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Offshoring Critical Industries Is So Harmful It Should Be Treason (Covid Edition)


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – March 28, 2021


  1. Ché Pasa

    The display of hubris and hostility at yesterday’s hearing with Our Glorious Tech Platform Overlords was — at least for a while — interesting, more for what wasn’t said than what was.

    His Bewildered Lordship Mr. Zuckerberg was up for the Most Punchable Face award, and he didn’t disappoint as he robotically and repetitiously asserted his and Facebook’s lack of knowledge, lack of interest, lack of culpability for facilitating the creation and spread of misinformation and sedition on its platform. He simply couldn’t (not wouldn’t, couldn’t) answer questions as his AI had been fed a slew of unresponsive talking points and he could only repeat them — again and again and again.

    His Eager To Please Lordship Mr. Pichai of Google/Alphabet was much more spontaneous seeming (better AI?) but no less assertive in absolving his companies from blame or responsibility for misinformation/insurrectionism.

    Then there was Twitter’s Jack. Dude. Dude was bored, apparently transmitting from the kitchen, unresponsive, hostile, monosyllabic, distracted, hungry, otherwise engaged. So he was ignored most of the time by the panel of congressional questioners. He didn’t care.

    The panel was moving cautiously toward regulating the social media platforms, and seemed to achieve aggreeance of sorts from Zuckerberg and Pichai, and a toss off from Jack (“Yeah, whatever…”) but in their defense, I’d ask what responsibility The Phone Company had for the use of their… ahem… “instruments” to facilitate organized crime and much else of dubious legality or social good back in the day when people used telephones? If The Phone Company wasn’t culpable for facilitating Al Capone’s dirty business, how then can Facebook be culpable for facilitating the Oath Keepers riots?

    Nevertheless, the Platforms should no doubt be brought under the authority of a publicly accountable regulating body. I doubt we’ll see it in my lifetime tho….

  2. Plague Species

    Life is beautiful, is it not? Sundar Pichai is proof of this. He and Zuckerberg are proof of America’s diversity. Racism in America? What racism? Pichai and Zuckerberg are proof that anyone can attain the American Dream. Pichai, for example, went from sh*tting in the streets in India to the CEO of Google and he’s young enough to think of fabulous ways to spend all of his wealth. Life is good, no? All you street sh*tters in India, do not give up hope. Use Pichai as your inspiration. As you squat in the street and unabashedly defecate in front of any and all, dream like Pichai dreamed and one day soon enough you’ll be defecating on a gold toilet to an audience of your choosing in Silicon Valley.

  3. Plague Species

    I’ve been trying to locate the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in my area and there is none available where there was just a week and a half ago. Here’s why.

    A pharmaceutical contractor under scrutiny for its ties to former government officials could be one of the bottlenecks holding up the production of millions of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.

    Emergent BioSolutions, the U.S. company making “drug substance,” the active ingredient in the vaccines, is still awaiting regulatory approval, according to a person familiar with the process. Emergent-made doses were not included in the paperwork Johnson & Johnson submitted to the Food and Drug Administration.

    This makes S Brennan smile. He loves the smell of insider dealing and corruption in the morning.

    It looks like it will be Pfizer since Pfizer was developed independent of Trump corruption. I explained to my wife via text what we will be doing.

    We have to go with Pfizer or Moderna at this point. You need to read that article. It appears part of the manufacturing of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine relies on Emergent and Emergent is corrupt and in bed with the former Trump administration. Emergent has said it can’t do this so the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be delayed for months if not longer. I don’t want to have anything to do with a product that touches the former Trump admin in any way. I will schedule our Pfizer shots. No wonder Kemp was pushing the Johnson & Johnson. He is probably part of the inside group profiting from it via insider dealing and corruption. They don’t care. It’s not as if they’ll go to jail.

  4. NR

    So Sidney Powell has now said in a court filing that “no reasonable person” would have believed her claims of election fraud. I guess the right-wingers here who were pushing those claims aren’t reasonable people, then.

  5. different clue

    Here is a funny little video called Interrogating Zuckerberg from the people at Bad Lip Reading videos.

  6. NL

    When one is clueless about the world, read those that know better.

    BHADRAKUMAR… AsiaTimes
    “the New York Times report from Anchorage said the talks also “yielded a substantive conversation that lasted far longer than initially planned.” The CPC daily Global Times in an editorial comment concurs:…

    How long the Joe Biden administration’s charade of “containment” of China will be sustainable remains to be seen. ”

    Fundamentally, the United States’ sense of crisis stems from the decline of its comprehensive competitiveness.

    Herein lies the paradox: The US’ hegemonic framework remains roughly the same but its internal supportive power is weakening. This contradiction cannot be resolved by strengthening ties with all those allies with shrinking economies. Catch-up on the home front becomes a prerequisite.”

    Détente is inevitable…

  7. Plague Species

    Both my wife and I are eligible for the vaccine but no appointments can be found for ANY of the three vaccines.

    Oh well. Screw it. It isn’t meant to be.

    I have to laugh when the media is bragging about Biden’s vaccination effort and here we’re eligible and can’t get the vaccine. So much for trying to be a good citizen.

  8. NL

    In other news, “the coming boom” will be just as elusive as “the herd immunity”. The coming boom” is a product of the so-called “bond vigilantes” who worry too much about their spreadsheet wealth — dollar money in computer spreadsheets may become worthless — may be money is backed not by the fist but by the productive capacity –hmmm, that’s an interesting idea.

    And the “herd immunity” — I like this title “Global Tourism Looks Shaky With Herd Immunity a Distant Dream” (from Bloomberg) — distant dream. Herd immunity is now the American Dream!

    In related news, it seems that the active ingredient in the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines is not the mRNA but the fat nanoparticles that carry it. The nanoparticles act as an adjuvant, that is, a substance that activates our immune responses, so that we are ready to fight before even the virus enters our bodies. Of course, the excitement can not last long, our bodies tire out, and so protection is not long lasting. Furthermore, exited immune system punches anything it can find and damages us inadvertently. Unending inflammation is of course a root cause of heart disease and other chronic diseases. You would be better off exercising and eating properly to achieve a similar effect but by a healthy mechanism.

    Look up — “The mRNA-LNP platform’s lipid nanoparticles component used in preclinical vaccine studies is highly inflammatory.” — a preprint from the Thomas Jefferson University.

    Any mRNA also has an adjuvant effect, because the body will detect it and think that it is someone else’s mRNA and that it is under attack. See “The promise of mRNA vaccines” from the Scientist, where one Margaret Liu, head of the International Society for Vaccines and a board member of the Jenner Institute, the developer of the AstraZeneca’s vaccine, admits that “the vaccine may trigger nonspecific inflammatory response”. A reminder, a vaccine is supposed to form long-lasting immunity because of production of antibodies that recognize the virus. This immune memory does not cause inflammation.

    Just remember, you heard it from me first….

  9. Hugh

    Plague Species, you should keep trying. I’m not in Georgia but it took me two or three times to set up an appointment. The state website I went to was poorly designed. It was like they wanted to be as uninformative as possible about how to sign up. I was eligible, I made a request, and it disappeared into the ether. A week later I went back to the site, got a phone number to check up on why I had gotten no information on an appointment, and was told they couldn’t find me. So I asked, there’s a mass vaccination site in town, can you make an appointment for me there. They said, they couldn’t but gave me a phone number, not on the website as I recall, for those who could. I called, got some initial run-around from a guy who turned out to be surprisingly helpful. He took my information and a few days later I got an email with my appointment.

    If you have a healthcare provider that’s doing vaccinations you can try calling them, but unless you’re feeling lucky, however you go, try to get a telephone number and talk to a real person.

  10. Hugh

    Long term immunity comes from memory B and T cells. And mRNA is the active part of these vaccines. It forms the template for the production of a protein the immune system can form antibodies to.

  11. NR

    Inflammation is an immune response.

  12. NL

    March 26, 2021
    Inflammation is an immune response.

    Yeah, but inflammation is a catch all term including things we do not want. We want lasting immune memory and not chronic inflammation… in any event you need to write more before I can figure out what you misunderstand. You tried to correct me before and were shown to be mistaken, read up the suggested literature first, please… or yeah I remember, you did not realize that adenovirus is a DNA virus that is used to carry ‘vaccine’ in AstraZeneca’s and some other vaccines, while SARS-Co-2 is an RNA virus that causes COVID-19 and is being vaccinated against.

    The take-home message of my discussion above chimes well with what I offered as a ‘solution’ to our predicament many months ago (was it last year), and that is to sit out all these novel vaccines and wait for the classic vaccine with inactivated virus. If any asks, I can elaborate…

  13. NL

    I should also add, I am completely “blown away” by the genius of British-English… they finally figured out that ‘opening’ when viral cases go down is a sure way to drive cases up again and ‘closing’ a couple of months later… and get this… they extended the ‘lock-down’ until September even though cases are very very low!!!! American-English would ‘open’, as we are seeing all over the ‘freedom’ land. But the English-English will stay locked… smart, very smart. They even said that they may keep being closed after September… bravo Boris!

    By mid summer, it will be clear whether the current novel vaccines work. Based on that, the English-English can then decide whether to go for 100% vaccination or come up with a different measure to ERADICATE the virus. My guess would that the CURRENT novel vaccines do not work well (no immunity lasting more than a couple of months, we need at least a year long immunity; no immunity against variants) and this will unfortunately undermine trust in the overall vaccination effort. Ultimately, we need complete eradication of the virus through 100% vaccination and test-and-trace to chock off the final patches of infection.

    Reading Bloomberg, it feels like American-English will let the virus run free to profit from yearly sales of vaccines against new variants. There is greed, and there is greed, this is the worse type of greed.

  14. Plague Species

    NL, no way Israel would debilitate its entire population. If it’s good enough for them to jump the line while helping McDonald Trump hold America down and back, then it’s good enough for me. Also, the wealthy elite have jumped the line too to get it meaning you know it gets the seal of approval.

    Hugh, yeah, I was just blowing off steam when I said screw it. It’s a frustrating process. We kept at it and were finally able to secure appointments for the Pfizer vaccine. By the end of April we will be fully vaccinated after the second dose.

  15. NR

    You tried to correct me before and were shown to be mistaken, read up the suggested literature first, please… or yeah I remember, you did not realize that adenovirus is a DNA virus that is used to carry ‘vaccine’ in AstraZeneca’s and some other vaccines, while SARS-Co-2 is an RNA virus that causes COVID-19 and is being vaccinated against.

    I think you have me confused with someone else.

  16. bruce wilder

    NPR: the Pfizer contract has the narrowest protections for taxpayers of any Operation Warp Speed contract released so far, drug policy and intellectual property experts tell NPR. It excludes almost all intellectual property rights, forgoing leverage to use if the company engages in price gouging down the road. It may also set a dangerous precedent for future government contracts, they say.

    $1.95 Billion

    No corruption there.

  17. bruce wilder

    A friend struggled with the county website with no result, but had no trouble at all with the local branch of a chain drugstore. I have a giant HMO that is all over it. ymmv

  18. NL

    Apologies NR, it was Hugh.

    And Hugh is quoting for us from the vaccine pamphlet.

    Hugh, that is the PROPOSED mechanism and not actual. Just read the articles that I suggested.

  19. From the

    “Nasrallah: CIA Director demanded release of top al-Qaeda leader in Yemen”

    I actually found the following more interesting, though there’s no indication, in the article, about what these “other documents” are.

    Other new documents were (recently) released indicating that the US secret services recruited prisoners who were being held in US prisons in Iraq, in order to create what has been called the Islamic State in Iraq, then the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and finally the Islamic State Organization. The role of the US secret services in recruiting, (training) and releasing leaders from what would become ISIS (has been proved in new documents), as well as their role in the creation of the Front al-Nosra, resulting from a split with ISIS. And until now, the role of the American secret services in the release of ISIS members who were prisoners of the Qasad militia (Syrian Democratic Forces, Kurdish separatists and pro-Americans) east of the Euphrates, and sending them to Iraq to revive ISIS there, while others were brought to the US base in al-Tanf in Syria, near the Jordanian border, to push them towards the Badia (a vast semi-desert region in central Syria) and to perpetrate the (terrorist) actions that we see almost daily in this region.

  20. Recent disingenuous twisting around of Sidney Powell’s lawsuit were debunked on the Viva Frei youtube channel “Sidney Powell Says “No Reasonable Person” Thought She Was Stating FACTS? Viva Frei Vlawg”

    Having said that, Viva Frei frequent guest Robert Barnes stated unequivocally that Powell had repeated claims related to the election that were false, and she should expect to get sued. She is.

  21. NL

    Plague Species
    March 26, 2021
    …while helping McDonald Trump hold America down and back…

    Just by looking at cases in Israel, it is not clear yet whether the current vaccines work. We need until early to mid summer to make a call. But the rest of your remark sounds anti-Semitic.

    …the wealthy elite have jumped the line too to get it meaning you know it gets the seal of approval…

    That’s what they want you to think. You can only see opinion influencers and spokesmodels. The elites are invisible to the public.

  22. R

    I’m all for getting the vaccine but just read this article… this is just now being done?

    SEATTLE — A new study involving thousands of college students in the United States aims to determine whether someone can still carry and transmit the coronavirus after they’ve received Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

    The Prevent COVID U study is designed to determine if Moderna’s vaccine can prevent symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 infection, limit the virus in the nose and reduce transmission of the virus from a vaccinated person to their close contacts.

  23. Ché Pasa

    Quoth NL:

    The elites are invisible to the public.

    Some of them are, most certainly. What they do or don’t do, say or don’t say, is unknown to most of the public most of the time. We suffer the consequences nonetheless, and we can see the broad outline of their policy decisions, though how they got to that point is likely to be opaque for decades — if not forever.

    Visible elites like the three social media Overlords or the seemingly everywhere-at-once B. Gates, the slimy Bezos, the mad Musk and such all seem to be more performers than anything else, putting on shows for public consumption making us hiss them as villains and yet constantly and effectively concealing what’s really going on.

    All we can know for certain is that our well-being is the least of their concerns, whether it’s vaccines or a warming planet or a functioning society and government. They don’t care if it doesn’t directly and immediately effect them and their power and their wealth.

  24. Ché Pasa

    “hiss them as villains” or cheer them as heroes…

  25. Plague Species

    Just by looking at cases in Israel, it is not clear yet whether the current vaccines work. We need until early to mid summer to make a call. But the rest of your remark sounds anti-Semitic.

    Bull. It’s not anti-semitic. Israel is anti-semitic considering its treatment of the true historical Jews, the Palestinians.

    Jews, especially Israeli Jews, are a cult like any other cult. Like the Scientologists, for example, or the Mormons or the Roma. They get each others’ backs before they get the back of anyone outside the cult. Because they are a cult, they have a huge advantage against more diverse societies especially when they operate within diverse societies like America that cater to special interest power groups.

    Israel’s leadership, its establishment, isn’t going to take actions that would DIRECTLY harm its citizenry as a whole. It’s reasonable and logical to assume that Israel’s leadership is privy to factual information you and I, the common unwashed in America, are not privy to, and since Israel’s leadership has been aggressive in vaccinating its citizenry with the Pfizer vaccine, they MUST have access to information which makes them feel comfortable with their decision to be aggressive and that necessarily includes the preclusion of debilitating side effects. Israel would not cast itself into the sea like its enemies would like to do it by debilitating its citizenry with a faulty vaccine technology that has horrible permanent side effects.

    For this reason, I believe the Pfizer vaccine is relatively safe but if you’re a Russian working for Putin, I can see and understand why you would not want me or most Americans to be vaccinated, or, for that matter, if you were a Hasbara troll I could also see why you wouldn’t want Americans to take the vaccine. An unvaccinated America that refuses to contain the pandemic is a weakened America and a weakened America can be taken advantage of and exploited.

    Bruce, of course Pfizer is corrupt. ALL corporations are corrupt to varying degrees and that’s the rub, the varying degrees of endemic corruption. Sure, Pfizer is taking advantage of the context to write its own rules, but at least it is delivering as it said it would deliver. Emergent, on the other hand, is not delivering at all and has indicated it cannot deliver after receiving nearly $1 billion from the Trump administration. Where is that nearly $1 billion considering Emergent cannot deliver on its “promises?” Can it be clawed back or have the scammers at Emergent and their accomplices to include Trump and his administration officials taken the money and run and Biden is too much of a pussy to arrest them and hold them to account because we must always look forward and never look back when it comes to accountability? We’ll see. Meanwhile, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be delayed for many months and who at this point would want it if the illegitimate Emergent has anything to do with it? There is a reason the media isn’t covering this controversy with the manufacturing of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. It would mean Biden would have to act and Biden doesn’t want to act on it because he wants to always look forward and never back, coward that he is.

  26. different clue


    I think a better word for Plague Species’ jew-baiting might be anti-jewitic. The word ” anti-semitism” was first invented by a german jew-baiter who wanted his jew-baiting to sound more elevated and philosophical than the word ” jew-baiting” would make it seem. And jew-baiting was beginning to be disdained as a classless graceless marker of loutishness. So he coined the word ” anti-semitism” to make it sound all philosophical.

  27. DMC

    A simpler explanation of Biden’s lack of action towards various Pharmaceutical malefactors is that he has been in their pocket since the Carter administration. That and the Pharma industry as possibly the most consistently EVIL corporate actors in a world full of evil corporate actors. For instance, they are THE MOST PROFITABLE industry of them all, and no, that doesn’t all go to research. They only spend 14-15% of total outlays on research, while spending about 29% on advertising. Most of the actual research is conducted by the government through universities and Big Pharma just buys the result.
    Also, conflating anti-antisemitism with anti-Zionism is Job #1 for hasbara trolls. “Isn’t that right, Mr. Corbyn?”

  28. bruce wilder

    Alex Salmond forms a new Party for Scottish independence, taking advantage of the peculiarity of the electoral system giving everyone two votes — he is asking for one of the two.

    Craig Murray may become a political prisoner for reporting on the attempt to fit Salmond up.

  29. NL

    different clue
    Agree, “anti-jewitic” fits better.

    I have to correct myself regarding the British-English, I was mistaken – they merely extended some sort of special powers law and not the lock-down. They will open just in time to catch the next wave. That’s unfortunate.

  30. Joseph E. Kelleam

    Mr. Corbyn is a piece of work.

  31. Jeremy

    You would never know from them that the median age of death from Covid in the UK is 82.4 yrs. and that the under 60 cohort are at greater risk from the seasonal flu than Covid.

    Listen to Mike Yeadon’s latest interview – he was previously the VP of Respiratory Research at Pfizer – “We are being lied to”.

    It’s extraordinary.

    Listen to this too.
    Lord Sumption – Ret. Supreme Court Justice – describing the fear tactics of the British State and unjust abrogation of our civil rights.

  32. Plague Species

    I’m anti-cultist, admittedly, regardless of the cult. Different clue and NL are obviously cultists, hence different clue’s support of Trump and Trump’s unflagging support of Israel. Evangelicals are a cult as well. A bipolar schizophrenic cult, for sure, and largely Trump’s base.

    Another reason to take the vaccine, especially for Trump’s recalcitrant base, is because Putin has been vaccinated and so too has Trump. Trump’s base, latent communists that they are, love Putin nearly as much as they love Trump and maybe even more. If it’s deemed safe by both Putin and Trump and Israel feels it’s safe enough to inoculate its entire cult citizenry, you know it’s a safe bet despite Israel and Putin and Trump trying to convince American rubes to forego the vaccine.

  33. Just like they did when Trump was President, the Fox talking heads aren’t going to hold Trump to account. I listened to a recent Ingraham interview of Trump, and she didn’t ask about:
    1) the Patrick Byrne revelations in his series “How DJT Lost the White House”
    2) why Trump is doing nothing to raise money, for the defense of people who did nothing more serious than trespassing on Jan 6
    3) what has Trump done with all the money – $260 million – he raised after the election
    4) why did he pardon criminals, but not Julian Assange, e.g.
    5) why isn’t he trumpeting Dan Schultz’ the precinct project, as Steve Bannon is (which looks to wrest control of the Republican Party away from the status quo insiders)
    6) why the #$%^#$^ didn’t Trump fight for, and why isn’t Trump now fighting for, cheap therapeutic outpatient treatment of covid, especially ivermectin
    7) the obvious false flag aspects of Jan 6, with even General Honore speaking to complicit Capitol Hill police; gee whiz, it’s almost like Trump is afraid of the Deep State (not an endearing trait if you want to “drain the swamp”)
    8) why didn’t Trump lead at least his followers off of Twitter, Facebook, etc., to at least some of the many alternatives, while he was still President? Conservatives and pro-American types (as well as anti-war progressives) were getting deplatformed starting years ago.

    I’m gonna guess that a recent Pirro interview will have done no better. All she will do is ask Trump softball questions, in areas where Trump clearly is better than dementia Joe Biden or the lunatic Democrats. After all, she wouldn’t want to alienate the Big Kahuna, enough to have him decline further interviews! It would be bad for business, which Fox isn’t doing too good with, since the election.

    I think it’s a disgrace that no pro-American MAGA types of any national standing have condemned Trump for his cowardice, lack of leadership, and betrayal of Jan 6 patriots who answered his call, and committed no crime more serious than trespassing, if even that. Not that I’ve heard about, anyway. Not Matt Gaetz, not Steve Bannon, not Jeff Jordan – ya know, not even one of the more outspoken ones.

  34. Plague Species

    Put up or shut up, different clue. Are you getting the vaccine or have you gotten it yet? if not, why not? You obviously hold the Israeli cult in high esteem. As such, you should be inspired by it to take the vaccine. If it’s good enough for your admired goose, it’s good enough for your neglected gander. Are you a QAnon cultist? Do you believe the Dems have an Adrenochrome factory beneath Comet Ping Pong Pizza and are sacrificing children on the altar of Mammon? Do you believe the vaccines are a means for Bill Gates and the NWO to microchip us?

  35. edmondo

    Jesus H. Christ. I’ve never seen so many people obsessed with Donald Trump. You people do realize he’s gone now, right?

  36. Plague Species

    You people do realize he’s gone now, right?

    Really? When was he cremated? Because that is when he’s truly gone, at least physically. When his DNA is entirely destroyed by fire. Of course, his inspiration, if you can call it that, and his influence on the Walking Dead that are his base will live on despite his cremation, so in that sense McDonald has extended his life by inspiring those he never intended to inspire because McDonald only seeks to inspire the image that stares back at him in the mirror and that alone.

  37. Hugh

    “6) why the #$%^#$^ didn’t Trump fight for, and why isn’t Trump now fighting for, cheap therapeutic outpatient treatment of covid”

    This is so wrong. Trump promoted injecting bleach. I would suggest you try it, but you are just nutty enough to do it.

  38. js

    “Jesus H. Christ. I’ve never seen so many people obsessed with Donald Trump. You people do realize he’s gone now, right?”

    Tell that to people who for 4 years of Trump’s presidency: “but Obama ….”, or “but Hillary … ”

    For 6 months or a year into Trump’s presidency, well ok, he’s still pretty new, still making out the contours of how he will govern (the term seems inappropriate but to avoid writing “how he will President”). Which I think is what many who aren’t knee jerk are doing with Biden now. And of course this taking policy as it comes and trying to make sense of it in a new administration, without expecting all that much because there is a history with Biden of course, gets called being a “Biden stan” by those who for not a year but 4 full years of Trump were “but Obama …”, “but Hillary …”

    I admit I can’t even read about Bolsonaro without getting Trump flashbacks, so if the goal was to LOWER everyone’s expectations of their leaders drastically, 4 years of Trump did kind of do it, “well at least it’s not Trump”, congrats on that whoever elected him, everyone’s expectations even more through the floor than they even were before, if that was the goal: mission accomplished. But Obama lowered expectations? Only for the naive. The rest of us never expected all that much from him.

  39. bruce wilder

    The obsession with DJT was always a mystery to me. I could not stand listening to him ramble and when he started bragging, it was even worse — he surpassed Shrub for excrutiating cringiness. I would actively avoid encountering him in media. I also found talking heads and comedians who attacked him relentlessly with absolutely no principles or judgment to be repulsive and the brain-dead excursions into the supposedly foreign-land of Trump Supporters’ Psychology had no interest. Obviously in all of this I belonged to a small minority, because TDS drove ratings up and web traffic up, while in no way persuading his Support that there was a viable and attractive alternative to his buffoonery.

    I simply have no idea how few in the general population retain a measure of political sanity, after years of Russiagate, Fauci as secular saint-genius, and similar non-sense. One reads about QAnon, but I have no sense of how many may be seduced by that kind of fractured fairy-tale. Then I gaze at the stock market (where there is usually some undergirding of selfish reality-checking beneath the sell-side carnival barker calling in of the rubes to slaughter) and yee gad!

    I suppose that we are seeing the effects of neo-liberal / neocon “serious” people narratives surviving well past their sell-by dates in a Media ecology that simply has no serious and experienced Critics.

    Back in the day, the Big 3 networks and big city Newspapers (those jealous of their reputations and magisterial authority at least) filtered out a lot of non-sense. There were liberal critics of society and politics (and they were liberals almost exclusively) given voice alongside the usual spokesmodels for the interests of capitalist wealth. That eroded away rapidly in the late 1970s and 1980s. Reagan’s Iran-Contra was the last time I can remember a foreign policy scandal affecting anyone’s job; the Savings and Loan crisis or maybe Enron the last time financial reform of any kind mattered.

    I do not think it is just me getting old. I think there is a real problem here, of a poverty in political media feeding a mentality that is scarily stupid.

    The reaction to Assange, to Greenwald, Taibbi, the defenestration of Corbyn from Labour, the Salmond/Sturgeon scandal in Scotland, the way George S. made news with his leading questions to the senile Biden (Putin = “killer”) . . . there are a lot of indications to me in incidents large and small that political insensience (is that a word?) is playing a part in increasingly naked power plays by a pmc gone mad with its own self-satisfied incompetence. Too many in the U.S. are doing well by doing bad and do not have a clue that that is the case, that they are parasites, unaccountable fools, et cetera.

  40. To see what somebody actually fighting for ivermectin looks like, see “Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, discusses state of Ivermectin in South Africa | Interview” on youtube. In South Africa, they actually tried to criminalize the use of ivermectin, and this in a country in which Mohamed describes the medical system as “broken”, even before covid. (I’ll guess that “broken” in South Africa is worse than “broken” in the US.)

    This interview is also worth a listen because Mohamed alleges (I assume credibly, but would still like to see references) that covid vaccine denial is being used to loot South American (especially) countries.

    but you know the question about these
    ndas related to these pharmaceutical
    is a hot topic debate in our country
    our country’s government has signed us
    into agreement
    pharmaceutical companies of those
    contents we have no
    idea we don’t know what we’d actually
    been signed up for
    and this is you know very much unknown
    in our kind of country which is
    as much as it has serious issues is very
    obsessed with transparency and knowing
    what it is we signed up for
    now we don’t and what’s what’s
    particularly scary about that
    is and you might know in other countries
    especially the south american countries
    they have been um harassed and uh
    and threatened by pharmaceutical
    companies who’ve said look
    if you want our vaccines you are going
    hand over your military bases your
    embassies your reserve banks
    transfer millions and billions into our
    accounts and and (indemnify us)
    for non-delivery or delayed delivery
    negligence fraud and any harm that comes
    to your people
    and so naturally you know certain
    countries have said absolutely not you
    know you’ve made us change our laws you
    made us do all these sorts of things
    practically held us at the sort of
    corporate gun point and that’s what it
    um but we don’t know in our country in
    south africa as to whether our
    government has signed us up for the same
    uh terrifying condition

  41. bruce wilder

    @ js

    Being one of those people who even before Novemer 2016 would “but Hillary” in an attempt to reality-check people so enveloped by lesser evilism that they failed to notice how corrupt and untrustworthy she was and is, let me also point out that her centrist allies in the Dem establishment promoted Russiagate lies thru four years while blocking any intelligent criticism of policy on any front

  42. Ché Pasa

    To very many of the talking makeup jobs and hairdos in the media, Trump is still “The President” whereas most of us have long since moved on — don’t forget, he was never that popular with the proles.

    So who, really, are the DJT obsessives?

  43. js

    “You would never know from them that the median age of death from Covid in the UK is 82.4 yrs. and that the under 60 cohort are at greater risk from the seasonal flu than Covid.”

    I’m going to stick to U.S. statistics. It’s hard to compare perfectly as covid stats tend to be since the beginning, so mostly 2020 AND some 2021, while flu stats are yearly. But the flu kills less than 40,000 a year, about 37,500 per year for the last 10 years if we exclude 2020, which we should. This is all age mortality. Covid deaths to date are more that the total ALL AGES yearly flu deaths for just the subset of the 75-84 age group: 144,000, for the 65-74 age group: 113,000, for the 50-64 age group 77,000. Below 50 covid does not kill as many, but we are talking about 37 times the risk that flu poses for that age group (it only kills about 500 a year under 50), even trying to adjust for the time periods.

    Now I know that all this is a waste of time, it will just be “the statistics aren’t accurate”, “things are being falsely attributed to covid that aren’t covid” etc. etc. Is covid the pandemic we could have gotten or may get someday? No, it could be much worse that it was. So it’s your “starter pandemic”, however vaccine development may be improving.

    I wonder how conspiracy theorists are if they ever face a real crisis in life, where it’s “ok your heart needs to be operated on now or you will die” where it wasn’t, “heart disease isn’t a real problem, it’s entirely made up, watch this video …”. I mean I’m all for getting second and third opinions and for science not being settled but.

  44. From politifact:

    During a coronavirus press briefing, President Trump floated the idea of using disinfectants and sunlight to treat COVID-19 patients.

    Trump has since walked back those remarks, and several websites and social media posts have taken them out of context.

    The briefing transcript shows that Trump did not say people should inject themselves with bleach or alcohol to treat the coronavirus. He was asking officials on the White House coronavirus task force whether they could be used in potential cures.

    Ah, but liars are gonna lie. Facts don’t matter, to purveyors of verbal poo!

    In point of fact, Trump should have forced the issue, to whatever extent the bully pulpit would have allowed, with regard to oxygenating therapies, such as hydrogen peroxide, which is indeed, at the right concentration, a hospital-grade disinfectant.

    Whether you like it, or not. And whether you hate Trump, or not.

    Once again, from the book “Hydrogen Peroxide – Medical Miracle”

    Probably the condition for which H2O2 will find its greatest use is with flu and other acute respiratory infections. A 67-year-old man came to the Farr Clinic complaining of fever, chills, sore throat, cough and aching in the bones for 12 hours; a typical case of viremia, the flu, or, in popular parlance, the crud. He was placed on an H2O2 drip. His temperature was 102 at the beginning of the treatment. The next day his temperature was down to 101, and another treatment was given. Before the infusion was finished, his temperature had returned to normal and he was completely free of symptoms.


    “H2O2 therapy is very effective on flu and pneumonia, especially if used in conjunction with ultraviolet blood irradiation (photoluminescence). For more information on photoluminescence (ultraviolet blood irradiation) see the book, Into The Light – Tomorrow’s Medicine Today.”   Douglass II MD, William Campbell. Hydrogen Peroxide – Medical Miracle (p. 139). BookBaby. Kindle Edition.  Various experiments, which varied the volume exposed to radiation and the time of exposure, revealed that only 1/16th of the blood supply had to be irradiated for excellent results (1.5 ml per pound of bodyweight.) The length of exposure to the light could be varied within wide limits. We use three minutes with the syringe method and, because of the larger volume of blood exposed and the more effective exposure, ten seconds with the continuous-flow, large-volume method. Douglass II MD, William Campbell. Into the Light: Tomorrow’s Medicine Today . BookBaby. Kindle Edition.

  45. different clue

    @Plague Species,

    Well bless your heart.

    Thank you for your interest in my comment. I am always happy to hear from you. Please let me know if you have any other concerns.

  46. different clue


    Trump isn’t gone. He is living in Florida, getting tanned, rested and ready for Election 2024.
    He may decide to run again for the chance to re-enact Juan Peron’s triumphant return to Argentina from his place of Spanish exile.

  47. Plague Species

    Yes bruce, you’re right, DJT is obsessed with himself and unfortunately his base is obsessed with him too. Let’s hope he’s cremated soon and his DNA is no more.

  48. Partial Observer

    You are correct but perhaps the most obsessive Trump ‘fans’ are his TDS afflicted liberal detractors who camped out on Twitter for four straight years amplifying his every word in fits of righteous outrage. They followed the liberal media’s lead and fed kept the Trumpen troll very well fed indeed.

  49. different clue

    @ Partial Observer,

    Yes, and the Trumpentroll knows where the food is. So expect the TDS brigades to keep the Trumpentroll feeders full of Trumpfood.

    ” Party on, dudes! Let’s Trump ‘n’ Troll!”

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