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Slow Posting

I have a fever, not sure for what, and will likely not be posting much (perhaps at all) for the next few days.

Please feel free to use this post as an open thread.


The Panama Papers Leak


Things That Should Have Been Done Yesterday, #1


  1. Rickey Parkany

    You have a fever? The only prescription: MORE COWBELL! ~ ;-} rap.

  2. Oaktown Girl

    Ian – sorry to hear you are under the weather. I’ve been wishing for periodic open threads here for a while, but not under these circumstances. Get well soon!

    @Rickey – excellent. Always more cowbell. Say, did you see the Peter Dinklage “Space Pants” skit from last week? If you’re like me, you don’t catch much SNL these days, but every rare once in a while they can still nail one. Let’s see if I can post the link without messing it up or getting lost in the moderation queue: Space Pants.

  3. Tom

    “Hands Ian two Aspirin and some water”

    Takes these and I’ll see you in the morning. Get well.

  4. Katherine Calkin

    Take care, Ian.

  5. markfromireland

    1: Get well soon.

    2: I echo Oaktown Girl’s comments about open threads.


  6. kj1313

    Rest up and feel better.

  7. Rickey Parkany

    Thank you Oaktown Girl! The link doesn’t work for me out here in Chiang Mai, Thailand (not licensed outside the USA for re-broadcast)…I usually have to get most re-runs from FaceBook, accordingly…Bye-bye. ;-} rap.

  8. S Brennan

    Best wishes Ian

  9. Cloud shadow

    I was just thinking that it probably is not a good idea to let Germany and Turkey come up with a final solution on a situation involving a large group of minority people. I wonder if it is just me or do others see this?

  10. Tom

    @ Cloud Shadow

    Germany has the refugees in tents in the mud.

    Turkey places refugees in well planned fabricated houses and has just completed two new camps to place arrivals in which they have all the services they need.

    Everyone else does shit. Yet Erdogan is accused of Evil when he has been the moral voice of reason in all this despite the wild conspiracy theories.

    Fact of the matter, Assad is responsible for Syria blowing up, he and he alone is responsible for the resulting mess.

    Syria is not the world’s fight, it is Syrians, and they not the world will determine when it ends.

  11. Escher

    I’m an older millennial, and I have to say it makes me glad neoliberalism is getting debated on the merits for the first time in my life.

  12. Peter*


    I’m not sure you can describe what is taking place as debate about neoliberalism and it has been imposed as a necessity not on its merits which are nonexistent for the majority of people. It is the policy of the ruling class and while others may talk about it they decide what is best for their future.

    Bernie Sanders may have adopted the anti-neoliberal rhetoric of the Occupy Movement to use as a political platform but he repeatedly promises to fully back the other Neoliberal Party candidate when he fails so this is shallow debate or political posturing at best.

  13. Voodoo Chile

    I’m a mix of flummoxed and disgusted that Hillary-supporting blogosphere (e.g. Daily Kos, TPM) is in an absolute furor over Bernie going to the Vatican. They are frothing at the mouth over the idea that he invited himself (not true, but what does that even mean and how does one go about it?), that the Vatican isn’t really the Vatican, etc.

    This comes in the same week that they announce that they are moving to scorched earth tactics and said that Bernie Sanders is responsible for Sandy Hook. I’m not surprised when surrogates like James Carville and Joan Walsh engage in this behaviour, but for regular people to do it is really perplexing.

    I believe it was Ian who recently wrote that the Hillary campaign was going to make a point of being really vicious towards liberals, and he was right once again.

  14. Oaktown Girl

    @Voodoo Chile – I had no idea “Vatican-gate” was the latest. What a (sad) joke.

    What pisses me off most about Hillary supporters are the ones who argue that her platform is more “practical” or “realistic”. The Democrats as a whole absolutely refuse to learn how the Overton Window works, no matter how well they’ve seen it work for Republicans over the last several decades; or more recently on the left, how far the Fight for $15 has come in just a few short years (sure, implementation is slower than I’d like, but what just last year was seen as pie in the sky is now law in an increasing number of places).

    It’s a fair argument that the Democratic leadership doesn’t push the Overton Window left because very few of them actually want that kind of change. But I believe their lack of action is a huge factor in the rank and file being mired in learned helplessness. Perhaps it’s time for Ian to do another series on strategy and tactics?

  15. @Voodoo Chile…They probably figure that given the probable GOP nominees they can get away with plenty of hippie-bashing because Bernie’s voters will have to turn out in November anyway.

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