Of course they admire each other and are friends.

And I’m not just referring to Clinton’s vote for Iraq, I’m referring to her involvement in Libya and Syria.

As for Kissinger, in addition to his genocide in Cambodia and Laos, amongst his other crimes is Kissinger’s support for Pinochet in Chile.

I want to remind you of something about Pinochet’s Chile.

Not only did Pinochet have rape rooms, his security forces used trained dogs to rape women and implanted rats in their orifices.

Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger both belong in the dock at a war crimes trial.

I believe in humane treatment of prisoners, however. Since they are friends, they can be cellmates.

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Update: I want to say one more thing about this. That Clinton thinks this is acceptable, that it is not shameful to embrace Kissinger, shows just how little not just Clinton, but American elites, think of human rights and war crimes. Clinton simply can’t imagine why people are so upset over Kissinger, all the victims somehow don’t register with her

Now, it is possible that Kissinger is a great thinker one must listen to, despite him being an abominable human, but in such cases one doesn’t publicly embrace him.