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The American $10 Bill

The Treasury may be changing the US $10 bill to feature a woman. Sounds good to me, but I came across these two previous $10 bills, and I have to say both of them are WAY better than the current one.

Previous 10 dollar US bills

Previous 10 dollar US bills

I like both, but I particularly like the classicism of the second.


Burn In Hell?


Humans to Go Extinct in Three, Two—


  1. hvd

    Its not often that you get change from a $10 bill these days.

  2. Ghostwheel

    “United States Note.” Not, “Federal Reserve Note.”

    Hot diggity, dog-diggity!

  3. Barry Fay

    What great pictures! Never saw the like of them. I would vote for the buffalo version – that is truly a great look – and they could make it a female buffalo in the interests fairness!

  4. The federal reserve does not want any part of them. That is why I said change is good.

    how life changes when one is working on a story…

  5. grayslady

    Any legal tender that doesn’t have “In God We Trust” is my kind of currency. Bring back the secular state.

  6. Jeff Martin

    I’d just like to register my quibble with the proposed redesign of the $10 bill… We *should* put a notable woman on a piece of paper currency; it long past the time for that. It should just be the $20 bill. Why the hell must we have a bigoted genocidaire on our money? Jackson should go.

  7. ac

    I sure hope it’s Sally Hemings! Get as much of this obligatory “inclusion” nonsense over with as soon as possible. Alexander Hamilton more or less designed the US system of state sponsored capitalism. Love that system or hate it, (don’t care for it much myself) there’s a reason he’s on our money. So far the only reason given for as an yet to be determined non-male to appear on the $10 in his place is… lady parts. So fitting for this age of Derp & Decline.

  8. Strangely Enough

    My vote would be for Emma Goldman…

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