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Slow Posting

I’ve been traveling, thus the light posting. Should be back to a more regular schedule Tuesday or Wednesday. Hope you’ve all been well and enjoying the circus!


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  1. Tom

    Enjoy the trip unless its Belgium. It got hit. Reports still coming in, 34 dead so far.

  2. Myself

    How’s Rojava doing Tom? I miss your analysis on the YPG.
    Has it gotten better at fighting and is it still dependent on human waves?

    What’s your outlook on the Syrian civil war and why do you think Putin pulled out?

  3. Tom


    They call themselves SDF now. Their tactics are still shit and they rely on US and SAA/Russia to do all the heavy lifting and can’t even secure their cities from IS infiltration. If the place is not completely flattened by Bombs they can’t take it. Its telling the US has to destroy MG nests for them when they have T-55s. Their latest attempt to stab Assad in the back failed big time.

    Once FSA completes its Jarabulus Offensive they are going after them with Turkish Support and arresting their leaders and trying them and executing them. They already executed the ones they caught when they retook Shaykh Isa and are using more TOWs against them to block further advances on Azaz which you can see on Youtube.

    The main change is TOW is no longer effective to use against tanks as Russia has refitted the T-72s with Shtora and replaced a lot of SAA Tanks with T-90As fitted with Shtora, EMT-7 electromagnetic-counter mine system, Nakidka signature reduction suite, and Kontakt Five.

    FSA has to snipe the Shtora boxes to successfully fire a round or wait for Shtora to shut off, but the Nakidka requires them to get closer as it halves the range the TOW can paint them at. Even then the T-90A’s armor and Kontakt-5 Package means it shrugs it off.

    This videos shows a TOW crew attacking a T-90A whose Shtora is shut off, either overheated from six continuous hours of operating or not turned on. The Commander has spotted them and is engaging them with the NVST gun on his cupola which can be remote fired from the tank. He missed, probably from rushed training, but the Kontakt Five and the T-90A armor did its job and the Tank is back in action, probably with a new gunner who won’t panic and bug out.

    This shows the Shtora system working and deflecting two TOW attacks.

    A T-72 refitted with Shtora deflects a TOW.

  4. Myself

    Is it just the KRG or the YPG also?

  5. Tom


    KRG has nothing to do with YPG and its KDP party is backed by Turkey while the PUK Party is backed by Iran.

    YPG is part of the PKK and a communist terrorist group implicated in sex trafficking of women, ethnic cleansing, kidnapping and recruiting child soldiers, and other Human Rights violations. They are a terrorist organization through and through.

  6. Myself

    So they use human wave attacks? How are the other factions like daesh doing? do you think it will be defeated by this winter

  7. Tom

    Yes SDF is still using Human Wave Attacks. As for IS they will be around for a while yet. Its a self-replicating cell network that has to be dismantled by effective police work and subordination of the cells that comprise it.

    FSA for its part aims to have Jarabulus sometime next month and are nearing El-Rai. They are also building up to crush the Afrin Canton and cleanse the SDF from it.

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