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The Latest Dossier on Trump

Buzzfeed published it. They start with this:

A dossier, compiled by a person who has claimed to be a former British intelligence official, alleges Russia has compromising information on Trump. The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors.

“We can’t confirm any of it, and we know some of it is wrong, but we went with it anyway.”


On the face of it, I’m inclined to agree with Glenn Greenwald that it seems possible the Deep State is taking a shot at Trump. Because Trump has plans to reorganize the intelligence agencies, that’s not surprising.

Perhaps unrelated: Trump will be keeping his private security, and not relying entirely on the Secret Service.

Greenwald’s point that when much or all of this is proved false, it will immunize Trump from any true revelations in the future, is also worth pondering.

I’m not sure what to say beyond that, except that reading this Twitter stream from Matt Stoller is important. It starts as follows.

Yeah. It’s just possible that Democrats lost not because of a super evil Russian conspiracy, but because they didn’t do the very basic job of government. All the bullshit lists that have come out miss the simple point that, measured in terms of jobs as a percentage of the population, the economy hasn’t recovered.

As for Obamacare, insurance coverage is not health care. If it was, the mortality rate wouldn’t be going up. The transmission is not applying power to the ground.

Democrats lost to an extremely unpopular, very flawed person, because they ran the country badly for a lot of people, and those people are upset.

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  1. Webstir

    Oh, this is a powder keg Ian. But hey, I’ll throw a match.

    Let’s just start with this premise: It would be healthier for the left if they found the courage to swallow this indictment, rather than puke it back up in Stoller’s face. And although there are some valid questions asked in the twitter thread, I think Stoller’s larger point should be digested.

    And for anyone fighting the flu while reading this, I apologize for the extended gastronomic metaphor.

  2. Ché Pasa

    The institutional failure is cumulative and monumental. Some of us have been aware of a cascade of institutional failures for decades, and it has brought us to this point.

    Unfortunately, too many people are focused on which team or faction of the failed institutions is “winning,” and why the other team lost. As if somehow, by proper analysis of winning and losing, the failed institutions can be made whole and made to work again.

    Mr. Trump simply should not take office — whether he won or lost an unverifiable election is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the institutions of government he and his cronies seek to control for their own benefit are basically decadent and rotting hulks, and he and his cronies are not the ones who can change them or replace them for the benefit of the People.

    Nor would Mrs. Clinton have been.

    Whether Trump or Clinton has the worst dossier is irrelevant. Both are creatures of different factions of the PTB, and both would or will institute policies that are inimical to the well being of the People. The congress is ready, willing and more than able to make things far worse for far more people than has been the case in recent times, and they are salivating with glee over their good fortune. Mr. Trump will be loathe to stand in the way of much of what they want to do. Only their sponsors and owners can do that, and so far as can be determined at this point, what congress is setting out to do is what their sponsors and owners want from them.

    Counting on some kind of institutional inertia to mitigate the worst of what is coming is not going to work. The inertia of the institutions is to follow command, no matter what or who it comes from. This is one of the major causes of their failure.

    As for the Deep State plotting against Mr. Trump, here’s news: the permanent government plots against every president. Remember, presidents are only around for 4 or 8 years, if that, whereas the class of those who rule us and many of the individuals with their mitts on the levers of power intend to be around for generations if not perpetually.

    If Mr. Trump is not satisfactorily compliant with the interests of the ruling cliques, he will be dealt with as deemed necessary.

    Even failed institutions can self-perpetuate indefinitely. Viz Rome following the extinction of the Republic…

  3. the problem is not that the ‘phants are in favor of corruption, it is that the Donks do not offer an alternative. right now they are busy trying to save the ACA – which on its face is a hopeless compromise with people who say that they do not like compromise.

    ( the latest installment of my current novella)

  4. Pelham

    Given Buzzfeed’s own stated doubts about this Trump dossier, it would appear they’ve opened themselves to a libel suit on the grounds of reckless disregard for the truth.

    In such a case, Trump’s standing as a public figure is no excuse. Just as Hulk Hogan put Gawker out of business, Trump may have a good shot at shutting down Buzzfeed.

  5. BlizzardOfOz

    I come not to praise Putin, but to bury him. Now, Putin is an evil man. But when he came to power, the Russian life expectancy reversed its downward trend and headed north again. But Putin is an evil man.

  6. Rich Puchalsky

    Here’s my piece on the dossier. It’s really not sufficient for people in the media to summarize its main points without mentioning how crazy it is.

  7. Fox Blew

    Ian. If this is indeed the Deep State taking on Trump, then I can only conclude that the
    leadership of the Deep State is more incompetent than I initially suspected.
    …and yet, I agree with you and Greenwald. I believe this “war” is real.
    My gut tells me Trump has already won.

  8. Albertde

    I am inclined to think that this type of so-called salacious information even if true is not useful. If JFK who slept with countless women could not be blackmailed by Khrushchev, only by Hoover, then I don’t see how the Putin could effectively use this information, supposing it it is true. After all, the Russian know the truth behind the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations as well as 9/11, the Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, etc. And it has not proved of any value to them.

  9. Will

    We invest hundreds of billions USD in national defense every year so some asshole on 4chan can lead CNN, at least one US senator, and a couple intelligence agencies on a wild goose chase that wouldn’t have been convincing enough to get a rise out of your average geek squad techy?

    Fire them. Fire every God damned one of them. Anybody who laid hands on this and didn’t wave a red flag is too stupid to work in intelligence and pull a paycheck from Langley.


  10. Peter

    Glenn Greenwald mocked the use of the word “dossier” to describe this shabby memo while most everyone else in the media and blogs just parroted it giving the impression of a sexy European investigation even if they didn’t intend to promote this meme.

    This is why our real Fake News has been so successful for so long because many people don’t read much beyond the headline so all the counter arguments that follow are little more than white noise, the message was implanted and persists.

    This recent almost insane explosion of drivel coming from the Clintonites throughout government and the media could be overcome and Trump may have to break it to survive. So far he has stared down the CIA and his success there triggered this lame but related attack. The Clintonites are still clever creatures who hope these attacks will cause Trump to overreact and earn the strongman image they want him to project.

    Trump doesn’t seem to be taking their bait and is keeping his countermoves limited to sharp exposing invective aimed at the media and the Clintonites. I heard he went after the media again in his news conference and even my crazy neighbor was cheering his actions.

  11. realitychecker

    For those who insist on only viewing the real news, I offer this:

  12. markfromireland


    Democrats lost to an extremely unpopular, very flawed person, because they ran the country badly for a lot of people, and those people are upset.

    Well yes but they were more than merely upset they were also so outraged by the fact that the Democrats ran an even less popular and even more flawed person as their candidate for the presidency that they voted for the tweeter with the small hands big ego and funny hairdo.

  13. markfromireland

    I find myself agreeing with Peter.

    In MILINT, Law, CRIMINT and Law Enforcement, a dossier is a collection of at least putatively actionable material. Nothing in the “full document” to which Buzzfeed linked is remotely actionable.

  14. different clue

    @Che Pasa,

    If Clinton had won, would you now be saying that Clinton “should not take office” ? ehh? hmmmmm . . . ?

    Somehow you seem more against Trump than you seemed against Clinton. Right after Trump won, I remember your hysterical screaming about the deadly danger we were all in and how Trump must NOT be allOWED to take office. Would you have been screaming that way against Clinton if Clinton had won?

    Somehow, I think you are a Clintonite at heart.

  15. different clue

    Relevant to this post and thread, here is a link to the most recent post on this anti-Trump “intelligence”. It was written and posted by guest-poster Walrus over at Colonel Lang’s Sic Semper Tyrannis website.

    It gives an insight into the deeper Power Political interests and players which the Clintonite Shitocrat scum live to worship and serve. Here is the link. ( The thread deserves as much attention as the basic post itself).

  16. different clue


    I believe they all knew how fake this material was. I believe they knowingly weaponised it and disseminated it with malice aforethought at part of their rolling pre-emptive Coup against Prez Elect Trump. They are shaping the brainwar battlespace to support a coming impeachment or other removal attempt or perhaps a physical assassination if they can find and position the suitable “disposable Oswald”. I am glad that Trump is keeping his private security service and I hope that security service is planning for ALL EVENTUALITIES AND POSSIBILITIES.

    The Clintonite Shitobamacrat scum are not afraid of a President Pence. Pence is a Clintonite on Free Trade Agreements, a Clintonite on Regime Change especially against Syria, and a Clintonite on stand-up-to-Putin. The Clintonite Shitobamacrat Scum Party is prepared to live with a President Pence’s evangelicalism in order to rid themselves of the threat-to-their-interests of Trump’s new policy departures on Trade Patriotism, no more Regime Change overseas, and re-normalization of relations with Russia.

  17. Will

    Hell Different Clue, if true that makes it even worse.

    We’re talking about the guys who are supposed to have James Bond (Daniel Craig version) level intel and sophistication. The guys who employ sci-fi technology with lethal accuracy and brutal efficiency. The kind of people who scare you because they are cold blooded, brilliant, and utterly without scruple.

    You expect some cutting edge technology where a video of Trump engaging in debased and demeaning behavior is fabricated with so much expertise that it isn’t determined to be a fake for a decade. Instead you get some clown cutting a photo of Trump out of a magazine and pasting it onto a wanted poster. And then expecting the public to accept it without reservation.


  18. JR

    different clue – Somehow, you managed to miss Che Pasa entire point. How so? His presentation was precise, articulate and not in favor of either.

  19. tsisageya

    The headline itself made me laugh out loud. Now, I guess I’ll go back and read the whole thing.

  20. tsisageya

    …which is very disappointing.

    The headline still stands in my book, though!

  21. Tom W Harris


  22. Tom W Harris

    In the words of Gil Scott-Heron:

    You don’t need to be in no hurry.
    You ain’t never really got to worry.
    And you don’t need to check on how you feel.
    Just keep repeating that none of this is real.
    And if you’re sensing, that something’s wrong,
    Well just remember, that it won’t be too long
    Before the director cuts the scene. yea.

    This ain’t really your life,
    Ain’t really your life,
    Ain’t really ain’t nothing but a movie.

    When he wrote this in the Reagan era, Scott-Heron envisioned the movie as a Western, but in these times, a horror theme seems more fitting. We are perhaps all starring in a movie about Freddy as president: American Nightmare: The Krueger Decade.

  23. Hugh

    Do Peter and different clue look under their beds each night to make sure no Clintonites are lurking there? Also if Pence is a Clintonite, why did Trump choose him? Is Trump a crypto-Clintonite in disguise? That would certainly explain the hair. Has Trump responded to this latest attack or is he still tweeting about Meryl Streep? Thank goodness we don’t have any serious problems like the country circling the drain so that the Deep State can obsess about Trump’s sex life and Trump can obsess about Streep.

  24. Lisa

    This is a derail form the real news, the number of religious right people in his cabinet/senior executive. Downright scary.

    Over and above the usual (and expected from them) attacks on women and LGBTI people they are all extreme right on economic issues and foreign affairs, plus their not so well hidden racism and bigotry against other religions (evangelicals hate Catholics and other types of evangelicals, Catholics hate protestants,, they all hate Muslims and many hate Jews).

    At best they all have a fragile and tactical alliance against women and LGBTI people but in other areas the hatred is palpable.

    They will tear the country apart.

  25. StewartM

    “We can’t confirm any of it, and we know some of it is wrong, but we went with it anyway.”


    Democrats lost to an extremely unpopular, very flawed person, because they ran the country badly for a lot of people, and those people are upset.

    “Fake news” is only fake news when it’s not officially approved. The Clinton campaign promoted plenty of fake news about Sanders camp:

    The hysteria over Donald Trump’s election win has led the entirety of the mainstream media to search for culprits who committed this crime. Many of them have blamed fake news stories about Pope Francis endorsing Trump, R.E.M. suing Trump and articles by writer Paul Horner who told Rolling Stone he was actually trying to keep Trump out of the White House. Fake news may indeed have played a role in electing Trump, but no one in the media seemed to care when the the lies were benefiting Hillary Clinton—and attacking Bernie Sanders. In fact, fake news was propagated throughout the Democratic primaries in order to sabotage Sanders’ campaign, and distract from the challenge he posed to Clinton.

    And just like the Russkies were alledged to have done, they paid armies of trolls to spread these lies:

    The moderators of the Sanders subreddit /r/SandersForPresident wrote that the “Bernie Bro” concept was created by fake accounts in order to “establish a narrative that Bernie’s supporters are all racist, sexist young males who harass people online.” David Fredrick, co-founder and moderator of the subreddit, told The Atlantic when Sanders was still in the race, “If anyone criticizes a Sanders supporter online now there’s doubt over whether it’s a genuine exchange or if it’s something that Correct the Record is behind.”

    David Brock, a former right-wing activist who now works for Clinton and started the left-wing site Media Matters which ruthlessly targets conservatives, is credited with creating the online trolling project. After the actor Tim Robbins, a Sanders supporter, received a barrage of tweets attacking him for speculating about election fraud hurting Sanders, Robbins responded to 88 different accounts with this tweet, “Dear @CorrectRecord operatives, Thank you for following today’s talking points. Your check is in the mail. Signed, @davidbrockdc.”

    Now our government’s response has been to quietly pass the “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act” which although the authors say wouldn’t apply to Americans or American web sites which are “promoting disinformation” or “foreign propaganda” lack that qualifier in the text of the bill:

  26. wendy davis

    this is apparently meant to add verisimilitude to the Truth of the story? ‘Former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who produced Donald Trump Russian dossier, ‘terrified for his safety’ and went to ground before name released’

    all of it is glorious pulp fiction.

  27. tsisageya

    P.S. I don’t know anything about 4chan except the name. AND the fact that they’re not reliable.

    I can’t stop laughing.

  28. tsisageya

    …except for the fact that he has so many Goldman Sachs nominations. Anyone notice that besides me?

  29. Billikin

    The Democrats did not govern well? Not that they would have, but who have held most of the reins of government in the US since 2010? The Republicans. It is ironic that they have been able to put most of the blame on their poor government on the Democrats, but 1) the Democrats let them take power and 2) the Democrats did not push the blame back very much or very well. Possibly because the Democrats are Republicans lite.

  30. Billikin

    “(evangelicals hate Catholics and other types of evangelicals, Catholics hate protestants,, they all hate Muslims and many hate Jews).”

    Which reminds me:

    “The whole world is festering with unhappy souls.
    The French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles.
    Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch,
    And I don’t like anybody very much.” 😉

    from The Merry Minuet, by the Kingston Trio

  31. Tom W Harris

    they all hate Muslims

    Well Lisa, Muslims hate Christians. And Jews. And Hindus. And Buddhists. And atheists. And agnostics. And LGBTIs.

    Just in case you didn’t already know.

  32. Chaz

    Q – Does it matter if the democrats were “in charge” by title only as they did not have the house and senate for much of the presidency, and if so should be republicans not take the blame?

  33. Peter


    Clintonite is just a catchall for wanker behavior and although they can still produce dirty little tricks in their news media their time has passed. I have a cat under my bed that is more frightening than any of these snowflakes. They will soon have trouble even affecting the news cycle once Trump is actually in office and starts driving his agendas.

    I have observed that some of the Red Queen’s detractors were still shocked and angry she failed to win. She was defeated and they don’t want to hear about her anymore but her party is leaderless and disintegrating so the remaining loud and lying quislings need to be identified as members of the cult.

  34. S Brennan

    “the democrats were “in charge” by title only as they did not have the house and senate for much of the presidency”

    And whose fault is that? Obama took an election that a Broken Tennis Racket or BTR-[D] could have won.

    The nation had thoroughly repudiated Bush [the 2nd] and Republican, what does Obama do? Obama proposed a recycled Heritage Foundation “health plan”, TARP, HAMP, FISA, NDAA, escalating the AF-PAK war, a continuation of “regime change” QE I through QE^[n] al all in an effort to make the fabulously rich richer.

    So yeah, Democrats lost the tidal wave of support that put Obama in office in 2008. In 2010, in Florida, Obama opposed a black Democrat and supported a white Republican. Yeah, “they did not have the house and senate for much of the presidency” because Obama wanted it that way.

    Stop it already with the “my hands are tied” crap. Obama was/is the man who single-handedly saved the Republican party.

  35. moreidentitymoremoreidentity

    it’s LGBTI now, huh? I thought it was LGBTQIJKLMNOP. Well, I guess I was wrong and I’m a racist misogynist now.

  36. Webstir

    Kind of amazing. Silly me, I thought the real story here was the Matt Stoller twitter stream.

    The buzzfeed stuff? Panem et circenses. Ooo! Ooo! ooo! Look at the shiny thing!
    While the establishmentarians — of which I include Trump because he’s silver spoon 1% Ivy league’er — continue to rob us all blind.

    I mentioned to a friend the other day that Trump’s election is nothing more than the Shock Doctrine Episode #473 “The President.”

    Keep your eye on the ball folks …

  37. chris collins

    One other interesting thing from today. It seems the CIA has real info on Russia hacking as now Trump agrees they did it. Too bad I doubt it will ever be public.

  38. Webstir

    @chris collins:

    Why? I’m sure someone will send them FOIA request.

  39. Webstir


    I totally get you on the Clinton stuff. But, what is it about this picture that you don’t understand? Trump part and parcel of the same 1%, davos set, ivy league, establishmentarian, wanker that you decry. What gives?

  40. Tony Wikrent

    S Brennan: “…Obama wanted it that way.”

    Do you really think so? My conclusion, based on reading who knows how many articles these past 8 years, Obama’s two books, Plouffe’s book, and the biographies by Halperin and Heilemann, Remnick, and Alter, and the excellent book in the influence of Wall Street by Suskind, is that Obama is a thoroughly indoctrinated neoliberal, simply unable to conceive of a workable alternative to neoliberalism because he has been miseducated to believe that the only alternative is some variant of Marxism, which is not acceptable because we won the Cold War, blah, blah. And, his time running the Harvard Law Review really made him believe that not only was bipartisanship achievable, but that it was…. “fashionable” would be a good word, I think. One of the many things that astonished me was that Obama and his team did not realize they had an incipient mass movement right under their noses. They had very sharp political instincts for the USA two party system, but absolutely no clue about the actual socio-political condition of the country. What I mean is, they saw that in 2008 anyone who was not a Republican could be elected President, so that was “their” opportunity. It obviously never occurred to them that 2010 would be a crucial mid-term election because of the census redistricting that would follow.

    Thinking back on it, another thing that strikes me is that neither Obama, or Plouffe, or anyone else close to Obama, ever spoke of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal as if they were actually familiar with them. I don’t think they ever read anything about it, and certainly never discussed some of the extreme measures Roosevelt and Harry Hopkins took to get millions of people a paying job so they wouldn’t starve in the winter of 1933-34.

    Suskind’s book is excellent for seeing Obama and his advisors in relation to the financial crash. They were complete dolts. Never saw it coming, and had no idea why it had happened. Except for Obama, who obviously knew far more than the people around him, but only because he had become friends with Robert Wolf of UBS, and Wolf was giving Obama detailed accounts of what was happening in the financial markets. Otherwise, Obama would have been as surprised and lost as everyone else.

    In short, Obama and his people recognized that 2008 would be an election repudiating Republicans. And that’s all. Outside the detailed minutia of a national political campaign, they were all actually rather dumb and uninspired. On economics, they are complete dolts. You have to read Obama’s books to see how limited his economic thinking is.

  41. Tony Wikrent

    One other thing. Rahm Emanuel. Jesus H. Christ, what a prick. Obama should have had him pushed out the back of a helicopter way out to sea.

  42. EmilianoZ

    Maybe there was a misunderstanding with the Russians. Maybe he meant “golden shower” in the Scrooge way.

  43. bruce wilder

    One thing I will say for Buzzfeed is that they exposed the original document.

    What CNN (i happened to see some of the CNN coverage a few days ago) and others have been doing is to report around this document.

    As is often the case, the news media tramples the interesting story, which is who is trying to use the news media. The news media cannot report that story, because it would reveal too much about how the news media is routinely manipulated as a means of manipulating the media audience.

    So one hand clapping for buzz feed who gave away the game a bit.

  44. S Brennan

    Your argument, if it is that, is a bit incoherent, what are try to say?

  45. Tom

    Well when Trump actually starts delivering by firing large numbers of deep state officials, we’ll have our answers as to what kind of president he’ll be.

  46. Webstir


    And what kind of president will that be exactly?

  47. Webstir


    The same kind as this one would have been:

    But with different shiny things to distract the public from their larger goal of kleptocracy?

  48. V. Arnold

    Just to be clear; I no longer care who is the president of the U.S.; they’re all the same pieces of shit; same shit, different year. As a commentor I’m going into sleep mode, to get away from the insane bull shit. Actually, for the life of me, I can no longer remember my reason for commenting in the first place…
    That said; for entertainment value Trump is hard to beat; he told CNN directly they’re fake news and wouldn’t take a question from their reporter. That counts for him.

  49. Hugh

    Tony Wikrent, elites justify their privileges on the basis of their knowing more and better than the rest of us. So the one defense they can never legitimately offer is the hoocoodanode one. Obama ran on change and delivered more of the same. He had a movement and once elected promptly killed it off. He had Dean’s successful 50 State Strategy and he dumped that as well. He came in with the Democrats controling the Presidency and both Houses of Congress and the ability to do away with the filibuster at any time. Instead he allowed Mitch McConnell to pursue a very effective strategy of hamstringing his agenda, even when he gave the Republicans almost everything they wanted. And come on, his team didn’t know that 2010 was a Census year? Hoocooda… oh wait, it wasn’t like it was a state secret or anything. Obama’s two principal economics advisers were Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, Bill Clinton’s two Treasury Secretaries, and architects of the 2008 meltdown. But that’s just it, isn’t it? The meltdown occurred in September 2008 while Bush was still President. So why did President Obama have either of these two murderous clowns anywhere around him, or Summers’ protégé Geithner? Oh that’s right because his campaign was largely financed by Wall Street and they owned him. It wasn’t inept. It was paid for.

  50. Hugh

    V. Arnold, I admit I have not gotten this whole the Russkies are coming! the Russkies are coming! media frenzy. It is about as believable as saying that Trump is controlled by agents from Planet X. This latest “dossier” just sort of tops it off. It has got to be one of the stupidest, most lame-brained smears I have ever come across. It’s a cobbled and patched piece of shit. And even if it were true, no one cares. Rather than hobbling Trump or discrediting him, it will inoculate him for a considerable while from much more legitimate attacks, and will serve to discredit organizations like CNN which were just a little too eager to run with it. So what was the point?

    If I had to guess, I would say it was a British fabrication. It has that tin-eared quality to it of projecting sexual obsessions of one class and country on to another. If it had been an American product, it would have adhered more to the Edwin Edwards line. Edwards was from Louisiana and was one of the crookedest politicians in a state that was known for them. He said the only way he could lose an election in Louisiana was if he was caught in bed either with a dead girl or a live boy. That resonates. Golden showers is just pissing into the wind, so to speak.

  51. Ché Pasa

    It wasn’t inept. It was paid for.


    And with regard to the 2010 debacle, from the ground it looked like a deliberate strategy to cede legislatures and governorships across the land as part of the program of Republican revival. Democrats (and Republicans) knew full well what would happen. Kind of hard to miss a Census year. Duh.

    Paid for? Um, could be.

    The notion that if one is not fully on board with Mr. Trump and his program (whatever it may be) or one doesn’t want him to take office, one must by default be a “Clintonite” is absurd on its face. Neither candidate represented more than a fragment of the electorate let alone the population.
    The majority who voted voted for someone other than Mr. Trump, and they for someone other than Mrs. Clinton. Neither of the major candidates received a majority of votes cast for president, however, and 40% or more of the electorate stayed home rather than cast their vote for any presidential candidate at all.

    I dispute the election outcome not because I want Mrs. Clinton in the White House (again) — I don’t — but because the way our elections are conducted is a farce, the candidates are chosen for their service to their owners and sponsors (or in the case of Mr. Trump, because they are an owner/sponsor), and the outcome must be taken on faith because it cannot be verified.


  52. anonymous coward

    At least we know now what color our color revolution will be.

    Never thought I’d be glad that our right wing has gone on a decade long guns ‘n’ ammo buying binge, but now I see it may be a good thing after all.

  53. @V.Arnold

    As maddening as it is, you really shouldn’t go into “sleep mode.” As one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met once said: ”Eventually civilization has to come to terms with the fact that there are other ways of managing human societies, because this one is not sustainable.”

    The order that will replace this sorry state is somewhere (maybe everywhere) being born today. Comment and perspective are pearls beyond value — the child will never say “the Emperor has no clothes” if we all don’t teach that … yes, you CAN say that!

  54. Max

    >When Hillary has her Emails released.

    Ian: Despite the source being the Russian Government, it’s good that something being covered up from the citizens is shown.

    What’s with the sea change Ian?

  55. atcooper

    We’re having to relearn the dangers of the standing army and imperial guard all over again.

  56. Tom

    CIA Dossier was a troll from 4chan…

    Trump has all the ammunition he needs to bitchslap the CIA in line.

  57. Peter


    No matter what Trump may become I have to enjoy and celebrate what he has accomplished so far. Before he started his quest for the presidency all I saw was a rich prick but when he started addressing the problems in the US people listened and cheered. When almost the whole republican establishment rejected him he didn’t blink and swept them aside with the help and support of his voters an amazing political feat.

    He then went on to face the nearly full and very public rejection by the establishment throughout our society along with a little scandal but again he didn’t flinch worked hard to the end and prevailed, a brilliantly played electoral victory. Just the fact that the Red Queen will shrivel and die never touching power again should be enough of a gift to humanity but we’ll have to wait and see if he adds to that incredible unexpected public emolument.

  58. wendy davis

    @ moreidentitymoremoreidentity what an ignorant comment. and just when i was seeing a turn to more civility here.

  59. Webstir


    Yes, I accept your election premise. But again, in practice, I will be floored if his tenure amounts to anything more than trading the existing bezzle for his own bezzle. And as I’ve said before here, the simple act of creative destruction of the existing bezzle may net out as a positive. But I’m to going to hold my breath. He’ll play identity politics to the further detriment of civil liberties.

  60. Peter


    I watched Obama rip the hopey-changey heart out many of his messianic followers but it is unfair to project that naiveté onto Trump supporters as some commenters do. I think most everyone knows that he is a capitalist pig of the highest order and his task is to save capitalism from its own contradictions. The deals with Carrier, Ford, Chrysler and possibly Toyota on keeping jobs in the US is a promising start to a possible new attitude about what is important for the whole country.

    I don’t expect much change on civil liberties but that wide ranging topic is always a concern especially since 9/11. If you are referring to blocking/inconveniencing visitors from some Muslim countries due to conflict or deporting criminal illegal aliens both of those seem to be the responsibilities of a sane nation state.

  61. different clue

    @Tony Wikrent,

    Why would anyone ever have expected Obama to ditch Rahm Emmanuel? Rahm Emmanuel is a perfect expression of everything Obama stands for.

    Just as David Brock is a perfect expression of everything Hillary Clinton stands for.

  62. EverythingsJake

    @Tony Wikrent

    I’ve come to think Obama (or other persons like Obama) would believe in neoliberalism, because he benefits greatly from that belief. People at the top of dominant hierarchy inevitably seem to like their position, because it is usually lucrative. A slightly different take, quoting Upton Sinclair (always seems to me like most of the great quotes are already taken): ” It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” We witnessed that post-election when pollsters scrambled to explain their failure, which (not as they described it) simply that, they couldn’t understand the rage their ideology makes no room for (as everyone knew, “the country was in near full recovery). So they didn’t even have the language to communicate with the mass of those who viewed the world differently.

  63. Lisa

    Tom W Harris: But Muslims aren’t in positions of power in the US…the so called ‘chrisitian’ right is…. And in the Trump Govt they have more power than ever before (even far more than under Bush).

    Most surveys show about 25% of the US population are ‘religious right, roughly’ the same as being Authoritarian (and yes there is considerable overlap between them). Muslims are only 0.9% of the population…far less than the total number of LGBTI people (9%-12% depending on the number of bisexuals who tend to be far more hidden than LGTI people who alone are probably about 5%).

    So Muslims are not a threat to either women or LGBTI people in the US (or most western countries) ..but the so called ‘christian religious right’ sure is.

  64. Tom W Harris

    Lisa, the Muslim who killed around 50 victims at an Orlando. Florida gay nightclub last October had all the power he needed.

    So did the Muslim US Army major who killed 13 coworkers in Fort Hood, Texas back in 2009. In fact, Muslims have so much political power that “our” President labelled the incident as workplace violence at the time, and didn’t admit it was terrorism until six years later.

    So did the Muslim couple who killed 14 and wounded 21 coworkers in a San Bernadino, CA Christmas party in 2015.

    And our major thought leaders lined up in every case to spew some chit about “Islamophobia.”

  65. realitychecker

    Seems to me the Muslims have been powerful enough to turn us into a police state.

  66. Tomonthebeach

    If Trump has been compromised by his braggadocio and pussy-grabbing predilections while overseas, and mp4s and 8×10 glossies are in a Kremlin vault, then it explains Trump’s pro-Russian remarks, pro-Russian cabinet members, and his espoused posture on so many defense and intel topics that must make Putin do a happy dance.

    For a bully and propaganda artist 1st-class, to accuse the media of Nazi tactics only confirms that he has read Goebels too. Given the damage already done to FBI, CIA, NSA, defense contractors like Lockheed, and the media Trump might as well be a Russian operative deserving of the Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation medal. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

  67. Lisa

    “Seems to me the Muslims have been powerful enough to turn us into a police state.” Just an excuse for the elites to do what they always wanted to do.

    What’s that saying “never let a crisis go to waste’…..

  68. Peter


    You’re what we needed a little comic relief from a true believer. I’ll wait for the link to the Make the CIA Great Again t-shirts soon to go on sale.

  69. realitychecker

    @ Lisa

    Yes, it was indeed such an excuse, and Bin Laden planned it that way. Pretty powerful.

  70. realitychecker

    @ Peter

    No, amigo, actually that was a lot of comic relief.

    Unintentional of course; probably way too much ‘sunshine.’

    But, it’s not nice to laugh at the demented.

  71. markfromireland

    @Realitychecker – you’re all doing it wrong and should go and shred yourselves in disgrace 🙂

  72. realitychecker

    @ MFI

    I tried to follow your advice, and now my shredder is broken.

    Thanks a lot. 🙂

  73. Webstir

    @realitychecker, @Lisa

    Bin Laden knew our character well too well. To paraphrase Dean Wormer in Animal House: “Fat, combative and gullible is no way to go through life, son.”

  74. Webstir

    *all too well — apologies.

  75. Peter VE

    There’s another possibility, which requires attributing real cleverness to the Intelligence Community (I know it’s a stretch…)
    Perhaps the IC is putting out such an obviously false narrative on Trump to preempt future more accurate information, and they met him last Friday to explain the long con they’re pulling. That’s why he has been a little more accepting of the Russian folk tale.

  76. realitychecker

    @ Peter VE

    OR, maybe they just met with Trump so they could slip an earwig into his ear.

    You can’t prove they didn’t, can ya?

  77. markfromireland

    This link was sent to a mailing list in which I participate – Donald Chump Love Doll, pleases ignore any tyopgrahpical errors in this comment, I’m still wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes.

  78. realitychecker

    @ MFI

    I couldn’t tell—is the earwig included?

  79. markfromireland

    So you admit to being an earwig fetishist with a crush on politicians with small hands!

  80. realitychecker

    @ MFI

    Where in the rules does it say I must be limited to just one fetish lol?

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