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September 11th

I was working. The company set up a large screen in a conference room so people could watch the events. I didn’t, but I kept track of events.

What stands out is a conversation with a Jewish friend of mine. I said “I just hope that America doesn’t attack the wrong country over this.”

He scoffed.

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  1. I was sleeping. My mom woke me up with a call to say that an airplane had crashed into the WTC. I thought some knucklehead private pilot had made a wrong turn in his Piper Cub or something. Then I turned on the TV.

  2. davers

    Had just started the drive to work when the radio announced that a plane had hit a tower. Second plane hit before I arrived. Told my students that the world would never be the same after this. Next day I saw a web link that claimed to show a security camera video from a gas station across the street from the Pentagon. Said it showed a cruise missile. I clicked the link but the website wasn’t there anymore.

  3. different clue

    @Ian Welsh,

    Did your Jewish friend scoff at the thought that America would attack the wrong country?

    Or did your Jewish friend scoff at your expressed desire that America not attack the wrong country?

    ( I hope that he scoffed at the thought that America would attack the wrong country.)

  4. Sanctimonious purist

    Yeah. Same question as different clue. Really want to understand your comment, Ian.

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