Well, the headline says “South Korea needles Tokyo with military drills around Japanese-claimed islets,” but when one reads the story one sees:

Days after Seoul scrapped intelligence-sharing with Japan, all branches of its military descended on a handful of disputed islets for two-day drills, raising ire in Tokyo and fueling a brewing trade conflict between the neighbors.

The basic truth is that the days of the Pacific being an American lake are coming to a close. China is the 800 pound gorilla. As Yang Jiechi said, “China is a big country and other countries are small countries, and that’s just a fact.”

So if the small countries don’t want to be ruled by China the way that Canada, Mexico, and most South and Central American countries are, they need to work out their differences and band together.

That is especially true for the two most powerful countries after China: Japan and South Korea.

If they can’t, well, welcome to vassalage as the Middle Kingdom rises.

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