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Stirling Newberry and Ian Welsh on Blog Talk Radio

Stirling and I discussed items ranging from China’s potential currency re-valuation to Greece’s debt, to financial reform, to Britain’s election, and much more.  For those who wonder what Stirling’s been up to, he discusses his latest activities near the end of the clip.


Books which influenced me most


Insanity is Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results: Real Reform Means Reinstituting Glass-Steagall at Full Strength and Breaking Up Financial Conglomerates


  1. Anthony Cooper

    That was a nice morning listen while I woke up this Sat. morning 🙂 Its nice to hear the actual voices of a both of you, grim nature of the discussion all aside.

  2. rumor

    A good summary of a nice range of issues of late, Ian. It was nice to hear you and Stirling chat. Much appreciated!

  3. Suspenders

    Thanks Ian. I’m loving these interviews you do, so I hope you keep doing them 🙂

  4. Suspenders

    Oh, and BTW, did Stirling give you an address we can read those papers he mentioned?

  5. Jomaka

    Good stuff Ian. Please keep doing these podcasts………

  6. Ian Welsh

    No address yet…

  7. Suspenders

    Also, if anyone’s interested, I believe this is the book that Stirling mentions

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