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The Government of Canada Long Covid Report Suggests 15% Will Get Long Covid

And that, as of October 2022, 1.4 million adults had long Covid or had had it. There’s about 31 million adults in Canada, so we’re well below that 15%, which was actually described as ten to twenty percent.

My own take on Long Covid is that since it is more likely each time people are infected, that the maximum percentage will increase over time and that since many people have damage without it being symptomatic, far more people are damaged and will be damaged than the headline numbers.

The contribution this will make to our civilizational cratering is hard to overstate. Meanwhile we’ve just plugged our ears and are screaming “Covid is over, Covid is over, I can’t hear you!”

Again, each time you get Covid it has a chance to do more permanent damage to you, damage which is often asymptomatic. If you live in a society where the plan is “just keep getting Covid over and over again” for a lot of people, perhaps most, eventually you’re likely to take a hit and not recover fully.

Meanwhile our lords and masters are squealing about how there aren’t enough workers. Well yeah, you refused to deal with the plague because not dealing with it was making you filthy rich. Not dealing with the plague leaves a lot of dead and disabled people. That’s not good for the work force.

Imagine that. “Why can’t these sick and dead people work?”

Hmmmm. Lazy buggers.

(A little sick, though not with Long Covid, so posting may be anemic for a bit.)

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Open Thread


  1. Joan

    Feel better soon Ian!

  2. Carborundum

    Those numbers seem a little off. I don’t know how they’re calculating the denominator (the number of Canadians who have been infected by COVID), but it doesn’t seem to line up with what one would infer from the seroprevalency studies. (Search for “Seroprevalence in Canada” – should pull up the COVID-19 Immunity Taskforce website.)

    Those studies estimated that roughly 56.5% of Canadians were carrying infection-acquired antibodies by end of August 2022. Based on a July 1 2022 population count, that should translate to about 19.6 million Canadians aged 18 and over.

    1.4 million long haulers into 19.6 million prior infected produces a rate of about 7.1%.

    Given that and given that this is a pretty expansive metric (any symptoms three months after infection) I would assess this as a high bound estimate. The policy advocate in me is basically screaming to be careful with malleable numbers like this – pushing high bound numbers which get significantly reduced as tighter data cuts pile up amounts to handing denialists ammunition to downplay the entire issue. If we end up with a tenth of this figure (i.e., 1.5%) suffering from acute symptoms for any meaningful duration, that’s going to be a major policy challenge – but it’ll get relatively short shrift if it’s down 90% from a widely publicized base rate. The current crop of policy people don’t math much but they sure are sensitive to which way the wind is blowing…

  3. anon

    This sentence is what most people don’t understand or want to come to terms with:

    “Again, each time you get Covid it has a chance to do more permanent damage to you, damage which is often asymptomatic.”

    Almost everyone I know, even those who are liberal, vaccinated, and boosted, don’t take this seriously. That each time you get Covid, it increases your risk of getting long Covid, and damage done to the body is often asymptomatic. As long as people don’t see the damage, they don’t believe it’s worth wearing a mask.

    And wearing a mask for the rest of our lives is exactly what we will need to do to protect ourselves since no one has properly addressed Covid.

  4. StewartM

    Get better soon Ian!

    The cognitive dissonance of our economic elites is pretty incredible, eh? Yes, most US and western firms are short of workers, at least by the metric of “do you actually want to get accomplished what you say you do”? However, whenever the stock price dips, the upper management does the layoff thing to up the stock price *even when they know that is destructive to their firms*. All to placate a bunch of “useless eater” investors who don’t know a damn about making a product or delivering a service.

    Capitalism is really something, because it gets smart people do stupid things that even they admit are stupid and harmful. Because the idle capitalist class must never, ever, suffer pain or loss.

  5. Curt Kastens

    This is just flat out pathetic elitist baloney. Do you honestly expect real people to give a shit about damage to thier health that is ASYMPOTOMATIC!!, ( even if the world was not soon comming to an end.)
    1/3 of the population smokes tobbacco. I belong to a second group that is very large in number that eats cinnamon and surgar donuts for breakfast, cinnamon rolls for lunch and pancakes with maple syrup for supper and have a bowl of ice cream before going to bed. The large group of people to which I belong does not give a rats ass about eating properly to extend our life span and we think that those that do our fools.
    Should you honestly expect the people in this two subgroups, or those that use stronger drugs to be concerned about long term asymptomatic health damage. If it is asymptomiatic it counts for nothing.
    Now lets say that over time someone gets Covid multiple times and some of these asymptomatic damages combine to actually cause some symptoms of poor health.
    Big fragging deal. That has been known for centuries as gettng old. It happens to everyone eventually. Even those that east sprouts and beans and go to a gym. There are crazy people in the world who are actually dedicated to delaying the onset of aging. They are actually the crazy ones.
    It is reports like this that actually backfire and provide fuel to covid pandemic sceptics who say that the whole pandemic was a gigantic political-military psychological operation of somekind that vastly inflated the danger of the covid-19 virus. A psycologicial operation that has pulled the wool over the eyes of huge parts of the progressive intellectual establishment.
    Now of course such a view is open to ridicule from the left. Because although the what can be detected if one looks broadly and closely enough. The why this was done can not be answered. I say that even though I do not no what the answer to this question is, there is one. I just do not have access to it.
    I have discussed this point of view with my in laws, which includes a doctor. One question which casts serious doubt on my view point is why the Russians and Iranian governments would go along with the world wide narrative. But I do have a tenative answer to that. It is that it has something to do with protecting intellegence sources inside of other countries.
    Anyways even if I am wrong to bring up asymptomatic damage to try to make something sound like a problem will turn more people off than win new converts.

  6. anon y'mouse

    ok, here’s one of my “nitpicks”. it’s not about Covid, as on that it seems we largely agree.

    it’s on this so-called “worker shortage”.

    today on NakedCapitalism, they linked to this overly verbose “explanation” of the worker outlook:

    if you look at the graph provided (and if deciphered it correctly) yes, the labor force dipped due to the pandemic period but is now on track and exceeding that of Dec 2019. it may not be where “experts” believe we should be but it is currently at a higher rate than any other on that graph.

    so if that is all true, there are actually MORE workers now, but also still more “job openings”. as you all know, i looked into the JOLTS thing and it’s mostly a model made up of other models because it has a HUGE non-response rate. so can we even trust the data on “job openings”. as we all know, companies leave job openings they never truly intend to fill up all of the time while telling their staff they have to work more and harder because “we’re short staffed”. after a few years of this, you begin to see through that idiocy. they are just keeping something open to have a pool of resume’s lying around when someone gets fed up and leaves.

    as you all know, my other theory about “job openings” is that we are moving into a new and different phase of economic activity (have been moving there for awhile but pandemic gave it a big jolt) of non-contact, delivery everything and almost everything on the web. that results in a strange situation where you have a bunch of new positions while people transition out of (if that is possible, because some base functions still need to occur) the “old” economy and into the “new” economy.

    *i am leaving out environmentally considerations for now and also labor status (how good are all of these crappy servant jobs, and how well do they pay especially now vs inflation?) of this discussion.

    tl/dr: i do not believe the numbers. or i don’t believe the rationalizations about the numbers.

    where this leaves us with covid–well, even very injured people still have to eat. it isn’t until their health gets so disruptive to them fulfilling their job duties that they leave off working. some people have died and some who were already close to retirement (boomers) retired slightly early, that’s pretty much where the extra people that the economists want to be there working went. as it stands, it looks like MORE people are working now than prior to the “official” pandemic.

    pandemic is not over, but our lords & masters believe this is a livable rate of damage and gives them the excuse for what they truly desire anyway—to replace the ungrateful first world workers (the ones who believe they also should have rights) and bring in people fleeing even more desperate places who are grateful for the chance to be exploited.

    don’t come at me about any of that—i have seen it firsthand throughout CA. every construction and maintenance crew replaced their native workforce with immigrants for a number of reasons, none of them helpful to the native workforce but plenty helpful to the employers. after all, the native workforce was supposed to “learn to code” and “move onto better things” and yet the upper classes still need their slaves to do half of the work under the table, or at least without “attitude”.

  7. Mark Level

    It’s really just toxic Calvinism & fundamentalism still inhabiting the tiny, uncritical brains of ‘Muricans, Canadians and other slave-morality practitioners. The “good” are rewarded by God for being worker drones, the “bad” (generally darker hued or otherwise considered to be “unworthy”) are to be cheerful (the modern “resilience” movement, enjoy working ’til you die of exhaustion or toxins). Suck it up!! “God Is Disappointed In You,” (the title of a very good Mark Russell and Shannon Wheeler summary of Biblical writ). The only good news on the horizon is that as the West collapses (Europe first, US following the way UK has long been going) it will be harder and harder for the slaves to support the status quo with any illusions that we have it better than the heathen Chinee, backwards Africans, or all the other stereotypes the man’s MSM circulates daily. It’s tough if you can’t get off the hamster world, but I will contradict Dame Thatcher, some of us do seek alternatives.

  8. marku52

    If you look at the epidemic of recent “close calls” in aviation, I think you are seeing people going back to work with brain fog. You see one of these about once a week, two planes on the same runway by mistake, a FedEx Jet almost landing on top of a SW taking off, a plane hitting a bus on the taxiway.
    And then there is the “suddenly incapacitated pilot”, which looks a lot like vaccine injury.

    But yeah, nothing to see here. All back to normal. Get back to work you plebs.

  9. different clue

    . . . ” My own take on Long Covid is that since it is more likely each time people are effected, that the maximum percentage will increase over time and that since many people have damage without it being symptomatic, far more people are damaged and will be damaged than the headline numbers. ” . . .

    I personally believe the Upper Class is counting on this asymptomatic feature of covid to set people up for future death at or just before the age of going onto Social Security or Pension or both. I personally believe this is why the Upper Class considers covid such a wonderful opportunity to reduce the numbers of the Lower Class Majority while making it look like a long ongoing accident and keeping it just non-obvious enough that people don’t rise up all at once. ( In America, that would be heavily armed lower class majority people rising up all at once in their tens of millions. Which is also why the PMC and the Upper Class are so desperate to achieve Gun Control in this country ahead of the Lower Class having a sudden Pearl Harbor Ahah! moment.)


    The Upper Classes understand very well some of the causes of worker-numbers decline . . . including the deliberately fostered and permanentised covid pandemic ( which we might well call a permademic). That is part of the reason why they are trying to relegalized Dickensian-era Child Labor all over America, starting with some selected states. Naked Capitalism published a post about that, called . . .
    ” The Who and Why Behind the Push to Gut Child Labor Laws ”

    Here is the link.

    There is no democracy at the national level, and no legitimate government either. At the national level, we could take the late Soviet lower class majority approach, reworded for our American context. ” We pretend to vote and they pretend to care.”

    At the State and sub-State level, there is still some democracy. In States and regions which still have some democracy, why not excercise it? If certain still-legitimate State-Democrat Parties ran on repealing the new pro-Child Labor laws ( the way the Michigan State Democrats got elected on repealing Right To Work and then actually repealed it), they might get those new Child Slavery Laws re-repealed in those States. It could be worth a try.

    Also there is still some residual Freedom here. What if we had a Child Labor Abolition movement in this country today like the Slavery Abolition movement we once had? One thing it could do is let its members know the name of every business which supports Child Slavery, so those businesses can be extermicotted. ( An “extermicott” is a boycott designed to exterminate a business or company from existence on the theory that nothing will change its behavior as long as it exists). Also, Child Slave States can be studied with especial scrutiny to see which employERS in those states employ Child Slaves, and make special efforts to get Child Slavery Abolitionists all over the country to devote special attention and focus on extermicotting those businesses from physical existence within the Child Slave States.

    Make it a matter of Civil Cold War and Civil Culture War And Cold Class War.

    Every dollar is a bullet on the field of economic combat.

  10. multitude of poors

    Very sorry to hear about your health issues Ian.

    Re Covid, I would suggest everyone read up on the recent Arcturus strain causing such grief in India now.

    Cover your eyes as well as affordably possible, particularly if one lives in an area with a high legal™ immigrant Indian population. I live in one and consequently talk with more Indians than any other nationality, when I’m out buying necessities, or talking to neighbors, or medical personnel. They all visit India for fairly long lengths of time (many times a month) and very frequently. California is already noted as having the highest amount of US cases, let alone the highly likely undocumented™ Arcturus cases.

    I believe I’ve now picked up that Arcturus strain, as my existing eye problems have amped up –which I believe to have been caused by the initial strain before Covid was even announced— and other issues I didn’t have before are now affecting me, such as congestion and sniffles.

    Despite the Arcturus strain, most of the 58 California Counties (it’s a decentralized Republic™), have dropped mask requirements of Medical and Care Facility Personell. The only 2 I know of that haven’t are Alameda, and Contra Costa counties, which have a far higher population of black people, than most (040323

    Waves and embraces to many in the above comments, which I didn’t even have the the time to fully read and absorb, particularly anon y’mouse whom I likely would agree with.

    gotta run, likely won’t be able to timely respond to any responses but did want to provide the above info. re Arcturus. Posted at 12:33 PM PDT, right after marku52’s first comment, (which I agree with).

  11. Curt Kastens

    This is the latest Covid news from Gemany.,restrictive%20measures%20to%20be%20lifted.

    But how does this fit in with the latest news about a new Indian covid strain?
    Have virologists who claim that there is nothing much more to worry about now been corrupted by powerful forces? Or is the current news spreading about the Indian strain of covid just a further, and potentially last, extension of the old propoganda being spread by corrupt virologists? Or have virologists community always been operating in good faith through out the entire history of the proclaimed pandemic?
    We had a pandemic. It was a horrible expierience we got vaccinated and now it is over.
    Well except for the side effects of the vaccinnation that another group of people are claiming many people suffered. Side effects that were worse than the desease itself.

    The entire history of the pandemic is a clusterfuck. It was impossible to really know what was going on because international data was massively contridictory during the pandemic time. Yet one can not assume that if new data shows a consistent story that is evidence that the covid story is not actually the story of the largest conspiracy in world history. That is because the the reach of the conspiracy would not neccessarily be static.

    If the covid story is not one of being the largest conspiracy in world history it is a story of a miracle desease. It’s arrival was perfectly timed. If the contridicatory international data was actaully true, and the things that should have happened but did not happen actually did happen but were not reported because they were censored then the desease was clearly a non human created miracle.

    About the timing of the event. It was a story that completely eclipsed the brewing war between Iran and the United States after the murder of the Iranian General Solemani and other important Iraqis on Iraqi soil by the United States government.

    This timing causes me to reach a number of conclusions about the origin of covid 19.
    This pandemic was planned years in advance. It was planned by either the Chinese or the US government. A large amount of research was conducted to find the right kind of desease to release. It might have been created in a lab. Yes I am aware that there are experts who claim that it was not created in a lab. But the are no EXPERTS that can any longer be fully trusted. These experts may have flat out lied. Or considering how much classified research goes on in the world they may really not be the experts that they think that they are. Another possiblility is that the desease was discovered and tested on human patients before the outbreak of the pandemic. Niether the US nor the Chinese government would have had any qualms about human testing if history is any guide.

    During the first few days of the pandemic I figured that the desease had been released by the Chinese for the purpose of derailing a US attempt at regime change in Iran. That would mean that the Chinese had to know about US plans in advance. That is certianly not implausible. Does anyone recall how the Corona Virus ended up being spread through the crew of a US aircraft carrier that had made a stop in Vietnam very early in the history of the desease? The commander of the ship put his ship on not operational status. He was condemned and relieved of his command. Yet there was no widespread notice of the desease in Vietnam for even a long time after the crew of the carrier was inflected. Shortly after that the desease arrived at the US Army headquarters in Wiesbaden Germany. A pair of General officers were infected by an Italian officer during a conference.

    But as the desease and reports of it spread world wide and I saw how the airlines and the cruise industy were shut down by the crisis I began to think that his is much bigger than China. I began to think that this desease is the psy op of a rouge international conspiracy that is not under the control of any government. It the is the beginning of a revolution that Greta Thunberg has been calling for. But as things continued to play out that did not make sense anymore. My thinking was that there is actually such a thing as reasonable and intellegent people in the intellegence services of the US and NATO countries who figured out that they were actually in a position to try to save the world from global warming and impending war who actually joined forces with their Russian and Chinese and Indian and Brazilian counterparts to undercut worldwide politcial leadership. Sadly the events that have occured since the Russians have tried to liberate the Ukraine have shown that thinking to be a wishful thinking fantasy.

    That brings me up to my current assessment. It builds upon my wishful thinking.

    I detected a pattern. In other words I connected dots in history the same way that astrologers connect dots in the sky to make a coherent picture. What I mean to say by that is that there are all kinds of subjective ways that apparently random dots can be connected. But if the dots get connected in a way that makes sense then a discovery has been made. But of course whether or not other people will recognize that discovery is very questionable because due to the vast difference of expiriences of reasonable human beings what makes sense to one will not make sense to another.

    My current assessment of the origin of the covid-19 is that it was developed by the US government or subcontracted by the US govenment on to a government allied with the US. The people working on the project probably had no idea how thier work would be used.
    The pandemic was part of a vast US intell psy-op to convince the Russians and Chinese leadership that there was a vast and powerful 5th column of true patriots in the US and NATO countries that was trying to sabotage the continuing crimnal enterprises that currently control those nations. And there was a secondary military purpose for unleashing this pandemic as well.
    Just as 90% of an iceberg is sits invisable below the water, the vast majority of this US/NATO psy-op directed against the Russians and Chinese is invisable to us mortals.
    But a number of points due rise above the water line. One is the decision by the commander of the US carrier in the pacific to make his ship non operational. A second which I have mentioned before is the murder of US Admiral Stearney. A third is the death of US General Rossi. It is possible that General Rossi actually committed suicide. But even if that is the case he was chosen for his new position with the understanding that he would either commit suicide or be murded with the murder being staged to look like a suicide and then investigated by people who did not have the highest levels of integrity. Then of course there was the public display of German distaste for arming the Ukraine when we know from recent events that the German leadership are complete vassals of the United States leadership.
    I now believe that the Corona pandemic was a very important part of this enterprise to decieve that Russians and Chinese. It would have demonstrated to them the vast organizational capabilities of this 5th column in the United States. Of course the Russians or Chinese would understand that if such a rouge movement actually existed they would have to cover their tracks and blame what they had done on either the Chinese or the Russians.
    This is where the secondary motive comes in. It could also be seen as an extension of the first motive of making it appear that there was a 5th column organized in the US and NATO countries.
    Before the US and NATO tried to overthrow Putin by embarrassing him with a disastorous military intervention in the Ukraine the US appeared to try to carry out the same strategy in Iran. The murder of General Solemani was only one aspect of this powerplay in Iran to panick Iranian security forces in to overthrowing Khameni. The second was the murder of the US defector to Iran former FBI agent Robert Levison by a drone attack. The third was the shooting down of an Ukrainian civilian aircraft full of Canadians by Iranian air defences. An event that was carefully orchestrated by the United States and its Ukrainian ally.
    Yes I am aware that even the Iranian government blamed people in its own defence forces for shooting down that aircraft. That was clearly a great injustice.
    Not to understand that that Ukrianian airliner was mechanically sabotaged, and that its civilian transponder was also sabotaged would require someone to be a coincidence theorist in the extreme. But no one ever talks about these things in on blogs let alone in the press. To do so would be to move out on a thin limb. But it is absurd not to recognize many unlikely coincidences involved with this incident including the fact that the Ukraine was at the center of a big contraversy between Trump and Biden the summer before because there was an apparent whistle blower reporting on Trump dirty campaign tricks.
    It is only recently that I have reached the current modification of my understanding of how the corona covid-19 pandemic fits in to the big picture. That is that the US did not really want regime change in Iran. It only wanted to pretend that it wanted regime change in Iran. Iran is a small fish. The US MIC had bigger fish to fry. It really wanted regime change in Russia. Without Russian support regime in Iran will be much easier if and when the US MIC wants to achieve that. The pandemic happend just in time for the US to pretend that after the Iranian attacks against US bases in Iraq it was not the time to do a full court press against Iran because it had the pandemic now to deal with first.
    And now that the final US plan to maintain its world hegomony until the collapse of industrial civilization has been revealed the corona virus narrative can be dispensed with.

  12. anon y'mouse

    in follow up to my previous discussion, here is the labor force participation rate chart.

    of course, the default view looks very scary but the end result is we are only about a percentage point off where we were before the official “pandemic”.

    if you click around to reveal all of the different segments, it changes the scale of the graph and looks a ton less severe. looks about to be on track for a population in which over a million died and likely the same amount are now disabled.

    and this causes a catastrophic “labor shortage”? doubtful.

    this Covid crisis is going to be let run amok as the Owners want to bring on more roombas and more AI and fire more people and eliminate more jobs, and always, always import more slaves (since that has been US policy from before the US existed and that has continued on to the present day). but they do not want to pay for a safety net, so that must be made to go away through either false “bankrupting” or through “shirkers faking they have non-existent Long Covid”. take your pick, work both ends towards the middle. partisans will choose their “story” to believe as to why we could not take care of the unwell and deal with the issue but the result will remain the same—average citizen F___ked!

    all this while the Fed actually is trying to drive people out of work and the unemployment rate up. yeah, things aren’t smelling right, are they?

  13. Jorge

    “multitude of poors” everyone on a long-term visa in the US is required to return to their home country every few years and show in person at the US embassy. It costs a lot of money to do this, so all of the immigrants I work with go back for a month or more. They visit their families, do the embassy thing, and work on their laptops some so that it’s just a 2-week vacation.

    So, yes, the people you interact with are forced to travel back&forth carrying whatever germs.

  14. StewartM

    Curt Kastens

    Do you honestly expect real people to give a shit about damage to thier health that is ASYMPOTOMATIC!!

    Long Covid isn’t asymptomatic. It can be in fact quite debilitating, which is why it would adversely affect workforce participation.

    So yes, people would care about it *after* they got it. And maybe they would regret not having taken more precautions beforehand, as well as feeling anger at those who scoffed at Covid and governments who didn’t do enough, just like people who waved off seat belts and suffered a crippling injury in a auto wreck would regret not wearing them. The difference between wise people and fools is that wise people can learn from the bad experiences of others, while fools have to suffer them personally before learning.

  15. Curt Kastens

    Perhaps long covid is not asymptomatic. But the post talked about asymptomatic damage to ones health.

    And now there is a problem with the whole long covid narrative. The false covid narratives that have been spread over the past 3 years have destoryed the trust that many people, such as myself, who have had in science in general, and in the medical proffession specifically.

    I, and i am not alone on the left side of the political spectrum, let alone the right side of the political spectrum, now see science and even the medical system, as a corrupted institution that has been weaponized to serve the purposes of special interests.

    This should not be surprising. Leftists have been for years sceptical of the entire field of economics in which only a few selected economists could be trusted. Many lefitist have been sceptical of the parma industry for a long time. And of course there is the entire main stream press industry. The press in the US and in Europe have huge numbers of people involved with their operations yet these institutions essentially do nothing more than serve as an arm of the CIA, MI6, and so forth.

    10s of millions of Germans believed their country to be an indepedent entity. Yet recent history shows that the entire German government is subservient to US interests.

    If these things are all not only possible, but clearly true, one only has to go one step furhter to understanding that it would be possible to take control of an entire industry that had previously been an apolitcal industry.

    Because I believe that this epidemic was a planned event from then on everything comes in to question. And to me the idea that it was not preplanned just seem very naive and absurd. And because it was preplanned there was a motive, or motives behind it.

    Spreading fear about long covid by exagurating its dangers could very well be part of achieving that motive.

    Now as for taking precautions. Well masking certianly can not do any harm in the short run. But in the long term if you live in an environment that is to steril it is believed here in Germany at least that there will be side effects.

    As for isolating one’s self. Well if it were possible I would say for a short time good. But over a long term you are going to be turning yourself in to a 15th century member of the western hempisphere.

    As far as the vaccinations go I would not have gotten vaccinated if my wife had not forced me to. Yet I do think that some vaccinations should be required. Just not a corona virus vaccination. The corona virus does not rise to the level of small pox or measels.

  16. Ché Pasa

    Oh yes, Ian, do get better and take things as easy as you need to.

    This Long Covid is really hard to parse. Doctors I’ve talked to about it basically deny it or leave open only the narrowest window that may indicate it might be something… maybe.

    And yet to me, it seems obvious that not only can you be permanently or semi permanently disabled from even one encounter with Covid, and the chances of something going bad-wrong the more times you are down with Covid will increase, the problem is that there are all sorts of things that will cause the same or nearly the same difficulties, and singling out one among many is hard. It may be Covid, may be something else, and in the grand scheme being binary about it isn’t particularly helpful. Blame Covid, but it is too late to fix it with blame.

    So. We muddle along. We cannot rely on our overlords or their “experts.” Even when they don’t lie, they aren’t telling the truth. And it was obvious to me from very early that what was happening — killing off large numbers of old, sick, halt, lame, black and brown people without causing too much upset — is exactly what they wanted. Sickening.

    I wonder what would happen if there were a real labor crisis tho. Hmmm.

  17. different clue

    @Che’ Pasa,

    They also want to time-delay future-kill tens of millions of working and middle class people of all races with repeat covid infections and with after-covid stealth organ damage. What they want is to lower life expectancy to the point where tens of millions of people keep working long enough to pay into Social Security and then die just before they get old enough to collect.

  18. Carborundum

    Add dysfunctional ministries into the mix and things will get even worse:

    The dirty little non-secret inside the Ontario civil service is that this non-response is intended to add stress to the system.

  19. Ian Welsh

    If you check back, say more? To allow privatization, some other reason?

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