wanted from him, the single most important thing they wanted.

“Progressives”? No principles. They believe in nothing. There is no red line they will not cross, no slight or betrayal they will not forgive if it is wrapped in a smarmy right wing Democrat’s lying lips.

Fortunately, in this case, there are lot of Muslims in Michigan, a battleground state. And apparently there is a red line for them, “you killed my relatives!!!!!” So there’s a good chance Biden will lose, even if the usual suspects whine that he’s better than Trump, even if he did everything he could to make a genocide happen.

But until there is a voting/giving/volunteering bloc with actual principles which aren’t garbage and which they can’t be cajoled out of with empty promises and lies and “but he’s even worse!”, no one’s getting a better country or world, for that matter.



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  1. Dallas

    Marvelous, just marvelous. Thank you for saying it, four square and true.

  2. mago

    You nailed it with tone.
    Go man go . . .

  3. bruce wilder

    It follows that there must be powerful obstacles in the way of effective mass political organization for purpose — any reasonable purpose — for us to be left with such an absurd “choice” as Biden v Trump.

    If we cannot do better than this dichotomy of geriatric idiots, it can only be because the capacity for democratic self-governance is absent or excluded.

  4. VietnamVet

    This is the reason that 2024 will likely be the last 50 state federal US election. Simply put those with money and power treat North America like the rest of the world. With the triumph of the global corporate-state, everything today is identity politics and propaganda. Divide and rule. Profits before human life. Place minorities in charge of the neo-colonies. Current governments are simply second-tier revolving door/deep-state lackeys to oligarchs who only value money. Human beings and morality are irrelevant. Privatization, endless war, and pandemics extract public money.

    With World War 3 underway and the second largest wave of COVID illness hitting the USA this winter, it is hard for one not to see the fall of the Western Empire. Except the world war and the variant pandemic are expressly ignored and thus exacerbated by the Biden Administration. Today is much like 1943 when Germany industry was finally placed on a war footing — way too late. Diplomacy, Armistices and DMZs are needed now before the apocalypse.

    If your livelihood and identity depend on the Democratic Party, it is impossible to see the truth. It is your tribe. The only way out is a progressive nationalistic third US political party to run the government by and for the people. Democrats have shapeshifted before but cannot now since there is no money in it, or any alternatives; and Joe Biden can’t.

  5. elkern

    I despise Donald Trump because he’s a grotesque person, so I can’t imagine ever voting for him. But I’ve recently come to a sad realization that having him win the next US Presidential election might be a relatively safe solution to the dangerous situation in the world now.

    Trump winning in 2024 would be terrible in lotsa ways.

    Climate Change problems will be made worse, but maybe not much worse than we would find under a Biden/Whoever administration stymied by a Federalist Supreme Court and internal Party pressure from Big Donors.

    Trumps, uh, *lack of tact* would exacerbate US social tension, heating up the simmering civil war between urban & rural Americans. (Urbanites – lacking guns & cohesion – would lose any overt conflict). If the GOP actually gains control of Senate and House, they would gleefully enact all kinds of regressive Culture War legislation (but of course, their first priority would be More Tax Cuts for the Rich).

    In any case, the USA is likely to look inward, leaving the rest of the world to reorganize around some new framework – prolly Chinese financial leadership. This would mostly be a Good Thing (for the rest of the world); we’re pretty obviously at a point where Western financial hegemony is about to fall apart (“debts that can’t be repaid, won’t…”), and China seems to be well situated to save many countries & people from the famines & such that would cause.

    Trump would of course unleash his full [impressive!] arsenal of bombast at China China China, but he doesn’t seem to have the stomach for military “solutions” (IIRC, the biggest attack on his watch was a bunch of missiles fired into some dunes in Syria, with the target area possibly leaked to Assad/Russia beforehand). Trump likes to present himself as a Tough Guy, but he really doesn’t have the guts to choose who gets killed. That normally disqualifies someone for “leadership”, but in our current situation – End of Empire – it’s prolly safer.

  6. someofparts

    I’ve honestly never been able to get a clear sense of what Trump’s relation to the ghouls at the State Dept happens to be. Is he a simpleton that they can fool and work around? Seems like it some of the time. Or is he a bull in a china shop that wrecks some of their careful plans. Seems like that happens some of the time as well.

    In a podcast last week Doug McGregor said that in Washington Bibi is more powerful than Biden. That being the case, maybe it doesn’t matter which Clown our mis-leaders select for us at their next faux election. No matter who they pick, he will still be less powerful in Washington than Bibi.

  7. Joan

    This is tough for me because I try to vote in every election but I genuinely don’t know if I can vote for Biden now. I’ll never vote for Trump, but I seriously worry about…I don’t know, karmic consequences or living with my conscience, etc. I still plan to vote locally and down ballot but this is even worse than the 2016 election where I was terrified Hillary would institute her Syrian no-fly zone. I willingly voted for Bernie in 2016 but I haven’t felt good about any of my presidential voting since then (I voted Bernie in 2020 also but I unfortunately predicted correctly that he would sheepdog for Joe like he did for Hillary).

  8. Nora Handler

    Thanks I have voted for the lessor evil, time and time again and I am finally done. I just can’t vote for Genocide Joe.

  9. bruce wilder

    “a Biden/Whoever administration stymied . . .”

    that seems to be corollary to the mind-numbing “lesser evil” trope – 11-dimensional chess, the devil-made-him-do-it-don’t-you-see, and other forms of mental gymnastics go in the same bucket

    it is hard to see how any of those apply to Ukraine or Gaza, but I am sure some Democrat will be eager to “show” me

    “I despise Donald Trump because he’s a grotesque person” – I cringe when watching or more, hear Trump, and recognize the symptoms of hypomania and the pattern of Social Dominance Orientation in his political penchant for demagoguery; I read him as a conman. But I ask what is my standard of comparison among political personalities? Especially if you are playing “lesser evil” shouldn’t it matter that Biden is senile and deeply corrupt?

    There is something deeply wrong, systematically wrong, with the politics of consumer preference – like we were voting on Taylor Swift. There is something deeply wrong if the system channels your desire for competence into the faux “normalcy” of Biden or your dissatisfaction with elite corruption and malfeasance into Trump and leaves no way out.

    Other balloons are floated but garner little attention and even less thoughtful regard. Who has heard of Dean Phillips or Marianne Williamson?

    Even in the negative, I am surprised sometimes how little people know or pay attention. I used to ask people about the scandals, some supposedly famous because of Wikileaks, that supposedly sunk Hillary Clinton in 2016. Few knew specific things she had done to subvert campaign financing limits for example, which was revealed in released emails. All of that converted easily it seemed into Russiagate and the absurd idea that the election turned on nefarious Russian influence operations.

    We are very, very far from a politics in which the electorate is organized to pursue its own interests. What we are is manipulated, and largely by trivial and superficial mind tricks. This would seem to be worth noticing.

  10. Allison

    Here is Trump speaking on abortion on Jan 10:

    “A female voter, undecided between Trump and rival Ron DeSantis, raised concerns over the Republican frontrunner’s recent attempts to back away from abortion restrictions unpopular in elections and opinion polls.

    She said: ‘I’ve been vocal in celebrating with you all of your pro-life victories from the past but then in this campaign you’ve also blamed pro-lifers for some of the GOP losses around the country and you’ve called heartbeat laws like Iowa’s terrible.’

    The voter added: ‘I’d just like some clarity on this because it’s such an important question to me. I’d like for you to reassure me that you can protect all life, every person’s right to life without compromise.’

    Trump, sitting with co-hosts Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, sought to shore up his conservative credentials by taking credit for the 2022 overturning of Roe v Wade, the ruling that guaranteed the right to abortion nationwide, by a supreme court with three Trump-appointed justices.

    ‘You wouldn’t be asking that question, even talking about the issue, because for 54 years they were trying to get Roe v Wade terminated, and I did it, and I’m proud to have done it,’ he said. ‘Nobody else was going to get that done but me, and we did it, and we did something that was a miracle.’

    But as he has in recent campaign rallies, Trump also struck a note of caution. ‘Now, I happen to be for the exceptions, like Ronald Reagan, with the life of the mother, rape, incest. I just have to be there, I feel. I think probably 78% or so, a poll, about 78%. It was Ronald Reagan. He was for it. I was for it.

    ‘But I will say this: you have to win elections. Otherwise you’re going to be back where you were, and you can’t let that ever happen again. You’ve got to win elections.'”

    A few things stand out. First, Trump doesn’t care about the principles underlying the abortion issue any more than Hillary Clinton cares about them. He cares about maintaining and enhancing the power of the Republican Corporation, which he will lead.

    In 1999 Donald Trump was, in his own words, “very pro choice.”

    More importantly: the questions themselves. Where is Joe Sixpack to ask Trump if he still believes in Reagan’s tax cuts for the wealthy and trickle-down theory? Because he (Joe Sixpack) used to, but he’s seen in his lifetime the rich get richer and richer and richer while he works harder and harder and harder for less and less. He’s living proof of how the Republican/conservative economic agenda – which he himself bought into – is in fact a fraud perpetrated by the wealthy to screw the working folks.

    You will rarely hear a question like this put to Trump because everything is vetted and crafted, just like the candidates. Those people asking the questions aren’t random citizens. They are chosen, and the candidates largely know what’s coming. It’s akin to why the League of Women Voters bowed out of the debate charade back in the 80’s.

    Of course, questions such as the one I posed do get through sometimes. And politicians are professional liars, so the good ones will answer with a non-answer that they hope will be convincing enough to the larger electorate while simultaneously pleasing the donors. They know who butters their bread. It isn’t Joe Sixpack.

  11. Jan Wiklund

    Also, if enough people would stand up and declare they will not vote for Biden if he doesn’t stop the genocide, he would probably do it.

    There is a tendency in western thought that the only thing that counts is to vote for A or B. But what you do in betwen elections is much more important: it creates the market politicians will have to take into account.

  12. Feral Finster

    It’s because they have no other argument, so they resort to “well, Biden’s genocide might be a little nicer so we need to vote for him!”

    This is where lesser-evilism leads to, right here. Vote for the nicer mass murderer, because gay rights or something.

  13. Occasional Poster

    Don’t forget that Trump also assassinated Solemani in Baghdad and kissed Bibi’s ring like nobody else. He spoke a good line on ending “forever war” but let Pompeo and his neocon ilk rein him in.

    Voting for either Biden or Trump and expecting things to get better is a fool’s errand.

  14. StewartM

    I have to disagree with you here Ian. Several years ago I would have heartily agreed with you. But not now.

    We don’t choose the world we live in, nor the options we get. There has never been a choice that didn’t evolve having to choose purely good vs evil, it has always been some having to deal with a lesser evil. As I once pointed out to Bruce, even WWII, the best case “good guys vs bad guys” war, if you actually looked at things closer, the good guys didn’t have clean hands either. Biden has been, as bad as he’s been on some things (foreign policy and immigration), the best president of my adult life (which is damning with faint praise, because all the others have been so horrible, I admit).

    But there has been a noticeable tick leftward in the Overton Window under Biden, and I want to see it pushed forward–even though some of current ‘left-wing’ politics trumpeted today I see as right-wing, not left. A Trump victory not only throws the US Constitution into the trash can, for good possibly, but will once again (like everytime we throw a flawed D out for an R) push said Overton window rightward again, and we already are seeing fascism raise its head in the US.

    Moreover, I have no confidence at all that Trump would do anything more about Gaza rather than floor the accelerator—after all, I can confidently tell you from personal experience that Trump’s base wants exactly that, to see see more perceived ‘brown people’ die, while Biden’s policies are causing blowback within his base. So to whatever degree base support pressures politicians, then the best bet for Gaza is Biden of the choice between the two.

  15. StewartM

    There has never been a choice that didn’t evolve </i?

    Sorry, "involve." Gah.

  16. Oakchair

    American foreign policy has consisted of committing, and supporting genocide, mass murder, and war crimes for a long time.
    We nuked 2 cities in Japan in order to show the world we were #1.
    We killed 20% of North Korea’s population by bombing civilians.
    We committed a false flag to justify destroying villages in Vietnam.
    We supported and helped Indonesia commit genocide against east Asians.
    We couped the Democratically election government in Chile and installed a mass murdering war criminal.
    We killed half a million children in Iraq in the 90’s by blocking them from getting medicine.
    Bush and his war of terror.

    For the last 60+ years war crimes and genocide was a line America was willing to frequently cross with cheers and Champaign. Now a large segment of the populace has decided they don’t want to cross that line anymore because they’ve discovered some principles.

    Biden and company aren’t aware of this yet, and I’m not sure they would even be able to comprehend it if they were.

  17. elkern

    Occasional Poster – thx, yes, of course, Trump had Soleimani killed. That was – and still is – a big deal, a step toward the NeoCon wet dream of nuking Iran. Trump isn’t a NeoCon; he’s purely transactional, lacking any ideology other than his own immediate gratification, but he likes having enemies, and choosing Iran as an Enemy was easy (and profitable?). Trump’s management style – demanding personal loyalty – clashes with the NeoCon project to stack US agencies with people they own (“personnel is policy”); sadly, Biden has cooperated with that. IMO, the NeoCons view Biden & Dems as a more reliable tool than Trump. Jared Cushner was their best asset under Trump, but I doubt we’ll see a sequel of that shit-show.

  18. different clue

    A vote for neither-Biden-nor-Trump is half as strong for Trump as a vote for Trump is. So is a non-vote for any Presidential candidate.

    If center and left-of-center non-voters-for-Biden have a plan for long term declintamination and disobamafication of the Democratic Party, getting Biden defeated could be the start of weakening the Party enough that the opponents of malignant metastatic Clintonoma and Yersiniobama Pestis within the Party might be able to clean it out over the next 30-50 years. On that basis, a vote against Biden could be the start of something good.

    People determined to not-vote-for-Biden should also think about the various ways the social and political and cultural scene will be made worse under Trump and his Maganon Foxanons and Rapturist Armaggedonizers. They should have their best plans or at least best thinking ready to go for survivalizing under that situation.

    One thing about the Russia Bosheviks, they did think and plan ahead as strategically and tactically as they knew how. They didn’t just roll the explosive dice-bombs and hope for the best.

  19. Mark Level

    One of the posts from Ian (unlike the recent “Meat Space” one) I will strongly agree with.

    One main overly obvious point: The claim that “You have to vote for Biden or ‘democracy’ will be terminated” from the likes of Rachel Maddow (everything she says is lies, she’s still claiming “Russiagate” was true!) is based on a false premise: that the Dimmies’ Center Right is not “authoritarian” as Herr Drumpf–

    YouTube, “Meta”/Facebook et all censor or suppress 95% of actual left-wing or pro-peace speech, NPR (National Propaganda Radio) Corporation has lied to us for 2 years straight that “Ukraine will whip Putin” (they use Punch & Judy puppet figures). Oh, & Israel Means Well, gotta polish off those pesky brown people to “cleanse” Greater Israel, & oh, there never was (for centuries) such a thing as “Palestine.” That notorious anti-Semite Herodotus made up the name in the 4th century b.c.e. (though it was known as that for centuries if not millenia prior) until Harry Truman blotted it off the map for Zionist Benjamin$.

    I gave some money to The Grayzone last year via “Go Fund Me”– they garnished my $$ without informing me or my consent, did not pass it on to TGZ. Luckily Blumenthal informed me as to how to fill out forms to get my money back. Once I did, I boosted the previous donation by a further 10%. Plus, GFM didn’t get their little $5 “tip” either– but they’re happy to whore for the Deep State, as every corporation is, ‘coz they know who butters their bread.

    Oh, & how do the Biden supporters feel about the Dimmie Party ending the primary system, only Joe is on the ballot in many states? What’s more undemocratic than that? No “choice” as the Dimmie Party is a sacrosanct corporation unresponsive to its voters (who they hate, as the R. party “fears” theirs.)

    A few comments on the comments:

    I think Oakchair nails it, I have little to add.

    Thanks to StewartM for the giant (cynical) belly laugh he gave me with this statement:
    “But there has been a noticeable tick leftward in the Overton Window under Biden, and I want to see it pushed forward” WTF? Really? How could anyone be so deluded?

    A few bullet-pointed notes on Butcher Biden’s (as Clare Daly just called him out at the WEF) term:

    + Joe’s elected on a New Deal (psuedo-Warren & Bernie watered down) platform– for the 1st 2 years of his term he destroys the non-Chamber of Commerce “Infrastructure” plan, turns the party over to 2 despicable DINOS, Joe Manchin & Kirsten Sinema.

    + He continues Trump-Pompeo’s designation of Cuba as a “terrorist-supporting state”

    + He jails children coming across the border just as Trump did.

    +He continues supporting Guaido in Venezuela (made Presidente by Pompeo at end of DJTs term) until that farce collapses.

    +He told black voters, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black”!

    +He pretends to try to trim some student debt in a way pre-planned to fail.

    +His admin is run by ghouls from the Rethug NeoCon establishment like Vicky Nuland, & genocidal ghouls like Dead-eyed Blinken, etc.

    +He babbles about seeing pictures of 20 (or 40 on the 2nd repeat) “beheaded babies!” After his own staff shot down the first lie.

    He makes a divisive speech in bright RED lights surrounded by the (sacred) Troops as “based” Joe, stating Trump (alone) spreads partisan hate & division. Kettle, meet pot.

    + His admin claimed they’d stop the genocide by Xmas, didn’t. (I know, I know, politicians lie like you & I breathe.) Now they’re promising it’ll end by January. If I knew Stewart f2f we could bet a beverage. In any case, Na Ga Happen.

    + Someone (can’t find the comment) noted Bibi has more power in DC than Butcher Biden. 100% true. Bibi wants Biden out & Trump in. Biden’s such a reflexive racist & “Zionist” (as he bragged as the genocide started) he cooperates!!

    +The NeoCon ghouls won’t give up the failed project Ukraine when that country has already been convincingly defeated. (When even the NYT & WaPo regularly admit this, you know the Fat Lady has sung.) But let’s flush another few Trillion $$$ down that rat-hole so we look like we cared about the Ukies spilling their blood “to the last person”!! (No worries though, a recessionary & demilitarized EUrope will suffer for that.)

    + He perpetrated terrorist acts not just across our (nearly infinite) “enemies” but also against our (& Israel’s!) best ally, Germany, bombing the Nordstream pipeline. Would even Trump be as reflexively stupid as to commit such an act? I think not.

    +”We’ll escalate in Yemen to stop escalation!” Brilliant! & as Ian has covered, they accomplish nothing (beyond discrediting themselves) in doing so.

    I could say more, but why beat a dead horse, or a brain-dead POTOP (President of the One Percent) with 1.5 feet in the grave?

    I want to close with something positive, however, so here are 2 things. In the Aug. 2013 Harper’s it’s mentioned that annual costs for a deployed Troop soldier is $531,427– imagine how much more it must be now, 10+ years later? If we have future histories, they will surely record that Biden (not the squeamish Trump, who didn’t like calling families with fallen dead to feign sympathy) who caused the 4th Reich Empire to collapse.

    Obama’s refusal to “move that Overton window left” or do anything for the Dem. constituency led to his true legacy: Trump, Biden, & whatever comes next.

    2nd, here’s the link to the righteous Clair Daly calling out fake “Irish” Joe at the WEF. You can’t keep the global majority down forever, much as the Uniparty desires– very nice to see 1 truth-teller in the ranks of the Reptiloid elites. Makes me proud to be 1/4 Irish (Joe is actually mostly Dutch. But he lies like the rest of us breathe.)

  20. capelin

    “But until there is a voting/giving/volunteering bloc with actual principles which aren’t garbage and which they can’t be cajoled out of with empty promises and lies and “but he’s even worse!”, no one’s getting a better country or world, for that matter.”

    What is to be done? We don’t seem to be able to do more than limit the worst of some of the damage, at a world of even national scale. Do the best one can I guess, and be informed and ready to back the right horses as they come along.

    Anyway, voting will soon be fully passe if klaus gets his way – here he is explaining how great AI is and hey, it could be used to predict elections – no need to go thru all the trouble of actually having them.

    nitter seems to be a twitter mirror site of some type – account needed to view twit not nit. just replace _ tw with n _ in any twitter url and there ya go.

  21. Kfish

    Here in Queensland, Australia, we had a state Premier (Anna Bligh) from the centre-left Labour Party who sold off part of our state railroad. At the next election in 2012, the unions withdrew their support for her, and she lost. We then had two bad years under the conservative Premier, Campbell Newman.

    But now Labour is back in power and they have never, ever raised the issue of selling off state assets again.

  22. marku52

    There was a great comment on Xitter the other day, something like:
    “Western democracy is like that toy steering wheel you put on your child’s car seat so he can pretend to drive the car.”

    Might as well vote Trump to defeat the sh*t out of Genocide Joe.

  23. Seattle Resident

    Sure the Presidential choices aren’t great, but in defense of Biden, he won’t prosecute the people on the ground simply because they oppose him (the left and the dems) or they are black and brown illegal immigrants and illegal look a likes, unlike his likely opponent.

    He will be weaponizing people in a second administration as well as “his” people to go after the people that seek the change that the commenters in this blog would like to see. Change agents can operate in another Biden administration. In a second Trump administration, they get locked up, maybe even killed. Remember the federal officer round ups of people who went to the BLM demonstrations back in 2020 – That goes on steroids in a second Trump administration.

    “Take those together, and Trump is relentlessly conditioning his supporters to expect a second term in which he will bend or break the law to wield the machinery of the state to persecute his opponents, perhaps on a mass scale—as he recently put it, to “root out” the “vermin.” Trump is telling his supporters that he will carry out their retribution, that he will persecute their enemies, that this is their due. ”

    Given what former aides have said about Trump, I would take him at his word given a second bite at the big mac of the white house with a bit more awareness of how to use government.

    Still 10 months or so to go. Biden still has a chance to win the election provided he uses campaign ads to promote the few good things he’s been able to do given a divided congress that not even a DSA/Third party wet dream could accomplish much with – infrastructure, student loan relief, stronger FTC hand with monopolies. Also a possible DC insurrection trial that might take place in the summer that may convict Trump if the appellate court rules in a timely fashion and throws out that ridiculous immunity defense.

    20 percent of the whiter than white republicans in the Iowa caucus said more or less that they would not vote for Trump under any circumstance. Add larger state anti republican Trump sentiment to that of angry white women having their abortion rights taken away by Trump appointees and that doesn’t portend well for Trump in an general election scenario.

  24. Jorge

    So much typing! It’s going to be about inflation, same as usual. The price of gasoline will, once again, choose the President.

  25. bruce wilder

    I have been reflecting on the arguments in support of Biden, whether of the “lesser evil” variety or otherwise, and I realize, for me, one counter-argument cinches the case for disgust and rejection. I am always tempted to engage with the details of assertions that in this area or that the Biden Administration is allegedly doing good, or intends good but is frustrated, or is marginally “better” than ‘the alternative’. I get distracted with whether any of these assertions are factually accurate or morally truthful when often the assertion is unfathomable as made. (Was George H. W. Bush a better President than Biden? I did not vote for him but I can make a factually and morally “objective” case.)

    Here’s the thing though: whatever good things you project onto Biden, the people with real political power who have made Biden one of the two major Party candidates do not care. They are the ones with political power and they do not want what you want. They do not whatever good things successful propaganda has associated with Biden in your political imagination. They do not want those good things achieved.

    You know how I know this? You want to know how I am certain that this is the case. That the real powers do not care to save “our democracy” or any other such nonsense?

    Because if they wanted any good thing accomplished by the President they seek to see elected, (. . . wait for it . . .) they would have found a better candidate.

    I do not mean a candidate more to my personal taste. I mean a younger, more intelligent, more energetic and competent candidate: someone who could credibly act, who could transform the immense authority of the Presidency into power to solve problems against opposition from factions with interests at odds with the public interest and general welfare.

    The state on autopilot is not working out well. I can see it. If this faction or that among the oligarchs wants the political participation and consent of the hoi polloi or just competent public administration they will offer a better candidate. Biden is proof they do not want an effective President. Trump is not going to be that (effective), but if they “feared” Trump for any good reason, they would find a better candidate than Biden, if only to ensure an electoral victory. Instead they apparently want senile and corrupt to lead the incompetent in administering a failing empire in its last days as if nothing is wrong when most everything is wrong.

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